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Mon 16th Jul 2012

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Zetchzie commented on Nintendo Download: 7th November (North America):

Im losing my patients waiting for that F****** Sonic lost world demo im sending sega letters left and right asking why its not here and they tell me to go to the forums, like wtf will that do watching playthroughs and speed runs on youtube in super HD will not suffice I WANT TO PLAY THE DEMO im seriously trying not to spoil the game for myself since i wont be getting the wii u till next year and .... uge!!!!



Zetchzie commented on Feature: Looking Back at Six Years of Wii:

Wii U is basically what the Wii should have been so the Wii inst dead its just that model is not supported anymore and this is a big upgrade so from the wiis low power its not possible to work with the new



Zetchzie commented on Sorry, But GBA Games Aren't Coming To The 3DS ...:

its lame of nintendo to not release gba. i think they will do it but this is to keep us out of there business they said allot of ambassador games wouldn't come out but there are plenty that have so I dont buy one word of this



Zetchzie commented on Reward Yourself With Smash Bros. on NA Club Ni...:

@TheDreamingHawk its bad I really dont like this game it is just horrible and i love the other games but this one just didnt do it for me and the rewards are a bit on the bad side its like some of the least wanted games and I would wait it out if nintendo didnt deduct 100 points every year i dont spend my points so I hope they get somthing good soon



Zetchzie commented on Actually, New Super Mario Bros. 2 May Not Take...:

Then the game itself must be a small file of 300mb or 500mb nothing over a gb the 3DS card can hold 8gb but nintendo is being sparingly with it so I guess its ok but the bigger the size the more extensive content there is