Smash Run

A rush for customization items and power-ups will be the highlight of a new multiplayer mode exclusive to Super Smash Bros. 3DS, series creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed in the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct.

"Smash Run" will give up to four players 5 minutes to simultaneously scramble through a mish-mash dungeon in search of tokens to boost their fighter's stats. These power-ups can boost speed, jumping ability, normal attack power, special attack power, and throwing power. Once time is up, players will face off in a standard brawl.

Along the way, players will face a menagerie of enemies from Smash Bros.' represented series. A different arrangement of baddies will appear each time, and additional events may augment the mode in ways such as maximizing fighters' jumps from the outset or sending volleys of Bullet Bills after them. Players can also equip themselves with items before heading into the fray.

Fans of Kirby Air Ride may feel reminiscent of that game's City Trial mode when playing Smash Run. Sakurai noted that he was directly inspired by that particular mode from the past:

I created that game a while ago, and thought I'd unearth a piece of it and use it in Smash Bros.

Smash Run looks set to add a unique, frenetic aspect to Smash Bros. multiplayer mode. Do you see yourself becoming a fan of its smash and grab style of play?