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Michael Pachter: Activision Demanded Wii U Pro Controller for CoD

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wii U 'a solution in search of a problem'

For those that didn't know, last week Brighton — South England — hosted the Develop conference, where many figures from the industry chewed the fat and debated the games industry. Being one of the big three console manufacturers that also has a new system on the way, it's only natural that the subject of Nintendo and Wii U came up at events. As expected, outspoken analyst Michael Pachter took the opportunity to give his two cents on the big N's next venture, and didn't seem particularly enthusiastic.

One suggestion was that Activision essentially stated that it wouldn't bring its hugely popular Call of Duty series to the system without a conventional controller. Similar comments were made by others with the 3DS Circle Pad Pro, in that case Capcom supposedly demanding a second Circle Pad for its Monster Hunter titles, though Pachter won't name sources or even admit to hearing this from Activision itself.

Activision never said anything to me, but I know that [for] big games like Call Of Duty they said, 'No, we're not putting it on there if you don't give us a conventional controller'. So they gave in.

In terms of Wii U as a concept, Pachter shared his reservations about whether it will hit off. He didn't exactly love Wii and that's been a major success, but he doesn't believe that lightning will strike twice for Nintendo.

I don’t get it. I think that essentially this is a solution in search of a problem. I mean, somebody had an idea - 'let's make the controller a tablet' - and there aren't many games that are going to take advantage of that.

It [Wii] worked, they got lucky, [but] I don't think they're getting lucky with Wii U. I don't think they suck - I just think that they really believe that, 'If we're still novel, everything we do will work'. This isn't going to work. Hardcore gamers will buy them; hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy it. They could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it'll play Mario and they'll buy it.

Sarcasm aside — we're sure Nintendo gamers wouldn't buy a piece of cardboard with promises of Mario goodness — Michael Pachter isn't the only industry figure to have Wii U doubts. Much like Wii before it, opinion will be divided and, ultimately, the consumers and sales figures will show us whether Nintendo's found another strong concept.


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LordJumpMad said:

He wouldn't be the first person to get mad at Nintendo, for having a poor console. Remember the "The Wii is two Gamecubes duct tape together" guy.I think Nintendo is used to being made fun of.Anyway, when is that Mario cardboard cut-out coming out, sound like GotY to me.



Shiryu said:

I stopped listening to Pachter years ago. I suggest you guys do the same.



stealth said:

pachter has been wrong about everything, he didnt think the ds would work, and essentially the wii u controller is a ds like thing, and it will be supported......

"Activision never said anything to me, but I know that "

So your making things up like you always do

I guarentee that the COD on wii u, there will be at least ONE wii u pad specific feature, even if its just maps or menus, that proves him wrong



Wheels2050 said:

Not a particularly great example of professionalism with regards to the cardboard comment. I don't necessarily disagree with his opinions, but I disagree with the way he comes across.



ThomasBW84 said:

I don't agree with Pachter, to be clear, but I hope Wii U does start strongly. A 3DS-style start where month one sales taper off to nowhere would be a disaster. If Nintendo get's the message and pricing right, then I think it can attract a big audience all over again.



Koos said:

"Hardcore gamers will buy them; hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy it. " good news then.



Bobhobob said:

You know, the sad part about this is that CoD will be on the Wii U anyway and it will sell like hotcakes.



darkgamer001 said:

Why do we still listen to what this guy says? My cat can come up with better predictions than Patcher.
And no, Nintendo weren't just lucky with the Wii. It was a revolutionary console that was meant to draw in new people to the gaming industry. Putting so much emphasis on luck implies that Nintendo didn't really have this aim from the get go, which wasn't the case. Maybe he's just mad that he got it wrong, along with his predictions on the DS and 3DS, amongst others...



SilverSeraph said:

I'm not sure how Pacter's opinion came to be so important that it has to be repeated everywhere. His predictions about the gaming industry have been about as accurate as Paul Krugman's about the economy. I.e. not very.



SteveW said:

He is an idiot. The Call of Duty games played much better on the with with the point and shoot of the Wii remote. The graphics were obviously worse but the controls were much better. So... let's take a step backwards ao go back to a regular controller? how stupid!



GameCube said:

That's weird, since CoD actually plays better/more comfortably with the Wiimote... Shows you he doesn't even try out his own games.



kyuubikid213 said:

I don't care what the Wii U Pro Controller was made for. I just know that if ports of current gen PS360 games go to Wii U, then developers won't have to waste time putting some gimmicky BS onto the Wii U GamePad's screen. And perhaps if the PS4 and 720 use the same controller as the 360 and PS3, then the Wii U will get ports of those (technically by that time they won't be ports, but true multiplatforms).

I don't know much about Pachter, but he doesn't sound very professional or reliable. And it isn't even because he's dissing Nintendo. It was the cardboard comment.



Stargazer said:

Sadly most professional reviewers and industry folks refused to even try the Wii remote FPSs and just wanted dual sticks.



SonyFACE said:

There was Call of Duty on the Wii before the Classic Controller came out. That's weird.



Mr_DSi said:

Developers are really lazy these days. I'm sure Activision demanded the Classic controller so it wouldn't have to put any effort into its ports of mediocre games. As for Pachter, he says that the Wii U must launch at $250 or less. Let's think about this for a second. Launching a NEXT generation device at the same price as current generation consoles? When this generation the PS3 and XBOX launched at $500 and $300, respectively? Really? Guy's delusional.



Onett said:


Agreed! Though I feel like there is an unnecessary comparison being made between the 3DS and WiiU which is causing paranoia. They are different in various ways and a strong lineup has already been put together to avoid the same problems the 3DS had when it launched. Therefore I will pick up a WiiU with confidence knowing I will have fun appetizers to hold me over until the entree is released.



SilverBaretta said:

But....isn't just about every game announced so far using the tablet in some way, shape, or form?



19Robb92 said:

I seriously doubt it was just because of Activision. No matter the cause, I'm glad they did make this Pro controller, cause I'm definitely getting one. Looks nice and very comfortable.



gameruk said:

yeah i'll stick with a proper fps battlefield 3 frostbite 2 kills ur cod nintendo was around way bofore ps an that box thing and will be around long after them nintendo 4 ever



WaveGhoul said:


And ugh....I demand COD get wii pointer controls, enough of this tired unrealistic thumb fiddling dual analog bore zone being the Xbox/PS3 standard. Point and shoot. Doesn't that make sense. jesus.... This guy doesn't like to evolve. Same controls, but prettier graphics! yawn. That's fine for certain types of genre's, but for 3rd and first person titles for example, naddah. It's such a shame most of the people who play their wii on these laggy HDTV sets have COMPLETELY gotten a false impression of motion controls. for those who play their wii on a CRT Tube TV(lag free), raise your hands and pat yourself on the back because you 'know' how amazing they actually can be considering you're getting a real time 1:1 experience. I hate gaming on HDTV's unless they're 16ms and those are a complete rarity to come by these days(I've got one since i did my research, but even then it still doesn't do wii motion controls justice)...sigh*

If you gathered a bunch of people who aren't gamers, i garauntee they'd rather opt for pointing and shooting in a first person shooter, rather than wiggling their thumbs on a couple of sticks which feels completely tank-like, unatural and clunky, not to mention it would be more confusing and harder for them.Some gamers just stick to their true and tried method and don't have the urge to evolve or actually see past what they're used to. Goes back to playing Metroid Prime 3 on lag free Tube CRT while drooling and being in uttter amazement by how groundbreaking the controls are.

So anyways, ya this Patcher guy is a bit of dumb a**. lol



Kyloctopus said:

It's Ironic that Nintendo said the Gamepad is perfect for FPS.
But this controller does look slapped on, unlike past Nintendo controllers, so keep that in mind.



SamsonCat said:

Call Of Duty just doesn't sound like a good game to publish on a Nintendo console, even if it is the Wii U.



HaNks said:

this guy is such a clown, but the thing about developers for franchises like COD wanting a more conventional controller makes sense.

the comment about nintendo getting lucky with the wii is quite inciting and ignorant, as if they are just shooting in the dark with their hardware design. i guess they got lucky with the DS too?



grimbldoo said:

"So they gave in"
LOL! I'm pretty sure that Nintendo would have made a dual shock anyway so games like CoD could be easily transferred, it's just that Nintendo themselves aren't likely to utilize it.

"and there aren't many games that are going to take advantage of that"
Maybe sitting too close to the TV screen can cause brain damage. Dude, even CoD can utilize it, shortcut keys.

"It [Wii] worked, they got lucky, [but] I don't think they're getting lucky with Wii U"
Lucky? I wouldn't call Elvis or Micheal Jackson lucky. How about fresh? Or new? Maybe even original?



LavaTwilight said:

@Haywired HA! I ACTUALLY laughed out loud! Brilliant, simply brilliant!As for Patcher or whatever-i-dont-care whats his name he probably won't read this but he can just go suck a lemon! Wii got lucky? Sure and Kinect isn't a Wii rip-off at all is it?



WaveGhoul said:


I kind of agree. Well at least with NSMBU. not exactly a revolutionary show piece visually(but is it fair? The Wii U is rummored to be barely stronger than the PS3/XBOX 360...Then again, NSMBWii U isn't pushing the graphics, seems like a 'pretty' yet safe-zone effort as always with the NSMB series) and gameplay wise, what exactly does the Game Pad's touch screen do for it anyways? does it show level progression or is it used to use your secondary power up? Hardly innovative, this could of been done already on the DS Lite. But i guess control innovation in that sense isn't really needed for a traditional super mario bros sequal. Although i really liked the little motion controlled touches in NSMBWii, like the air shake to get that extra been of time in the air, platform tilting ect ect. Wario Land Shake it! was miles better though with the motion control ideas!

Pikmin 3 looks beautiful visually, but the wii U gamepad screen is just used as a map, which is nifty but not groundbreaking. The Wii remote plus method has been slightly improved over the fantastic Pikmin 1 & 2 'wii remote' pointer controls so that's awesome. But again, none of these are ground breaking innovations based on what has already been done with the wii. The 'Wii' on the other hand was revolutionary. I don't see really anything the Wii U is doing that can even match how the wii changed gaming. seems like a slight .5 upgrade, yet in a different direction while taking a stepbackwards instead of building on the foundations of the wii remote Plus + Nunchuck.

I've gotta say while i'll obviously get a Wii U on launch, i'm not exactly even ready for it. I've got too much to catch up on witht he wii.



Spleetal said:

well clearly he belives in the product enough to make the game avaiable for wii u so much that he will at least make a profit.



Sean_Aaron said:

If that's true about Activision then that would be a reason NOT to have a conventional controller. Seriously CoD is not going to sell Wii U and I rather doubt it's absence would impact sales.



WiiLovePeace said:

@warioswoods hahaha wow finally Pachter was right about something, as a "hardcore" Nintendo fan I would buy that!

& oh man I must admit reading what Pachter says is quite fun for a few good laughs He's such an idiot, I can't believe he can get it so wrong & yet still keep his job... Whatever his job is



ThomasBW84 said:

@Onett Yeah, that's a fair point. I guess the key difference could really be the launch Mario game (for some, but there's some other solid titles there, not to forget Pikmin 3). Even if it's just more of the same, that probably will attract a decent number of people that may have resisted without it. With 3DS I think Nintendo hoped that Nintendogs+Cats would do the trick, but despite 1 million+ sales it wasn't a big enough blockbuster.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I highly doubt Nintendo ever had any plans not to make a traditional controller for Wii U. They already did it for Wii, after all.

As for Pachter, when has he ever been right the many times he's doubted Nintendo? They've proved him wrong not just with the Wii but also the DS and 3DS. Three times in a row can't just be luck.



hYdeks said:

Michael Pachter? That old man??!!!? Pshh! Why do people listen to this guy when he speaks? This guy has NO imagination for video games what-so-ever. Like really, the wii u gamepad can be used as a normal controller, it's got buttons People like Sony, Microsoft, this guy, and that really ruin video games, if it was up to them, we'ld be playing video games the same way forever, and that's just boring!!!!!



AcesHigh said:

I am simply baffled that anyone in the industry will give this jagaloon the time of day. This guy is a moron of titanic proportions! He was wrong about the DS, Wii AND the 3DS. And let's get this straight... there is NO one who should even be giving the 3DS any kind of crap after selling 5million units in just over a year. Nintendo priced it too high to start and they fixed it. End of story. This happens in the business world ALL THE TIME! Being an analyst, he should realize this. It's better than NOT responding to the market. And Nintendo did it quickly and also took care of early adopters more than adequately. He should know this. But doesn't. But I guess that's why the only part of his job he gets right is the part before the "yst" in "Analyst.

I guess one of these times, from a purely statistical perspect he'll get "lucky" and have an accurate prediction. But not this time. If he were a professional, he'd lick his wounds from all the wrong predictions that Nintendo handed him and look at the Wii U objectively. It's an incredible machine with an incredible new offering just like the other things he was wrong about before.

All I ask of you Junior is when the Wii Us fly off the shelf this holiday season and people are scrambling to find one, can you PLEASE step down and do something more close to his level of accumen? Like making cardboard cutouts for kiddies please? We'll even give you the blunt-end scissors so you don't hurt yourself.



Chris720 said:

So... Michael Pachter is talking out his [removed because of sexiness] again? Nothing new there.



komicturtle said:

If FPS on WiiU won't support WiiRemote and Nunchuk, I'm most likely will not be buying them.

sorry. I'm over archaic controls especially when I'm used to pointer as well as keyboard and mouse.



Chris720 said:

What Ladybanshee said, Wii pointer + Nunchuk / keyboard + mouse >>>>>>>> dual analog. I'm sorry, but it's true facts.



AcesHigh said:

Now that's a lady that knows gaming! I highly doubt most developers would ignore the Wiimote and Nunchuck combo. But if part of Nintendo's strategy is to attract traditional FPS gamers (in the interest of providing a stronger platform for the Wii U - and it's clear they intend to do this), I think providing a classic controller option for those who like it is a good one.



WaveGhoul said:

Ya, if metroid Prime 4(here's hoping!) or any other 3rd or first person based title doesn't support Wii pointer controls + Nunchuck i wont be buying either. I hate dual analog and mouse & keyboard more than you could imagine. XP

And ubisoft already ditched pointer controls in favor of the wii u gamepad....So basically, i'm taking a massive stepbackwards by going back to dual analog, while getting a hand bag as a screen(This isn't that innovative, the DS lite could of done the same thing..I know, i know, it's portable so maybe i shouldn't compare) among other things like being able to punch in passcodes to unlock an elevator(which could of been doing with pointer controls like in metroid prime 3 where samus uses her finger to activate her ship) Ubi should of at least had the option for different control schemes instead of forcing people into the gamepad.....As excited as i am for the wii, developers opting for dual analog or thinking it's the better control scheme is ridiculous....Talk about not evolving.



WaveGhoul said:


With a mouse yourhand is on a flat surface, teathered to a table which doesn't simulate the feeling of pointing a gun, The wii remote works as sort of a 3D 'in space' mouse although you hold it like a remote or with a gun shell which actually feels like you're physically pointing and shooting something 1:1 or it closely ressembles physically holding a gun more so in comparison to any other control scheme on the planet and makes the experience far more immersive and engrossing. Free aiming in metroid prime 3 is amazing, no other control scheme can match it. For these types of games, be it RE4, Golden Eye 007, Elebits and so to actually have this degree of realistic 1:1 interaction to this degree of control with the character is a revolution in gaming. The wii remote has basically turned the gaming world into a interactive virtual playground. Wii remote plus is brilliant, here's hoping Nintendo invents a VR helmet down the line which will be the next step for stuff like Metroid Prime or any first or 3rd person title for that matter.



Chris720 said:

It gives you a more immersive feeling, I'll agree with that but that's about it really. Other than that, it's near identical, you aim with the mouse and fiddle with many buttons on a keyboard. :3

But dual analog is just atrocious, how anyone can aim with a stick after using the Wii for many years I don't know. But if I have to, it'll take me many years to get out of it, but I doubt I'll buy another FPS if it's "traditional" controls only.



WaveGhoul said:

@Chris720But you aim with a mouse with your hand hovering on top of it 'and' on a flat surface, i don't see the simularities between the mouse and Wii remote at all. The mouse just doesn't equal realism for genre's such as these that would benifit from it so much as proven with the wii remote. But ya, it's no doubt better than dual analog 'if' you have some sort of analog control to move your character otherwise digital arrow buttons are a stop down in character movement sensitivity. Either way, it's pointer controls or 'nothing' for me regarding first or 3rd person titles. Hell even pikmin 1 & 2 for the wii benifit alot with them and makes the experience far more natural and intuitive with them.

Also, dual analog makes character aiming animations look fake/arfitcial and robotic not to mention cunky, where as the wii remote is 1:1 realism. you should take a look at the stagering difference between Metroid Prime 1 & 2 on the wii with analog aiming controls vs Metroid Prime 3 on the wii via pointer controls The animations are NIGHT and day. another revolution 'visually' for the genre itself.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Amazing, so the only reason they put a traditional controller according to Pachter is to play COD and FPS? If that was the case why was there a Classic controller for Wii? Maybe, JUST MAYBE, a traditional controller would be good for a VARIETY of things such as Virtual Console. But no, it's because Nintendo was "pressured" this time, not because that's the reasonable thing to do and what they have been doing. I just...just..this is just...NO.



KaiserGX said:

I can tell you Wii controls are Mouse and Keyboard are not the same... at least to me. Hate that damn mouse.



Chrno-x said:

If I remember correctly on DS came out 3 or 4 CoDs. On Wii came all CoD titles from CoD3 to last MW3 (except MW2) so Pachter is wrong (again). And again he's evidently pointing out that he don't like Nintendo so it's obvious he's gonna say that Nintendo platforms sux all the time, he said that 3DS will die in a few months because he lacks power, second CP and doesn't stand a chance to Vita. But reality again showed us that real gamers doesn't care about graphics capability because "it's all about the games" and it's all about what developer gonna do with the platform. Pachter always forget about it, It's not that he's not a pro in what he's doing, but he really doesn't know the console industry (it's way different than PC industry and other industries). Wii U will launch in November (or somethin like that) this year so we're gonna see if Wii U will be a success or a failure, we'll see if third-parties will greatly support new home console from Nintendo or it will end as second Wii with only a few publishers supporting him.



Kid3dizzy said:

Guys really?

Why do you guys have to give so much hate on CoD? So people who play these games are mostly PS3 or Xbox 360, or we need to play with the pro controller. SO WHAT! Most of you are right about Patcher, but don't hate on the series for no reason or such.



aesupreme1 said:

I just hope they give us several control options on the inevitable Call of Duty Wii U. Although I would most likely play with the Wii-remote option, I'm really interested in how developers will take advantage of the tablet as well.

As for Pachter, I haven't taken anything he's said seriously in years.



Kid3dizzy said:

Everyone messed up, some more than others. Also, some people don't always want to constantly move their hand and just wanna sit down and play.

I'm one of those Equal gamers who say these things time to time.



C-Olimar said:

He is definitely talking bubbles. For one thing, it makes sense that Nintendo would make a controller without a touch screen anyway. Secondly, Call of Duty gets released on the DS and Wii, both of which are less suited to the game.



hYdeks said:

I agree with most people here, if the shooters are only playable on a old-style controller and not with wii remote and nunchuk, than I won't buy it either. I definitely prefer the motion controls, and I think the game industry needs to PUSH this more.



Chris720 said:

@Miss_Birdo I meant as in the Wiimote and Nunhcuk use the same concept, aiming and buttons/control stick. Both work fine for me, however the mouse isn't as fluid though... obviously.

But dual analog can go burn in hell.

@kid3dizzy We're not hating on "the series for no reason", we actually do have a reason. My reason is simple, it's over-hyped every year, people praise it as the best game known to man and Activision milk it like crazy. CoD has done nothing new in years, why? Because it's a run of the mill FPS game. CoD is still working on the same formulae as the very first FPS, but with more glits and glam on top.



armoredghor said:

"They could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it'll play Mario and they'll buy it." that's funny coming from the maker of COD. I bet they could make the same game 4 times and people would still buy it. Oh wait, they already have.



Haywired said:

It's just what happens when something becomes hugely popular and mainstream. Whether it's Call of Duty, Wii Sports, Angry Birds, etc. There'll always be a group of people who will feel incredibly threatened by its success if they don't feel a part of it and the vitriol will increase in proportion to its success. We're all guilty of it sometimes.

I mean, I've never played a Call of Duty as it doesn't appeal to me, but I imagine it must be pretty good if it's so popular. After all, isn't that exactly how Nintendo fans were defending the Wii against all the "hardcore elitist snobs"? I do think they're released too freqently, but then there's two NSMB games coming out this year within a few months of each other.



SomeBitTripFan said:


This hating on CoD without reason has reason. Activision releases a new CoD yearly with minor additions and a new 1-2 hour campaign. Then the game is praised like it is the greatest,most original thing on earth. They put no effort into the games and rehash the same thing time and time again. If they would put some effort into the games I'd not have any problems.



Lalivero said:

@Kid3dizzy ,

I don't think everyone is as opposed to CoD being on the WiiU as they are just irritated by this Pachter guy belittling Nintendo every chance he gets. The DS, Wii, and 3DS were/are successes and I'm sure the WiiU will do well, too.

Also, like others have said, he has the nerve to talk like that about Nintendo fans when CoD fans are just as bad with that series. I admit I'm not a fan of the series, but that doesn't mean I'll just go around talking trash about it every chance I get because of that, which is what this guy does...big time.



BestBuck15 said:

Michael Pachter, isn't he the guy who said Nintendo got the launch price wrong when the 3ds was released, he said it was under priced not overpriced. I personally don't think this guy understands the Games industry. He gets paid to talk c**p. I know more about the games industry than he does. The games industry needs innovation and no company is more innovative than Nintendo. To say Nintendo fans would buy a piece of cardboard is insulting.



WaveGhoul said:

He looks like Jims father in American pie. Yet the likablity factor is beyond Zero.



bro2dragons said:

Just to be clear, guys, "the guy who makes Call of Duty" isn't saying these things. "That guy" isn't even quoted in this article. In fact the only reference to anyone involved in Call of Duty development in this article is to say that Michael Pachter hadn't spoken with them.

Yes, Pachter's an idiot and has always seemed to have some sort of bias. But he's not got a hand in Call of Duty's pocket, people.



thanos316 said:

Patcher is an a**hole. He can keep his comments to himself. Please dont talk anymore.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Mikey's just pissed that he can't accurately predict something about the industry to save his life. He's been wrong about Nintendo since he first knocked the DS, and about how he bashed the Wii, and how he doubted the 3DS, and he's still wrong even now about the Wii U.



Token_Girl said:

I don't think we should take anyone seriously as a professional who uses the word "suck" to describe anything. That hasn't been a valid argument since kids were fighting over Sega vs. Nintendo.

That being said, while I think his point that the WiiU is unlikely to see the popularity, he really ruins his credibility by pulling out sourceless claims. The Wii had a classic controller at, or very near to, launch, and the classic controller pro has been around for years . It seems very unlikely to me that Nintendo WOULDN'T have a traditional controller available.



Smitherenez said:

"They could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it'll play Mario and they'll buy it."
A new Paper Mario? Bring it!

Does that guy really think that about Nintendo fans BTW? Pachter really needs to shut up sometimes.



Neram said:

Pachter is so unprofessional. What kind of adult, not to mention "industry professional" goes around calling people Fanboys. That's stuff teenagers and kids call each other. This guy consistently proves to us how much of an absolute idiot he really is. Michael Pachter; get a new job.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Gotta love Patcher. The guy is less accurate than Puxatawny Phil, and he somehow manages to keep his job. I'm with everybody else here, I won't buy any FPS games that don't support the old 'Mote and 'Chuck. Just like I won't buy any 3DS games that don't have touch screen aiming. As cool as Zombi U sounds It just won't be any fun to play with dual analog.

@Kid3dizzy: The reason people hate COD is because the games just plain suck. They have less gameplay and features than most shooters that were available for the N64. It's like a developer looking at the success of Super Mario World, and deciding to make their own platformer with better graphics, but with the gameplay equivilent of the original Super Mario Brothers.



AlternateButtons said:

Ah yes, another arrogant, cocky and unprofessional statement by the infamous Patcher..........someone shut him up already.



shinpichu said:

Pachter is usually right about business stuff...except when he opens his mouth and tries to talk about Nintendo. If people like him were in charge at Nintendo(or any other company), most of what has happened to the gaming industry(i.e. broadened demographics, higher focus on multimedia, motion controls, which were all generally good things) would never have happened and the industry would be even more stagnant than it is now.



Gamesake said:

That's only half the story. Activision also demanded better platinum rewards from Club Nintendo.



komicturtle said:

Not entirely sure on his credibility. He's a well known flip flopper- he thought 3DS should have been $300 but then turns around and says it should be less than $200.

He's a joke of an analyst, really.



Henmii said:

"They could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it'll play Mario and they'll buy it"

This is a very biased statement, wich immediately shows that we have to take his word with a load of salt! And personnaly I don't think that Nintendo made that pro controller just for Activision! If it was a Japanese company, maybe they would have listen more. But I think it's purely Nintendo's decision!

If the Wii u will suck or soar has yet to be seen: It potentially could suck if Wii owners not buy a Wii u. Besides I think tablets are on the way out, so that also could make it risky. As for Mario: While I think New super Mario bros 2 could be a great succes, the result could be that New super Mario bros Wii u fails. I mean, how many people will think: "I have just played a New super mario bros on my 3DS, now I buy a Wii u to do it all again!". I don't think it will happen, but we will see!



WaveGhoul said:

@TheGreenSpinyWhich basically has me 50/50 on getting zombiU now. Not too sure i can take a giant leap back to that awful dual analog control scheme even 'if' the Wii U Game Pad offers some unique screen gameplay elements...



WaxxyOne said:

Anybody who says Nintendo "got lucky" with the Wii really doesn't get it. But then he admitted as much. It's OK for him not to get it, the point is that other members of the gaming community (both devs and gamers) will get it, and will put it to good use. Admittedly, Wii U still has yet to really deliver that killer app that makes the system successful. That doesn't mean there's not one out there. The Wii was so successful precisely because it brought something new and exciting to the mainstream market, and both Nintendo and other developers were able to leverage the new technology in interesting ways that you couldn't experience on the other guys' systems (until they blatantly ripped it off later). The Wii U is no different, except that the form of the technology has changed. Only time will tell whether the Wii U pad can be put to uses that are as popular and innovative as the Wii's motion control was, but coming out this early and saying "I don't get it" and "It'll never work" is really putting your foot in your mouth.

When I sat in line for 14 hours to pick up my Wii, I got a lot of comments ranging from "The Nintendo WHAT?" to "Don't you know the PS3 is out already??" Then the system came out and all of those naysayers wished they had the system that has been under my TV for the last 6 years, instead of having to deal with constant supply shortages for the next 6 months. Right now there are plenty of people who don't "get" Wii U. In the coming months and years, that's likely to change.



y2josh said:

I think by now he knows he's just around for entertainment purposes and trolling. He entertains me a lot by riling up the Nintendo fanboys quite often. Chill out peeps, it's only video games.



randomlypikachu said:

.-. i've only heard this mans opinions on nintendo a few times .... he needs to shut up before i cut him in pieces with a spoon (dont you dare question my logic >.>") but he might be onto something with this whole cardboard mario thing.
i can see it now, super mario cardboard adventures for the wii u! the gamepad is your box and the player is playing as mario (obviously) who shrunk luigi and stuck him inside the box because .... because ... because he can ok! > but theres this hole inside the box and if he walks out of it he'll be back to normal, and will get his revenge by pushing mario under a thwomp that happens to be right next to him for ... reasons. so luigi is runing trying to get to the hole but mario has these little cardboard cut outs of blocks, moving platforms, and enemies your goal as mario is to try and either trap luigi or get him killed. if he makes it to the hole then as a last resort mario puts up a cardboard cut out of bowser that you control everytime luigi fails, mario gets a certain amount of coins. the amount depends on things like how many cardboard objects you used, and if he was either a. killed b. stoped or c. lost to the bower cut out. the coins will then be used to buy new cut outs that are being sold to him by ... princess peach and wario! (i guess they just really hate luigi or something .... this is coming off the top of my head ok!) everytime you do this luigi will also be a little bit more difficult to stop because he keeps getting buffs from waluigi (who is living there because its all he can aford since he only seems to apear in the sports and racing games) that allow him to do things like take more hits, jump higher, and of course the typical power ups youd excpect of a mario game (fire flowers, mushrooms etc.) there will also be an option to play as luigi as well. when mario tosses him in the cardboard box theres gona be a bunch of golden coins in the air. you have to grab as many as you can before you land on the ground, and buy power ups (like the ones ive mentioned earlier) and then try to escape. there will even be a two player mode so two people can play in the roles of either mario or luigi. after players ... (picks something out of a hat) get 1 million points as mario they can play marios role as wario, and if they get 1 million points as luigi then they can play his role as waluigi. (the point counter always saves the previous amount of points so this isnt as hellish as it sounds) and if the total points for both mario, luigi, wario and waluigi equals to 50 million then you can throw bowser in the box. he will be the hardest character to stop and will have some of the strongest power ups that he will buy from ... bowser jr. i guess >.> (im done trying to put logic into this mess im making XD) these power ups will include being able to break down blocks for a certain amount of time, of course fire breath, summoning minions etc etc. the cardboard cut out boss he will have to fight he makes it to the end is a giant mario with a tanooki tail that is able to throw fire balls and ice balls. you can only play as bowser if youif 've managed to stop him on ... extreme dificulty (since i guess i sudenly decided this game will have an option to pick dificulties).... i think i just took what i intended as a small joke and turned into ..... something .... .-. >.> so yea, sorry bout that.



ecco6t9 said:

Activision has no real power, remember they made the Guitar Grip and Tony Hawk Tilt Pak for the DS that are incompatible with the DSi,DSiXL,and 3DS.



47drift said:

Could you guys stop posting things Pachter says on this website? They only serve to irritate everybody due to the unintelligent childlike remarks he makes every day of his life. I see no way that ANY of the articles Nintendolife has put out that are just Pachter quotes actually constitute as news.



Vincent294 said:

@WaveBoy I like dual analog, but it's a bit sluggish. Wii remote can be good, but games can be excellent (like Metroid Prime: Corruption), fairly good (Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles), or bad. Keyboard and mouse is similar, but the keyboard sucks for moving (it's like a d-pad for moving in a 3D environment, but worse).



kurtasbestos said:

I wonder what Pachter actually wants/expects out of a Nintendo console if he's just going to dump on absolutely everything they do anyway.



abINC4L said:

He's full of crap because TreyArch Studios already stated that the GamePad could very well advance the Call of Duty series, so why would the studio that makes Call of Duty: Black Ops try to force Nintendo to create the Pro controller?



AcesHigh said:

His credibility is pretty low. You're right on that he flip-flopped on pricing for 3DS, yet he's the first to criticize that Nintendo "got it wrong". Where, in fact, he advised them to go the completely wrong way. I'm really not sure why people even listen to or print his rants. I think because it makes news and people click on the article to get their hate on.

Honestly, an analyst's job is to get things "right". They analyze history, trends and value proposition to the consumer and advise the market (investors) of current conditions within the industry. It's obvious that he does none of this. Unlike flipping burgers, your credibility as an analyst is only as good as your analysis. And if you're constantly wrong, you're ballast. At least if you're not good at flipping burgers, there's always someone who likes their burgers well done! This guy needs to flip burgers.



C7_ said:

Stop posting articles on Pachter, he doesn't deserve the attention. His job is to guess what the industry will do, and when he was repeatedly given air time at E3, he was wrong at every turn, and then called everyone who pointed this out fanboys. He's wrong 99% of the time, and the other 1% is when he's right 5 years later and pretends like that's how he meant it to be, a prediction of the far future. This guy should not be getting a paycheck in any form.

In this case I can guarantee Activision was not even remotely a huge reason for this controller, as the gamepad makes a fine controller ANYWAY. Stating that a single money trap game series like CoD was the sole reason for a version of the gamepad without a screen specifically designed to fit in your hands on a system that needs to be compatible with more than 2 controllers, therefore 2 controllers have to by definition not have a screen is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. He's posted several Anti-Nintendo quotes and been pretty much 100% Microsoft all the way, so on top of being terrible at his job, he's biased about it. there's really no need to take anything that falls out of his mouth seriously.



TheN64Dude said:

Don't take it seriously you guys. This is a COD guy we're talking about. You really think he has any idea what he's talking about....



Urbanhispanic said:

The less we talk about him, the more we don't have to read or hear about his latest unprofessional rants.



ThreadShadow said:

Doesn't really matter, it's a great looking controller whatever the reason for it's existence. Looking forward to having a couple of these along with a couple Gamepads.



misswliu81 said:

isn't the role of an analyst to critique but also try to offer encouraging words to say a company instead of bashing them and sounding like an angry troll? yes

pachter is no analyst - he just likes to rant about his anti-nintendo feelings. we get the point, pach but many fans like us could care less about your predictions, when they have been wrong 99% of the time.



KiroX777 said:

yay! thank you activision ^.^ someone needed to put their foot down! enough is enough. its cool to have some gimmicks, its not cool to strictly rely on gimmicks. although ironically im looking forward to using my wiimote&nunchuck to play some HD COD! hopefully the WiiU will fully have the one fps gimmick i always wanted: point&shoot vs dual analog! omg i cant w8 to whoop some dual analog ass!. point and shoot all day!! xD



noxusprime06 said:

thats an awesome controller. it does look alot like an xbox 360 and ps3 controler combined though..

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