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Fri 25th Mar 2011

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UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Nintendo Download: 18th June (North America):

I'm pretty torn. I want to get Toad Treasure Tracker or Fire Emblem: Awakening. But I'm not really a fan of turn-based combat, but I've heard that even if that's the case, FE:A is just THAT good.

I'm also on the fence about Hyrule Warriors. It seems like it would be a better handheld game due to it's hack n' slash nature. But I can't decide whether to get it on Wii U on sale or wait till 3DS...

decisions, decisions...



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

I was disappointed like everyone else the first day, but even then I really dug quite a few titles. I plan to check out some of the Nindies and that Neo Racing game now looks like a must buy after the Treehouse display.

I think it's important for people to realize that Nintendo isn't the only option for gaming and even though they did drop the ball at E3, if they are a company they want to see continue, then the customers need to support them by buying games. If not, then just let them fall by the wayside. But I can also guarantee that those that want to Nintendo to throw in the towel would be the first to cry that they are gone.

Just be cool and game on. On any system...



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble World (3DS eShop):

I really like this one. I'm not really into puzzle games, so Shuffle didn't do anything for me. But a plain beat 'em up is great for those times when I know I can't hash out a full fight in MH4U. But as a working father, short bursts of gaming suit me.



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Nintendo Lists Formally Tested Micro SDHC Card...:

Why don't people delete old software that they aren't using. The amount of 3ds games and eshop games that 32gb can hold is too much for one person to play at any given time. It's like having over 1000 friends on a social networking site. (FYI: A lot of those people aren't really your friends.)

I delete what I'm done playing and keep what I like to go back to from time to time.



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Video: This IronFall Tech Demo is Rather Impre...:

Gears is totally an inspiration for this. I love it! I hope we get a great online mode to go with this game, but I'm totally satisfied with a good single player experience too.

I'm hyped for this and hope it's a 10/10 or 9/10. Even though it will realistically be like a 7 or 8/10. There's always room for improvement and I want to support these devs for doing what no one else is on the system.

Hell, I would take a Metroid Hunters if Nintendo made it, but since it's not, then I will gladly invest in making this the flagship shooter on 3DS.



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Feature: Five Reasons Why The 2DS Will Be The ...:

I agree with this article.

I'm actually going to buy one for my wife because she likes to play games, but isn't as avid as me. I've previously purchased a dsi with Games for her when all I had was a lite. I was excited for her to play with me all the time. She didn't...

But she does like some animal crossing. And because she only plays a max of 10 hours a week, I see this system as a great alternative to the XL for someone like her.



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Wii U Pro Controller Feels "Amateurish", Say K...:

I've played with the controller at a Wii U Experience event and I can see what he means.

The controller does feel really light, but I wouldn't say it makes it feel "cheap". The buttons feeling mushy is also something I didn't have a problem with. I will say that it did not feel like a 360 controller; but I'm not going to decide that is a good or bad thing until I have time to play it on some more games.

I think things will be fine. If not, then Nintendo will fix it mid-cycle like the Wii Remote Plus... maybe.



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on pitchWinPLAY Competition Cancelled:

I had made an original idea for this contest and was waiting to turn it in. But then I read the news. Too bad, it wasn't revolutionary but I had fun working with the submission form.
I think the biggest problem for this contest wasn't the entry fee, but the notion of people's ideas staying owned by their creators. I can say I want a zombie game where the zombies are self aware and trying to cure themselves but now everyone who reads this will have the idea in their head. Whether they want to or not, people are influenced by what they see/hear all the time. What guarantee did any of the entrants have that their idea would not show up before they could get if off the ground themselves.
That was why I made an original concept for this concept, so I wouldn't feel bad if the judges used some of the mechanics down the line.
But irregardless, this is too bad that it didn't work out. I thought it was a great idea.



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Talking Point: The Critical Importance of Blac...:

I can honestly say that as a multi-console owner, I really would appreciate a great online experience of any kind on WiiU. FPS, Adventure, RPG, and any other genre under the sun that implements an online component in any degree NEEDS to be on the WiiU. I don't care how you slice it, if the online implementation on WiiU fails, then we will just have a 1080p box of limited innovation.

WiiU needs to be the whole package and more to pass the 360/PS3. It won't be enough to just keep up with current-gen standards. Even when 720/PS4 do get announced, maybe, just maybe, the WiiU will get another bump in tech to catch up to them. DSi was a pretty big jump from the limited DSLite; just saying... it's possible...



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Gearbox: "No Other Platform Can Do What Wii U ...:

I like how developers are showing interest in the new ideas they are able to implement on the Wii U. I think that's what people don't get. Nintendo doesn't compete on the graphics race because it is more focused on how we can better use what's already available to make an even better gaming experience.

That's why no matter what system Nintendo makes, I'll always buy their products; to support innovation in the industry.

But to round out, I will also always buy the Xbox's and PS's to support traditional gaming. I'm not the target audience for these social/mobile games. I need the physical input and engrossed dynamics of home consoles and dedicated handhelds.



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

The game industry need to remind itself to be better than what already exists. I don't want the industry to head toward what Music and Movies are doing.

Granted, that is the only model we have to go on right now. But I think we should evaluate the technology we have at hand and optimize that first. We could be a powerhouse of innovation and affordability for a broad audience if we target our energy instead of always giving ourselves restrictive ultimatums.

Competition drives innovation. Why don't we compete with ourselves. Money will always be there until it isn't. Support options and embrace change.

Anyway; physical media for me please. No one will ever prevent me from owning something I paid for. I like knowing I can lend, break, sell, and play all my games at anytime. I also fully support ways to stop used game sales; unless a way is figured out to give that money back to the developer. Not the publishers.



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Dr. Kawashima is Coming to 3DS:

I could use some of that training. I hope this a one of the franchises where DLC will flourish. That way we can get more exercises without a full retail sequel.



UNSOLUTEDSALT commented on Reggie Also Presenting Nintendo Direct Tomorrow:

I hope it's a unique message from each region.So that Reggie doesn't feel left out when everyone knows about the news from Japan.

These "Direct" videos are always so suspenseful because you never know when they'll announce one and it must some good news that they themselves can't wait to reveal.