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United Kingdom

Sat 9th Jun 2012

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Purple-Pikmin commented on Watch: Japanese Nintendo Direct Live:

I cant imagine any of this japanese stuff coming to the west. to be honest, i thin we can do without anyway, the 'eww you like nintendo games, GAYY!!' jokes would go off the charts



Purple-Pikmin commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

oh, my, god. Nintendo, stop being so scared of copying Sony and Microsoft - they've been doing it to you since they came into the gaming industry!! Friend Codes'd better be easier to deal with, because if not, thats going to be a giant burden on the online community



Purple-Pikmin commented on E3 2012: Our View of Nintendo's E3:

even though i was disappointed by the conference, nintendo still won. sony was close behind because the last of us and beyond looked stunning, but their efforts to simply copy the smash bros idea was awful. i really wasnt impressed by playstation all stars. and the harry potter thing? really? microsoft actually got usher to perform on stage, and smart glass cant do nearly as much, in terms of functionality, as the wii u gamepad can. it was appalling to see how reliant sony and microsoft are on ubisoft.
although nintendo didnt have any metroid/zelda and what not, they still have incredible games for the wii u at launch, and i just cant wait for pikmin!