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Sat 22nd Jun 2013

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SquarEvil commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

Living in America, I've only ever imported 3 games.

Jump Ultimate Stars for the DS which is an excellent game that EVERY DS OWNER should make the effort to find whether they understand Japanese or not. I don't and it's one of my top 10 favorite DS games of all time. Just look at a translation walkthrough at GameFAQS.

Tales of Eternia, an underrated PSP game that came to Europe and was translated to English. As a Tales fan, I'm glad I was able to play a game that had no reason to not be localized in the US.

Sonic Generations, which I would've gladly bought here in the US if we had actually gotten that awesome collector's edition that was only released in Europe and Australia. But that's just SoA's loss I guess.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the main reason why we got Elite Beat Agents because so many people imported Ouendan from Japan?

Should the 3DS and any future Nintendo portable system by region free? Well, just look at the avatar