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Sun 6th Oct 2013

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justjar commented on Feature: Five Reasons Why The 2DS Will Be The ...:

I'll give it this, the 2ds does seem to be much more kid-friendly and harder to break, but definitely a step down in quality. It's a good idea for younger people that don't like 3d, but something I really don't like personally, it will no longer have surround sound since it is mono... I think that feature is pretty under-rated by most, the speakers aren't the loudest, but you have to admit they do have quality surround sound. It really adds a new level to the games, as does the 3d. Personally I'm happy with my Original 3ds, I love the quality and portability of it, some things the 2ds seems to be taking a definite step backwards with.. Plus for only 50$ more than you already have to pay, you get to CHOOSE to view between 2d and 3d whenever you so please with surround sound. and if you're old enough it's pretty easy to keep it safe and take care of