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Wed 8th May 2013

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Ugslick commented on Feature: A Summary of the Xenoblade Chronicles...:

In case anyone hasn't caught it, you can watch the full Exploration video with subbed text and speech here:
Gessenkou and iYakku are working on subbing the new Battle footage, so stay tuned for that.

@PlywoodStick It's just a side-effect of the maps themselves being so large, that it seems like the battles are taking place in open areas. Also we have confirmation that weather (sandstorms, etc) will affect battle. I think it'll be more passive, eg sandstorm might decrease evasion, agility and hit rate, but idk how exactly it's implemented. They have TONS of armour, so I don't think you'll be too hard pressed to find some style that you like. Also the voice actors are pretty high quality talent. They brought in a lot of big names.



Ugslick commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains That The Legend of Zelda ...:

Definitely looking forward to Xenoblade X way more, since I know it's going to be amazing. I'm holding out for Zelda though, see how it develops and see how well put together and detailed it is. I mean,i know they'll out together a solid game, but I don't know if it'll be something that's exciting or if it'll get boring and repetitive. Would be nice to have a more story focused game with an entirely new world, compared to older games. We'll see how it turns out I guess by E3.



Ugslick commented on Gallery: It's Time For Another Influx of Xenob...:

You guys should look at Gessenkou's (from GameFAQs' XenobladeX boards) translations (and he even teamed up with iYakku on Youtube to sub all the Japanese videos, including the 24 minute one, and all the smaller videos posted above). They're doing awesome stuff and analyzing all the videos and screens + information we have. NeoGAF pales in comparison to the GameFAQs analysis so far (mostly b/c of Gessenkou).



Ugslick commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals We Want in 2015's Fi...:

I'm disappointed no mention of Xenoblade X. It's one of the biggest and most epic games the Wii U will ever see, up there with Zelda (if not above it). We know it's coming out in Japan in Spring, and it's been near the end of development for a few months at least. All told, we're due to get tons of information, and at the very least a Japanese release date, along with MAYBE an update of localization progress (although that's more likely for E3 along with a release date).



Ugslick commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

It would be nice if the 'For Glory' mode would incorporate custom move-sets. I think they should make that area of the online play more personal, even if it is a semi-ranked mode with strangers. Custom move-sets could have a large influence on making a player better, since they would tweak the moveset to fit their style, and would play based on those changes. Maybe in a future update Nintendo can fix it, so that the for glory mode is more personalized.



Ugslick commented on Feature: Ten Smartphone and Tablet Games We'd ...:

EDGE, and more specifically, the sequel EDGE Extended is/are absolutely brilliant games. I would love for Edge Extended to make an appearance on the Wii U eShop, thats the only game I had on my Android phone for a looong time. I beat the entire thing with S/S+ ranks Quite tough to do actually.. its a very creative game though. Loved it.