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Wed 18th Feb 2009

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Alfred_ENG commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

Why don't Nintendo get rid of friend codes? and do what Microsoft has done with Xbox Live. You make a account and that gives you a Gamertag (user name) linked to your console and all of your games. I love what Microsoft has done for online console gaming. Sega Dreamcast (1999) has better online then WiiU. Nintendo will never change and i hope MS kills the WiiU.



Alfred_ENG commented on E3 2012: Ding Dong, Friend Codes are Dead on W...:

Wii U with accounts, pro controller, HDMI, and being able to talk and play with strangers online. Excellent job Nintendo. All i need is a large HDD so i can play the games off that and i will be happy (I hate the disc spinning). F-Zero U.



Alfred_ENG commented on Feature: escapeVektor: Chapter 1 - An Insight ...:

Thank you for replying Mr Thomson. It's funny you said that because Dev Microforum said more or less the same thing about not having online leaderboards for Kyotokei. I basically told them they making a WiiWare game and not a game for the Arcade.
Also you have in game achievements (badges).

Have you played Gameroom (Xbox 360) it's full of old (retro) games and they benefited from online leaderboards.

Anyway i enjoyed POP (WiiWare). I will probably buy your new game just waiting for a few reviews.



Alfred_ENG commented on MotoHeroz Races to North America on 15th Septe...:

1500 points is £13.50 if bought online. Both EU and NA get it the same day?. That is fantastic news, I hope Nintendo starts doing more same day worldwide releases. Just like the Xbox 360 now. If it had a demo i would of probably got it. Wait for a few reviews first. The video looks good. WiiWare is back with a bang.



Alfred_ENG commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii):

@Traxx English accent is not appropriate for a European release.

Do you want a German accent?. England is a European country. I find your comments upsetting. You can play with the Japanese voices. Are they too "heavy" for you to?.



Alfred_ENG commented on Interview: Microforum - Kyotokei and the Futur...:

Hello Giovanni Simotti. Your not making a STG for arcades in Japan. It's a WiiWare game. You could of had online leaderboards, online co-op play, download/upload replays and DLC characters/new game modes. But you didn't because thats too much work.

I have most of the STG's on the Xbox 360 and CAVE are my favourite. They have online leaderboards and it doesn't hurt the arcade experience, It makes it better.

If you announce a European release date i will buy it.



Alfred_ENG commented on Wii Owners Encounter Xenoblade Disc Read Errors:

Yes i tryed the Wii lens clearer. Didn't fix the problem, But it did clean my lens. I just don't buy dual layer games. I feel bad for anyone who bought this game and it's not working. I hope Nintendo do a better job with Wii U disc drives and discs.



Alfred_ENG commented on FAST - Racing League:

Hello PJ1, You do have a good point. But this game cost's £7.00 and 20% of that is VAT. Which is about £1.40. Then Nintendo take their cut which i will say is about 30%. What are the Devs left with per game sold. Maybe £2.00-3.00. I don't know. 3 or 4 people made this game. I don't think they will be getting rich from this game.

I think we gamers got it for a low price. It's a very good game. Just wish it had online multiplayer and leaderboards.



Alfred_ENG commented on MDK 2 Shoots for 1000 of Your Nintendo Points ...:

I got this on my Sega Dreamcast. Beautiful game and funny. Very difficult. These are the type of games which should be coming out on WiiWare. We just need a EU release date. I highly recommend everyone buy this. It's only 1000 points (£7.00). I cannot wait.



Alfred_ENG commented on Nintendo Uncertain Whether 3DS Demos will be W...:

Nintendo just don't want to spend any money. I think most gamers want demos. Also just because i play a demo and enjoy it doesn't mean i have to buy the full game. I am not made of money. I play demos on my Xbox 360 almost everyday. Microsoft have got it just right. I hope next gen Nintendo get things right.



Alfred_ENG commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition...:

This is not a collectors item. The European one is worthless. The USA was printed in the millions probably. Now their printing more copies. It's not going to go up in value. From what i have seen it is not that good of a package anyway. Very poor Nintendo.

My Gamecube The Legend of Zelda collector's Edition is 1000's times better then this. I have two copies one which is factory sealed. Opened 2nd hand games are worthless.



Alfred_ENG commented on Review: Viral Survival (WiiWare):

I have only played for one hour but i am really enjoying it. Great value game for the price. I like all five of the game modes. The music is pretty cool. One song is kind of like a song in Jet Set Radio. I am playing with the classic controller it feels just right. Sean Aaron is dead right the online leaderboards are first class. Only about 1000 gamers bought this game i think. Look out for my name "alfred eng/eu".



Alfred_ENG commented on Hudson Entertainment Closes its Doors, Cancels...:

I am a big Hudson fanboy. Loved what they have done with the Wii. Fantastic games. I have most of their stuff on PC Engine/VC and WiiWare. Your shooting games rule, Bomberman and Alien Crush Returns and the rest. I love you Hudson.



Alfred_ENG commented on Nintendo Confirms 3DS Will Be Region-Locked:

I will never buy a PAL Nintendo console/handheld again. I am not paying £200-£300 a for handheld plus rip off priced PAL (20% VAT) games (Which were released in Japan and America first). I think i am finished with Nintendo for good.
If Nintendo make a new F-Zero. I may come back. )



Alfred_ENG commented on Nintendo Download: 7th January 2011 (Europe):

Capcom make double maybe more profits selling on VCA then on GR (Game Room). Maybe we will see Capcom games in GR sometime around 2011. I hope so.

By the way i am a big fan of Game Room. I love GR and have most of the games. I would love to see Sega and Neo Geo games come out on it. I am not anti GR.



Alfred_ENG commented on Nintendo Download: 7th January 2011 (Europe):

@ Bass X0
I agree with you mate 800 points is a bit much. 500 points = £3.50 much better price i think.

I bought Exed Exes and i am very pleased with the gameplay/music and the many game settings (I set auto fire on). It's good for a shooting game made in 1985 i think. I have never played it before. Like all VCA (Virtual Console Arcade) games it runs in 60Hz.

I don't think Capcom will release any of there games for Game Room (Xbox 360). This is why i am glad i own a Wii



Alfred_ENG commented on WiiWare Super Meat Boy Gets Canned:

SMB is like N+. Good but both hard games. Maybe when theres a price drop you guys could pick up a Xbox 360 it's a great console and has many amazing games on it. I love it.



Alfred_ENG commented on No Love for Super Mario All-Stars in UK Top 20...:

No love for Nintendo in United kingdom is a very good thing.
They have treated PAL gamers bad for decades.
Buy a Xbox 360 or a PS3 and SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection. It has 40+ games and is only £9.99. All in 60Hz too.



Alfred_ENG commented on 3DS Development Could Cost Triple That of DS S...:

I will not pay any more than £30.00 for a 3DS game. In fact games should be from £4.99 - £24.99. I can and will wait for prices to go down. I can buy second hand games too. I buy cheap games on internet all the time. I can get good games for low as £1.99. Time is on my side. I am starting to hate their greed. I will never be conned again. Lower your prices.



Alfred_ENG commented on Talking Point: The Virtual Console's PAL Problem:

Nintendo could update all the VC games to work in both 50 and 60Hz. Why don't they do this?. It would make their fans very happy. They would sell more games and make even more money. Come on Nintendo make this the best Christmas ever!.



Alfred_ENG commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

I have cancelled my pre-order. I don't think i will buy a PAL Nintendo gaming console again. I hope the 3DS handheld is region free.

Nintendo have not fixed any of the 50/60Hz problems we have. Some of my games don't work with the official Nintendo component cable. They have the money to fix this. They don't care.

The only thing i can do is stop giving them my money. It won't make any difference. But at least i will not have to suffer anymore.