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Epic Vice President Mark Rein Remains Unconvinced By Second Screen Gaming

Posted by Joshua Phillips

“I think we’ve yet to see the real value of the second screen idea"

The Wii U has taken quite a beating in the last few days — first being outsold by Xbox One and PS4 — and then Super Mario 3D World under-performing at retail despite critical acclaim.

With the PS4 and Xbox One currently doing rather well, what exactly is the Wii U doing wrong? One thing seems certain: the main selling point — second-screen gaming — hasn't caught the public's imagination in the same way the Wii did with its magic waggle wand.

Speaking recently to the Alist Daily, Epic Vice President Mark Rein also seems rather indifferent to the idea of second screen gaming, and admits that whilst it may be good for media such as TV and films, it has yet to prove itself in video games:

I think we’ve yet to see the real value of the second screen idea, if you’re talking about [Xbox] SmartGlass and companion apps and things like that. But that doesn't mean that it won’t be big one day. I don’t really know what it is yet.

Where it fits into gaming, I don't know. I’m not sold on picking up my tablet to choose my play and then putting it back down and picking up my controller. It's kind of a wonky way to choose a play, so I don't know if that's how it's going to go or not.

Rein highlights how cumbersome second-screen gaming can be via SmartGlass. Perhaps then, it's up to Nintendo to show the industry the worth of second-screen gaming and use the unique Wii U hardware to its advantage.

Rein adds that whilst he's not sure about second-screen gaming at the moment, there's nothing to say the future isn't bright for this medium:

Developers should try everything and have lots of fun with it, and sooner or later there will be a killer app for that sort of thing, too.

Nintendo have started to highlight the advantages of second-screen gaming, from a host of fun and unique mini-games in Nintendo Land and Game & Wario to organising and throwing orders at your team in Pikmin 3.

What do you make of Mark Rein's comments? And do you think Nintendo has done enough to push second-screen gaming now that we're a year into the Wii U? Let us know your thoughts.


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Samurai_Goroh said:

One thing he got right: Smartglass is cumbersome. Hold your Xbox controller and your tablet while playing, will you? Companion apps, pfff.
Wii U GamePad is the real deal.



shingi_70 said:

I kind of agree, I feel that off screen play is great feature but second screen leaves much to be desired about.

I guess U don't find smartglass cumbersome since I ways have a laptop o tablet or my lap or on a small table next to me while I game,

I wish industry guys would be onet about why they don't develop games around the gamepad through. Its just makes the game harder to port to other consoles without breaking or making the game really easy.



ACK said:

Well, I will never play stealth games without a second screen again. It just isn't the same without a large radar map in your lap and easy access to the inventory. And going back to split screen multi is painful.

EDIT: I will also never game with a smartphone in any capacity either. Mobile games or Smart glass, there's just no way in hell.



GamerJunkie said:

I like the 2nd screen, but mostly just when i want to play on the toilet. I ignore it in most games, I have the sonic/mario olympic game and they have sporst announcers on it that announce things on the 2nd screen but theres no way to even look at it while playing, so its useless. I guess its incase a 2nd person is watching you they can read that screen while you use a wii mote or something.

On my PS4 I already used my phone to draw on as a second screen and then you press enter when done and it will pop your drawing onto the ps4 and TV screen in 3d and you can hit it and knock it around the screen using the ps4 camera which shows your whole room for that game and tracks movement of everybody in it precisely, that is more fun than anything ive used the 2nd screen for on wii u up to now.

My little nephews were drawing all kinds of stuff on my phone and were amazed when they would pop up on my TV and then we could interact with them and stuff.

I think 2nd screen gaming is cool, but Nintendo didn't use it as much as they should have for it being out over a year.



Vriess said:

I haven't played games that make good use of the second display yet as I think there aren't that many. I play Wind Waker with the pro controller because I don't like to take my eyes of the TV. The only thing for which I really like the second screen is for off-screen playing.



bezerker99 said:

I use the 2nd screen for Off-Screen Play. If you can't see the advantage in that, .....I don't know how to help you.



Legromancer said:

sorry, he's right (this time). Not even Nintendo showed a killer app after one year. The Gamepad only rises the WiiU price. It is somewhat useless.



1990irock said:

I must say I don't always like the menu on the second screen. While looking at it you can get attacked or drive into a wall because the game does not pause



Dogpigfish said:

Off screen play is invaluable. Wii U is best positioned for vr, but other than walking around Nintendoland, they didn't do anything with it. Right now they are simply making profitable games like they did with 3ds. I hope the vr comes sooner or later.



Shiryu said:

It's OK because I remain convinced Epic will ever produce a game better than the original "Unreal Tournament".



N64ever said:

The same comments were made with the first DS system. And there's something special about having an inventory screen on hand at all times. It made assigning items ultra easy with Wind Waker and even Batman Arkham City used it well. It's up to developers to be creative with it. Nintendo has given you an awesome tool to play with and create something neat. It doesn't hurt to take your eyes off the tv every once in awhile you know.



odin6786 said:

I am just blown away by how many gamers don't care about having the map and inventory/menu management on a second screen and not having to pause and step out of the game.

I would take that over stronger hardware any day.



Shworange said:

I don't get why people remain unconvinced! Even if it's only used for inventory selection, it's fantastic! Try playing the GameCube version of windwaker after playing through the WiiU version. Removing the necessity to pause the game to remap items or check the map is huge on its own! I can't wait for a WiiU Metroid where the map and inventory will just be there at all times.



IxnayontheCK said:

I absolutely LOVE the 2nd screen. Theres no going back in my opinion, I think the gamepad is great. Not used to full potential yet tho...



Pit-Stain said:

I personally find the the second-screen gameplay a brilliant idea. It adds a really innovating gameplay in games like Nintendo Land and Zombie U, but lately, we haven't witnessed games that offers a great second-screen gameplay. I don't know why people couldn't find it an attractive experience. I guess they only wanted to stay with the ol' styled classic non-innovating PS4 and Xbox One controllers.



ACK said:

@odin6786 I agree. I cannot be bothered to pause my games to fumble around a clunky inventory menu or squint at radar.



Artwark said:

If they have issues with the game pad, let them use a pro controller. That's what third party devs are so used to. Why can't they just do that?

Its weird that 3DS games are booming and yet it has two screens and this one is failing because it has two screens one of which is optional. :/



Einherjar said:

"I’m not sold on picking up my tablet to choose my play and then putting it back down and picking up my controller. It's kind of a wonky way to choose a play, so I don't know if that's how it's going to go or not."

First, i have no idea what a "play" is But has this guy ever played a DS, 3DS or a WiiU ? Last time ive checked, these system had a build in second screen with the controller wrapped around it.
And even having something as simple as a map on the second screen can benefit the game immensly by not only cutting your time fiddling with menus but also helping you get way more imersed into the game itself, because gameplay isnt constantly halted.
It can serve as much quicker menus, maps, different perspectives/camera angles (example: controlling something like a remote drone on the gamepad while still beeing able to observe your character and his/her suroundings) and many many more gameplay opportunitys.
Many devs have tried to eliminate HUDs in favor of game immersion with the result that the gameplay suffered a bit from it. With a second screen, you can do that. You can keep your game screen free of any bars and meters and still giving the player all needed information on the second screen.
Having a seperate second screen is definitly contra productive, i have to give him that, but the way its done by nintendo consoles is pretty much the best way possible.
I wouldnt want to go without it anymore. Example: I bought the slightly inferior version of Batman - Arkham Origins on the WiiU only because of the second screen features. I couldnt imagine that game without an interactive map being displayed on the gamepad ever again.



Mainer82 said:

I much prefer the gamepad screen over Xbox glass, It works very well for ZombieU and Splinter CEll.



FlameTaJaDoru said:

Funny. He hasn't seen one TV Ad of Nintendo? And i thought that only my country that never gets to see any ad from the Big N...



Nintenjoe64 said:

Nintendoland and CoD show exactly why the Wii U should be multiplayer console of choice. I think he should play Deus Ex if he doesn't believe in second screen for a solo game. Failing that he should see what was added to the Wii U version of ME3...



PinkSpider said:

One thing that never gets mentioned is the ease of typing stuff, using a controller to type for things on either internet or even naming characters etc is the most cumbersome thing ever. Thank god for Nintendos touch screen.



AVahne said:

I agree with him actually.
Come on Nintendo, get of yer arses and prove to us that second screens on a home console aren't just another gimmick.



MamaLuigi said:

Once again, the bitter half of Epic that is Mark Rein continues to bash everything Nintendo is involved in, while Cliffy B. has been out of the studio for about a year and is praising Mario 3D World.



ultraraichu said:

Another tech that ahead of it's time. Even if it just use the basic map/inventory idea, it still shows a level of gaming convenience that can be a normal thing in the future. Same story and complains the Nintendo DS have in the beginning. Not hearing that tune now.

Playing multiplayer games like FotNS: Ken's Rage 2 with another person locally feels better when you each have your own screen, and Wind Waker use of the GamePad which judging from other comments (and my view), is well appreciated.



Melkaticox said:

I really wish they got rid of the GamePad already...
Sure, off-TV play is great and everything but that's about the only good thing about the GP.



FineLerv said:

It's great on the Wii U. It would also be great on the PS4/Vita, if they plan on doing that kind of thing. The trick to it is that it only works if the controls are on the screen. Otherwise, it's cumbersome.



PanurgeJr said:

The problem seems to be that nobody likes the second screen until they try it, which makes selling a system based on that concept difficult. I just finished The Last of Us, which like ZombiU had the characters doing things like crafting and inventory in real time, with the threat of enemies still present. There is a big increase in tension when you have to take your eyes off the TV. The second screen adds a lot.



FJOJR said:

I'm not entirely convinced. Pikmin has shown me the potential but I still play the game with the Wii Remote since it's the best option. Tablet/gamepad has yet to have a game that delivers that "this changes everything" moment. I guess organizing your inventory and having a map just doesn't have that "oh wow" feeling.



rjejr said:

I have to say I don't use it much myself and sometimes it is annoying. I played thru the entire area of W101 where you are running around corridors full of gas getting shot at by tanks and died. Then restarting realized you had to play looking at the screen. Then I couldn't control it very well. The same can actually be said for almost all the Gamepad screen areas, it's just very difficult to look around. Having to shoot the target inside the baseball stadium in time to the outside circle is by far my most hated part of the game.

And I used the Wiimote-nunchuck combo for Pikmin 3 and hardly ever looked at the screen.

I am looking forward to using it more. I can see it being very helpul in WW HD and probably in X. If I can steer in MK8 using the Gamepad as a wheel an dth emap on the screen I'll be looking at that, I really like seeing where I am in th race. And I think the 2 player mode in Lego Marvel will be useful. If they add that option into 2 player for SSB then we'll use it there as well. I'm not sur ei fSkylanders Swapforce has it.

So I think the potential is there, it just needs to be implemented properly.

For non-game use I really like the Gamepad. I can watch tv while things DL and use it for Miiverse or store browsing. But I dont play on that tiny screen at all if I can help it.



jayclayx said:

@Samurai_Goroh core gamers don't give a !@#$% about this features, they just will play forza and halo with the controller, its not like a killer app for compete for the wii U since they don't consider wii U as competition.



rmeyer said:

The biggest problem is developers have to make a game that works for 3 different controllers with Nintendo. I wish they would have just stuck with the Wii motes enhanced them and released a console easy for 3 rd party developers to work on



XneroX said:

How do you not mention the DS and 3DS when speaking of 2 screens. The map in LOZ ALBW helps so much.



Sir_JBizzle said:

So what did this article have to do with the GamePad or Nintendo? Yes, he touched on the second screen experience, but it seems like the piece was more or less talking about SmartGlass and the PS4 companion app. whereas you need an auxiliary device with those, you don't with the GamePad as it's integrated into the controller. The closest thing you get on the other platforms is the Vita integration (Which is still not idea for some games)

Nintendo's real problem is the way they handled the Wii U. From the naming of the device to the lack of marketing to the lack of 3rd party developers. The tech inside the thing doesn't help, if you're to listen to various developers and console fanboys.

I personally love the GamePad, and though no one really outside of Ubisoft has quite got it figured out, It's one of those things that don't realize you need until you've used it. Case and point, Need for Speed Rivals, man I wish I could use the gamepad for it!



Sir_JBizzle said:

@rmeyer I'm not sure that's true. There's parity with Pro Controller and Gamepad, as they both have the same inputs. They can choose not to support the Wii Remote if they wanted to, just like they can choose to disable touch functions, I would imagine.



seronja said:

the wonderful 101, zombi U, monster hunter 3 ultimate & splinter cell blacklist they all had great gamepad features, & i also trust that armikrog will have awesome gamepad features... i don't like the idea of the off-tv play to be honest, give me a new innovative way to interact with a game & i will like that game that much more... the gamepad features of what it can do, is so underrated by many developers, most notably by Nintendo themselves.



ricklongo said:

The gamepad is awesome. It's become my favorite controller of all time, pretty much. Whenever I go play a PC game these days, I find myself instinctively looking down at my controller when I want to check a map or manage inventory.

A lot of Wii U games have made excellent use of the second screen, especially Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD and (perhaps best of all ) Lego City Undercover.

It saddens me that this hasn't been enough to propel the Wii U yet. I hope Nintendo doesn't abandon the idea; it appeals to me a whole lot more than motion controls ever will.



Geonjaha said:

Oh come on. This is like the third one in three days. Seriously, why the heck do all of these opinions need to become fanboy bait?



Haywired said:

Second screen gaming has at least produced one truly great game idea: Miyamoto's Pac-Man Vs (the concept of which the 3 excellent multiplayer minigames in Nintendo Land are based). Outside of this one great concept however I haven't really seen much so far that hasn't been contrived and pointless (and the fact that that sort of stuff gets elevated to "amazing use of the second screen" just shows how much clutching at straws is going on).



Worthy said:

Well atleast this guy doesn't work for a 'NOW DEFUNCT' company like the previous critics of the Wii U, lol!



Sceptic said:

There's a difference between "useless" and "no real value". It's far from useless, but I agree it hardly ads real value, with some very rare exceptions.

Note that he's not talking of Off-TV play.



Ecto-1 said:

I kinda agree with this critic. He isn't criticizing the Wii U specifically, just second screen gaming in general. Thus far I haven't seen too much to prove the potential of having two screens on any platform (Except for the DS and 3DS families). So far on Wii U, I haven't seen too much that makes ground breaking use of the gamepad's screen. Nintendoland probably makes the best use of it out of what I have played. In concept, I liked the idea of having a full map on the second screen during multiplayer matches in Call of Duty, but in practice, I am unwilling to risk looking away from the main screen to use it. That scenario describes my experiences with the Wii U's second screen thus far. In some games, it seems to be more useful in some games than others, but few games seem to be necessarily better thanks to it.

That said, I still love the gamepad. I love off-TV play. I like the clever way that the Wii U versions of the Batman: Arkham games channel the sounds from Batman's communication system to the gamepad's speakers. I just haven't played many games that make good use of the gamepad's screen when I am not playing in off-Tv mode.



mamp said:

Aside from off-TV play and putting inventory/map on the second screen, it's pretty IDK I wouldn't say useless but it's usually not needed. My friend has Super Mario 3D land and he doesn't use the gamepad because he finds it distracting, I tried playing on the gamepad but the second screen can be at times distracting if you keep it in your line of sight (although maybe it was just this one game in particular). Besides Zombie U I haven't seen much use for the gamepad's second screen.

EDIT: I think that second screen gaming just works more naturally with the 3DS because the screens are attached, it's a lot simpler just to look down for a quick second when the screens are that close to each other.



IronMan28 said:

“I think we’ve yet to see the real value of the second screen idea"
DS/3DS don't count, I assume...



IronMan28 said:

I'm also bewildered anyone can be distracted by the second screen, which is used in a pretty unobtrusive way, learn to filter some things out.



Royalblues said:

The man as never played Etrian Odyssey! The most efficient mapping in video games. Only, you have to map by yourself lol.
Journey Onwards!!
Other than that, yeah some good menu things on the second screen, but two screens don't do anything to revolutionize the way people play. Still good to have though.



FritzFrapp said:

Two words to describe his comments: IN - SANE. Nintendo DS showed the second screen is worth it for always-on maps alone.

Add to that: a touchscreen control method; infinitely customizable button options; a decent typewriter for in-game chat and internet browsing; asymmetrical and two screen gameplay possibilities; different viewpoint options; quicker menu navigation; extra display real-estate for scores, stats, pinball backglasses etc; facilitates 5 player local multiplayer; makes DS-Wii U ports possible; universal TV remote function; that awesome off-TV Play.

You've also got that nine-axis control thanks to the gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer; the camera, speakers and microphone; the NFC reader; and the so far unused extension port. Best game controller by a country mile.

The possibilities with the Wii U GamePad are endless and I feel sorry for people with limited imagination who fail to realise this.



Kirk said:

There might not be much value in the second screen experience when it's just people using a tablet in conjunction with their console but there was great potential with how it's done on the GamePad imo IF ONLY we would have been able to use up to four GamePads at once. THEN it could have been something very special indeed but alas it's a potentially brilliant idea from Nintendo that has unfortunately been slightly gimped in it's execution and realization, to the point that it sort of is not that great.

"Asymmetric gameplay" is really just marketing bull for "We couldn't manage to get four controllers working on the system properly" imo and 99% of those "asymmetric" games would still have been even better if we could use four GamePads at once.

You just have to take a few minutes to imagine the possibilities of what having four players each with their own GamePad COULD have brought to gaming...

A simple and obvious example, just for fun, would be something like 4-player split screen GoldenEye with each player playing on their own GamePad and the main screen acting as a single radar or whatever. No cheating by looking at the other player's quadrant of the screen now!

Or how about most casual/family oriented games like Scrabble, where each person has their numbers on their own private screen, that they can move around and organised via simple touch, with the main board shown on the TV.

What about a popular dorm room game likes Poker, with each player holder their hand of cards on their own private GamePad screen, able to move them around and stuff on the screen via simple touch, and the main table on the TV screen.

Or what about a 4-player local game of Madden with each player being able to enter their plays and formations or whatever in secret on their own private screen on the GamePad and the main game being played out on the TV.

In a four player game like Super Mario World they could have had it so players could actually move apart fully at any time and the game would just continue on their own screen relative to their character's position (just like how it works in NSMB on DS in battle mode). If you go into a pipe you don't have to automatically and forcibly drag every other player along with you. You could actually choose to move around with other players or not, depending on your gaming preference (still with some areas that would actually require 4-player co-operation), and avoid all the issues that currently exist with the game in 4-player mode.

The list of ideas could go on and on.

This genuinely COULD have been a true system selling feature imo.

As it is, it's a cool feature with some uses but I don't see it ever being the system seller it really could and should have been.



SomeBitTripFan said:

I have to agree with this guy. Smartglass is far too cumbersome to be used or practical gaming, but the Wii U hasn't really justified the existence of the Gamepad yet either. I definitely think the Gampad is one of the smarter approaches to second screen gaming, but so far, not game has made the second screen and integral part of the gameplay. If anything the Gamepad has only been treated as a single, more flexible screen.



Kingface said:

I don't necessarily disagree with him, although the Gamepad is my preferred choice of controller on Wind Waker HD. They did a fantastic job of utilising it to improve the experience of playing it.

Super Mario 3D World however, despite being easily the best game on Wii U and quite possibly the best Nintendo game yet (not joking), for all its creativity, innovation and sheer fun, only makes modest unique and good use of the Gamepad. It's more fun and comfortable to play with a Remote in my opinion.



Nictendo64 said:

He's not even talking about the Wii U gamepad. He's talking about smartglass. Which is a desperate attempt to mimic Nintendo after it's reveal. I downloaded smartglass and it's horrible.



ACK said:

You know, if you have kids or vaguely interested non-gamers to entertain, the ability to either allow them to cooperate,or assist them outright, through tougher levels with intuitive touchscreen controls is pretty invaluable to keep everyone engaged.

My son and daughter (4 and 2) have become near experts in NSMBU, Rayman Legends, and 3D World with the Gamepad. Prior to the Wii U, I did far less family gaming because it generally amounted to a lot of us watching each other play. The Gamepad changed all that, and not just to give those watchers some juvenile occupation, but rather encourage them to hone alternative skills and contribute. My son, in particular, can pull off some impressive co-op tricks working with me in NSMBU. Same with me assisting my wife.

Either way, it's great to have more options. Even if some of us are stodgy and stubborn with our controllers, you can't deny the importance of features that increase accessibility and engagement.



hcfwesker said:

He must not have played Need For Speed on Wiiu; where you can use the Pro Controller for driving, and stand your GamePad in front of you (mimicking an "in-dash" control screen) where you have control of all your settings, map, rivals, objectives, heck even a rear-view mirror, and such. So CONVENIENT.
Also, Pikmin 3, which Nintendo knows their system best; I love how they allow you to switch controls on the fly (GamePad to wiiMote/nunchuk) without having to go into a menu. Using WiiMote/Nunchuk while having your map always displayed and setting objectives and directions for your party members is ingenious. It's almost hard to go back and play games on my PS3 ( my PS3 is only used as a wifi Netflix player in my bedroom lol) but all I play on PS3 is Portal 1 & 2

I really haven't tried the 2nd screen apps for other systems so can't really form an opinion on them; but you can tell they were just integrated for the sake of having what nintendo brought to the table.



JettiBlue said:

Ok thats it for me Nintendolife, gonna take a break from you! The third bashing article of opinions no one cares about or are uninformed. WHY do you keep focusing on this? The guy in this article hasnt even played WiiU and says himself he's unsure because he doesnt really know... And you're making a big headline out of it. I'm sick of it!
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Haywired said:

@odin6786 @ACK
But surely (unless you're able to do it without looking away from the action) you're still pausing the game and stepping out of the game to do it. You're just pausing to look down at the Wii U controller to do it instead pausing to do it on the screen that you were already looking at. You may not be pressing pause, but you're still pausing. And even if it were minutely quicker, is that an exciting or important thing for people's enjoyment of video games? REVOLUTIONALLY PAUSE MENU INNOVATION! NEXT-GEN ITEM MANAGEMENT! I'm being silly, but you get my point.



DarkKirby said:

There is nothing wrong with the second screen it just doesn't justify the loss of hardware power compared to the competition, or the lack of software for the system.

There are other relevant issues, like an intentional lack of an account system as DRM, that hold Nintendo back, but when it comes down to it what turns people away are the lack of games, advertising to casuals much harder than hardcore (and the casuals don't care, they're on smartphones and tablets), and less power.

You could get a PS4 or Xbone (for some reason) and be assured that all 3rd party games will be released on the system you have.

Also, you don't have Sony and Microsoft treating everyone like kids. If you're an adult, you can play games with no silly restrictions like friend codes or something else intentionally preventing you from having free communication with people like Nintendo keeps doing.



SpookyMeths said:

Title is misleading. He says he doesn't see the value in Smartglass used for gaming, and let's be honest, no one does.

The Gamepad is something else entirely, and if the Vita can be used as a PS4 controller eventually, it will be too. There's a difference between having a second screen on a separate piece of hardware and having a second screen on the same piece of hardware.



ACK said:

@Haywired The increased game flow cannot be underestimated. It generally takes 1-2 seconds to select items/equipment and it really emphasizes how tedious games like Arkham City or Mass Effect 3 can be when the second screen is out of the equation. More important, even, is having a full screen radar map in your lap/hands. Going back to the old squished, obnoxious corner-screen radar map is excruciating in games like Deus Ex after seamlessly tracking enemies and sneaking through your surroundings.

These games are good, but the interfaces haven't really evolved with the gameplay. That is holding them back from being as playable, as immersive, as enjoyable as possible. That much is obvious with the Gamepad in your hands.



Mr_Nose said:

Did anyone read the interview? He's not even talking about the Wii U, or Nintendo. The interview is actually about tablet gaming.

You really are reaching now, NL. Are you guys getting paid off, or what? Luckily there are still sites like Wii U Daily, and Nintendo Enthusiast.



Wilford111 said:

Nintendo REALLY just should have included a Classic Controller Pro with every Wii U, then made the second screen a peripheral, only to be used with off-TV play.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Heck, I've seen its value. The Wii U GamePad was a godsend for me - no longer do I have to wait to use the television.



Mr_Nose said:

I'm just tired of the deluge of articles posted lately with the sole purpose of getting as many clicks as possible through flame wars. It's unscrupulous. And totally out of hand. They've even got the gall to ask you not to use adblock for their sake.



Williaint said:

Yep, the redundant part is that they aren't realizing that it's just an option. If they don't want to use it, they don't have to. The neat thing is that I can even play Wii VC games on it, albeit using the Wiimote. It's a mini TV, and it has more uses. Epic is just proving they are EPICALLY unimaginative.



tanookisuit said:

Rein is right having to juggle two controllers, but Wii U isn't mentioned where it is all in one and is quite the opposite. One must also consider if he was in a backwards way going at it with the Wii U too you have to remember every generation for awhile now he has been staunchly rude and just full of stories when it comes to Nintendo. Some people want them just to up and fail and go away.



JaxonH said:

I agree with him- the smartglass/smartphone concept is straight garbage. Having to set a controller down to pick up your smartphone (a device NOT built from the ground up for the purpose of gaming), then visa versa is a terrible idea.

But that's not how the Wii U works at all, so I don't know why this statement is even relevant. The Wii U has the screen built into the controller, so everything is at your disposal as you play.

On a side note, I've observed how quick people are, particularly these 3rd party devs, to mock Nintendo's consoles and ideas before they catch on, when they're still unpopular. But the minute Nintendo's consoles' start selling gangbusters, now all of a sudden everyone in the world thinks it's an amazing console, and "has always thought so".

I saw it with the 3DS- how many people on this very site were throwing insults left and right about how stupid glasses-free 3D was and how the console was a failure and how Nintendo should just give up on the worthless 3DS handheld... But now? You couldn't find a 3DS hater if you TRIED. Nope. Now everyone loves it- it's the greatest thing ever, and they've "always thought so".

Guarantee you all the people insulting the Wii U and saying how horrible of a console it is won't be singing the same tune if the Wii U finds commercial success. And if you ask them, they'll tell you they never hated the Wii U, and that they always thought it was a great concept. Too many people in this world that only support what's popular or what's selling or what's currently making waves. But I know a good console when I play one, whether it's popular or not. I know what entertains me, popular opinion be ******.



timp29 said:

To be honest I haven't gotten much out of the second screen. Off TV play is the greatest thing about WiiU's second screen, otherwise it is a bit too clunky to be my preferred controller. Hopefully this holiday period I can get some more quality WiiU time.



JaxonH said:

I agree to an extent. Guess it depends on which games you prefer playing. There are quite a few which, as you say, don't really justify the gamepad. But for me personally, it was Pikmin 3, then Splinter Cell Blacklist, then Rayman Legends and finally Wonderful 101 that convinced me of its value. Then when I picked up Zelda Windwaker HD and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, if I wasn't already convinced before, I certainly was afterwards- it's worth its weight in gold for all those games.

But yeah, there are quite a few others that could easily be played with the Pro Controller, and in many cases, preferably.



aaronsullivan said:

I just have the sinking feeling that sitting in a room together with buddies playing games is just about dead. It's the only reason I can imagine that people can't get their head around second screen gaming with the GamePad and why some people don't "get" Nintendo Land.

It's very sad to me because in the NES and 16-bit days it was a big point of bonding with my friends. Hanging out doing something that didn't rot your body or mind (much), friendly competition, discussions and sleep overs and marathon gaming sessions. Discovery of new video games together.

Feels very disconnected nowadays like a game isn't REALLY multiplayer unless the individual players are very far away from each other barking through a headset.

I always thought that was for hardcore obsessive introverts, but it feels like the direction gaming is going for the masses and it makes me sad...

...until I get home and have a blast with family around the GamePad and the Wii U and then I see my kids doing the same with their friends.



TheRealThanos said:

@Einherjar with 'a play' he means a game session. So he is just saying that he doesn't want to start a game and interrupt it in the middle to switch to second screen. But of course in the case of the WiiU his comment is totally irrelevant.



MAB said:

I have been gaming on every controller you can imagine from the Atari to the Amiga up to the WiiU so you can trust the Master when he says that the Gamepad is king... No other control allows me to pause a game then go to the internet forums to perform a troll post faster than the awesome Gamepad... You can shove those kiddie PSBOX ripoff pro controllers up that poopydoodooshebanga



powellwiiu said:

I always felt like Nintendo chose second-screen gaming with there Next-Gen Console because for years now second-screen gaming has been so popular and made them mega profits! You know the NINTENDO DS, DSi, 3DS & now 2DS all second screen gaming been going on for years amd now heres a console that has a GAMEPAD with and awesome screen that you can do much with as well as second-screen gaming & OMG WHAT IS SECOND SCREEN GAMING ALM OF A SUDDEN! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Nintendo has been doing it for years and immediately everyone else is try to do the same!! Do I really have to say it... PS Vita, Smartglass, some other doodadds! I really like the Wii U and all its concepts! And yes there is disappointment in that it hasn't taken off extremely with so many people and developers in the first year... Look at DS, DSi, 3DS... took awhile for people and developers to be able to handle Nintendo's innovation there too..



Subie98 said:

I like the gamepad and using it for an inventory screen or whatever. However I dont always want to use it either. I personally like having the option to use the pro controller too. Its been my controller of choice out of the pro being more comfortable. Not saying the gamepad isnt though. Also the battery life blows, even dimmed completely.



Marioman64 said:

um, you don't put it down and pick up your controller, you keep holding it and USE it as your controller. someone clearly hasn't played wind waker hd



Rafie said:

@MadAussieBloke You're hilarious dude. I don't know if I could ever take your post serious. Everything is a ripoff from Nintendo because Nintendo did it first, right?! LOL



MAB said:

@Rafie Nope... If you read it again you will find I was saying the pro controller is a ripoff of the PSBOX controls



MAB said:

@Rafie They are for my man size hands.

You know what big hands mean don't you... Big gloves



OGGamer said:

Wii u is still the most innovative system out right now . What I don't get is the hypocrisy of some of it's critics . Some of the biggest haters are the same people that called the wii, gamecube 1.5 with motion controls. Now the ps4 is out and the xbox one both of which offer marginal (yes marginal) improvements graphically and both are gimmicky as hell and the Wii u critics never mention these things.



TechnoEA said:

The PS4 is just a gaming device with emphasis on gaming and social gaming (community) this gen, like the Wii U, how is it a gimmick device ?

Anyway from what I've heard the Gamepad's second screen is amazing, I've never got to hold one so I wouldn't know.

That said I don't find it innovative at all to have a second screen while gaming, no the 3DS and DS line don't count simply because they are HANDHELDS the screens are close together, you don't have to pause (both button and movement) to look at the second screen 95% of the time.

Of course I prefer things simple, controller in hand, TV in front, no second screen unless handhelds. Maybe the Wii U will change my mind.



bitemykite said:

i think there's a lot of untapped potential for the wii u controller, I'd like to see a 1st person shooter that lets you just use the screen to aim and turn using the gyroscope motion controls, so that you're only looking at the controller screen, could be really cool and immersive.

Also, the touch screen could make RTS games properly comfortable for the first time on a console, something like Total War or Command and Conquer except built from the ground up on wii u.

Anyway, these are the first things I thought when I heard about the Wii U, thought we'd have some games like that announced by now.



Rin-go said:

You can look at the GamePad in a different way, too.

Do you remember the girl who was able to play a game basically for the first time thanks to the GamePad, a WiiMote and Nabbit?
The GamePad has the possibility to let people play games who weren't able to do so before. And even if it would only be that one girl, that's one more person who got happiness out of playing.



Genesaur said:

The so-called second screen experience is, I think, quite different than the Wii U GamePad. The notion of having a separate device that shows content that's kinda related to the game, but not at all necessary, since it requires an entirely separate device that you may not even have that has its own operating system and potential communication problems, is alien to me. The Wii U GamePad, on the other hand, makes perfect sense, as it's actually part of the game and the system. There's not another, separate device. It is the controller.



element187 said:

@Vriess second screen gaming takes time to get used to. I thought it was awkward at first, now I don't even notice and prefer to use a second screen instead of going into a pause menu. Being able to change weapons on the fly in WWHD while I'm fighting is extremely useful and the whole experience feels fluid.

You should give it some effort, once it clicks you will never want to use a single screen to play an adventure game again.



gregrout said:

The one game that keeps coming to mind is Minecraft. So far every version has the built-in annoyance of a popup inventory and crafting screens, which could be all sent directly to the Wii-U gampad, leaving the game world intact on your TV at all times.

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