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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Will Not Be Getting A Boxed Copy in The West

Posted by Andy Green

All hopes have officially been dashed

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies has been out in Japan for over a month and is not far from being released in the West.

While Japan has a physical copy of the game, 3DS owners overseas will need to make do with a download-only version.

Western gamers were given a beacon of hope when Christian Svensson, who was Senior Vice President of Capcom USA at the time, said he was was pushing for a boxed copy for North America at least. Unfortunately, he has now left the company and the dream of a physical copy more or less left with him.

Indeed, Capcom has now confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies will only be available in the eShop in the West.

Speaking during a Q & A session on the Capcom Unity forums, Ace Attorney producer Motohide Eshiro reaffirmed the reason behind the download-only route is so localisation does not take as long, allowing people to get their hands on the game as soon as possible.

Eshiro also confirmed the West will get all the additional costume DLC, despite the quiz pack not making the journey overseas:

In addition to the pack of three costumes that is already out in Japan, we are working to ensure that western users can also get the additional AA3 Phoenix costume which, in Japan, is part of the quiz DLC that we’ve previously stated won’t be coming to the west due to cultural localization issues.

Are you disappointed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies won't get a boxed version in the West, or are you just happy to see it make it over? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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naut said:

Very disappointed over this. It's been a very, very long time since we've gotten an Ace Attorney game. I want it sitting proudly on my shelf--Not hidden on my 3DS's SD card.



DefHalan said:

Will it be cheaper than normal 3DS games? Even like 5 bucks? This may be my first Ace Attorney game so anything to lessen the blow for a purchase would be nice



sinalefa said:

So this means it will never lower its price, as boxed versions usually do. I guess they are not too confident in its sales.



SanderEvers said:

@sinalefa Often download versions do get sales. Even on the 3DS.

And today I download almost all my 3DS games in the eShop (except Pokémon X & Y which I will get boxed) so this doesn't concern me at all.



DrOzaki said:

Well poopiedoodledingdongs, I really wanted this one too
Watch the language please — TBD



WiiUExposed said:

Frick, now I can't share it with my brother without giving him my whole system. I refuse to buy digital on a system without something as simple as a unified account system.



Katzii said:

I'm just thankful we're getting it at all! Hopefully enough people will buy it to show Capcom that we do love the series and that future instalments will be released at retail (along with Layton vs Wright)... Or maybe for them to translate and digitally release Edgeworth 2.



Yasume said:

Great news. It's 2013, downloads are what it's all about. Every game should only get a digital release if you'd ask me. Would save a lot of time and money.

Aside from retro games, I can't even remember my last purchase in physical form.



Madmanonfire said:

GOOD! It's better suited as a download title anyway and hopefully people will stop complaining about this and move on. This false hope thing only led to more annoying complaining.



Great_Gonzalez said:

Don't mind as long as I get it oh and I,m really excited about having additional costume DLC!! I hate DLC for stuff as useless as alternate costumes.. remember the days you would unlock this stuff by completing the game on hard?



fishman100 said:

Digital releases dont bother me; if I can play the game I'm happy. But I am worried about system transfers if I upgrade to an XL, which I'm thinking about doing (would upgrade today but don't have the cash right now).



unrandomsam said:

The reasons are profit related but the same applies to every game. Even though I don't care at all about this it will likely start a trend. The worst things end up being the most copied.



hypercoyote said:

Just release the physical copy after the digital copy is released like Super Luigi U, bam, done. Capcom releases the game when they want to and fans get their physical copy. I don't see what's so hard about that.



TooManyToasters said:

I don't really care. As long as I get a new Phoenix Wright in some form that's at least easy to purchase for me then I'm happy. XDD



BrightBeing said:

I've gone digital. Haven't bought a physical copy in a while. But to not even offer a cart after offering it in another region seems petty and money-grubbing. Especially with so many fans against a digital-only release, and the fact that broadband is not as ubiquitous in the US/Europe as it is in Japan. This news doesn't affect me at all. But I sympathize with the gamers that are affected.



Garo said:

Come on now people. AA is such a niche series that wasting money on the production of physical copies is not just worth it for Capcom. Get with it and go digital.



theblackdragon said:

@Garo: They're already willing to 'waste money' on the production of physical copies for Japan. If they want me to buy this game, they know what what format I want it in; I've made my thoughts perfectly clear both here and on their site. There is no 'get with it' when there are multiple players in the household to share a game between or when Nintendo's lack of a proper unified account system for their downloadable purchases is taken into account.



GuSolarFlare said:

@Garo some people REALLY like AA.... and some people have internet that sucks.... and these same people might not be able to buy digital retail games for some reason........



Einherjar said:

@Garo It wasnt a niche series since part 3 (maybe even 2)
Phoenix Wright was one of the most wanted characters for Marvel Vs Capcom, even the obscure movie adaptation made it out of japan. The series is absolutely well known and loved.
Not marketing it properly outside of japan is simply stupid and lazy, nothing more, nothing less. They are outsourcing almost every other series, why not get someone else to do the publishing in the western world ?
Having the game on shelfes would make it even more known and having someone else do the job would cost less than doing it yourself.
That way, you would save money AND probably get even more, since there are many many people out there who would buy a physical game instantly but hesitate with download only titles.
For any other company, i would get furyous about how stupid that decision it, but with capcom doing it...well, lets say i kinda got used to it over the past couple of years. If they know one thing, its how to bury their most loved franchises while they are alive.
Theyve done it first with megaman, then with devil may cry, are about to do it with lost planet and dead rising and i hope that beeing a DL only game wont put AA in the same category.



FishieFish said:

Some people in this thread are acting like the box is better than the game!

The game matters more than the box, does it not?



alrighthearthis said:

I don't mind it being digital only if it is cheaper than the current 3DS games that are also released in retail. They're supposedly doing this because selling the game physically would be too cost prohibitive (which considering how often I saw the first Phoenix Wright in bargain bins is probably true) but publishing digital only is substantially cheaper so they should pass on some of the savings to the consumer. Since the game is the same quality as a retail experience a $30 price tag seems perfectly fair.



batmanfan3000 said:

At least the game is coming to the usa and europe geez. I dont know why
most of you guys are against digital games. Because here at the america most
people like their games digital. Again geez!



Tasuki said:

Well than be that way Capcom. I guess my money is not as good as people who prefer digital copies. Personally I hope this game flops in the West now.



SMW said:

That sucks. Guess I'll be going digital on it.

Wait, there IS a new case as DLC, right? I don't care for costumes.



DerpSandwich said:

Most people care a lot about physical copies, but I personally think in a way this is a great step for the industry. It costs a lot of money to manufacture and ship a game in a given territory, so now that it's easier to go digital it's easier and less costly to release a game. I'm sure there have been tons and tons of games over the years that haven't come to one region or another because they didn't think they could sell enough to justify printing them. But now they can just release a game digitally and cut down on risk. I think this is a good practice, myself. I'd rather have a digital game than no game at all. If going digital means we get to have games that never would have made it over here, then that's awesome.



Yrreiht said:

Oh please. I prefer it to be download only than to be a japan only game. Gonna download this baby as soon as it's released.



MagicEmperor said:

If you hate the fact that this game is not getting a boxed release, that's totally cool and I understand. I'd like a boxed copy too.

If, however, you boycott this game because of the fact, or because you hate Capcom--and you consider yourself a fan of this series--you're not a good person. Blunt, yeah. Sorry.

Ace Attorney's future in the West is extremely uncertain at this point. I'm no business major, but I'd guess the only way to keep these games getting translated is to just buy it, even if it's digital only. So if you're not a fan of this series and pass it over, that's fine. If you're a fan and you're boycotting this game for those 'reasons,' thanks for nailing the coffin for us real fans.



TingLz said:

I don't think it's a matter of them saving money on physical copies. I think it has more to do with the fact that there's less loss if copies don't sell in the West. They thought this over and determined that a physical release isn't worth it. Sure some people want physical, but enough to warrant the costs?



Ren said:

Please stop the personal attacks Ren. There is another way to give your opinion out. Lz



Ren said:

oh and as someone else said ( @MagicEmperor ) if you're actually a real fan of this series you will buy it in any form or it will be less than digital soon enough.



Gioku said:

I don't really give a damn... I'd like to get this game sometime, and I don't mind not having a box. I like having boxes, sure... but if there weren't any boxed games anymore, I really wouldn't mind. And if they get around to implementing an account system (which I think they will), then that's all the better.



Tasuki said:

@Ren: Please don't use that if you're a real fan B.S. cause I will tell you I am a real fan I am just not going to give Capcom the satisfaction on this one. What I am not a fan of is digital only releases and that's why I am not buying it. Why should I settle for something I don't want?



Frank90 said:

I'll simply not buy. I love Ace Attorney, but the sales will be so poor that they will need to give us a physical version.



AyeHaley said:

I'm sorry but this is another reason why they should create an Apple like unified account system. Cause there is no way to have a physical copy to keep forever. When you lose your 3DS in a few years time you lose it forever.
And thats coming from someone who has downloaded quite a bit so far and doesn't want to lose it all.



SphericalCrusher said:

Very disappointed that they are not doing a retail box copy release... I'll buy it on eShop of course, but would still prefer that retail copy.



Shambo said:

Really Capcom? Senran Kagura gets a boxed release here by a smaller publisher, but your big title Phoenix Wright not? We have to beg to 'show interest' in your games and even then get slapped in the face all too often? You used to be one of my favourite names in gaming, but this is going too far...



shonenjump86 said:

That sucks, I also want a box copy, but I'm ok with downloading it. I bet this game is gonna take a lot of memory space though. Also Capcom, if you're gonna go the digital way at least do this for Edgeworth 2 as well.



marioman said:

well as somebody who recently just bought game numero 50 on their steam account [castle crashers, woot woot... steam sales will be the death of me] i dont think it would be ethically correct to complain abbout games being "download only", but people are correct in complaining about the eshops lack of a shared account system, i play and share my 3ds/ds games with my little brother so having a physical copy is easy and convenient for the two of us. Honestly i think the main reason why i haven't beaten fire emblem awakening is because my bro got it as a download only and its pretty inconvenient to swap 3ds' whenever I want to play.



MathRaph said:

@fishman100 Don't worry about that, I upgraded a couple of month ago and the transfer process was very straightforward. It can take some time but everything is transferred: save files, games, demos, videos, eShop funds... Just follow the simple instructions when you turn the XL on for the first time.



Ren said:

There's no good analogy for this situation because there is no other product; thing even, better suited for adapting to a non-physical form. video games are by their nature interactive digital experiences that have absolutely no dependence on their delivery format to make them experientially what they are. What game has you hold it and pretend it's the gun? do you run with a cartridge strapped to your head to make it fun? The need for a physical piece of anything to deliver a digital experience is purely practical and now that it's gone it's pure blind, consumerist, entitlement that has anyone still attached to a scrap of plastic and silicon to validate their experience of spending money. I'm not saying that the new delivery system is perfect or even good, but it's so juvinille (and yes, first world/ western world) to whine about not having a piece of STUFF to define your worth, your purchase, your experience. Buy the game and play it, it's the same darn thing it was, and it has been the 21st century for a while now.



miron_khuzd said:

I'm trying to convince myself just to be happy with the fact that the game is coming to the west... but I can't! I want my box and a game card inside! xD



IKAY said:

Too bad, but it can't be changed now... I personally prefer physical games. What looks better on your shelf? A great game collection or a SD card, that could be framed? Too bad for you if you frame your SD card you can't play your games unless you have a second SD for that or you unframe the SD.

I only download games if there is no other way for it.

Btw: What is that quiz about, that they cant translate?



RevolverLink said:

I was pretty skeptical that Capcom would change their minds on this even before Svensson left, so this news, while disappointing, isn't surprising.



rockman_zero said:

And the downfall of gaming continues thanx to digital garbage physical copies are better to own since u can add it to ur collection and it doesn't clutter ur system up with slowness and not worry about a poopiedoodledingsongloviepoopiecaca internet connection plus this another excuse for crapcom to kill another series over here



rockman_zero said:

@IKAY agreed the only downloads should be retro games not retail stuff u can get in stores I'd rather pay 40$ on a physical copy than spend 60$ for 3 point cards that u need for same game in download form



Peach64 said:

I can understand the annoyance because without an account system, I'm hesitant to buy digital too, but I don't understand the people that won't buy this because they don't get to put a box on their shelf. For a community that constantly says other gamers put graphics or story over gameplay, you're really saying you want a box more than a game? I know some people have OTHER reasons to not get it like needing to share the cart, but there's a ton of comments here from people moaning they want to display the box.

I think it's inevitable that digital is the future. People liked looking at their CD and book collections too, but ultimately the convenience of digital won over, and the movie industry is going the same way.



RedBlueSpot said:

Guess I will be downloading it from the eShop then. Bummer!
I'm willing to pay what extra it takes to get a boxed edition.
I'm in love with the Ace Attorney series.

While you're at it Capcom, please make Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 downloadable too.



Lunapplebloom said:

@Peahch64 And that's why physical CD sales are on the rise in Japan, at least as I was told by a Japanese news network. Different country, I know, but gives insight into why they got a physical version.

"Ace Attorney producer Motohide Eshiro reaffirmed the reason behind the download-only route is so localisation does not take as long, allowing people to get their hands on the game as soon as possible."
And that they can try and line their pockets with as much money as possible, eliminating any way of anyone selling it second hand. I'm all for a company making a profit, but to say that getting the game localized faster is the only reason for such a decision is just a slap in the face. The've lost a sale from me. They could have even a limited run, but no.



Bass_X0 said:

The game will be wortth full price whether its digital or retail. I'll be downloading it on day one. I only don't download retail games currently because I can get them cheaper on cartridge and it'll take up a lot of blocks. But new Phoenix Wright will be worth it.

I don't care about boxes or manuals. They get thrown under the bed or in the corner of a room. They are useless. Its only the game that counts.



Quickman said:

Nintendo's digital sales are "on the up" so you're probably going to see more of this..



retro_player_22 said:

Another force digital retail title, damn how all companies are abusing digital download nowadays. I wouldn't complain on this if the digital copy isn't so damn expensive as compare to what it will be as a physical copy despite the fact that all you're downloading is a rom of the game which you won't going to own anyways.



SetupDisk said:

Great, I was going to download this game to begin with. If it is true that not having a boxed version will make it quicker to get here that is even better.



Doma said:

Ah ok, then the only factors stopping me from buying are Nintendo drm and costing any more than £15-20.

Being download-only is actually perfect for a game like this (only worth a single playthrough), but Capcom can shove it if they fail to price accordingly.



Tindre said:

I'm sad, I don't have a big memory card so I hope it will fit :<
Especially with games like these that you finish once, I want to be able to just eject it and place it in a physical library. Since Nintendo has no user account system I would be scared of losing it if I delete it or my system dies. :<
I'm still going to buy it in some way because I absolutely love the series but .... I'm not happy about these news :<



Ralizah said:

It's not ideal, but at least its coming over. I would suggest buying it if you're a fan of the series at all, as boycotting it is pretty much the equivalent of telling Capcom you're not interested in future games in the series being released overseas either.



KnightRider666 said:

@Ren: No, it isn't the same darn thing. I like physical media over digital because it will always be mine. Digital stuff can get deleted, and be unable to be re-downloaded in the future. Also if you lose your system, you lose everything that has been downloaded and paid for. Really dude, don't get me started...



Zach777 said:

Maybe Capcom doesn't want want to run into any spelling problems with the boxed copies like they did with RE:R? They did fail to spell right on the side of the box, causing an inflated price on some sites such as e-Bay. Guess the bad spelling somehow reels in a higher price.

Pheonix Right Ase Attornuey: Dool Destunies, anyone?



Bass_X0 said:

@KnightRider666 Never lost a downloaded game in the six years I've been downloading games. One XBOX 360 game became corrupted somehow and had to be redownloaded but thats nothing. My 3DS broke and paid for the cost of a 3DS game to get it fixed again - all my downloads remained intact with no issues.

Have lost DS cartridges in that time. Sometimes I find them again weeks months later but I'm still missing Yoshi's Island DS several years after losing it. Yeah, I still own it, but hell if I know where it is so I can actually play it.

Since Nintendo has no user account system I would be scared of losing it if I delete it or my system dies. :<

If you delete it, you can always redownload it. Nobody has ever lost a game they paid for because they can't redownload it (to the same console/handheld). And it doesn't cost much to get your machine repaired if it does die. The only real danger is if you physically lose your 3DS.

Also, why is the lack of an account system only just now a problem when people have been spending hundreds of dollars downloading WiiWare and Wii VC games in the past six years?



AyeHaley said:

@One-Winged-Pit Am I talking about you?
And I mean when one MIGHT loses one's 3DS. Or it gets stolen. I'm sure you must've heard about things called criminals and accidents?



SquarEvil said:

I know what I want. A new Ace Attorney game! Physical copy or not, I'm buying it Day 1. And like Bass_X0 said, I've lost more cartridges than downloaded games.



Tasuki said:

@Bass_X0: Come one you have to ask why the lack of an account system is only a problem now and didnt creep up during the Wii Gen?

Um with a 3DS being a handheld the chance of it getting lost, stolen or even broken is greater. You can't accidentally have your Wii fall out of your pocket, or accidentally leave it on the bus.



One-Winged-Pit said:

@AyeHaley You said when, that means it will not be there anymore in a few years as a fact. Regardless, if something did happen to your system you can just buy another one that you would have to do no matter what if you lost it.



pariah164 said:

Disappointed, but I'm buying it, Day 1. To anone insisting they're not buying it because it's digital only: YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.



TravisTouchdown said:

I'm okay with digital. I'd prefer a physical copy, but I'll live with digital. Especially if that means maybe, juuuuuuuuust maybe, we'll see a digital copy of Investigations 2 appear on the eShop someday.



bluecat said:

Super bummned but will still buy a digital copy. Now I have to get a bigger SD card though.



bluecat said:

@pariah164 "To anyone insisting they're not buying it because it's digital only: YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM."


You know what they say, when life give you lemons...



Slayer said:

Agh... I love the Ace Attorney games...
And yes, I DO object! And my evidence to do this is EVERYONE HERE!



Wright_On said:

I have some questions. Bare with me. These might sound dumb if you're a big gamer, but keep in mind I'm not. I love the Phoenix Wright series because it is a rare breed of game that challenges you to think outside the box. This being said, I'm debating whether it is worth it to buy a whole new game system- as I'm hearing it is only on 3DS- is that true? (Still only needed the og ds until now), take it to somewhere where I can get internet (phone is internet at my house)- does it have to be on my wii? Pay more money to download a game (that I'm understanding is probably more expensive than the tangible product- correct?) It isn't because I don't relish my fan card, but I'm weighing whether or not it would really be worth it, especially since this would probably be the only game I'd have. I hate it coerce a good system to go obsolete.
As to how I feel about download only ganes: again, I'm conflicted. There is something exciting about buying a game and having it in your bag from a brick and mortar store on the day of release I will always prefer. You get to communicate with other fans there for the same reason. I come from a generation where you ran home after school, me up with a few friends, and ran over to each others' houses to play the original Mario (with a cartridge roughly the size of a ds lite itself.) So there is a nostalgia there I think makes it more of a social interaction. There are definite conveniences to downloadable games: don't have to leave your house, more eco-friendly (no plastic to go in landfills). I'd prefer we have an option for both, personally.
And whoever said 'first world problems'- you get a high five for best laugh of the day.

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