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Hyrule Warriors Set for Summer 2014 Release in Japan, Tecmo Koei Teases Another Major Collaboration

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

If it's on Wii U, that'd make us happy

Quite a few major gaming companies are revealing their financial results today, one of which is Tecmo Koei. It had some positive news all around, and in an update likely to bring sighs of relief from Japanese Wii U owners confirmed that Hyrule Warriors — a name that may yet change — is set for a Summer release in the country. It's unclear whether it'll land on Western shores in a similar time-frame.

That's certainly a close release considering the fact that we've seen nothing of the title since its surprise reveal in December last year; with the development evidently nearing its end, we'd hope that it will have a notable presence at E3 next month. In the same investor briefing, meanwhile, it was teased that a major new collaboration will follow this Zelda release, with details expected in the latter half of the year. No details were given, though the company has expressed an eagerness to move onto PS4 and Xbox One with some future projects, so it's up in the air whether this is a project for Nintendo fans to anticipate. Nevertheless, both companies are no doubt hoping for big things from the upcoming Zelda-meets-Dynasty-Warriors experience.

Are you still excited about Hyrule Warriors and hopeful of a Western release in the near future?


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Genesaur said:

Even though I've no intention to buy it, I really hope it comes here, shortly thereafter.



XCWarrior said:

Need this during the summer in America too. Let's face it, right now there are 0 games announced between Mario Kart 8 and Smash 4, which isn't coming out until 2015. So that's a HUGE hole.



Goginho said:

I have a feeling this e3 might confuse some audiences. We'll have Zelda U revealed, as well as more information about this game, meaning that some might think two Zelda games are coming, even think that both these games are one, which would be none other than misleading.



Jazzer94 said:

Hopefully it comes to the west quickly as well so there is something between MK8 and SSB4.



PanurgeJr said:

I have zero interest in the Warriors franchise, but I'll at least take a look at anything with the Zelda name. I don't anticipate doing anything but looking.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Hopefully it eventually makes its way west, however niche the game may be. I know I'd like to play it.



XCWarrior said:

@Goginho I dunno. I kind of doubt they are going to announce Zelda U at E3. I could see them holding off for that very reason. But at the same time, they announced 3 Mario games every E3, doesn't cause confusion.



Sonicfan11589 said:

I'm still hoping Dead or Alive comes to Wii U, but then again i rather see it on PS4 and Vita (being DOA5 Ultimate)



EverythingAmiibo said:

Woot! So exited for this one, the warriors games have always had a place in my heart, add in a little Zelda, INSTA BUY!!



XCWarrior said:

@SilverArrow We were told Super Smash Bros Brawl would come out in the winter... when did that come out again?

I'm hust being prepared for the inevitable delay. You should too.



datamonkey said:

The Wii U needs this sooner rather than later so a summer release would be good. Not sure it's my kind of game though...



ikki5 said:


yeah... Winter starts December 21st, just so you know so that is a 10 day window to say this Winter and have it released this year. If it was really that close and within that 10 day window, they would have said Holiday like they do with any game released during that time frame, not Winter. I am betting Late January to February.



XFsWorld said:

I'm not a graphics w**** but I do hope the visuals will look much better before release.



duffmmann said:

@ikki5 Nintendo would be foolish to miss the holiday season to get Smash 4 out. They said winter but often when we're told a winter release they are actually talking more about a holiday release, so late November/early December would be my bet as to what they are aiming for.



rjejr said:

@Goginho - "I have a feeling this e3 might confuse some audiences."

This isn't called Zelda Warriors or even Link Warriors it's called Hyrule Warriors. Anybody who knows what Hyrule is should be smart enough to know that this isn't the next game in the Zelda series. Neither was Link's Crossbow Training on Wii. It's like when they put Link in Soul Caliber on GameCube.

"If it's on Wii U, that'd make us happy

What do you mean "if" its on Wii U? Weren't we shown Wii U footage? It says Wii U right in the top of the ad. Do you mean "if it comes to western Wii U?".

I imagine this will be in the west in the fall.



ikki5 said:


yeah, they would be, but it doesn't change the fact that they said "Winter" and not Holiday". They have been very foolish lately so them being foolish to not release Smash Bros at Christmas would not surprise me one bit.


I think they are talking about this line when they say that if it is on Wii U, they'd be happy.

"Tecmo Koei Teases Another Major Collaboration"

read the title of the article.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I have a sneaking suspicion that Nintendo is letting TEAM NINJA do a METROID title all by themselves.... Perhaps METROID for 3DS? I wouldn't be surprised if RETRO was handling ETERNAL DARKNESS 2 and/or F-ZERO.



Of_Folsense said:

@XCWarrior @ikki5
True, but the Wii U needs this game before holiday. I'm sure Nintendo are pouring everything in this game to get it released before then. They may have said winter but they meant holiday.



ULTRA-64 said:

I'm really not too bothered by this game, I hope I'm wrong and it 'wows' me at e3. However I really like the freedom and pace of Zelda so a button bash Zelda will probably not be for me. The Wii u needs everything it can get right now though and if I had a say I'd want as many games as they can provide as soon as possible after mk8 to regain some momentum on the high street!!



ikki5 said:


Needs does not mean it's coming before the holiday. They said Winter because they meant Winter. You cannot just put words into Nintendo's mouth because when Christmas rolls around and they are like " Release in Winter 2015", you are just going to complain about how they lied to you. Also. they have said that they are going to pour resources into many things, prime example is the VC..... that was said back around the beginning f the year if not earlier and look at what it is... A Drip release of mostly NES games. They also said they were going to push for more 3rd party..... well i don't see a whole lot of that yet. Maybe we'll see more at E3 but so far, pretty much nothing except for delays from 3rd party so they can get their games out faster for the other systems.



Peach64 said:

Surely when Winter starts, differs depending where in the works you are? I just checked Wikipedia and they say in the Japanese calender it's from 8th November.

Still, Nintendo could definitely use this game to fill out the release schedule.



readyletsgo said:

It'll be rubbish, but people seem to like the series. WO3U, I've seen it in shops here, is it worth the buy? Along with Tekken for the Wii U, what do people think of that?

On Topic, I would think the next game Tecmo are taking about that they really wanna get to and work on will not be for the Wii U.

And on the Super Smash release. Yup, they said Winter, which means between Nov to Mar. I for one do not expect it out until Feb 2015, delays delays delays. Just prepare yourselves guys.





lol what?

Bayonetta 2 will probably be released in September. That's one game. And it's important to remember that Nintendo has announced games and released them within the Holiday season: Mario 3D World.



memoryman3 said:

YEAAHHHHHHH! GET READY FOR HYRULE WARRIOR 2 COMING 2015 TO REPLACE THE REAL ZELDA! Who cares about other third-party games such as Watch_Dogs? They don't matter, more Tecmo Koei collabs such as MARIO DYNASTY WARRIORS (unannounced) and NINJA GAIDEN 3.5 ART OF DA SWORD will save the Wii U!



ultraraichu said:

Looking forward to this game. I hope it have local co-op too since most of my fun with this type of hack and slash comes when I play it with a friend.



Of_Folsense said:

Well then it's really a question of how smart Nintendo is. After that Smash Bros direct, I think Nintendo are really taking this game seriously. If its released before the holiday, you can be pleasantly surprised. If it doesn't release until 2015, I'll be surprised, but I won't be complaining. Complaining about a company "lying" (like you seem to be doing about VC) makes no sense to me. But I won't get into that.
And about the VC, cheer up! It was really good for a month up until last week, but more GBA games are coming soon, so hopefully it will improve again then.



Mommar said:

I still can't help but feel Hyrule Warriors is the answer to a question nobody asked or wanted to ask.



Lobster said:

At this point (almost) any game for the Wii U is a blessing, so I hope this one drops ASAP.



NintyMan said:

Whoa, that's just around the corner now, and really surprising considering it's gotten absolutely no new gameplay footage since its reveal last December. I've never played Dynasty Warriors, but this game looks crazy in a possibly good way, so I'm a little intrigued to see how it turns out. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to release westward.



Jayvir said:

And knowing how Japanese companies treat western localization, it will probably be another 2 years until we see it over here.



ToniK said:

Even as a huge Zelda fan I'm not even remotely interested. I need news about Project Zero 5(?). Any remake is also welcome since Crimson Butterfly is the only one I've played. Loved that one.



SKTTR said:

This needs much better graphics and much less pop ups and invisible walls. I hope they have a brandnew engine ready for this, not just an HD update on the old Samurai Warriors 3 engine because so far it looks like the other two Wii U Warriors games "Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper" and "Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2", only worse.
With release being this close I'm very cautious. Hope they do the Zelda franchise justice, but I have a feeling this is just a quickly developed cash-in. At least it looks like that on the surface.

Imo, Capcom should make a Zelda Monster Hunter and TecmoKoei should indeed make either Project Zero 5 or another Metroid.



AJWolfTill said:

That is an alarmingly short development time. I don't know how cut and paste a game this will be but considering how early in development this game looked in it's reveal trailer (the name didn't even have font) I have very limited hopes for this game.



andreoni79 said:

If this is not better than the others, I'd rather buy a Dinasty Warriors 6 or 7 for just € 10 and play it on my 360. They must use wisely the Hyrule setting.



Goginho said:

@XCWarrior Oh, they're going to announce Zelda U alright can't wait for that (they said it themselves, but I don't have the source at the moment).

Well, Mario games are much more distinguishable from one another. People know about Mario Kart, from casuals to hardcore. They know about 3D, as well as 2D Mario and any other games in between, such as the sports and party games and what not. LoZ, on the other hand, is not as popular and mainstream among the whole video gaming world when it comes to recognition.

@rjejr Yeah, but like you mentioned, "anybody who knows what Hyrule is should be smart enough to know that this isn't the next game in the Zelda series".

I expect people unaware of the series (well, to some extent at least) to watch e3 as well. They'd see an elf boy in green and think it's coming from the same game. I dunno, I don't really see this happening tbh, since Nintendo are going to professionally present us their content, but I guess my argument comes from the fact that people got confused about Wii and Wii U so easily. And as for Link's Crossbow Training, it has the word "training" in it, and most of it wasn't even typical LoZ combat that many people know, for it to be mixed with a standard Zelda game, whereas 'Hyrule Warriors' does have you freely controlling a character fighting off monsters and such.

So in the end, we gamers, especially us that play Nintendo games and are familiar with the main franchises, obviously won't have any trouble with things like these, but we need to look at things from a broader perspective and take other kinds of audiences into account. But I'm sure Nintendo will be clear about it all



MamaLuigi said:

I HIGHLY doubt it will be Metroid Other M 2. Not sure if it will be Pokemon Conquest 3DS either. Personally I'm guessing Tecmo Koei will attempt to design their own version of Super Punch Out, complete with manga style visuals and a revamped fighting engine. XDDD



mostro328 said:

Good Nintendo trying to balance the bad financial news with this announcement and pokemon 3ds remakie



duffmmann said:

@ikki5 Right, but as I said, many times when companies announce winter releases for video games we actually see them released in technically the late fall to correspond with the holidays. Now don't get me wrong, I could easily see Smash 4 for the Wii U get delayed, but as it stands, I think when they say winter for the release, they're actually talking late November / early December. We shall see I suppose.



memoryman3 said:

@AJWolfTill Don't worry, this is a very important title (being ZELDA and all) so it MUST have a 10 month dev cycle in order to release for the holidays!

The trailer was DEFINITELY not final footage!



LetsGoRetro said:

It wouls be awesome if your saved data for thia could link into zelda u. Maybe open up an optional area or two. Or allow you to start with an item you normally wouldnt get until later to access areas earlier. Similar to suikoden 1 2 n 3, or I guess more appropriately, the oracle games



MuchoMochi said:

It seems that Japan is going to have a great summer when it comes to their releases. Besides Mario Kart 8 it doesn't seem like the Wii U drought of 2013 is ending anytime soon.



Luna-Harmony said:

So this is the big zelda game was saw when the showed the wii u years ago lol i wonder if a true zelda game will ever come out on the wii u ?
Or with sales records they would have ditched the console



mostro328 said:

A real Zelda is coming when this was announced, they said its not the official Zelda just a spin of



NintyMan said:

I remember reading part of an interview in which a Tecmo Koei developer said they were interested in working with Mario, Disney, and Star Wars. If I can find the source, I'd provide it.



Senario said:

I will be getting this game as dynasty warriors is a guilty pleasure of mine.



Dark-Link73 said:

@XCWarrior @SilverArrow "Winter 2014" has a very small window because Winter doesn't start until Dec. 21, and since Nintendo usually releases its big titles on Sunday, that means that a "Winter 2014" release would be either on the 21st or the 28th.

I also hope is this year but realistically, probably January or even February because January is a terrible time to sell consoles after everyone is broke from the Christmas season.



Emblem said:

@shinokami Why the hell did you have to go and say that?!?!?! My mind is actually blown at the concept, it would be sooooo awesome, i want it, i want it NOW!



dkxcalibur said:

I'll be skipping this. I never cared for the series and I doubt adding Link will lure me into buying this one. Plus, there's enough in my backlog to keep me busy.



Williaint said:

@memoryman3 Remember, there's an edit button.

Since I don't know enough about the game, yet, I can't say whether I'll get it or not. A Mario version? Would you use a hammer and fire balls? Jump?



memoryman3 said:

"A high budget 2015 release when the WiiU is in even worse shape? They are not going to cannibalize Hyrule Warriors."

You see, this is an EXTREMELY important title. Tecmo Koei can make or break the Wii U.



Assassinated said:

@Goginho I think you underestimate the intelligence of the average E3 viewer. It won't be an audience of casual gamers and non-gamers, only the people who care about gaming will watch E3.



DESS-M-8 said:

This game looks a complete non entity and looks like somethhing that has been farmed out to a third party to distract people when they announce zelda won't be ready till 2016 by which time it won't matter as the Wii U will be a non-entity by then.



Dauntless said:

I want this game to be released sometime after E3. If FutureShop/BestBuy in Canada do their E3 preorder deals again like they did for the last 2 years I might be able to score $20 off the launch price.



Emblem said:

@shigulicious Don't forget Transformers, Train your Dragon 2 & One Piece releasing in June, Skylanders in October and Disney Infinity 2.0 in September. I won't list all the eshop games as their release dates are not very reliable.

I hope Hyrule Warriors comes out nowhere near Dragon Age I (Oct 10) or it'll have stay sealed until i've completed every path :/ (provided its not crap like DA2 was of course).



SecondServing said:

Please, no more collaborations with Tecmo Koei Nintendo...please.

Hyrule Warriors is set to be the worst Wii U exclusive of 2014 no doubt.



JaxonH said:


Anyone who's into gaming enough that they watch E3, is smart enough to understand the difference between a Zelda game and a Dynasty Warriors crossover with Link in it. The only people who actually watch E3 are serious gamers who go on fansites. Anyone clueless enough to not know the difference, isn't gonna know what E3 is anyways, much less watch it.



JaxonH said:


??? Based on what evidence? Hyrule Warriors was named by Famitsu magazine in a vote from gamers to be one of their most anticipated upcoming video games across all platforms. It ranked up there with the likes of Final Fantasy 15. The hype for this game is unreal. Idk, don't buy it if you don't want it I guess, but don't be surprised if others are really excited for this release.



JaxonH said:


Dynasty Warriors 8 was a solid game and scored well across the board. The franchise also has a decent following. Some of the older ones were sub-par, but lately they've been pretty good. And this being a collab, it will have Nintendo's seal of quality on it, so you already know it won't be sub-par.

Idk, it looks good to me. I'm sure it won't be winning GotY or anything but still looks like a fun game.



Windy said:

This game would be huge for Wii-U. How in the world is there any chance of it going to PS4 or XBoxOne did I misunderstand something here? I would say Hyrule warriors has no chance of landing on a non Nintendo system. Its a game which would make me consider getting a Wii-U



SecondServing said:

@JaxonH This is just such a waste of a collaboration. That's what I'm saying. Hyrule Warriors won't score any higher than a 7, which is sub-par. And it's a shame.



JaxonH said:


No one knows the future. And we don't know much about this game right now. Judge if you want, but I've learned the hard way to never, under any circumstance, judge a game prematurely.



JaxonH said:


I am being honest. If I thought your guess was most likely the case, I wouldn't have disagreed. I disagreed precisely because I don't think it's most likely the case. My faith in Dynasty Warriors is very high after seeing DW8 XL. You factor into that the Nintendo seal of quality and the fact everything's funner with a franchise you love, and I'm expecting good things from this game. I'll reserve judgement until it releases, but I believe the most likely scenario is that this game scores between an 8 and 8.5 on Metacritic and even higher by Japanese reviewers. There's no way this will score LESS than DW8.



Zombie_Barioth said:

It very well could be, in an interview it was stated that they'd be interested in doing another one. The other spin-offs got sequels so I wouldn't be surprised.



3MonthBeef said:

Part of me feels like this game was the Zelda they wanted to show last year.

If Zelda U does make an appearance this year you can bet it won't be released until winter next year if they're lucky. Otherwise its Q2 of 2016.



Emblem said:

@3MonthBeef They did show this last year, when they revealed it it was in early Alpha and no more than 6 months in development. If you follow the Warriors series you will be familiar with how the stages of development look. This game is not being made by Nintendo they are only advising and supervising the IP.

Zelda U has been in active dev since 2012, the average dev time for a Zelda game is 5 years but Nintendo said they wanted to reduce that with future installments. My guess is Its coming late 2015 and we will get a sequel within the following 2 years using the same engine and assets like what happened with OOT & MM.



akaDv8R said:

@SilverArrow They stated it is coming this winter, which, could actually take it into early 2015. If it was definitely coming this year, I think they would have said.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

This game does look like a lot of fun. Just imagine being able to take part in Hyrule's history and experience wars only mentioned in manuals and cutscenes. All I gotta say is that Impa, Gannon/Gannondorf, and some Gorons better be playable characters.



Action51 said:

I'm not a huge fan of Dynasty Warriors, I think it suffers from the same-y syndrome suffered by series like Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed (although Black Flag added some nice things). If they can manage to make this game less button mashy then typical Dynasty Warriors, I'll give it a go.

That being said, this is a big series in Japan. So whine about it all you want, this thing will sell and make money in Japan, and probably do okay in North America.

If you really don't like it, and it makes you mad that a series you don't care for is gonna sell in a market you don't live in:

1) relax, take a deep breath and get outside more often
2) this is key....don't buy it.



MadAdam81 said:

@SecondServing but it is a game that will tempt many Xbox and PS owners to get a Wii U, much more so than Metroid or F-Zero or Star Fox, especially if it comes in.a well priced bundle.
So far the Skylanders Swap Force bundle has sold really well, thanks to a unique figure worth $100 you can only get in the bundle. It's a weak game, but like Hyrule Warriors rates higher than CoD, which still sells massive amounts.



MamaLuigi said:

@Zombie_Barioth Well if it's Other M 2 or along those lines then I hope the game plays better than the first, or at least features better controls. (ie no more stiff 3D movement with the digital pad)



Zombie_Barioth said:

Sorry, I meant Pokemon Conquest. I thought I mentioned it somewhere, but guess not.

It actually could be Other M too though come to think of it since it was Ninja Theory that made it, hopefully not though I'd rather see Retro handle Metroid.



KingGanny said:

@XCWarrior Smash coming out in 2015? Smash for Wii U is supposed to hit Winter 2014. I am pretty sure it will make it in time since the 3DS version is coming when it does.



Ichiban said:

Its gonna be a cross over of Fatal Frame & Pokemon Snap. Where you explore an old abandoned town snapping photos of Pokemon ghosts & put the little buggers outta their misery.



XCWarrior said:

@Dark-Link73 @KingGanny And to whoever else insists Smash 4 WiiU is coming out before Christmas this year:

Nintendo loves to delay games. They gave a soft release. Just be prepared for a delay. I actually don't expect Smash for 3DS until the fall.



Dark-Link73 said:

@XCWarrior Wow there! Hold your horses partner! If you read my entire post, I said that "...realistically speaking..." Smash won't be out until next year due to the very small "winter 2014" release window Nintendo has given.

Also, Nintendo doesn't "love" to delay games. They do love to release excellent quality games and that's why they get delayed.

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