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Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct Round-Up

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Details galore

The latest Nintendo Direct, admittedly, would have done nothing for those not enamoured with Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series. We suspect, however, that many with a love for Nintendo have at least a passing fondness for the series, albeit we're not all pros that specialise in unpicking the intricacies of move sets and physics. The power of the franchise comes from its absolutely shameless and delightful fan-service, and that it can conceivably be enjoyed by less experienced players happy to button mash as well as brawlers that have skills to pay the bills. We'd suggest that even if the franchise hasn't appealed to you up to now, it's worth considering and anticipating ahead of its arrival this year.

Masahiro Sakurai's Super Smash Bros. Direct, undoubtedly, excited the Nintendo Life community and our team a great deal. It says much for the sheer depth of these titles and their predecessors that 39 minutes positively whizzed by, and at no point did it feel like Sakurai-san was short of subject-matter. In fact, some questions were even left unanswered — including some that we raised beforehand — with more information promised for the future.

As always we want to give you a handy one-stop-shop, a day after the event, to catch all of the most vital information from the stream. This time we'll add a bit of flesh and opinion to the article links, however, while you can click on the titles to see the news articles themselves. On top of that, we've outlined some exciting details that we didn't cover under the 'News' banner after the broadcast, while at the very end you can enjoy the whole thing again.

Super Smash Bros. to Launch on 3DS This Summer, Wii U in Winter 2014

This was a surprise, but the 3DS version is coming before the Wii U iteration. There had previously been hints and suggestions that the games may not arrive together, yet prior to the broadcast thinking in NL HQ had been that if they weren't going to hit stores at the same time the Wii U would be given priority; not only are the majority of footage videos and Miiverse screens of the home console version, but it's the Wii U that most requires the boost in sales this franchise can deliver. Will the 3DS version arriving first suck momentum and hype away from the HD version? It's possible, to a degree, and we certainly hope that exciting Wii U-exclusive modes — we'll come to 3DS exclusives shortly — will ease the wait and tempt the majority to double dip.

To end on a positive note, however, we'll be playing a new Super Smash Bros. game this Summer, which is terrific news.

Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct

We certainly recommend checking out the above article by one of our resident Pokémon experts, and it covers what was a surprisingly prominent role for the franchise in the Direct. It had its own sections in the broadcast, including one that confirmed Master Balls joining Poké Balls, with the former having rare and Legendary 'mon jumping out and into battle; this will include monsters from Pokémon X & Y — Master Ball 'mon such as Xerneas, Arceus, Deoxys, Palkia, Entei, Victini, Kyurem and Keldeo will appear. Poké Ball 'mon will include Eevee, Metagross, Fennekin, Meloetta, Gogoat, Electrode, Meowth and Staryu. Lucario's new Final Smash will incorporate a Mega Evolution, too.

Let's not forget that two new challengers were also confirmed from the iconic franchise, Charizard and Greninja. The franchise will be very noticeable in the new titles, which may even tempt non-adopters of the Game Freak series to take a look at X & Y.

Yoshi, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus Confirmed as Challengers

In total five new Challengers were confirmed, including three that have absolutely, positively nothing to do with Pokémon. First of all, it was explained that character's forms will no longer evolve during battle, therefore putting appearances of Zero Suit Samus and Sheik in danger. Thankfully these characters will now appear as separate challengers, with adopted move sets and abilities to match. On top of that Yoshi was confirmed, with its reveal up to now being held back due to preparing a major change in the character — Yoshi now stands more upright, which will impact moves and abilities.

It's an interesting move to give character tweaks formerly part of mid-battle changes their own spots on the roster, but will likely go down well with some that enjoy mastering the intricate details of each fighter. Zero Suit Samus has jet boots, as an interesting change, and a design — in terms of her body shape — reminiscent of her Metroid: Other M, for better or worse.

New Online Multiplayer Modes Revealed

While we've been aware that the new entries in this series would have online play, we had no idea what that would entail. Sakurai-san has thankfully lifted the lid on two modes that can be enjoyed with friends or in worldwide matches — 'For Fun' and 'For Glory'. The former is catered to all players of varying abilities, with random stages selected, all items and only wins being recorded against your profile. For Glory, meanwhile, is one for dedicated players — it takes place in Final Destination variations of stages, there are no items, 1v1 battles are possible and both wins and losses will go on your record.

Playing with friends will be a feature, naturally, and this mode will allow customisation of items and fight conditions. More details may emerge in future, but these seem like solid core online modes.

Online Code of Conduct to Lay Down Law While Global Smash Power Provides Ratings

One issue with various online games, including Brawl, can be cheating and unsporting conduct from rival players, such as going idle, singling out opponents, self destructing and deliberately dropping out mid-match. Sakurai-san has made clear that a rigorous code of conduct will be applied, including an ability to report other players. Those guilty of not playing in the right spirit could face temporary online bans, while it should also be noted that reporting other users frivolously will be an offence.

While online matchmaking will aim to pitch players of similar abilities together, the Global Smash Power ratings system will be perfect for bragging rights. This accumulates a score based on your progress and performance in the game, including single player modes, and the rating shows you how many players you've bested — in other words, the higher your number the better you are. It could be hugely satisfying to know you're a stronger player than hundreds of thousands of others, just for confidence if nothing else.

These features are typical of Nintendo's approach of encouraging fair play but also rewarding good performance in a positive way — the focus is on doing well and achieving, with a style that draws attention away from any negative perceptions. If the online code of conduct is enforced properly, meanwhile, it could be invaluable.

Smash Run Mode Confirmed as Exclusive to the 3DS

Aside from unique stages, it's becoming clear that the 3DS and Wii U will have other key differences. One that's been revealed is the local multiplayer mode — online is notably not mentioned in the broadcast or accompanying press releases — on 3DS called Smash Run, which won't appear on Wii U. Up to four players are dropped into a large, dungeon-like area and must explore, fight Subspace Army units and find power-ups and items. Players will all be in the area at this point, though Sakurai-san emphasized that this isn't the point for getting into fights, but grabbing those items and abilities — these include boosts to speed, jumping ability, normal attack power, special attack power, and throwing power. After five minutes in this area players are then taken into a standard brawl, but with the bonuses and buffs gathered in the first area now applied to their characters.

Inspired by the City Trial mode of Kirby Air Ride, this does look like fun, with the pre-battle environments also looking diverse and full of platforming elements. The different environments and enemies, as well as the ability to use items in the pre-battle area, should give this a sense of organised chaos, and with like-minded friends in the same room could be a blast. We can see this being a favourite at meet-ups where we're all soaking up StreetPass hits and keen for some portable gaming.

Super Smash Bros. Will Run At A Silky-Smooth 60 Frames Per Second On 3DS, Even In 3D

A 'technical' detail handled early-on, unsurprisingly given the fact the 3DS version is arriving first, was to address the actual performance on the handheld. It seems that after early days in the system lifespan of games typically running at 30fps (frames per second) in stereoscopic 3D, titles such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds how shown that a gloriously smooth 60fps is possible with 3D enabled.

Super Smash Bros. will be included, thanks to an "efficient" engine that Sakurai-san and his team at Bandai Namco have put together. It's clever on a technical level, as the fighters themselves will run at 60 frames while other elements — such as assist-trophy characters running rampage — will be moving at 30 frames. This is no doubt to ensure that the animations that matter are as smooth as possible, with footage shown looking impressive despite YouTube being locked at, yep, 30fps.

Stages, Items, Trophies and More

We chose our news article subject matter fairly carefully, but below are loads of details we left out that may be of interest.


  • The 3DS version will have two tracks per stage, whereas on Wii U there will be a "treasure trove" of tracks in the My Music section.

Mysterious Special Moves

  • We were told to expect Custom Move Sets, which allow you to change special moves and give "added nuance" to your fighter. They can't be used in online matches with random opponents, but can be utilised in locally or in online friend matches. More will apparently be revealed in the future.

Boss Character Appearances

  • We were shown the Yellow Devil boss in the Dr. Wily stage, which all characters can fight when it appears. Its weak spot is its eye, but the player with last definitive hit gains an explosion that acts as an attack on all other players. That's one example, with Ridley teased and more to be revealed in future.

Confirmed 3DS Stages:

  • Reset Bomb Forest
  • 3D Land
  • Spririt Train
  • Gerudo Valley
  • Arena Ferox
  • Tortimer Island
  • Living Room
  • Prism Tower
  • Rainbow Road
  • Find Mii
  • Balloon Fight
  • Jungle Japes

Confirmed Wii U Stages:

  • Mario Galaxy
  • Pyrosphere
  • Town and City
  • Boxing Ring
  • Pilot Wings
  • Skyloft
  • Windy Hill
  • Garden of Hope
  • Wii Fit Studio
  • Palutena’s Temple
  • Halberd

Confirmed Items:

  • Beam Sword
  • Bumper
  • Smart Bomb
  • Motion-Sensor Bomb
  • POW block
  • Beetle
  • Fire Bar
  • Back Shield
  • Bombchu
  • Fairy Bottle
  • Ore Club
  • X Bomb
  • Hocotate Bomb
  • Rocket Belt
  • Steel Diver

Confirmed Assist Trophies:

  • Andross
  • Devil
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Saki Amamiya
  • Lyn
  • Nintendog
  • Waluigi
  • Dr. Wright
  • Skull Kid
  • Mother Brain
  • Midna
  • Ashley
  • Dark Samus
  • Chain Chomp
  • Isabelle
  • Elec Man
  • Color TV-Game 15

Confirmed Trophies:

  • Tiki (Fire Emblem Series)
  • Fi (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
  • Pseudo-Palutena (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • King Kihunter (Metroid series)

Confirmed Subspace Army Units — Smash Run mode

  • Goomba
  • Stalfos
  • Tac
  • Kihunter
  • Reaper
  • Mettaur
  • Poppant
  • Tiki Buzz
  • Roturret
  • Bulborb
  • Chandelure
  • Mimicutie

We're well aware that Masahiro Sakurai covered move sets extensively, too, and we have coverage related to that on the way soon.

Lots of information to take in. Let us know whether you enjoyed this Super Smash Bros. Direct in the comments section below; you can also watch it all again, of course.

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User Comments (112)



FullbringIchigo said:

summer for 3DS and winter for Wii U, GREAT now I can get both and not have to worry about lack of money



Moose_4 said:

I keep banging on about it.
But surely N64 games will be on eShop so people can play the original on Wii U to keep them ticking over until the winter.



Dark-Luigi said:

Love those Mario related items, and glad to see them beefed-up, and Yoshi's amazing return~.



gaby_gabito said:

Oh my gosh, I can't wait! One of the biggest surprises for me was that each stage would also have a Final Destination form!



Emblem said:

This was actually the best direct i've seen in like forever. However we do need another direct with a broadcast for summer releases. We're now in Q2 so it would be nice for a summer update to tide us over until E3 in two months.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

After this direct I want Sakurai to lead every direct instead of iwata/Reggie it was so entertaining cause he's funny and has character to him plus he dresses soooooo fabulous -



ShadJV said:

It's nit-picky but the article says "Chrizard" instead of "Charizard".

I was thrilled with this direct, only two things could've made it better (both being highly unlikely): a playable demo available for download, and an announcement for future DLC in the form of characters and stages. Still, this was a great plethora of info!



AhabSpampurse said:

I may be looking too much into it, but did anyone else find the emphasis on the wired adaptor to be a bit odd? I'm almost thinking that unless you have it the game will struggle to run 60fps online wirelessly. It might just be galloping paranoia, but it just seemed like a random product placement in the middle of the presentation.



Morpheel said:

I don't really think all of the baddies in Smash Run are members of the "Subspace Army".



MagicEmperor said:

I was tickled pink about "For Glory." It's like Sakurai said, "Here ya go, elitists! Final Destination mode! Woohoo!" I know guys who'd say "That's how Smash is MEANT to be played!" That's why I found it so amusing.



Tops said:

Is the Smash run course always the same layout (just w/ random enemies)?



Gerbwmu said:

Now the wait for E3 begins.......will we get another direct before? Excited for those that love SSB. Hoping Nintendo has at least 3 main retail games coming out for Wii U over the next 5 months (MK8, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi) Winter seems a long way off.



0utburst said:

I was disappointed when I saw the release window but thinking over it, it is a wise move for Nintendo. No sense of releasing them at the same time. Our body won't be ready. xD And we have Mario Kart 8 to play this summer for Wii U.

Anyway, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Elec Man. <3 I'm gonna play Rockman first for sure!



XFsWorld said:

I really raged yesterday when Nintendo said it would release on 3DS first, but now it makes sense and don't at the same time.

It makes sense because like Nintendo said, the 3DS is not impossible to profit out of but the WiiU is a challenge. If it were to release with the WiiU version or later, the profits wouldn't be as huge. (The 3DS version would have been ignored.)

Bad for WiiU because, well you guys know why. Plus some people think the WiiU is too expensive and if they really want to play Smash they can get a new 3DS (2DS) starting at $130.

I was planning to get the WiiU version first then months later the 3DS version. I'll take the 3DS versions as a demo until the real thing until the WiiU version comes out.



bizcuthammer said:

Man my summer is gonna be packed with great multiplayer gaming. Between Mario Kart 8, Mario Golf: World Tour and Super Smash Bros 3DS, i don't know when i'll have time to sleep and work. So excited.



BigH88 said:

The 3ds is gonna get huge sales. Wii U won't. Only the hardcore Nintendo fans will double dip. I don't understand this strategy. What the heck is Nintendo thinking?



Contrite said:

@AhabSpampurse "I'm almost thinking that unless you have it the game will struggle to run 60fps online wirelessly."

Struggle to run 60fps online? What? The game won't render at a lower rate because you use wireless. The reason he's mentioning it, is probably in case people expect it to lag much less than Brawl. There'll be improvement, I'm sure, but playing online wirelessly in games as fast paced as Smash is usually a pretty bad idea.

If you don't want noticeable delay when playing online, use a cable, not wireless. Fighting games do not like wireless.

Just as an example, when I was trying to play Mortal Kombat online against my friend, who lives just over the fjord. It lagged like hell. We were both on wireless, it was almost unplayable. So I plugged in Ethernet instead, and it was more than smooth enough for us after that.



memoryman3 said:

@outburst Nintendo should have taken cues from Microsoft and pose this game as a Wii U exclusive and system seller while delaying the outsourced 3DS version to obscurity with cut down modes and unlocked frame-rates at 46.5 fps while showing no screenshots till launch.




AhabSpampurse said:

@Contrite yeah sorry, my bad, I didn't use the correct wording. It's not that I expect the rendering to be lower due to it being online, but the emphasis on the wired adapter did make me question the whole situation, and why as consumers we'd need to consider forking out more money just to be able to have a decent online experience.

I haven't played a whole bunch of fighters wirelessly so I'm not an authority, I did play some SFIV on 360 without any major issues, but your comments have soothed me, I just want the experience as a whole to be excellent!



james_squared said:

I actually fell asleep while I was watching it. I suppose that makes it really clear that I'm not interested in this game...or I need to start drinking coffee.



Jaz007 said:

Is Nintendo trying to kill Wii U? This was a big game and it had the potential to sell consoles. So what do they do? They have the 3DS version come out months ahead of the Wii U version, which invites people to buy it for 3DS instead of Wii U, which will reduce the amount of Wii Us sold to 3DS owners. It will also encourage people to get a 3DS instead of a Wii U to play the game if they don't own either. Then they announce a 3DS exclusive mode without even announcing a exclusive mode for Wii U which makes the 3DS version look more appealing than the Wii U version. Releasing the 3DS version so far ahead will also kill hype for the Wii U version by a lot too. It will be a fairly old game releasing at full price by the time it releases.
They aren't just hurting Wii U console sales, it's like they're trying to kill the Wii U version all together or something. They should be doing to this similar to the way MS has marketed Titianfall as an Xbox One game and made the 360 version easy to forget about, come out later, and the infrior version. It might be a good idea to push the 3DS a bit more than Titanfal 360, but the basic idea is the right one. Doing it the other way around is not the right idea.
The Wii U version should come out first and have the exclusive content, not the other way around.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Surely Nintendo has some big surprises up it's sleeve for this years E3. Even if they don't attend again they have GOT to have some big AAA titles unannounced that are coming later this year. Let's face it, they're pretty much going it alone going forward except for the occasional Lego title & whatever scraps Ubi tosses so they gotta have some surprises left. MK8 should sell consoles, but they need to start solidifying dates for Bayonetta 2 & X!!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Jaz007 It most likely will decrease the impact of the WiiU release.
But there's one thing to keep in mind: Sakurai will surely balance the 3DS-exclusive content with WiiU-exclusive content.



jjmesa16 said:

I'm kind of disappointed to see that the Wii U won't come out until after December 21 but it's cool that the 3DS version is coming out this summer. The new pokemon characters look pretty cool and it'll be interesting to see what other character join the fray. Also it is strange the Pilotwings is a Wii U stage seeing that there is a Pilotwings game for the 3DS and none for the Wii U (unless you count the VC one). It might be because the stage looked better on the Wii U but the 3D graphics for that stage would have been cool on the 3DS.



rjejr said:

@XFsWorld - "If it were to release with the WiiU version or later, the profits wouldn't be as huge. (The 3DS version would have been ignored.)"

There are 48mil 3DS in the world and only 6mil Wii U. Even if Wii U double to 12mil when MK8 comes out, if every Wii U owner ignored the 3DS version that still leaves 36mil 3DS owners w/o the game, I'm sure some of them would have bought the 3DS version. SSB is a huge series and this is the very first handheld game, no matter how many Wii U copies sold 3DS version would still have sold more than Wii U. Now it's the Wii U version which will sell less. A million less probably.

I'm still stuck on "Winter 2014", you know, the season that just ended, but once I get over that I'll rewatch the video on the big screen tv, it did look pretty good what I could see during dinner on the tiny PC screen in the corner. My kids seem super excited about it and that's good enough for me.



ueI said:

Are the 3DS and WiiU games not going to have any stages in common?



dkxcalibur said:

@james_squared I almost fell asleep too, but I already drink way too much coffee. I'll most likely pick the game up but I'm less interested in it after watching the direct. Maybe this is because I would prefer to buy this one on the Wii U instead of my 3DS. I was holding out hope that we would get a fourth unannounced 1st party game for the Wii U to go along with DKCTF, Kart 8, and Smash to give the Wii U a fighting chance of survival.



StephenYap3 said:

Can't wait for this game.

However, one thing I'm hoping for is there being more to the customization than just attacks, like design-customized fighters like how the recent Soul Calibur games are doing now. I'll be bummed out if there isn't, but not bummed enough to pass this up for both versions.



Ugslick said:

It would be nice if the 'For Glory' mode would incorporate custom move-sets. I think they should make that area of the online play more personal, even if it is a semi-ranked mode with strangers. Custom move-sets could have a large influence on making a player better, since they would tweak the moveset to fit their style, and would play based on those changes. Maybe in a future update Nintendo can fix it, so that the for glory mode is more personalized.



Whopper744 said:

As soon as I read the word tiki, I thought of DKCR and started singing "it's the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room, iiits..."
If you don't know what that's from dont worry about it. Ha



May_Nyan said:

The article missed that Samurai Goroh returns as an assist trophy. It was shown at the frames per second part about the 3DS version.



LasermasterA said:

Oi Nintendo all this news is all fine and dandy but I want a representative from Golden Sun, preferably Isaac!

I think that this separate release time is good as now the two versions will eat less into each others sales although I do hope that the fact there are no transformations does not decrease the effective size of the roster. More newcomers!



Just_Ethan said:

Why can't they just call Color TV-Game 15 as it is, Pong? That isn't copyrighted, right? It's freaking Pong. >.<



shigulicious said:

I got a tease of Ridley at the beginning of the direct, followed by 35 minutes of trolling with no confirmation. Regarding the release date for the WiiU version, nothing is set in stone. I mean, if the game gets finished then what would stop Nintendo from releasing it during the Fall season ( Thanksgiving)



MixMasterMudkip said:

I really hope the separate releases means character DLC. I'd find it boring if I knew all the hidden characters by the time I got the Wii U version. So what if they launch the Wii U with a new fighter, and have it exclusive on Wii U for like a month then release them on 3DS. It probably help out sales for the game, especially if they keep the new fighter a secret until you download it. I think it be great even if it was a returning character who didn't make the initial cut.



mostro328 said:

But the 3DS aside from graphics (not HD) won't be inferior in anyway to the WiiU version

I think Bayo 2, Sonic Boom, and X will be coming out between Summer and Fall for WiiU and they finish off with Smash this holiday not bad for me but to people who need new games every month then well too bad

WiiU I mean its not a lost cause completely it can pick up sales

I'm not sure but why delay the 3DS version to release both of them the same time and have the 3DS version become obsolete to graphic wizards who would purchase the wiiu

Lets see how it plays out people lets wait for E3



unrandomsam said:

@mostro328 The physics look different in the 3DS one. Don't expect them to play identically. (The whole point is reuse anyway hence the reason the stages are all based on existing stuff wouldn't be practical any other way anyway.)



azg said:

It's way to early for Sonic Boom to come out. It will be winter 2015 at best.
I would't get your hopes up to X either.



gatorboi352 said:

"The latest Nintendo Direct, admittedly, would have done nothing for those not enamoured with Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series."

Count me in that group.



Assassinated said:

@Jaz007 What they'll have to do is make the WiiU version have much more content than the 3DS one, and make it incredibly clear that it is worth it to get the WiiU version, even if they already have it for the 3DS. Otherwise, it will indeed cause great harm to the WiiU sales.



NintyMan said:

Nice summary; it's certainly needed after the deluge of information yesterday. Man, my head was swimming from all these juicy details!



noctowl said:

@mostro328 as great as the 3DS version will be, it is inferior. I can watch a movie on Netflix on my 3DS, or i can put it a blu-ray on a big screen. It's not the same. 3DS will be great, but I don't think anyone with a wii u will settle for the 3DS version.

@rjejr give it a rest! What's the winter later this year called? Winter 2015 even though it's still 2014? Here's a bridge, get over it.

@jjmesa16 where did you get that date? Made it up? Cool.

@Contrite @AhabSpampurse fighting games do just fine wireless. SF4 on 360 and 3DS, PS All stars on ps3 and vita, all ran fine for me wireless. No connection is going to beat bad coding and online infrastructure wired or not. Wired can boost your speed, but if you get paired up with someone else with a bad connection, you're gonna have a bad time.



Assassinated said:

@azg When was the last time a Sonic game took 2 years from when it was officially announced to come out? I'm betting Holiday or sooner for that title. They've been working on it for a while already. Besides, the show is coming out this fall, why would they wait a whole year to release the game?



BertoFlyingFox said:

Smash Run Mode and customizable move sets were the most interesting parts for me. Also Greninja's reveal.

The different release dates dont bother me at all, I'm hoping the 3DS version releases in June so there's a nice balance of online games between 3DS and WiiU.



Chouzetsu said:

Why is there no word on Captain Falcon yet? Surely he's still going to appear...?!



0utburst said:

You were referring how MS and EA delayed Titanfall for 360 with no glimpse of that version and waited for the good reviews on the Xbox One version to sink in before releasing the inferior version?

This is why I love Nintendo. They are doing the other way around. (I'm just kidding @ 3DS Smash buyers)



HandheldGuru97 said:

Loved this direct, soooooooooooooo much great info, lovely news on the online, Smash Run and now I can get both versions, Merry Christmas and a happy Summer to me!



Turbo857 said:


Dude, have you ever played a traditional console fighter that had a superior portable version? The 3DS version is not going to negatively impact the Wii U version's sales. The music, stage variety and online experience alone is going to be superior in the Wii U version. Any hard core smash player who owns a Wii U or is waiting to pick up a Wii U for Smash, is still going to do so regardless of whether they choose to pick up the 3DS version.

Picking up a fighter on a handheld with a comparably smaller screen size to even the Gamepad's screen isn't going to satisfy the hunger for a console fighter. If anything it'll serve as a nice appetizer.



jjmesa16 said:

@noctowl I came up with that day because winter starts on December 21st. Sakurai said winter 2014 so that would be between December 21-31.



Jaz007 said:

@Turbo857 That's the thing, there are only so many Harcore SSB fans. I doubt there will be that many hardcore SSB fans that are hardcore enought to buy a Wii U to play a game they've had on 3DS for months so they can play it with a bigger screen. The majority of the people who will be the market for SSB won't be that hardcore.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Anyone else wondering if the release dates are separated as wii u is getting mario kart and Nintendo want to get every bit of mileage (pun intended) out of that before smash comes out and on top of that, it should also help the Wii U versions sales not be reduced further by people who own both Wii U and 3DS choosing the 3DS version?



Aceboss100 said:

If you really think about it, there is only about one or two spots left for new characters. So far 29 Characters have been revealed. If we go based off of brawls roster limit of 35 characters we can see that the roster is almost complete. I only say one or two spots are left because I am assuming jigglypuff, captain falcon, ness, possibly ganondorf, and possibly falco will be making a reappearance. I only stick to about 35 Characters because of the 3ds hardware limitations but it wouldn't be the first time Sakurai surprised me.



azg said:

I hope you're right. But judging from the size of BigRedButton ( 80 people ? ) I don't think they can pull it off. Winter 2015 may be a little stretch but delay to 1Q of 2015 is very possible in my opinion. I hope it won't be rushed just to meet the deadline of tv series...



IronMan28 said:

" we certainly hope that exciting Wii U-exclusive modes"
Yeah, I think there will be some Wii U-exclusive modes. I don't really mind if there isn't a special Wii U only mode for the game, because fighters on a handheld game are useless in my mind and I won't buy it on 3DS, but I think there might be a special mode for Wii U.



mostro328 said:

@noctowl 3DS I can take anywhere WiiU only play at home I'm getting both and yeah it is what it is we don't work at Nintendo we can not change this lets let it be



NintyMan said:

I watched the Direct again earlier for the second time since the laggy live stream. It was put together very well, one of my favorite Directs if not my most favorite.



rjejr said:

@noctowl - Go google "Winter 2014" and come back and tell me how many links on the first page covered the winter that just past and how many are about next winter 2015.

Don't bother responding without a count.



Megajack said:

I'm so happy Midna is an assist trophy. A bit disappointed she didn't become a playable character, but this is still awesome.



Gold said:

Even tho it was just 1 (technically 2) one of the best Directs I've ever seen.



Yosher said:

Just for the fact that they showed Yoshi here made this a worthwhile watch. Of course I was expecting something more groundbreaking than 'just' Yoshi, and they sure did deliver! Can't wait to try out all these modes and characters.



Psyclone said:

someone had mentioned on youtube, the 3ds has red flames = summer, and the Wii U version has blue flames = winter... did they have this planned all along? lol



Giygas_95 said:

This direct got me a lot more hyped! Sakurai and his team must be working their tails off for two versions, and I can't wait for both!

I'm a little disappointed at Dark Samus only being an assist trophy though. I had hoped she would be a playable character (plus she would have made an excellent villain character representing the Metroid franchise). Some of the other assist trophies are pretty great though. I really like Elec Man and the pong game.

I'm pretty excited about Little Mac and Mega Man though. If Ike doesn't return, one of them may become my new go-to character. I wish he would have told us a little more about Mega Man's final smash though.



Turbo857 said:


I hear ya but regardless the true Smash experience can't be fully captured by a handheld. Any fan that picks up Smash for 3DS and likes it a lot, at the very least, has to remotely like fighters. That said any fan of fighters knows the complete experience is on the console version. Therefore, the 3DS version could be a Trojan horse to get these gamers to pick up a Wii U for the console version.



navonod18 said:

Reasons I think Nintendo chose 3ds first;
1. Content- I think the wii U will have a bit more content than the 3ds version which naturally takes more time.
2.portability- The 3ds is portable, so it allows gamers to GO out and meet other Smash players on the go. And as a marketing strategy, on the go players will show case smash bros and might even make someone think about getting a wii u for holiday season. (Yes we are Nintendo's floor salesmen)
3. Seasons- think about, naturally more people are out and about during the summer time, which makes it the right season for "on the go" players. Winter on the other hand is a time when most people are indoors and with their families, right in time to play the home console (wii u)
4.Holiday Season- unlike the the 3ds, the wii u hasn't seen that great of a holiday season yet. And I think it's about time for it to have one. Placing the smash bros u release date to winter will put wii u at the top of many people's Christmas list.

PS: This is just an opinion



Franklin said:

There is still a lot we don't know, but right now the 3DS version looks better to me.



MarkS27 said:

I hope Nintendo realises not a lot of people are going to pay $130 for two games that are basically the same.



parkerjames said:

40+ million people own a 3DS, around 6 million own a WiiU. All of the SSB software sales are going into Nintendo's pockets, Why wouldn't they want to sell Smash to a wider audience? They have the capabilities to have a handheld SSB that they didn't have before. Both versions will be successful. Nothing beats the local multi-player the WiiU will offer anyways. SSB is a huge reason a lot of people bought a WiiU so I don't think having a 3DS version out first is going to stop them from buying.



GamerJunkie said:

Keep focusing on a 3DS Nintendo, keep losing playerbase more and more. Let them go buy all the PS4 and Xbox1 and PC games and forget Wii U exists even more, nice strategy.



Psyclone said:

@Suicune smash bros logo for the 3ds has red flames = summer & the smash bros logo for the wii u has blue flames = winter.. I hope that's better.



Godstrike said:

I still hope that there will be at least one kid icarus character other than pit and what sucks is nothing is final until we know the secret character



The-Chosen-one said:

i think this Years E3 will be going to be epic.
They have to go alllll out.
I also hope to see one character from Xenoblade.

Smashbros is really going to be a big seller. i want them both! i will wait for the WiiU version, and play the 3ds version on my younger brother his 3ds



AlexSora89 said:

All I need is the Pokémon Trainer to be a background character when playing as Charizard. Nothing else matters at this point (stages and Isaac aside): I'm sold by now.



3MonthBeef said:

I get the feeling Nintendo has some bad news in the upcoming future regarding YTD sales of the Wii U. Maybe they didn't reach even their 2.8 million units, and this direct was just putting forth some good news first.



LuigiTheGreenFire said:

This Direct made me have a rainbow coming out of my mouth nearly the entire time. Virtually nothing bad to say (besides the rosters being the same in both versions).



TDS_Computer said:

@AhabSpampurse about the wires adapter - I think he is just being honest and straight forward. Wireless has much, much more latency than wired connections no matter what. It is possible to tweak some wireless settings to improve connections, but most people do not have the technical know how to tweak their routers. I have a PS3 and the wired connection has far better performance online over the wireless.



Kirby_Girl said:

The Smash Run mode has me sold. If you've never played Air Ride City Trial mode with some friends than you don't know joy! I'm was so excited when Sakurai announced he would be applying the idea here! Also I was surprised that Kirby's Final Smash was Ultra Sword! It's cool, I just thought maybe they'd doing Hyper Nova Kirby since Triple Deluxe is coming out soon. Either way COOL!



Hortencio said:

Nice av, bro! To the point, I think DLC will finally make its appearance in this iteration, and I believe that's where we'll get Snake, Mewtwo, Chrom, and...Tails (4 total, like Injustice)?



UTXGamer said:

Hopefully Wii U version will have some exclusive modes, that Smash Run mode looks pretty fun.



DadOfFour1972 said:

Only ever played the GC version before and only ever with my kids but the closer this gets the more excited I get about it. Looks fantastic.



Starchaser02 said:

Gotta love how closed minded and ignorant casual players if someone enjoys the smash game differently than they and the creator of the game enjoys both and even has been a couple of street fighter tourneys. The golden age of smash has begun this game is shaping up nicely only thing is needed is voice chat with friends i want a game to use my headset on wiiu and platform stages in for glory.



The_Ninja said:

What if the 3ds version was coming right after E3.. Or atleast a demo... Unlikely, but would be EPIC.
And yes, voice chat is needed on BOTH..



realar said:

Excited for this!! But yeah, we need another Direct to take care of the rest of the games. I am totally getting SSB4 for 3DS when it comes out, then after that or before I'm getting a Wii U to play the other version.

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