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Fri 16th Aug 2013

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Kingface commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

These ideas are really good and I like the format, the voting options etc.

I'd definitely want an Mario RPG game for Wii U, either another Paper Mario game, something in the vain of the Mario & Luigi series, or both.

Another game I'd absolutely love is a Mario Golf game for the Wii U. I know one is happening for the 3DS and I'm sure it'll be great, but I remember Toadstool Tour looking absolutely incredible for its time as well as playing great as always. I'd love the multiple colours for characters to come back too.

Most of the ideas interest me but the only one that definitely doesn't interest me, despite how much I love the games and the Mario series in general, is the Galaxy HD collection. I just think it's completely unnecessary and the last thing they should be considering is doing HD versions of Wii games.



Kingface commented on NES Remix Miiverse Contest Cancelled Due To Em...:

@Spoony_Tech No, you don't need to remind me of those, I'm aware of them and when you consider the sheer amount of games Nintendo have made, those are rare exceptions. Again rarer than is the case for a lot of other developers.

Also Skyward Sword's required a very specific circumstance to trigger.



Kingface commented on NES Remix Miiverse Contest Cancelled Due To Em...:

I've read somewhere that the exploit is to keep pausing the game constantly to cheat the clock.

GoombaJMR - Same as just about every other developer then? Having games that are glitch-free is nigh on impossible and it's very rare for Nintendo games to have game-breaking glitches and when they have they've been patched quickly. That being said I'm surprised Nintendo's response here doesn't give any indication that they intend to patch this NES Remix exploit.



Kingface commented on Epic Vice President Mark Rein Remains Unconvin...:

I don't necessarily disagree with him, although the Gamepad is my preferred choice of controller on Wind Waker HD. They did a fantastic job of utilising it to improve the experience of playing it.

Super Mario 3D World however, despite being easily the best game on Wii U and quite possibly the best Nintendo game yet (not joking), for all its creativity, innovation and sheer fun, only makes modest unique and good use of the Gamepad. It's more fun and comfortable to play with a Remote in my opinion.



Kingface commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

Whilst concerns about Wii U's potential success (or potential lack of) are understandable, I'm getting rather tired of multiple people who work/have worked in the industry in the past, basically encouraging Nintendo to give in.

He's probably right about the release date though, it genuinely surprises me that Super Mario 3D World has not sold at least something close to what it deserves so far. In fact considering how much I am enjoying the game so far, it feels like a crime to be honest. With a bit of luck it will pick up some significant sales during the rest of the Christmas period.

I do think if sales don't pick up throughout 2014, Nintendo will have to plan their next home console plans very carefully if they want to continue down that road. Personally, whilst Nintendo is my favourite game developer, there's loads more non-Nintendo games and gaming series' that I love too so I wish gaming consoles would become like DVD/Blu-Ray players i.e. Universal, not separate consoles with separate exclusive games etc.