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Sun 7th Oct 2012

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Tindre commented on Video: Get Some Tips on Accessing and Enjoying...:

The only thing I have gotten through online play is one point on unique (you can pick 1-3 in different categories, cute, cool, unique and "I want to live there") so when someone just gives one point and only to unique I doubt it's a compliment :<
But I got to see some nice creations at least..



Tindre commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies ...:

I'm sad, I don't have a big memory card so I hope it will fit :<
Especially with games like these that you finish once, I want to be able to just eject it and place it in a physical library. Since Nintendo has no user account system I would be scared of losing it if I delete it or my system dies. :<
I'm still going to buy it in some way because I absolutely love the series but .... I'm not happy about these news :<



Tindre commented on Interview: Denis Dyack on Shadow of the Eterna...:

I don't really trust Kickstarters anymore because I backed one last year and I still haven't gotten my "reward" that was supposed to be sent out in december. Mailed them a lot and finally they should have sent it. I backed a high amount just to get it, a signed print of one of my heroes. ..
But other than that, I loved eternal darkness, and I hope this project gets realized. I don't really care about personal drama since I don't know his side of the story, but my negative kickstarter experience prevents me from giving any money (that and becoming a student. xD)



Tindre commented on Intelligent Systems: Wii U Fire Emblem Would N...:

I would imagine it selling like hot cakes in Japan at least..
And now that so many people have played the 3ds version I would imagine it would sell well over here too. But I guess they could wait for the WiiU to get more popular... Zelda is on the way so..



Tindre commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

If dating sims like love plus came here I wouldn't care, but they don't. :/ I have imported some games for PSP and I would do the same for my 3ds, if I could.

no, they would still do region specific releases.
But let's say for example that I want to buy the US version that is uncensored, I can't now. If region locking was not in place, I could have gotten it since my personal media tolerance is different than the EU would be in that case. Or like Harvest moon for 3ds which is still not out here yet, I could have bought it one year ago when it released in USA instead of just sitting on my donkey and waiting for it.



Tindre commented on Fan Campaign Starts for Princess Zelda to be G...:

no thanks... it's not needed really. Link is pretty feminine on his own

plus she has this sort of mysterious air still. Playing as her would remove that I think. (ignoring the cdi games)

Make more awesome Metroid games instead, or a new ip with a girl hero :3 (Krystal from Star fox?)



Tindre commented on Project X Zone Localisation Will Keep The Japa...:

@Derpzilla ................ wat
no? I have learnt some Japanese at university, and also by now I understand a lot of spoken Japanese, and dude, seriously, they know voiceacting. They're not afraid to scream or go all in when they do. Lately dubs have picked up too, but watch early anime dubs in english and then in japanese and you'll see.

"I'm pretty certain that to a Japanese viewer or someone who is fluent in the language can tell you that 99.9% of the time the acting sucks, which is why in Japan most anime fans prefer to listen to the dub instead because the acting is miles better."
Where do you get your numbers?

I have grown up in scandinavia and all movies here are subtitled, not dubbed (luckily.......)
It doesn't ruin the movie at all, you don't even think about it when you read them (unless you think about it ofc, then youre screwed)
In my opinion, the material should be enjoyed in it's original form. So this is great!
You could say that having only voices and no subtitles would be alienating deaf people. Or having an english dub would alienate all the people who don't speak english....
So yeah..



Tindre commented on Project X Zone:

excited for this <3
tried the demo and it was really fresh and fun <3



Tindre commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

I love how the first comments are from june 2010...
So we have been waiting for 3 years ^^''

I also bought a 3ds for this game... I can't wait to play it.



Tindre commented on Game Freak: The Pokémon World Will Be Evolvin...:

Pleaaase let me use a wii u controller to scan pokemon like a pokedex
Pleaaase let me use a wii u controller to scan pokemon like a pokedex
Pleaaase let me use a wii u controller to scan pokemon like a pokedex