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Tue 28th Apr 2009

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GameCube commented on New Pokémon May Be On the Way Following Movie...:

It's a smaller stage of Zygarde, like Phione was to Manaphy, Carbink was to Diancie, Hoopa Confined was to Hoopa Unbound, etc. Other fan drawings after it was shown in the cinema make it look a lot like a baby Zygarde.



GameCube commented on Review: Yoshi Touch & Go (Wii U eShop / DS):

This game is the DS equivalent of Tetris on the original Game Boy: inifinitely replayable and addictive. I must've logged over a hundred hours on it over the years. Beautiful graphics and music too. The local leaderboards thing isn't an issue if you just exchange high scores online with other players on message boards and such, the playerbase is very competitive.



GameCube commented on ​Splatoon amiibo 3-Pack Will Cost $35, Accor...:

I love Amiibos but I wish they weren't so overpriced, they're really not worth what Nintendo asks for them. If they had more reasonable prices (like 8 - 10 bucks tops) I'd buy a lot more, thereby netting Nintendo higher profits in the end so this is really shooting themselves in the foot.



GameCube commented on PETA Targets Pokémon Black & White 2 in Lates...:

Cinccino is actually somewhat controversial in this sense, because it is basically wearing its own brothers and sisters as scarves like some sort of fashion cannibal. Pretty messed up when you think about it, to the point where I had to take it off my team because it just became disturbing to look at.



GameCube commented on North America, Here Are Your 23 Wii U Launch T...:

The only Wii U games I want so far are NSMBU and The Wonderful 101, and the former only as a rental really, so I'll just wait a while before jumping on. Being an early adopter of Nintendo systems is always a mistake, I've learned my lesson (several times over).



GameCube commented on Pick Up Keldeo For Free in Pokémon Giveaway:

@Wheels2050 Getting you into the shop is the whole point, it's a promotional tactic. GameStop/Station probably pays Nintendo some amount for exclusivity on this, so they can get you into the store in the hopes you'll buy something else while you're there....