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Feature: Five Reasons Why The 2DS Will Be The Biggest Selling Handheld This Christmas

Posted by Damien McFerran

Forget the jokes, we think Nintendo has a hit on its hands

When Nintendo announced the 2DS a short time ago, the internet was almost united in its level of befuddlement. Why remove the one thing the original system was sold on: its ability to display 3D images without the need for special glasses? It seemed like a backwards step for Nintendo and an admission that the 3D bubble had officially burst.

However, following from our hands-on impressions of the North American hardware we've been able to spend some quality time with the European variant — which is of course very much the same. To say it confounded our expectations is an understatement; far from being a device to poke fun at, the 2DS feels like a refinement of the original console and could put Nintendo's tech into the hands of more people than ever before. We've outlined the reasons for our positive outlook below.

It's, You Know, For Kids

Nintendo has always gunned for younger players and both the 3DS and 3DS XL continue this trend — but the 2DS takes this to the next level. The hinged screen of the 3DS may protect the displays during transit, but it's also a massive point of weakness — especially if the owner is an especially heavy-handed preschooler. By opting for a slate-like design and fashioning the system out of chunky plastic, Nintendo has made the 2DS as kiddie-friendly as possible. It may not have the expensive brushed metal casing of the iPod Touch or iPad, but the 2DS is robustly built and feels reassuringly sturdy.

The 2DS also deals with the white elephant which has been in the room since the 3DS launched a few years back: how can you sell a games console to kids when its key selling point — glasses-free 3D — isn't recommended for younger players due to the damage it can supposedly do to their eyes? Granted, you can turn the 3D effect off on the 3DS, but we imagine that many concerned parents forced their offspring to stick with the ageing DS instead of picking up the newer model, largely out of fear that it would render them blind and, in truth, lack of tech-savvy in realising parental settings will do the job. With the 2DS, that is no longer an issue — provided Nintendo can communicate effectively the differences (not to mention similarities) of the various models.

It's Cheap

The 3DS isn't as expensive as it once was, but the importance of getting below that $130 / £110 barrier cannot be understated. It pushes the 2DS into impulse purchase territory for adult players, and makes the system an incredibly attractive proposition for parents looking for a Christmas present for their unruly offspring. Consider the comparative prices of the PS Vita and Apple iPod Touch — arguably the 2DS' biggest rivals on store shelves — and you'll see what we mean. This holiday season is going to be a pivotal one for handheld gaming, and by launching a slate-like system for such a low price, Nintendo has given itself an excellent chance of entering 2014 with impressive hardware sales under its belt. We'd have liked to have seen a sub-£100 price point here in the UK — though various regions may see competitive pricing from keen retailers — but you can't have everything.

It's Smaller Than You Think

When many gazed upon the first shots of the 2DS, they assumed it was using screens roughly the same size as those seen on the 3DS XL. In fact, they're much smaller — and as a consequence, the system itself has a smaller footprint. OK, so it's not going to fit into everybody's trouser pocket, but it won't take up as much room in your bag as you might expect.

Abandoning the clamshell form factor has its own benefits, too. Games can be started without having to open the machine up, and the way in which you hold the 2DS removes the hand cramp issue that impacted some 3DS and 3DS XL owners. Although it's obviously wider and more stubby, the 2DS reminds us of the Game Boy line of consoles — and that's no bad thing.

More Choice Means More Sales

The arrival of the 2DS means there are now three variants of the 3DS hardware on the market. You might assume that each system will cannibalize the sales of its siblings, but as Apple has proven with its iPad and iPad Mini, giving consumers more options means you actually gain additional sales instead of losing them.

The 2DS opens up the market for different gamers — and we're not just talking about youngsters, either. The low price and appealing, uncomplicated design will convince older players — such as those who were swept away by the hype for Brain Training on the DS but haven't dabbled in handhelds since — to recommit themselves to the realm of interactive entertainment. Just as the DS was able to turn a generation of grey-haired grandparents into button-mashing experts, the 2DS could achieve the same objective.

One Word: Pokémon

Never underestimate the power of Pokémon. It's no mistake that the 2DS will be hitting store shelves on the same day as Pokémon X & Y, and the arrival of the latest instalment in the evergreen franchise will ensure a steady stream of new buyers. With its attractive price point there's an excellent chance that the 2DS will be the model which benefits most. Don't be shocked to see Nintendo bundling the game with 2DS systems — perhaps as a pre-installed download — as Christmas approaches. Such a move would surely lock down the festive season of 2013 in emphatic fashion.

Now you've had time to read and digest our thoughts, how do you feel the 2DS will fare at retail? Will it be a smash hit, or is its fate to be cruelly ignored like the Game Boy Micro? Perhaps you've already pre-ordered the system and will be using it as your main handheld? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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HugoSmits said:

Couldn’t agree more. Really excited about this, especially from a developer point of view.

Right now, a lot of publishers are a bit wary about the 3DS market. The 2DS will most certainly increase the userbase, thus make it more attractive for publishers to invest in it.

So at the end of the day, this hopefully means more cool 3DS games for EVERYONE.

Yes, even people that don’t care about the 2DS and have a 3DS/3DSXL should be happy. Very happy.



TromaDogg said:

The Gameboy Micro's biggest failing was that it dropped the backward compatibility and the screen (although nice and sharp, I've got one) was just that bit too small to be playing a game for any great length of time on.

I'll be interested to see how the 2DS does. Certainly dropping the hinges will make it appeal to parents who's kids have broken about 3 or 4 DSs in their time (ie. my young nephew) more than the lack of 3D will. I doubt I'd ever want to use one myself though because of the crappy sound output without earphones, plus going to screens that size from my 3DS XL would feel like a massive backward step now.



MF_MaxiMillion said:

"It's for kids". But how many of their parents will really go for such cheap merchandise to satisfy their kids with? I mean, sure, I'd give this to my 8 year old boy. But how many parents will actually think the same and how many of them will believe that their 8 year olds will continue to enjoy this 2DS mockery?



ToniK said:

Yeah. Not very easy on the eyes but will sell like potatoes. Smart move from Nintendo and I'm happy with it although I'm personally not interested in it at all.



Meaty-cheeky said:

I agree the 2DS will be a huge success! I believe parent will be happy to buy their child a 2DS rather than an expensive ipad.



Samurai_Goroh said:

Hey, I loved the Game Boy Micro. If I can play Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones on it, without a problem reading the text, I think the screen was more than appropriate.
About the 2DS, it's not targeting me, but I agree with the article, there's a lot of potential costumers it can win over, namely small children and the older fence-sitters from the Nintendo DS generation.



Mk_II said:

Retailers will probably bundle the console and a Pokemon game with a slight discount but i think Nintendo won't for the time being. There's no reason, the games will sell regardless. And two consoles and two games means four different bundles and that's a logistical nightmare for distributors and retailers



unrandomsam said:

Is there a Japanese version ? (I am fine with my PAL 3DS XL but at some point sooner or later I will want something I cannot get a PAL version of).



odd69 said:

I would buy the 2DS but not for pokemon, that would make me not want it.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I already own both the XL and the standard so I won'tbe getting this one. Nevertheless, it looks good and so is its price. I think it is a great move from Nintendo.



XFsWorld said:

This will help people out alot, I know some that want a 3DS but it was top expensive in their book.



DarkKirby said:

1. Pokemon
2-5. People too stupid to figure out they're being scammed, because for $40 more, you can get a system that does everything, and will be far more worth your money in the long run.



Warruz said:

Would like 3DSXL design with just no 3D and il buy one for me in a heartbeat.



NintyMan said:

I completely agree. I don't know if it will fly off of shelves, but 2DS should do reasonably well. It's for kids and it's releasing with Pokemon. That alone ought to make you think it has a shot, but we'll see.



SCAR said:

I think this will sell well. Some people don't even care about 3D, and alot have made sure that opinion was heard(calling it a "gimmick").



Morpheel said:

Completely agree.

Can't believe there's still people who take this 2DS thing as something personal they should be mad about, like a "mockery" or a "scam". Seriously, get over it... It's a cheaper model... Not a Chinese knock off.



Megumi said:

...I bet there's a 98.65% chance that people who buy this will complain or wonder why the thing doesn't have 3D. lol



Doma said:

5 reasons it shouldn't be:

1) Ugliness
2) Looks uncomfortable
3) Mono sound
4) Price is barely less than the OG
5) OG was never a barrier to kids in the first place



KingGanny said:

Of course it is sturdy. Nintendo would have made it out of reinforced Nintendium. Their patented material that makes systems and games, not disk based, hard to break. Unless on purpose.

That IS smaller than I expected. Though I bought a Pokemon X and Y 3DS. Red one. So I won't be getting this clearly. I am sure this will probably almost ensure that they make a ton of money this holiday season. Pokemon will help even more so.



S7eventhHeaven said:

do you get a power supply this time cuz £100 for a device then having to buy a seperate adapter is a mis-sell



tudsworth said:

@Metroidlink Because the AR Games content that's pre-loaded on every 3DS or 2DS includes Face Raiders, which is rated PEGI 7 with a violence descriptor. They could just remove Face Raiders from 2DS systems, but they clearly don't want to do that for whatever reason.

@S7eventhHeaven Yeah, it includes a power supply this time around. That's a nice gesture, I suppose, though not packaging the system and the case together for £115 or so seems like a missed opportunity to me.



S7eventhHeaven said:

3d is a fad that comes back to haunt us every ten years. it hangs around for 2 to 3 years and then drops off the face of the earth. we are almost into our last year of its current cycle. no one will care about 3d until 2023. 2ds is nintendos time to break away from the current fad



S7eventhHeaven said:

i personally am very interested in getting the 2ds now i am quite fond of this new design and im one of the people who cant use the 3d feature of the 3ds for more than ten minutes without getting a migraine



Mayleene said:

Got my neighbor's kid a 3DS XL for his 6th birthday last May. He's having a blast with it. Got him the Nerf Armor casing and we're not worried about him being hard on it. DIsabled the 3D for now so it was worth the extra 60 bucks and we feel it was a good investment for his future.



MrMario02 said:

As for Pokemon, I agree. There is one more reason though. 3D doesn't stand out in most games. I also Think the tablet design is pretty sleek.



Quickman said:

Just like Mario World 3D, there's going to be a lot of flip-flopping going on regarding the 2DS...



Ricube said:

@ToxieDogg I also have one but ever played with it... it came out too late and was actually a gimmick only for collectors. It looks like a little jewel!



ultraraichu said:

Well put. Variety is key when shopping for yourself and especially others. Get what works for you and what you think works for other.
If I had to buy someone a 3ds for a gift, I would get this. It's cheaper and I doubt they will use the 3D regularly.



jpfan1989 said:

about 3D that may be so but everytime it comes back it does so better than before with improved technology and given that we've been progressing by leaps and bounds 10 years from now when it returns it may be more than just a fad, 3D is the future and all this time we've been working toward it.

As for 3DS i keep 3D on, it improves the feel of the game and in some cases makes it look better.

I'm going to use ocarina as an example, a problem i had on the 64 during the fights with ganondorf, phantom canon as well as a few others was timing, you had to wait till the last second of their attack to counter not unlike baseball(I have the same issue in Wii sports) With the 3D you can judge that distance like in real life you can gauge just how close that target/enemy/ball thing is to you before you make your move I am optimistic about 3D gaming and often find myself commenting on how much games on other systems would improve if they were in 3D.



rjejr said:

5 reasons it won't sell
1. It's for kids, but they don't want it - the thing comes out in 2 weeks, where are the kids clamoring for this thing? Just like the Wii U, no ads. When parents ask their kids what they want the kids will say "3DS". When the parent goes to the store to buy it the clerk will ask 2DS or 3DS. The parent will buy the 3DS b/c that's what the kid said.
2. Cheap? - There is no such thing as a magic $129 consumer friendly price. $99 or nothing. $129 is too close to $169.
3. It's not small enough. Oh sure, it's smaller than a 3DS open, but the 3DS closes, this doesn't.
4. More choices means less sales when 1 of the choices is this ugly no-marketing foster step-child monstrosity. The only thing this will sell is the 3DS.
5. Pokemon plays on the 3DS,which lots of kids already have, and the 3DS XL, which lots of adults have, and the new Pokemon red or blue 3DS XL with the picture of Pokemon on it. Who is buying this 2DS for Pokemon?

I'm not saying it won't sell, may even outsell the poor Wii U, and it will probably outsell the 3DS in Oct. when it releases, but Nov. and Dec. sales will favor the 3DS.

Final nail in the coffin - if Nintendo wants to market this for kids, why is there a humongous green PEGI 7 on the box? (Unless I'm an idiot and that means for kids under 7, in the US the age usually means minimum so I'm working off of that)



Jazzer94 said:

Thinking about getting an American 2DS next time I go over to visit family.



Dogpigfish said:

@rjejr I agree that $129 is a little high, especially when the top games are $40. I think people see the quality in Nintendo, but rising taxes and fear of skyrocketing insurance is keeping spenders at bay. Realistically the price points for xbone and ps4 are trying to stay significantly cheaper than their predecessors. Wii U is suffering from pricing itself as a luxury item, which has plummeted over the last 5 years. Look where Porsche was when the Wii came out, making huge profits. People are very hesitant in this market. It's not about bringing something new, but rather providing an affordable entertainment option that can do more than play games. If it only plays games, then Wii U needs to be priced fairly. I have no problem paying $350 for a console, but how do you expect to convince Joe?



eltomo said:

This in a Pokemon bundle? Hot cakes!

More money for Nintendo to invest on the Wii U



CosmoXY said:

From day one I liked the 2DS design. Since I have my launch 3DS and a shiny new red Pokémon 3DS XL, I won't be getting this. Maybe if a nice limited edition comes out I'd get it.

LOL at all the haters. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean there's no place in the market for it. I'm glad the people listing their 5 reasons it won't sell or talking about how ugly it is did their extensive market testing and research. It's just too bad Nintendo didn't consult these nintendolife users before launching this "monstrosity."




I agree with this article.

I'm actually going to buy one for my wife because she likes to play games, but isn't as avid as me. I've previously purchased a dsi with Games for her when all I had was a lite. I was excited for her to play with me all the time. She didn't...

But she does like some animal crossing. And because she only plays a max of 10 hours a week, I see this system as a great alternative to the XL for someone like her.



TrueGamer1985 said:

Another wasted chance for Nintendo to shine the Wii U and this is the best they got? Delays and garbage Directs and now trying to be greedy in the software market by making this travesty thinking it going to make them more money like taking candy from the kids and its so easy for the parents that don't know beans about video games nor the handheld department that buy any game eternal sadness. What happened with the Wii U trying to get more better sales Nintendo, it seems like they don't give a crap anymore and trying to keep they software market afloat rather than the Wii U being successful.



wombatkidd said:


"Another waste chance for Nintendo to shine the Wii U and this is the best they got? Delays and garbage Directs and now trying to be greedy in the software market by making this travesty thinking it going to make them more money like taking candy from the kids and its so easy for the parents that don't know beans about video games nor the handheld department that buy any game eternal sadness. What happened with the Wii U trying to get more better sales Nintendo, it seems like they don't give a crap anymore and trying to keep they software market afloat rather than the Wii U being successful."




Haywired said:

Nintendo's consoles tend to have PEGI 7. Nintendo themselves usually puts 7 or 8 as the recommended minimum age on their consoles, like on the rad NES box for example: I don't think they really officially acknowledge under 7s as being part of their console market as their demographic graphs (at those investors meetings and the like) usually start at 7. All seems very sensible if you ask me. Don't understand parents who are so keen to buy consoles (especially ones these days that are far more complex and delicate than back in the day) for under 7s. I mean, when I have kids I'll be perfectly happy for them to play games and be exposed to games early on, but what's the rush to buy a console for an under 7? (Obviously no offense if you are one of those parents).



Squashy said:

Something I can't work out: Seeing as the 2DS doesn't do 3D, why is its PEGI rating 7? Is Face Raiders too violent for a 3 rating lololol

As for the 2DS itself I can't help but like it, especially the lovely white and red one athough I'd miss the 3D, I think it's ultra cool and some kind of witchcraft!



meltendo said:

I love my 3DSXL and I would buy this in a heartbeat if Nintendo tied their e-shop into one account. I love being able to buy an app for my iPhone and see it also on my iPad, and iTouch.



BetweenTheTrees said:

i just got a 3ds xl for myself. i am getting 2 of these for the kids. attractive price. plus i want to mess aroubd with one. see how it is. we are a video game oriented family who says games don't bring people together?



JuanitoShet said:

The 2DS will be a HUGE success, and the already-existing models will sell well too. No doubts about it! I'm so happy for Nintendo this holiday season, it's going to be great for them.

And for us as well, will all the glorious games set for release within these next three months! :B



Quickman said:

@TrueGamer1985 He does have a point, your previous comment hardly made any sense at all...?

I'm going to bookmark this page for future reference as like I said before, there is going to be some monumental flip-flopping going on over the 2DS.



Senario said:

@TrueGamer1985 Read the article again. That said, delaying DK is completely fine if you look at the winter lineup. 3D World looks a lot better than expected and with so many games out it could have been overshadowed. Having it early next year keeps the good games coming and unlike Rayman's delay which was all focused on making it multiplat, DK will likely only get better since it is obviously an exclusive. I don't understand your problem, the direct was pretty good. If you don't have anything positive to add then why are you saying anything?



PayMeMunna said:

Seeing my 8-9 year old cousins nearly rip apart my precious DSi several years ago, it makes sense to me why they'd get rid of the clamshell design. I wish the 2DS well!



jayclayx said:

its cheap and it looks like a tablet, kids love tablets like the iPad, plus it play dedicated nintendo games so yes, it will be a hit this christmas.



cyrus_zuo said:

Honestly I think it will sell well b/c it looks like a new console, whereas the 3ds does not look different from a ds.



unrandomsam said:

The 3DS/2DS download play feature has been really gimped compared to what it used to be like on the DS. There is probably at least 10 games I would have bought to play with my niece and nephew if doing so properly didn't require me to spend £90.

Regardless of it costing less at one time buying 3 copies of every game to play multiplayer (One for yourself and one each for 2 children for example).

Buying ipad's and paying for the apps once would likely be cheaper far sooner than you might think.

(Recent example all of the first three DS Ace Attorneys - iOS £12).

I suspect they will get the new 3DS one cheaper before long as well.

The difference in cost for Sega stuff (Once it supports a controller properly) vs Virtual Console makes it a no brainer for me. (And the ipad is 4:3 like the games - 3:4 is even more convenient).



unrandomsam said:

And games don't last long enough. (I remember always having something that I hadn't finished on 8/16 bit consoles. With the modern ones I would need at least 2 games a week. No way I would have been able to do it).



rjejr said:

@Haywired - I didnt ley my oldest son get a DSi until he was 9. He got a 3DS at 10. But 1 of the hardest parts of being a parent is consistency. My younger son got a DSi at 7 and a 3DS at 8. Yes they are 2 years apart and it just works out that way. Allowance began at 8 and 6, they'll probably get cell phones at 13 and 11. Its honestly just easier.

As for the 2DS and the Pegi 7 - the tablet look makes me think this is for 5 or 6 year olds, eyes too young for 3D, so the warning throws me.

And for everbody who loves this - why isnt Japan getting it?



c1pher_c0mplet said:

At first, I was a little confused by the 2DS (esp. considering the announcement came out of nowhere) but I quickly came to like it. It looks very comfortable to hold for long durations and the build quality seems more durable (something Nintendo Life confirmed in their recent review of the system). Although nothing compares to the glorious 3DS XL imo, the 2DS is awesome in its own right.



JaxonH said:


I don't mean to go against the grain with you on all of your opinions, so please, do forgive me here. You make a respectable argument (and you'd make an excellent prosecuting attorney , I'll give you that). But allow me to play devil's advocate just for a moment, and give me your feedback on these opposing viewpoints...

1) Well, the thing is, this will be huge with kids who (and here's the important part) aren't old enough to know what they want. And even if they are, the store clerk could just as easily say "Yes we sell 3DS, but there is also a less expensive version without 3D and is safe for your child's eyes. And it's cheaper."

2) Cheaper is cheaper. $129 is more attractive than $169 and certainly more attractive than $200. That goes for anybody of any age. Everyone likes cheaper, and next to a $200 Vita and $100 Vita TV, $129 looks a lot more enticing than $169/$200.

3) It's not small enough for what? As long as it's playable and portable, it's size is irrelevant. The XL is actually larger.

4) More choices actually do mean more sales, because the lower price model will penetrate the market that was unwilling to pay close to $200 or more, and will penetrate the market that was unwilling to put their child at risk of vision impairment. Sure, some models' sales will swap places with this new model, but those will cancel out. It's the new sales from the untapped markets that will add to the lump sum. How much that will be is yet to be seen.

5) The children of parents under the poverty line. That's who. The kids who want and always have wanted a 3DS, but whose parents were unwilling to shell out close to $200 or more for the system. Now little Jimmy can run to mommy and say "but it's only $130 for the newer one, NOW can I get a handheld with Pokémon?... please?!"

Final note: I don't think a PEGI 7 rating ever has, or ever will, prevent sales by conservative parents. A warning that 3D can cause epileptic seizures on the other hand, has and will.



Williaint said:

People who don't have a 3DS, don't want 3D, are under 7, or want something cheaper will find this a good deal... Great as a secondary 3DS.



TimboBaggins said:

Great idea and smart on Nintendo's part - but I think it would sell even better if they priced it at $99. The original 3DS is only $169, so at $129 US is priced just a little too close to the next step up. But I think it can only be a good thing.



Zodiak13 said:

I will get my son one, since he always wants the 3D on when playing mine, yet he never feels good after he plays with it on. This will be perfect for him to play at home, since that is the only place he can earn the time to play video games. Yes, I make my son earn video game time, either through physichal activity or chores. I am excited to check this out when I give it to him, although I am unsure if I will wait for Christmas or just buy one and hand it to him randomly.



WaveBoy said:

Yeah, 3D is a fad...As in realistic depth perception/looking through a window into a miniature virtual world is a fad, High definition graphics are a fad, you're a fad. This site is a fad. I hate the word Fad..Fad this.

No really, 3D is the next step in visuals. Maybe some people wouldn't be so hard on it if there wasn't a demanding strict sweet spot, at times ghosting or the fact that it sucks twice the power rendering most times at 30 frames per second. I'm ALL for 3D, it's absolutely amazing. The world around you isn't flat after all, nor is it low resolution(Just saying!) unless you've sporting coke bottle glasses. Add the two together in a fantasty cartoon world of nIntendo and you're in heaven!

Anyways, I've got zero interest in the 2DS as it strips away what has made the 3DS so magical to begin with. I'd love to see the final 3DS version, somehow improve the 'sweet spot' and boast brighter screens. Think the '6th' brightness setting which you unlock(tee hee) when using the charger adapter with the original 3DS.



SirMime said:

Even with a house full of different XLs I would still like to get a 2DS at some point. Playing X/Y at Eurogamer on a 2DS was quite nice. Finally trying out the fabled curved shoulder buttons and really getting a taste for them.
I know I won't be able to afford a 2DS on the 12th as I'm getting a number of copies of X/Y (for my wife and her brother), but I'll certainly try and obtain one a somepoint.



Zael said:

because it is cheaper and there is pokemon on it way, the two main reasons



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Although the 3DS XL is my go-to, I'd totally get a 2DS IF Nintendo allowed you to have your information (like your Mii(s), Friends List, StreetPass settings, etc.) on more than one system at a time. Although I still have my original 3DS and did one of my five system transfers to my current XL, my original is worthless in that it contains none of my above info (and considering I play solely on my XL as a result).



Kit said:

Yep. It struck me that the 2DoorStop was gonna surf in on the wave of Pokémon X & Y... the 'kids' have gotta be able to play Pokémon too. lol



Kirk said:

That the 2DS/3DS is going to sell well this Christmas doesn't need any proof at this point.

The Wii U on the other hand...

Also, I really wish we had the black and red model here in the UK because that's by far my favorite of the currently available colors and the price really should have been £99.99 in the UK because hitting the sub £100 mark would have been perfect and it just reads better too.



Genesaur said:

@Gold Probably Generations.

I didn't realise XL owners complained of that hand cramp stuff that so widely affects regular 3DS owners. I've never had that problem with my XL. The only thing even remotely close to a problem with 3DS XL is that the speakers really don't get all-too loud.



TheAdrock said:

Its a fine idea. But as usual I doubt N will spend the marketing dollars necessary to get kids to realize that they want it.

My biggest complaint about the 3DSXL is that the screen brightness sucks. Sit in the shade or even in your car on a sunny day and you simply can't see the screen (and yes I do have it cranked all the way bright as it goes).



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "I don't mean to go against the grain with you on all of your opinions,"

All of my opinions? We agree on almost everything. Well not in this case but in general. It's the only reason I reply to you. Well agreement and your cute penguin icon

I know I'm in the minority here but I still stand behind my arguments (there's a lawyer pun in there somewhere I think).

I still think the price is a tad too high - remember how Nintendo kept saying all year that the Wii U was priced right, and then they lowered the price a week after I bought one?

Remember how the Wii U Basic outsold the $50 more expensive Deluxe? No, b/c the Deluxe sold better, b/c it was a better value. The 3DS looks like a better value to me. A 2DS w/ a 2nd right side thumbpad would look better to me.

Yes, parents will buy this for their kids, but I think more people will buy the 3DS for themselves and their kids. Which is my point, b/c the article said 2DS will be the biggest selling handheld, and I disagree. And if I'm wrong - which I might be - it will be b/c the 3DS and 3DS XL will both sell well but the 2DS will outsell either 1. So I guess the question becomes, do you add 3DS and XL sales together?

I do know 2DS WON'T be the biggest selling handheld in Japan.



rjejr said:

@Haywired Nice photo.

I can just imagine them trying to sell that "family pack" today w/ the - by today's standards - realistic gun in it. Kind of looks like a SNL skit in the making, just needs a Russian roulette game.



drgfl said:

If it has no 3D, then why is it PEGI 7? Can anyone explain me?
Anyway, ugly or not, probably a good thing.



rjejr said:


OK, it's been driving me crazy, wheres' your name and icon from? I tried Jurassic Park and ID4 quotes but no luck. He looks too old to be New Jersey.



IxnayontheCK said:

@rjejr haha the name is from The Offspring album Ixnay on the Hombre but with my initials at end instead. And photo is from jurassic park =)



prototype said:

I think nintendo will make a huge profit from this. There are so many parents (including mine) that are worried about the 3D effect on kids eyes. I would probably get this except for two reasons.
1. I already have a 3DS.
2. I don't like that you cant fold it down like a normal DS.



Darb said:

They could of made this a lot shorter, the one reason:
1. It's a DS.



Algus said:

I want this thing to work just because I feel like the more people playing the system, the more games we'll get. I don't care about the 3D issue as much as some people do. It's not like I'd be able to play a lot of these games on the original DS or DSi with the same level of graphics otherwise.

I'm still not sold on it though. Probably just because I love the 3DSXL so much. The cheap factor can't be disputed though. I definitely think that price point is going to catch some fence-sitters



globalisateur said:

Well. I at least agree on 2 points you made: "It's for kids", "more choice means more sales"

But I strongly disagree with the others 3: (IMHO)

"It's cheap". It's not. It is cheaper than a 3DS but it is still expensive for the piece of sh** they dare to sell us (no 3D, worse LCD than original 3DS, worse audio, same autonomy as first 3DS in 2D mode).
"It's smaller than you think". I can even put A 3DS XL on my Jeans back pocket. Can you do it with a 2DS? It has maybe less volume but it is BIGGER than a 3DS XL for my pants.
"One Word, Pokemon". But Pokemon is for regular 3DS also. And the fights are STILL displayed in steroscopic 3D so the 2DS version will lack that feature.



justjar said:

I'll give it this, the 2ds does seem to be much more kid-friendly and harder to break, but definitely a step down in quality. It's a good idea for younger people that don't like 3d, but something I really don't like personally, it will no longer have surround sound since it is mono... I think that feature is pretty under-rated by most, the speakers aren't the loudest, but you have to admit they do have quality surround sound. It really adds a new level to the games, as does the 3d. Personally I'm happy with my Original 3ds, I love the quality and portability of it, some things the 2ds seems to be taking a definite step backwards with.. Plus for only 50$ more than you already have to pay, you get to CHOOSE to view between 2d and 3d whenever you so please with surround sound. and if you're old enough it's pretty easy to keep it safe and take care of



Dogpigfish said:

1: Nintendo made it, 2: Nintendo Seal of quality (really quantity), 3: It's not Android or IOS, 4: it has Nintendo labeled on it, and 5: Mario



Boofonater001 said:

I think it is going to sell extremely well because it may have a different design then the others but for parents who aren't really into gaming and want to spend a whole lot of money and for kids that want there own system but the parents getting it for them for Christmas don't want to spend 170 to 200 dollars getting the origanal or the XL in fear that it might break. It will really sell well with them. It is not like the Wii Mini that didn't even have bacwards compadibility or even internet. That is just my thought.



ryudragoon85 said:

What most people don't understand is situations like this. " Hey you should get a 3DS so we can play." "Nah I don't like 3D." "Well great, they got the 2DS out so you don't have to get 3D, and its got same software so you aren't stuck with playing just old DS games." Its a simple answer for people who not only don't like 3d, but can't use it. Make it shaped like a Gameboy but keep two screens and you have a winner in my book. As for the price, I think its reasonable enough, maybe a bit lower. I think the main thing is people don't realize the DS, DSI/XL, and 3DS all have a totally different system OS. DS has horrible multiplayer connectivity in my experience, the DSI/XL has bad eshop format for me and wireless contectivity problems. (though i may have had a bad firmware version) And the 3DS is still pricey even after all this time when I don't use the feature nearly as much as I probably should. All in all, I think its a good step personally, I'd probably get it for my mother and my girlfriend since they aren't big gamers like me.

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