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Thu 7th Jun 2012

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Stix_Remix commented on Nintendo Confirms Five Games That'll be Playab...:

What other games would players really want to see on Wii U? 3D World? Tropical Freeze? I'd rather Nintendo have one game playable on multiple machines, than for there to be a really long line on one machine just to play Mario Kart 8.

Just because they are only showing a single Wii U game doesn't mean their Wii U presence will be small at all. I expect there to be multiple stations (perhaps even demoing online multiplayer across machines).



Stix_Remix commented on Review: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Be...:

Honestly, this game sounds like a typical "mystery dungeon" type game, and it seems like maybe the reviewer didn't get that (or doesn't enjoy this type of game).

Not saying the reviewer's opinion is wrong (particularly if the game was hyped improperly), but I don't see why the game should get a harsh rating for representing a particular genre.



Stix_Remix commented on SEGA Teases Sonic Lost World Characters:

They all appear to be color-coded, so perhaps they are villains/bosses for the corresponding zones/terrain types. Also seems to correlate to the light spectrum (ROYGBIV)...

From left to right:



Stix_Remix commented on Iwata: Wii U Won't Repeat 3DS Price Mistake:

Don't forget that Nintendo will want to price it somewhat relative to the current market, which includes Xbox 360 and PS3 units (as well as the Wii itself). While Wii U will be the next generation, it will have to compete in the same market as the previous generation (until such a time that Microsoft and Sony release their follow up consoles).

I think $300USD is the maximum they would push for, but I think $250USD is much more likely.



Stix_Remix commented on Miiverse Won't Connect to Twitter or Facebook:

I like that Miiverse will become a sort of "private" community, specific to Wii U owners and the games they play. People can already post their achievements or game questions to any other social network (just by typing it up), so I can see how Nintendo is trying to build a community by limiting its direct output (why post on Miiverse if you can just as easily post on twitter or elsewhere). Personally, I think Miiverse's biggest competitor will be GameFAQs.



Stix_Remix commented on Talking Point: Are E3 Conferences a Dying Breed?:

I think considering how poorly the Wii U was received at last year's E3 (particularly from the gaming "press"), Nintendo really needed to lay down the ground work of "this is what the Wii U is." Sure, us gamers usually care more about the software than the hardware, but Nintendo needed to define its new console. What's the point in a "upgrade your console so you can play this super sweet game!" when you don't even know what the console is or if it's even a new console?

Plus, there's still Tokyo Game Show for Nintendo to pull out more details or sweet game reveals. Personally, I think Nintendo played it smart. They shot for the middle of the road with their E3 conference, choosing to emphasis what makes it unique from the Wii. That, paired with the Nintendo Direct (and the isolated additional press events), shows they are really working on their marketing.

Considering the current state of E3, I think it should go public much in the same way TGS does (with only the first two days being press only).



Stix_Remix commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

@LonelyGreyWolf All I'm saying is that considering the amount of coverage NintendoLife had on Miiverse moderation, I was surprised they excluded the portion of the Kotaku interview that directly addressed some of their concerns.

I'm not commenting on the quality (or lack thereof) of Miiverse and social networking on gaming consoles.



Stix_Remix commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

You guys missed the best part of that interview:

Reggie clarified: "The way to think about how we will ensure a positive consumer experience with MiiVerse… first, there are parental controls. As a parent you can choose for your child not to have any MiiVerse conversation. You can do it only with friends. You can do it with everyone."

"The second level is going to be essentially a technology-driven scan to make sure that inappropriate words and inappropriate pictures don't make it onto MiiVerse."

"The third level is going to be the community that will police and flag items."

"The fourth level is for a human review at Nintendo."

Kotaku: But what if, as in the example given by Nintendo when debuting the MiiVerse, I want to post a request for help for a game I'm stuck on? Do I have to wait a while for that to run?

Reggie: "Let's take that example. I need help with level so-and-so. The technical scan happens. There's no bad words. It happens."
Kotaku: No queue?
Reggie: "Correct."



Stix_Remix commented on Nintendo to Offer Triple Layer of Miiverse Mod...:

You have to remember that there are two types of messages here: text-only and picture messages. I imagine text messages will only run through word/phrase filters and will not get much moderation (unless users flag it).

Picture messages, on the other hand, would require moderation and these should be the only ones that might be delayed.