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Fri 27th Apr 2012

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Royspaceghost commented on Interview: Nintendo of America's Dan Adelman:

@Sony_70 Download the whole game?, that sounds kind of offputting from a digital distribution perspective, I wasn't aware XBox Live did things that way, but it really sound awful, having to download a 1gb/4gb game just to try the demo out, how cumbersome, it kind of defeats the purpose of the demo, just buy the thing already, if you don't like it, return it, sound easier. Im very happy the way things are implemented in the 3DS Eshop.



Royspaceghost commented on Guide: Using USB Storage with the Wii U:

Am I not nerdy enough, or am I just blatlantly ignorant? I just wanna play my Wii U and get the best of it experience wise, I don't even know what the hell most of you are talking about. I mean I know my tecnology, but this is just too many thangs poppin' at the same time, what's a good half a Tb external drive to use on the wii u, could anybody explain it to me like if I was a second grade schooler or a , please?



Royspaceghost commented on Bayonetta 2 Dev: Wii U Exclusivity Isn't a Snu...:

@gabhriel ¿Qué diablos, cuantos años tienes mocoso? Porquería el tipo de lenguaje que usas en un sitio público, independientemente de lo irrelevante de tu comentario (que no tiene ningún tipo de sentido de ninguna manera), si TÚ estabas dispuesto a financiar Bayonetta 2 de la manera en que lo hizo Nintendo entiendo que "se hayan salido con la suya", de otra manera, lárguese y madure un poco, que me da mucha vergüenza que alguien como tú, "use" el mismo lenguaje que yo, y no te atrevas a decir que también eres mexicano, porque entonces, no me atreveré a defender a mis compatriotas si es que son igual de pend"$% que tú.



Royspaceghost commented on Rumour: You Will Be Able To Preorder Wii U At ...:

@3Dash You're not being ignorant, or at least we all are, there is a rumor that there are 3 bundles: 250, 300, 350 US Dollars, and there's a lot of speculation about it, some say the most expensive one carries the game console, 2 gamepads (1 and a wiimote+nunchuck according to some) , controller pro, and a game. I guess we'll have to wait and see.



Royspaceghost commented on Rumour: Nintendo Land May Not be Bundled With ...:

Same as everybody else, If it's not bundled, I'm not giving it any money, As nice as it looks and cute and all, I'd rather spend those bucks on Zombi U, Pikmin 3 or Rayman Legends, I mean I'm not rich, and I also have a 3DS with great titles coming out for it, I'll stick with my "one game per console per month" formula. It has worked wonders for me



Royspaceghost commented on Shin Megami Tensei 4 On 3DS Is Looking Mighty ...:

Im creaming all over my pants over this, I've always prefered the atlus RPG's, over the Square-Enix ones, or the ones by Namco, because they are kind more indie, and have that obscure and mature vibe, I'm really hoping for this one to come out here in the west.



Royspaceghost commented on Nintendo Direct: Expect 3DS and Wii Announceme...:

So, we are talking about a couple hours ahead, or a whole day so we can stream it here in North America?, I'm from Mexico.And my picks would be:That Retro game that's been on the works for quite some time.Something Metroidish.And I don't wanna get my hopes too high, but something Earthbound related? That would be awesome.



Royspaceghost commented on Feature: The Sonic Games That Never Were:

I love, love Sonic, but as it was pointed out, I believe that Sega's home console demise was in part because of the inability of Sonic to make the leap from 2-D to 3-D and all because of his trademark speed, consoles at the time prove more than enough to provide and awesome 3-D experience, like Super Mario 64 but the difference resides in the fact that Mario doesn't run that fast at all, and the graphics at the time didn't do any good to the blue hedgehog's speed. R.I.P. SEGA as a console manufacturer, long live Sonic 2-D games.



Royspaceghost commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

@Sony_70 Well it's kinda obvious that skyrim was like in every other platform so the number of salles very well reflect that , but there's also a big mayor point here, or at least one that I've found very concerning:every game that involves more than 5 seconds of thinking isn't very well received today by young gamers that are into the call of duty and gears of wars franchises, many of my friends turn their bakcs on zelda not because it is a child's game, but for their inability, or lack of interest in focusing or thinking more than 30 seconds on a video game which is kinda sad, but I love those guys haha



Royspaceghost commented on How Running to the Right is Heroic:

It almost made me cry you know, if one thing videogames has taught me through all these years is no matter how hard the road is, or the need to get back, you only need to run right straight on and you'll eventually get there.



Royspaceghost commented on Nintendo Still Has Secret 3DS Games to Reveal:

I'd actually like to see the remake of Majora's Mask, but stating a Q4 2013 release or something, hype me about it Nintendo. A localization of Mother, or one of them being released on the eshop (which I highly doubt), a Resident Evil remake for 3DS (I'm having high hopes on this one, Resident Evil 2 would be so sweetass in 3D), another Capcom fighting game port, a la Street Fighter 4, but this time , maybe Marvel vs Capcom, or Darkstalkers? Anyone?