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Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They're Better

Posted by James Newton

Pack away the bunting

It seems like just last week we were celebrating that Wii U won't have Friend Codes, but it seems our fireworks and streamers were a bit premature. Nintendo of America president and honorary purple Pikmin Reggie Fils-Aime has told Kotaku Wii U will have friend codes, but they'll be different.

By the sounds of things, you'll be able to interact with the general Miiverse populace without adding their Friend Codes — think the game-specific message boards — but adding users to your friends list will give you more options. Fils-Aime says:

There are friend codes, but it's not the existing friend code system, What do I mean by that? Here's what I mean: you will be able to identify people as friends and have a certain level of interaction vs. a different level of interaction for the more general population. The method by which you identify someone as a friend is a lot simpler than what's happening today with Friend Codes.

Depending on your opinion on Friend Codes, "a lot simpler" could mean anything from unique usernames to drawing a six-foot sigil on the side of a mountain. Clearly from all the confusion surrounding the divisive digits Nintendo still has plenty to communicate, so hopefully we'll hear more soon.


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James said:

A Gretchen Weiner GIF in a comment on a news post. I can die a happy man.



Hokori said:

This doesn't seem bad, this is what I thought you guys meant in the last article. I don't get what's wrong.



Purple-Pikmin said:

oh, my, god. Nintendo, stop being so scared of copying Sony and Microsoft - they've been doing it to you since they came into the gaming industry!! Friend Codes'd better be easier to deal with, because if not, thats going to be a giant burden on the online community



FJOJR said:

Whatever, just make sure it isn't a pain to interact with people. Gotta stop the pedophiles from getting to kids!



NintyMan said:

So, wait, are these friend codes actual codes with a bunch of complex numbers or are they simple invitations to be friends? I'm more confused than upset.



randomlypikachu said:

well its not the same friend code system so thats a step up .-. but im not gona lie and say that i think keeping the friend codes around is a good thing. it really isnt and i think they couldve gone about adding friends in a much better way.



kdognumba1 said:

Well..... I WAS interested. Now I'm going to sit back and wait. If the online does not meet the standards set by...... EVERY OTHER ONLINE NETWORK then nope, not getting it. Even with that awesome Rayman game on it, I refuse to continue with this.



BenAV said:

Need more details before we really know enough.
But either way... whatever.
I don't mind the whole friend code thing, as long as it's system wide rather than for each individual game.



LonelyGreyWolf said:

HAHAHA! First Nintendo Direct, then E3 and now this. This is absolutely hilarious. I'm calling it, the Wii U will have a price-cut three months after the release.



Stix_Remix said:

You guys missed the best part of that interview:

Reggie clarified: "The way to think about how we will ensure a positive consumer experience with MiiVerse… first, there are parental controls. As a parent you can choose for your child not to have any MiiVerse conversation. You can do it only with friends. You can do it with everyone."

"The second level is going to be essentially a technology-driven scan to make sure that inappropriate words and inappropriate pictures don't make it onto MiiVerse."

"The third level is going to be the community that will police and flag items."

"The fourth level is for a human review at Nintendo."

Kotaku: But what if, as in the example given by Nintendo when debuting the MiiVerse, I want to post a request for help for a game I'm stuck on? Do I have to wait a while for that to run?

Reggie: "Let's take that example. I need help with level so-and-so. The technical scan happens. There's no bad words. It happens."
Kotaku: No queue?
Reggie: "Correct."



TheDreamingHawk said:

I actually like this idea. Being able to interact with anyone you choose without a friend code is a good idea, and if you want to add then to the friend list, friend codes work. Stop complaning about Friend Codes, people. It was only annoying when there was one for every game, but is a simple, short set a numbers REALLY something to hate Nintendo's online services? If anything, this helps people from getting added by every random person, unlike on those other bad services.



SKTTR said:

So there's that open moderated and censored Miiverse... and the separate friend communication (video/chat/letterbox). Two different things it seems. Probably compatible with each other in some ways though.

Don't know what to make of it yet, but one private place for friends to talk, show, write, and draw what they want and get together to play online games is necessary.

@20 Stix: Very informative. Thank you.
With all this scaremongering around I was in doubt, but with that insightful review from Kotaku and the concrete info from Reggie the Miiverse sounds good again.



Kaeobais said:

@SKTTR I agree. There should be NO moderation on posts between friends. If they do that, then I don't understand why they're marketing this as a more mature console (or at least one adults can thoroughly enjoy too), because they're still forcing these "child locks" on us.



OoOshii said:

-_______________________________________________________________________________________________- <---- u see that face?



Azooooz said:

Guys, if Reggie says it's better, then we should believe him for now. Honestly, I'm like you, humbled by this news, but what can go wrong this time? Nintendo may have read our feedback about friend-code system, so I think that they will get it right this time.



Mk_II said:

Reggie: "Let's take that example. I need help with level so-and-so. The technical scan happens. There's no bad words. It happens."
Kotaku: No queue?
Reggie: "Correct."

Woot! Thats EXACTLY how i predicted the system would work



Stix_Remix said:

@LonelyGreyWolf Some people were unsure how the miiverse moderation was going to work, expecting up to 30 minutes delay for every type of post. Reggie says otherwise.



KaiserGX said:

It says at most a 30 minute delay would be acceptable. 30min is the limit that Iwata thought was acceptable. I guess no one read my post from the other page.



LonelyGreyWolf said:

@Stix_Remix Yeah, wow, totally amazing... -_- I think I'm the only person left in this world who owns a console to play games. Miiverse? Good lord if I want to talk to someone who's not next to me I'll send an e-mail, talk to him on MSN, Facebook or I'll just call him. Help with games? Just go to gamefaq or whatever you prefer. If you ask a question it's going to take hours to get it answered — months even if it's on a year-old game that few people still play. This is so pointless. Back in the old days Nintendo said that a console is used only to play games on. Now they have the most stupid gimmicks and makes a huge deal of it. They talk for hours about a fancy e-mail system. They're dying.



Stix_Remix said:

@LonelyGreyWolf All I'm saying is that considering the amount of coverage NintendoLife had on Miiverse moderation, I was surprised they excluded the portion of the Kotaku interview that directly addressed some of their concerns.

I'm not commenting on the quality (or lack thereof) of Miiverse and social networking on gaming consoles.



aaronsullivan said:

The problem with Friend Codes is that they were different for each game. As long we are past that It's a decent way to have a unique code to share and there seem to be multiple accounts on Wii U now, so nothing too alarming here accept for how reactionary, whiny, and entitled Nintendo fans can be.

Using the Wii and specifically the game as a point of conversation among people is a good idea. You get people's attention when their attention is already on the game. It's better than getting a text out of the blue and most people I know don't call someone and interrupt their day to ask how to fight a boss.

You okay? You need to contact someone in person and talk this out. I'm worried about you.



BenAV said:

@LonelyGreyWolf People seem to want this kind of stuff on their consoles these days, so if Nintendo didn't add it then a lot of people would be complaining.
It's a handy thing to have and not everyone has to use it, so I don't see what there is to complain about.
It's not like this is replacing the games.



SKTTR said:

@Lonely: All the things you talk about will be easily and quickly accessible with Miiverse, so we don't need your Facebook, GameFAQs, MSN, and e-Mail to offer and receive help in games. Nintendo is actually evolving, not dying. We all had fears with the new Nintendo Network and communication features and Miiverse, but the most urgent questions have been answered now and personally I'm very relieved with the way Miiverse works.



LadyStarstorm said:

Nyeeeh, the friend codes have a residual bad taste in gamers' collective mouths because of when they used to be PER GAME which was asinine and cumbersome.

Is anyone REALLY inconvenienced by having to enter a 12-digit code one time on their 3DS to add someone to their friends list? Probably not. It's not really that different from entering an 8-11 character username one time. The upside to them, which I never hear anyone mention, is that everyone with the conosle doesn't need to come up with a unique username (usually resolved by the general populous by adding a bunch of numbers to the end of something common anyways!) I am less worried about a few numbers than I am about seeing how they make multi-user systems work. I always lamented that the Wii was basically one-user-only for online functionality.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I'd rather have friend codes. And I'm all for the moderation. I`m happy about this. I will not be the only one using the console at my house. I have kids that are going to use it too.



Masterman280 said:

Great i have £300 saved up for Wii U, now that's going to be wasted... well i could build it up for the XBOX 720.



AVahne said:

It's probably just like everyone will have a unique friend code, so that it'll be possible to let multiple people to have the same username. Just like how in real life people can have the same name, but they're still different people.



Enzo_V said:

im lazy ...

<a href=" face/wildduckburger59/okay-face-n1299530375611.jpg?o=23" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>



SanderEvers said:

Koto: correct, a code can be unique. A name can't. There will be millions of users on Miiverse. A lot of those will have the same name.



KaiserGX said:

I hate when someone takes a username I was going to use... then I am forced to add some numbers...Miss_Rarity004... Why can't you change YOURS? Get ready for 97! Miss_Raritys!



Masterman280 said:


I'm tired of that rubbish, i'm don't know why Nintendo are clinging on to it still... I still play my PS3 and 360, so right now, i don't see a reason for me to buy a Wii U. If it doesn't have friend codes then i'll buy it, it's going to be a expensive hardware, so it has to satisfy my needs for my purchase.



chewytapeworm said:

Who cares about friend codes? I just want to play people online. And, y'know, you don't need friend codes for that.




Supremeist said:

Who really cares if It's a code or not? Yeah It's more frustrating to remember and add people, but most usernames on Xbox or PS3 are something stupid like "xzMiKeYziqUiKsC0p3zz" anyway.



BenAV said:

@Masterman280 You aren't seriously going to not buy the system just because it uses friend codes, right? It's not like you have to enter a new code in for every game... If you want to add someone, add their code once, and bam, they're on your friends list!Exactly the same as adding a username, but with numbers.It also takes out the annoyance of getting lower case L's mixed up with capital i's and stuff.If you don't want the system then that's fine, it's just like I don't want a PS3 or XBOX 360... but that seems like a really silly reason to not get it.



TingLz said:

I dont see why everyone is so negative. We have this site to look up folks. I just hope they make it easier using friend requests rather than having to add each other



WesCash said:

Nintendo, I love you and all......but're UNBELIEVABLY STUPID.

Hopefully it's not as bad as we think and it will turn out to be fine and dandy.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Sounds good to me. I've never had much of a problem with friend codes in the first place. Of course, I'm far from an online-focused gamer...



Haxonberik said:

Well I didn't understand what they meant, by the looks of it, "friend code" system could be just a friend list of usernames, or something like the 3DS



DarkKirby said:

Dear Nintendo:

Set parent controls to the system, and allow free no friend code online interactions for adults. Sony and Microsoft don't have a problem, and you won't either.



sc100 said:

What Reggie's talking about sounds fine. It looks like there's just one ID per person and once you've added them, you've added them for good.



Gullwing said:

Which leads us to one final question... Nintendo, are you completely, utterly retarded ? :/



LonelyGreyWolf said:

@aaronsullivan What are you talking about? Contact someone? Why would I do that? It's just video games.

@BenAV Completely missing the point. They spend hours talking about it acting like it's a revolution when it's simply a glorified e-mail service. Pointless and useless.

@SKTTR Haha, would Miiverse be MORE accessible than Facebook and MSN? There's no way. And are you saying that you would get faster answers on Miiverse than by googling or checking gamefaq? No way. There'll be way more answers on the internet.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Shotgunryugan any chance you, or anyone else who knows, can enlighten me to what cartoon that gif comes from? I have vague memories of the cartoon but can't quite put my finger on what it's called.



Moshugan said:

Nintendo sucks at giving clear and concise information about it's upcoming products.
That's how rumors get overgrown, why people have all kinds of expectations and eventually get disappointed.



SKTTR said:

@Lonely: To remind you, we talked about getting help on games easily and accessible. You better hope I don't see you on Miiverse or I'll beat you up in all your online games! But since you're not going to buy a WiiU I won't have the fun!



mamp said:

Good thing we have FCs I don't wanna get sexually harrassed by all the perverts out there playing Nintendo consoles and God forbid it happens to little Timmy.(LOL)



Torterra275 said:

I hope when they mean that, its something like the Blizz Battletag or GW2 system, where you pick a username /w/ numbers at the end by random.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

What? I understood the there is going to be friend codes, but not how the codes would be implemented. Through a certain amount of interaction? How is that a friend code?



SKTTR said:

I think it's possibly a friend code tagged to your Mii. A Mii with your birth date. When you start up the console you can select your Mii.

If it's a kids Mii you have restricted access to games, videos, and (online) services.

If it's a 18+ year old Mii then you have all access. You might want to type in an optional password, so your children can't use it.

With this kind of configuration they could even make 12+, 16+ content available to the fitting ages.



Hokori said:

People will wine even if they didn't have friend codes, my suggestion... QUITE COMPLAINING AND PLAY THE GAMEZ!
Online shouldn't be a factor in if u buy a wii u or not



LonelyGreyWolf said:

@SKTTR I don't know about you, but like most people in industrial countries I own a portable PC (got one for free from my school), and opening it up and looking something up on the internet takes a minute. There's no way that Nintendo's slow connection will beat that. And, again, there's no way that there will be as many answers and FAQs on Miiverse as their is online.

Furthermore, I see that you lack reading skills, as I have already stated that I am indeed buying a Wii U since I'm a big Nintendo fan and buy all their consoles, but again there's no way that I'll be buying one on launch. And the part where you said that you would "beat me up" in all online games was just immature, unnecessary, out of context and stupid. I don't understand what that got to do with anything, I don't understand why we would even play with each other and I have no idea why you automatically think you're more skilled than me just because you're an extreme fanboy.



FluffyNinja said:

I really don't get the complaints about the Friend Codes. You're basically given a unique code and you can use any name you want for your Mii, instead of being stuck with a single username. It's just like Steam. You can change your in-game name to anything you want, but each person will have an unique steam id that makes a player unique from one other (Minus the fact that you need a Steam Account to register/purchase games.)

Friend codes was a big deal with the DS since you needed one for every single game, but it will no longer be like that for the 3DS and WiiU.



Freak-Show said:

I'm fine with the whole friend codes idea, but I think adding friends should be alot easier. Mii Plaza should show everyone you've played online with and their friend codes (if they allow it). There should also be an update to the 3DS that allows you message people so you can exchange codes.

I don't know; it's kind of hard to explain.



komicturtle said:

My name is safe.. though, uncommon.. if that. I know names like "theblackdragon" will be used/taken as well as other "common-like" names...



SKTTR said:

@LonelyGreyWolf: I live in a media city, and you're exaggerating. I know more people without a pc or lappy in their household than people with. Most people owned one at some point but these things aren't for anyone (1) and they break (2) and not everyone can always afford a new one. There's a boom in smartphones though.
And I was just joking, so be pretty. Still, if I see you online I beat your orange. Of course Miiverse is no Facebook, but it's a Nintendo Forum/Wiki of sorts that's much better for Nintendo gamers than Facebook and the things you've counted.



Sir_Deadly said:

I could care less!!! Even with my 360 console, i never played with people on my friends list, they were just there!



rjejr said:

@Ryno - what he said. Though to elaborate, Reggie has no idea what he is talking about. Well ok maybe some idea, but not enough of an idea to correctly answer any questions. It's very possible 5 people at Nintendo know how FC will work, but the problem is all 5 of them know differently.



Chunky_Droid said:

I wonder how many comments here are based on reading the title alone.

It sounds fine to me, I don't know what the problem is. You can interact with people on your friends lists more than people not on your friends list on the PSN, so why the hate on this?



Slapshot said:

@mumof2kids82 I'll reply this to you, as I know you're actually a mother with children. The problem with Friend Codes is that the older gamers are severely restricted by them, forcing gamers to use other means outside their consoles — internet forums — to connect with other gamers to game with online. This actually doubles their chances of coming in contact with those they shouldn't, because not every site is moderated the way ours is.

Then you've got the fact that older gamers are paying the exact same amount of money that a mom/dad is to purchase the console for their children. And the real fact of the matter is that all it takes is using a administration account to limit the younger gamers access to things you don't want them to play, which is already available on both Wii and 3DS — rending Friend Codes a non-necessity. They're simply not needed, and they're a hindrance to the online connectivity of Nintendo's consoles. Nintendo already has a bad reputation when it comes to this, and the Friend Code ordeal is well known, and will do nothing good for Wii U's sales — especially with core gamers.



MeloMan said:

Ah... just-you-wait-and-see ambiguity... gotta love Nintendo's style. Would it kill you Reggie to be more specific? Well, I'm not going to wrack my brain trying to figure out what this means, I'll just... wait and see, I guess...



WolfRamHeart said:

Personally, I don't like Friend Codes but after reading the entire article on Kotaku I am feeling more optimistic about the way that Nintendo might implement their newly, revised Friend Code system. Here is more of the interview with Reggie on the topic of Friend Codes on Wii U:

The problem I believe people had with the Wii version, I told Fils-Aime, is that adults who owned the system felt like, hey, if I'm an adult, treat me like an adult and let me friend people I've met online without having to call a person and exchange a code or something like that. "Agreed," Fils-Aime said.

"You feel like those people will be happier?" I asked.

"Yes, they will be."

To me it sounds like Friend Codes will exist but in a manner that won't hinder our ability to friend people online. Right now I can only speculate but I think that we will be assigned a code that connects our Club Nintendo account to our Wii U system but our friends and people online will be able to see us via username or gamertag. I guess we just have to wait and see exactly how Nintendo is going to implement this but I'm hoping for the best.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Friend Codes on Wii U are like cartridges on the N64. Nintendo stubbornly clung to a dying medium until it simply couldn't anymore. The GameCube dropped cartridges, so when Nintendo makes another home console (I should probably say "if Nintendo makes another home console. I'm seeing a lot of holes in Wii U already, I mean it's still awesome but it won't appeal to COD gamers and non-Nintendo hardcore gamers with the features I'm seeing now. Wii U will succeed but at a high cost to Nintendo.), unless Friend Codes are a huge success, (which, as I can tell from reading the comments above, they most likely will not be) they will be dropped.

Here's hoping.



Phle said:

What's the big problem with friend codes anyway? I mean for adults, kids get killed by friend codes as they don't even



Slapshot said:

@WolfRamHeart It's as simple as calling it something differently. The words "Friend Codes" and "Wii U" should never have came out of Reggie's mouth unless it was to denounce them.



Shining-Void said:

You guys all are over reacting. The way I see it this is a way to keep those pedophiles in check. This isn't going to affect adults. People with kids know exactly what I'm talking about. I personally don't see anything wrong with this, as long as it's a one time only thing.



lanabanana said:

What's so bad about friend codes? i actually don't mind them at all. Maybe we'll get GamerTags like on Xbox. That would be pretty neat .



Chunky_Droid said:

I can also say as a gamer with PSN, the amount of people who add me online when I play a random game with them, then abuse me because I won't trophy boost them is beyond a joke.

If the Friend Codes are still in-tact, but better used than the Wii, then I'm all for it.

Besides, that guy in the demo video with Non-Specific Action Figure randomly talked to a creepy old guy without a Friend Code...



The_Fox said:

What's so hard about just using a username system like their competitors have been doing successfully for years? It's still early to pass judgement but this isn't the best sign that Nintendo has learned from past mistakes.



Nintendaholic said:

am i missing something? Why are friendmcodes so bad compared to usernames? i really want someone to tell me



TheDreamingHawk said:

@k8sMum He heh. Seeing how I AM a big fan of Reggie, I guess that makes sense. But honestly, Friend codes are no longer a annoying hassle to deal with every time we buy a new game, they are our ID now, which is very cool.



SavageBlackWolf said:

Psssshaw ! I Say ! WTF ?! Bloody Ell ! What ? Chit far ! Mutiny ! Wii Won't be Terrorized ! Blasphemy ! Man Overboard ! May day May day ! Ground control to Major Tom ! Red skies at night ! Outrage completed. (Time for pizza).



FluttershyGuy said:

Meh. 99.99999% of what I do gaming-wise is offline anyway. Just give me NSMBU, Classic Controller Pro, VC, and letting me transfer games. That'll make me the proverbial happy camper regardless of online features I'll get no use out of anyway.



SmashYoshi123 said:




Mr_DSi said:

I guess it won't be THAT bad. Think of it this way, for PSN and XBOX Live you give people a username to add you. With friend codes, you replace that username with a number! I do hope that number isn't incredibly long, though.



Sgt_Garlic said:

why? seriously why? If Nintendo wants to win the "core" gamers back, I don't see how this will help at all. Friend codes are very annoying. But whatever, we'll see how this ends up.



PaperLucario said:

(looks at all the people over-reacting in the comments) [youtube:RFZrzg62Zj0]Really people, this is just sad, were you really NOT expecting them to do this. Just be glad it's only ONE friend code per friend now like the 3DS, instead of one for every bloody game like DS/Wii, and that they're trying to make them easier for you the customers. Besides, I bet if usernames were used there would be complaining of usernames being taken. Just play the bloody games and stop the needless whining. If friend codes are the one thing thats going to ruin the Wii U for you, then 3 words for you: Don't Buy It .



Leon_Pryde said:

@xenomaster I assume it is because remembering something like "CloudFan97" is a lot easier to remember than remembering a twelve digit code of random numbers not to mention the name would be easier to type.



GamerZack87 said:

Sweet! No more Friend Codes!

What do you mean Wii U has Friend Codes? But...Ninty just said...WAAAAAAAARGH!!!!



SMW said:

There is an incredibly small amount of numbers that most people's short-term memory can store. 7 or so. This makes friend codes difficult to share and remember.
User names on the other hand, usually contain recognizable words making them easier to remember.

Friend codes or not, I'm just glad that I won't have to deal with having one code per game anymore. I practically gave up playing with friends online due to the hassle. I just told them to find me on Worldwide mode instead. (Worked for most games I played since they weren't ever all that active.)



paburrows said:

This might not be so bad, I can't read their minds, but what if with friend codes the monitoring/policing is more laxed?



g1i1ch said:

Don't understand what the big deal is. They're just making public what every single online system does, a special session code that designates you. Only their session code is permanent. Also it's going to be a system wide code like 3ds obviously so no big deal.



emiru69 said:

I don't care that much about friend codes but the capture in this article and the pictures/videos on the comments are freaking hilarious! ^_^



luminalace said:

Hey to the people telling us not to complain: I don't read about paedophiles using their PS3 and 360's to hook up unsuspecting kids! Friend Codes are archaic and not needed yet here we go again!



theblackdragon said:

@luminalace: the PS3 and 360 are marketed toward a much more adult audience, though. Nintendo has traditionally been the family-friendly, kid-friendly choice for parents; they've got a reputation for good clean fun to uphold. Only recently have they been breaking that tradition, and with them taking a step as big as Miiverse with the Wii U, I'm sure we'll see them doing all they can to keep that family-friendly, kid-friendly market foothold going.

to be honest, i grew up not needing friend codes on my NES, SNES, N64, PSX, or any of my handhelds, and I don't need them now in order to fulfill my gaming desires IMO. this doesn't bother me, especially since we don't even know the full details yet. why everyone's getting their panties in a bunch over such a vague statement is beyond me — at least wait until we know more about what they're referring to before launching into the rants, y'know? lol :3



Gameday said:

as long as they keep it simple with one code or just a simple friend request. I feel it was annoying to keep track of every code just to play with someone you may or may not know online. i too grew up with such games as Ms Dragon ;p and sure can relate to the statement/issuse above. I still believe that when parents get these games/consoles for there kids they should just put a lock on it where they have to verify their kids friends before they can add them and so on and so on. I respect nintendo for keeping an eye open and watching out for themselves still but i dont want to go thru some cutesy/annoying type acceptance just for friend codes just keep it simple with one code. Or please have more options i beg em ;p



Onett said:

I saw this coming. Totally called it long before E3 and knew something was fishy when the "no friend codes" thing was announced. I'm far from disappointend though. I play online to challenge other players not socialize with them, so the friend code drama doesn't affect me. As for Miiverse, I believe it will be extremely useful. Given the ridiculously large community of players submitting tips, I can guarantee you that it will be much easier to find the specific answer you are looking for instead of waking up your computer, opening a web browser, going to gamefaqs and finding the right guide and reading through it to find the exact place you are stuck at.



grimbldoo said:

I am in aw of the sheer [insert insult] of the people here. You can still seek help online without a friend code, you can still communicate without a friend code, you just can't be friends without another having yours. And it's more than likely that you will not need to manually enter the friend code, just send a request, and if it's accepted, done. This get's rid of the frustration of someone else using the same username as you as well, so stop complaining. God! Common sense is so rare these days!



Alfred_ENG said:

Why don't Nintendo get rid of friend codes? and do what Microsoft has done with Xbox Live. You make a account and that gives you a Gamertag (user name) linked to your console and all of your games. I love what Microsoft has done for online console gaming. Sega Dreamcast (1999) has better online then WiiU. Nintendo will never change and i hope MS kills the WiiU.



drumsandperc92 said:

honestly...WHY is it so hard to implement a user name system? Every website, including this one, with accounts, creates USER NAMES. User names have been around since the days of AOL & AIM, user names have been around as long as emails, some may argue....EMAIL ADDRESSES!!
It's REALLY not that hard nintendo, to let people create a tag for themselves, and THATS IT! No numbers or codes involved...EVER!
This is bad news...and after that nintendo direct video I honestly thought that the Wii U was going to have the best online system for any console to date...didn't I see usernames on that video during the segments of video chatting and social networking???
I'm confused & annoyed.
First, no big surprise blow out game at E3, then teasing us with a black console only to say it won't be ready for launch, then showing us this great online infrastructure only to say friend codes still exist?
Come ON Nintendo - you can do better than that!



Rapadash6 said:

I'm so out of the whole online gaming scene, but I'm failing to see the difference between adding an account name and adding a number. Also, what we do know for sure is that Wii U will be using an account system, so it just sounds to me like Nintendo's adopting accounts that may have a friend code associated with them. His comment on it being much easier to add friends sounds like you'll be adding by the account name rather than the number. It looks like the term "friend code" is just that; merely a word that doesn't have any real significance.



U3N said:

Oh look, everyone is acting like they know EXACTLY how the Wii U's friend code system works. Oh, the doom and gloom! <-- sarcasm



WaxxyOne said:

I'm going to just hope that when Nintendo says "Friend codes" they're talking about a system similar to Blizzard's where you enter a friend's account name and they have to confirm you. You know, like we've been doing all over the internet for years. If they launch yet another system with a friend code system that requires people to exchange 16-digit codes just to add each other to their friend list, then they have failed at online forever.



Kage_88 said:

Meh. Personally, I'm not all that fussed. I'm not a big online gamer (prefer local multi-player).

Still, people are overreacting. Iwata had said time and time again that online is a central point of focus for Nintendo - they know what they're doing. I think people simply view PSN and Xbox Live as the barometer for a quality online service - and as such, will view Nintendo's (potentially) alternative (read: different) service as a failure - even though it'll most likely be a heck of a lot of fun (as shown by Miiverse).

Seriously, just chill and enjoy the Wii U for what it is - yet another awesome Nintendo toybox.



NintenHero said:

I don't care if it's Nintendo's decision, or if you think it doesn't matter, Nintendo needs to get with the program... it's 2012.

But Wii U ain't out yet, all we need to do is wait for further information before passing any critical judgement, Nintendo always does a good job regardless.



hillbill26 said:

Bringing back friend codes and trying to "improve" them, like Nintendo says, is like saying Aquaman doesn't like swimming in pools. It's like saying Pluto is bigger then Jupiter. Nintendo just shot the Wii U in one of its eyeballs and made it look referred because, obviously, Nintendo just can't see that friend codes are stupid and it just makes the Wii U look stupid.



Doge said:

i bet on the wii U, a friend at the shortest will be... 546384627467343674675673564......4564568456
got that?

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