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Wed 8th Sep 2010

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japzone commented on The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Chea...:

I have used these Fake GTS systems before but only to get event pokemon that were only available in places I'd never be able to go. And since I generally play my Pokemon games solo and never participate in Tornaments I doubt anybody would smite me for it. And before you say "Well that's what the GTS is for" I'll point out that for things like event Pokemon, they always ask for something unreasonable, like another event Pokemon I couldn't get.



japzone commented on Nyko Tries to Make Circle Pad Pro Pretty:

Definitly better then the CPP, If I ever need a second CP and Nintendo doesn't upgrade the 3DS's design, then this is what I'll most likely will buy. Still would prefer something more collapsable but at least this thing does more then just tack on 2 extra buttons and a CP.



japzone commented on Retailers Call for Summer Blockbusters:

Definitly Spread out. I can't afford all the good games coming out at the same time. Last Winter MK7, SM3DL, ect... all came out within a short distance of each other giving me a headache trying to decide which one to get. Another example of this annoyance is this Fall. Three Triple A titles are coming out for the Xbox360 within 2 weeks of each other: Assassin's Creed 3 on Oct.30, Halo 4 on Nov.6, and COD:Black Ops 2 on Nov.13. It's giving my friend a heart attack trying to choose between the three.



japzone commented on Got Room for One More Version of Cave Story?:

It would have been dificult to have the Level Editor in the 3DS version since there would be no way to share the Created Levels. They'd have to put considerable effort into making an online sharing platform or a QRcode system(Not very practical considering the complexity of the Levels). Both would be alot of work and in the end not worth it for a simple port.



japzone commented on Got Room for One More Version of Cave Story?:

What the heck? There is already a Cave Story +. I got it in the Humble Bundle a while back. You'll have to call this "Cave Story 3D +" or "Cave Story 3D download".

Cave Story + included all the WiiWare features plus some bonuses. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.



japzone commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update v. 4.0.0-7:

The QR Code function in the eShop is also an alternative to Download Codes. You'll be able to Scan a QRcode in order to Redeem Gifts like Games, Apps, and Cash Credit. Basically so you can easily purchase content online and then send it to your 3DS. Nintendo has said that they're working on an eShop Website, and also it would make redeeming Club Nintendo Prizes a whole lot easier.



japzone commented on "Too Many Hurdles" to Ni No Kuni DS Translation:

Guess I'll be praying for a Fan Translation. Just like how I had to wait for a Fan Translation of Mother 3.

However, I agree with @Morpheel How hard would it be for them to just give us a link to some PDF or Website where we could get the Book/Info. If the book isn't really needed to play the game they could sell it seperatly too.



japzone commented on MDK2 Dev Will Never Develop for Nintendo Again:

I've lost alot of faith in Games that go through Game Publishers anyway. Most of my money recently has gone to Indy Devs. I've just been more satisfied in the end and almost never feel like I got ripped off by the Indy Devs I've given my money to.



japzone commented on U.S. Patent Cites Wii U as "Universal Remote C...:

@Nin-freak Why? It's not like Sony patented their IR Control Codes. I can name a ton of non-descript third-party remotes (that I know didn't pay Sony a dime) that can control Sony TVs just fine. If Device Manufaturers could charge people for making a remote to control a device, the world would be a much different(and worse off) place.



japzone commented on The Louvre's 3DS Tour App Detailed in Video Form:

It'd be cool if there was some kind of Nintnedo Zone at the Museum where you could have access to the App, that way I could use my own 3DS instead of Renting out one of theirs.

Now my only real hurdle. How to Physically get myself to France in order to try this out. Plane tickets are expensive these days.



japzone commented on GAME Enters Administration, Closes 277 Stores:

I feel deep sympathy for the employees that were cut.

It'd odd how game retailers in the UK are having these problems, but in the US/CA GameStop/EBgames has been doing quite well. I have been buying more Indie games recently but I still get my retail games from GameStop/EBgames. I often Pre-Order and the info the Staff knows is very good, often having played most of the games themselves. All in all GameStop is still the best buying expirience I've had. BestBuy has nice people but they don't know the games as well as GameStop/EBgames employees do.



japzone commented on GameStop Starts Selling eShop Download Codes:

I was at my Gamestop and they already had boxes up for Download codes of 3D Classics: Kid Icarus. I asked the Gamestop Employee about it and he said that his boss told him to put them up even when the employee reminded him that the game didn't come out until Mar. 23rd.



japzone commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Won't be Available from G...:

I was wondering why when I was searching for possible pre-order deals for a friend, the link on to Pre-Order the game went to a 404 on GAME's website. I copied the link and pasted it into Google and found a Cached version of the page, but the Live version page was nowhere to be seen. Now I know. I'll be letting my friend know to take his buisness elsewhere.



japzone commented on 1 in 10 People Can't See 3D Properly:

Well Gamestop will probably have Demo Consoles soon after launch so People that want to know if it'll work or not can Test it out to make sure before they buy.



japzone commented on You'll be Shocked by Japan's Most Wanted 3DS F...:

Before I get started I just wanted to Point out the Block of Text Next to the Comment Box. It says and I quote "and be Nice to One Another" Try to get along guys, Everyone has there own view and have the Right to say it.

Personally I can hardly wait for the 3DS. I skipped the DSi because it felt like a filler and I knew something like the 3DS would come along to Blow it out of the Water. I mean it has all of the DSi's features plus 3D Games, 3D Camera, Prospect of 3D Movies, better Download Content, Analog Slide Pad.... Shall I go on?

One thing that I desperately want is Super Smash Bros for the 3DS. I've known that SSB is heavy on the Hardware so now that a Handheld with the Power to do it is here I want my Portable SmashBros. Think about it. How great would it be to Pull out your 3DS and Play a Quick Match while waiting on the Train or in Line. Multi-Player Would really open up with it being able to communicate via WiFi. What would be awesome is if you could play online against people with SSBB on their Wiis. Imagine being away somewhere but still be able to hook-up with your friend on his Wii while you played him with your 3DS. That would be great. I've calmed myself by playing this Homebrew version some guy made but it's in 2D 16 bit and most of the wanted Features are not available and the Gameplay isn't great either. My inner Brawler wants some Real SSB on the DS.