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Tue 8th Oct 2013

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ryudragoon85 commented on Feature: Five Reasons Why The 2DS Will Be The ...:

What most people don't understand is situations like this. " Hey you should get a 3DS so we can play." "Nah I don't like 3D." "Well great, they got the 2DS out so you don't have to get 3D, and its got same software so you aren't stuck with playing just old DS games." Its a simple answer for people who not only don't like 3d, but can't use it. Make it shaped like a Gameboy but keep two screens and you have a winner in my book. As for the price, I think its reasonable enough, maybe a bit lower. I think the main thing is people don't realize the DS, DSI/XL, and 3DS all have a totally different system OS. DS has horrible multiplayer connectivity in my experience, the DSI/XL has bad eshop format for me and wireless contectivity problems. (though i may have had a bad firmware version) And the 3DS is still pricey even after all this time when I don't use the feature nearly as much as I probably should. All in all, I think its a good step personally, I'd probably get it for my mother and my girlfriend since they aren't big gamers like me.