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LadyStarstorm commented on You Need This Legend Of Zelda Figure In Your Life:

Guys, I am so glad you are enjoying the Layton / Link pics, you have no idea!! I can't take credit for the initial idea, but I can for the poses. XD I should take more pictures of my video-game-based collectible figures some time...

I have to stifle a laugh at everyone referring to these as "toys" though! XD These are not some $7 figures you buy at Target to let your child chew on... Link retails about 3600 yen (roughly $45 USD), and is intended for adult collectors only - A ton of small parts that could be harmful to a child! He might be articulated rather than in a static pose, but I assure you these are intended for display/photography only, and not play.



LadyStarstorm commented on Register Paper Mario: Sticker Star On Club Nin...:

Wow what a shame, I would love if this came out here. Of course, I always get cool game/anime stickers but then never actually stick them anywhere, since I worry about the future of whatever I stick it on, and whether I'll lose the sticker because of it someday............

Ahhh, collector woes.



LadyStarstorm commented on Review: Tank! Tank! Tank! (Wii U):

It's a fun game but unfortunately since the different tanks don't really function all that differently, the multiple treks through campaign mode just to unlock more levels are painful and redundant. Multiplayer is worth playing if you can get some friends together, but it's not worth the full retail tag. This will probably be in bargain bins by January, so I'd hold off til then!

PS: Saying that if it were released 3 consoles ago it would have been a cult-classic isn't a very good argument, because it's not being released 3 consoles ago. It's being released NOW, in 2012, at 2012 full-retail-dollar rates. If it were an eShop title or budget title I'd absolutely agree with you - It would be a total sleeper hit for some multiplayer fun.



LadyStarstorm commented on Review: Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (Wii U):

It's too bad third parties don't seem to have the knack for porting things to the Wii U yet... the at-launch ports have seemed really rushed. Here's hoping the next non-launch-window wave of third party titles they'll be making things with the Wii U in mind. I'd love to pick this up, as a Musou fan, to round out our Wii U collection with something single-player that is for me specifically, but I'm a little hesitant after reading this since pop-in drives me nuts. I'll cave eventually, I'm sure... Duel Mode is pretty tempting.



LadyStarstorm commented on Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side With The ...:

ARGH why did they go back to the gross birth-control-case pink from the DS phat days that nobody liked? : I guess it's better than nothing, but bright pink a-la DSi or the purple that 3DS regular got for no reason would be better.



LadyStarstorm commented on Review: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (3DS Vi...:

I'd wager that a big fan of the Goemon series might get more of a "5 star" enjoyment level from this one, honestly. If you're looking for something like the N64 game you'll be disappointed, but if you're just looking for another take on the Goemon franchise it'd probably be worth your while since it's not much money. I have the cart for this and the N64 one, but I do really wish the N64 one would go on VC, if for no other reason than so people who didn't get to play it the first time around get to experience it!



LadyStarstorm commented on Square Enix Teaser Looks Awfully Like The Worl...:


And yeah, there's no doubt it's TWEWY, to the author - The BGM is an instrument-reduced version of "Calling", the background image is a silhouette of the big building from the game, and SubaSeka IS the abbreviation for the game in Japan. :3 Whether it'll be a sequel or an HD remake / 3DS remake though is anyone's guess.

This wait is going to feel

/wait for it/........

So zetta slow!!
(sorry I had to)



LadyStarstorm commented on EarthBound's Virtual Console No-Show Could Be ...:

Those who said "if they can't sell it, give it for free..."

That's actually an incredibly brilliant workaround. A promotional giveaway or something Club Nintendo related. It would appease everyone, and avoid the issue of them profiting off samples of music that they don't have / don't want to pay for the rights to sell. o.o

I doubt it will occur to them, or actually happen, but... It's certainly clever.



LadyStarstorm commented on Warren Spector Proud That Epic Mickey 'Polaris...:

Warren Spector is a helluva guy.

I loved Epic Mickey, though a few times toward the end-game the camera made me want to die... despite all that the game was beautifully-crafted and had so many wonderful elements of Disney incorporated, that I couldn't help but get emotionally attached. If that game didn't stir something in your heart, I assert that you are in fact heartless.

First game aside, I'm so excited to see where the sequel takes us in Oswald & Mickey's story, can't wait to see how the musical aspects are involved. I'm expecting top-notch voice work since Disney is involved. The 3DS game based on the "...starring Mickey Mouse" games looks phenomenal as well.



LadyStarstorm commented on Review: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (3DS):

@TysonQ7 Kid Icarus was an example of limitless potential ruined by shoddy controls / execution, in my (possibly unpopular) opinion. It was stylish and shiny, sure, but that doesn't speak for playability. I love Sakurai, but I have to call things like I see them. The game would have been far better suited to the Wii or Wii U.



LadyStarstorm commented on Review: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (3DS):

Hands-down the best game to have been released on the 3DS yet. Blows Nintendo's thus-far-released titles out of the water. Mario Land 3D was nice but not rewarding, Zelda was great but not suitable for a handheld. This combines the pick-up-and-play that a handheld should provide, with addicting challenges and plenty of secrets to unlock that make you unable to put it down.



LadyStarstorm commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

Nyeeeh, the friend codes have a residual bad taste in gamers' collective mouths because of when they used to be PER GAME which was asinine and cumbersome.

Is anyone REALLY inconvenienced by having to enter a 12-digit code one time on their 3DS to add someone to their friends list? Probably not. It's not really that different from entering an 8-11 character username one time. The upside to them, which I never hear anyone mention, is that everyone with the conosle doesn't need to come up with a unique username (usually resolved by the general populous by adding a bunch of numbers to the end of something common anyways!) I am less worried about a few numbers than I am about seeing how they make multi-user systems work. I always lamented that the Wii was basically one-user-only for online functionality.



LadyStarstorm commented on Nintendo Download: 31st May 2012 (North America):

Oof, just in case anyone was basing download decisions off these comment conversations, I was very disappointed to find out that Order Up! is NOT a Diner Dash-esque game. It's much more like Cooking Mama than Diner Dash. Color me disappointed. Ah well.



LadyStarstorm commented on Natsume Stops Teasing, Reveals Harvest Moon: A...:

Oh, I'm so psyched for this!! I was following their Twitter hints persistently... frequently replying to tell them "Why don't these sound like HM (Land of) Beginning!?!" so I was relieved that it was! For those saying "Bleh just another HM," as a longtime series fan since the original SNES game, I can assuredly say that the quality has been down lately, with the exception of Animal Parade on Wii... Tale of Two Towns was, to put it lightly, a huge boring let-down. This one looks to be more like the console games than the handhelds usually are, so I'm hopeful that it can breathe some new life in~!



LadyStarstorm commented on Pledge to Cloudberry Kingdom, Get It Free on W...:

Wow this is painful, I actually had to stop reading partway down!! XD

A great example of Kickstarter for those who can't seem to wrap their heads around it - A fairly popular webcomic I read just put one up to get a book released! People who donated above a REASONABLE certain amount would get a free copy of the book! But even once the goal was reached to be able to print the book, people KEPT donating! Now the funds are going into making the product even better for the consumers - Glossy embossment on the covers, the artist taking time to hand-draw in each copy, etc.

It's not just to sell people a product before it's made - It's to help people release a better product thanks to people who want to be a part of it's creation.



LadyStarstorm commented on Review: PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond (Wii):

I'm really enjoying what I've had a chance to play of this game!! The battles are simple, but not having them be turn/menu-based is really refreshing, and much more reminiscent of the anime series. I've always thought it was silly that the games are still turn-based. I'd love to see an actual Pokémon game done in an advanced form of this style of gameplay!

Great review!! ^_^



LadyStarstorm commented on Rumour: Official Legend of Zelda Series Timeli...:

I'd have to say this is false. For starters, I can't see Wind Waker immediately following OoT's success in Adult Link's timeline... Why would the world have been so devastated? It also needs to be after Link to the Past, since the sunken castle in WW is the LttP one. Zelda 2 has to be after OoT, though, and probably after WW, because it's feasible that the newly-made towns when the water lessens over time and more land is revealed, would be named for the (now) ancient Sages.

One more thing... How could there be a timeline split for Link failing? Link failing would mean that Link and Zelda most likely died, so how could they have descendants? Yeaahhh...



LadyStarstorm commented on Nintendo Europe Confirms Professor Layton for ...:

Oh, younger Luke again, huh? I'm not through Last Specter yet granted, but I think I'd like to see the story jump back to "present-day" rather than these prequels. I'm sure it will be a great game just like the rest, though. It's more of an aesthetics issue for me, preferring his older self.



LadyStarstorm commented on Rhythm Heaven Fever Box Art is Bright and Beau...:

I have been excited for this game since I first heard a slim chance it would be coming to the US, what feels like forever ago now! The DS iteration is my younger sister's favorite video game of all, so I know I'll be picking up a copy for her as well - Glad to see the low price for that!



LadyStarstorm commented on Feature: Celebrating 10 Years of Animal Crossing:

This was really nice to read. My husband and I actually met because of this game, so I'm very grateful to Eguchi-san for conceiving Animal Crossing... though it may have been borne from hardships in his life, it truly blessed the lives of others. So for that I thank him, and all the developers involved in the series.

I just wrote a short bit on my tumblr about this game's effect on my life, in fact, if anyone is interested in checking it out.