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Sun 1st Sep 2013

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Wright_On commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies ...:

I have some questions. Bare with me. These might sound dumb if you're a big gamer, but keep in mind I'm not. I love the Phoenix Wright series because it is a rare breed of game that challenges you to think outside the box. This being said, I'm debating whether it is worth it to buy a whole new game system- as I'm hearing it is only on 3DS- is that true? (Still only needed the og ds until now), take it to somewhere where I can get internet (phone is internet at my house)- does it have to be on my wii? Pay more money to download a game (that I'm understanding is probably more expensive than the tangible product- correct?) It isn't because I don't relish my fan card, but I'm weighing whether or not it would really be worth it, especially since this would probably be the only game I'd have. I hate it coerce a good system to go obsolete.
As to how I feel about download only ganes: again, I'm conflicted. There is something exciting about buying a game and having it in your bag from a brick and mortar store on the day of release I will always prefer. You get to communicate with other fans there for the same reason. I come from a generation where you ran home after school, me up with a few friends, and ran over to each others' houses to play the original Mario (with a cartridge roughly the size of a ds lite itself.) So there is a nostalgia there I think makes it more of a social interaction. There are definite conveniences to downloadable games: don't have to leave your house, more eco-friendly (no plastic to go in landfills). I'd prefer we have an option for both, personally.
And whoever said 'first world problems'- you get a high five for best laugh of the day.