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Fri 5th Apr 2013

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DrOzaki commented on Video: The 10 Best Zelda Games As Selected By You:

Didn't really need the video to basically say "Well Twilight Princess is pretty much trash but people like so here it is!" It's in the top 4, wanna highlight some it's amazing factors like you did with the others? Also the GCN version is by far superior IMO and doesn't feature the annoying waggle combat.



DrOzaki commented on Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On YouTube User-G...:

This was and is gunna happen eventually. Lets Plays have always been a bit of a touchy subject, and this is Nintendos way of handling it. Oh and I love how so many Youtubers are posting rant videos on how Nintendos flagging videos for copyright, when the article here clearly says they are encouraging people to upload content.