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StreetPass DLC System Update Finally Hits North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


Back in June Europe and Japan received an update to the StreetPass Mii Plaza that not only gave it a shiny new layout and some other minor tweaks, but also four new paid-DLC games. North America received a system update minus the StreetPass content, which was a little baffling and frustrating for those that fancied bringing some spice to their StreetPass shenanigans.

Well, the day has come, North America. System update 6.1.0-12U is now waiting for you on your lovely 3DS, and will bring with it the updated plaza and DLC store. Just think about all of those new hats and tokens you can collect.

The four games and pricing match up with Europe, so they're $4.99 each. There are some minor tweaks to the names, but the content is the same, and a bundle of all four can be bought at the discounted cost of $14.99.

  • Mii Force - Side scrolling shooter, where you're an elite team member of the space police; your mission being to heroically save StreetPass Galaxy from the Gold Bone Gang.
  • Flower Town - Become a Master Gardener. To progress, you need to grow lots of flowers and decorate your garden with people you meet. Mii encounters are very important as it helps your plants to grow.
  • Warrior's Way - A game of strategy and luck, you begin by ruling a remote country in a war-torn land; you build an army via Streetpass to battle other generals. Your ultimate goal is to conquer the world in this quest.
  • Monster Manor - You're a detective sent on a spooky paranormal investigation to solve the mysterious happenings at a haunted house. Reveal the truth, and battle your way to the top floor.

Satoru Iwata recently confirmed that more than 200,000 3DS owners in Japan and Europe had bought at least one of these games, and that was without much marketing; the North American release will surely give a big boost to those numbers. If you want a lowdown of how they stack up, we've also provided a StreetPass DLC hands-on / review. So, how many of you are rushing to the system update menu to get hold of these games?


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PikaNick said:

2 dollars away from being able to get all 4 at once. Now I have to go buy a points card.



SCAR said:

I plan on buying them, soon. The relays will be nice. I just so happened to power on my 3DS as soon as the update was available.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Knucklesfanguy We spotted some Twitter chat and checked Nintendo's site. Our man Ron then downloaded the update and supplied the details and photos; it just came out of the blue, no press release or anything!



Ralizah said:

Going to a week long convention soon, so I might download one of these in anticipation of all the streetpass hits I'll be getting while there.



Morpheel said:

Hah just as I checked this here, the blue light on my 3ds turned on... To tell me about a new panel.



dadajo said:

Well that came out of no where... I am happy it is finally available so I can finally not feel sad for completing everything, but Nintendo really should of at least mentioned these games were coming on a nintendo direct.



FluttershyGuy said:

Pay for new games, when I only get a SP every couple of months (if I'm lucky)? If I could get a Fluttershy hat, I'd buy these and travel out of state! Since no F'shy, PASS! Is there even any point in getting these outside a populous area?



WaxxyOne said:

"To progress, you need to grow lots of flowers and decorate your garden with people you meet."

Sounds...... Morbid.



hYdeks said:

Yay, I just noticed it after coming back from a walk Neat, was really hoping for this to come! Thanks Nintendo

Edit after updating I really love the more wide open looking plaza and the way everything is organize! Sweet update



Handy_Man said:


The wait for this update has certainly been worth it! XD



bluewolf85 said:

Finally!!! waiting is over!!! $4.99 each!? oh man.. I don't have enough money...well I need buy card.



element187 said:

WaxxyOne:"To progress, you need to grow lots of flowers and decorate your garden with people you meet."
Sounds...... Morbid.

@WaxxyOne gives new meaning to "pushing daisies"



rjejr said:

The US had to wait but at least we got much better sounding game names after the delay.



Tony_342 said:

Considering that I've owned a 3DS since launch and have never gotten a single StreetPass hit (nor do I know anyone who owns a 3DS) I think I'll give this a pass.



One-Winged-Pit said:

Maybe when I get that free $30 dollars if the discount is still going on. I will probably save it for SMT 4 DLC though.



Knuckles said:

From the shadows they're suddenly there.

Before I buy them, I will refinish all of the regular games, because my save data was lost. D:



kyuubikid213 said:

My 3DS is currently out for repair because the depth slider wouldn't adjust the 3D anymore... Maybe I'll get myself a $20 eShop card as a gift and grab the whole set.

I don't know. Maybe I'll like them all!



Marioman64 said:

ACK! WHERE'S MY WALLET!!! scrounges about k got it. MY BODY IS READY!

I'm gonna get all these, take my two 3ds's to vacation with me and get ALL the streetpasses! perfect timing nintendo!



Haxonberik said:

For 10$ I'd definitely get them all... And I really dont feel like buying 2, so I'll just wait 'til I have more money.



LexKitteh said:

Does this add the Skyward Sword and Xenoblade puzzles for the US? Also, to progress in these new Streetpass games, do I have to pass people who have also purchased the new games?



paburrows said:

Just bought all of them! Now I'll finally have something to do with the 300 walking coins that have just been sitting there.



paburrows said:

I never got Skyward Sword or Xenoblade puzzles, I received a Nintendo Starlets Puzzle.



Windy said:

If I could get more street pass hits than 10 a year I would buy these. My system walks 15,000+ steps a day and I get 0 street pass hits. Maybe they should think about making these games playable with our online friends lists. Or give me a job at Nintendo of america so I could get street pass hits at the office



Sonic1994CD said:

Awesome! Just downloaded the update for Mii Plaza, I should be buying a new game tomorrow.



Giygas_95 said:

@Windy I know...It doesn't seem to give much thought to people that can't get many streetpasses. Especially the pink puzzle pieces in puzzle swap.



Pokefanmum82 said:

People seem to forget that Nintendo is turning 28k wifi hot spots into streetpass relay stations. My son and I streetpass each other every day so this won't be a problem for me.



cyrus_zuo said:

Bought all 4.
Loving MiiForce & Minster Manor. I know believe I could have happily passed on the other two.



reynoldsn93 said:

I got, New super mario bros u+ New super luigi u, skyward sword, and xenoblade... no starlets though =



DerpSandwich said:

I'll be all over this when they start installing those StreetPass relays. Right now a couple tags during one trip into town is a rare treat, and four of my play coins per day are already taken up by fortune cookies in Animal Crossing. Heck, I've had my 3DS for over a year and I only just unlocked Find Mii 2. So I'll have to pass at the moment.



dizzy_boy said:

@LexKitteh if you streetpass somebody, you can use them in the new games even if they don't own any of the new games.
The only one out of the four games that really benefits the most from streetpassing others is streetpass battle/warriors way. It'll take forever to build up your army, and at 5 coins per wonderer it feels like the biggest rip off too. Thing is, once you've got a decent army, it's actualy fun to play.



sleepinglion said:

Thanks for the article! I wouldn't have known about the bundle otherwise. I used to put my 3DS in my pocket when I went running to earn my 10 coins every day and it wound up being a pretty cool little motivator at times. I may have stopped every 10 minutes or so to tell my 3DS it was a new day. Hee hee hee. These new games should keep us busy =)



tsm7 said:

I enjoy the streetpass games but they really need to up the daily play coin limit. Games outside of the plaza use them and most two at a time.



GamerZack87 said:

@ThomasBW84: "Minster Manor"? Shouldn't that be "Monster Manor"?

Congrats, North Americans! You're in for a real treat. Well, personally I find StreetPass Garden (aka Flower Town) a bit boring. I still play it anyway, plus it was free, so it wasn't a waste.



Undead_terror said:

And so these games NEED play coins?, I might get a game or two but I dread the whole play coin thing, sometimes when shaking my 3ds it feels like the thing may break.



Spoony_Tech said:

I dl'ed them all. It might take a while to get to all of them but it will be worth it! I might not get a ton of streetpasses but I've got my fair share. Now if people would just use the plaza when I pass them it would be a bit better! Id say I get 1 out of every 4 that's just a game pass and no plaza!



Shambo said:

@NoUsernameHere As in... StreetPass?

I noticed that even a couple of StreetPass hits guarantee quite a bit of -'huh what?' indeed- actual gameplay! And the new hats/costumes are AWESOME! Full Link tunic or a Sheik mask anyone?



HAL9000 said:

The DLC bunny actually does a good job of explaining the games so I felt like I knew what I was purchasing. Nice update. The shooting game is a lot of fun.



astros75 said:

Just Dloaded all 4, those streetpass stations should really help in the future



GamerZack87 said:

@ThomasBW84: No problem. A quick search on Google reveals that a minster is a real thing. It's a type of church found in parts of England. Wow, I guess you really do learn something new every day!



Ducutzu said:

I got all four when they were released in the EU and love them. I think that Warrior's Way is the least strategic, but the other three are great. Even the gardening one - your 3DS, and the others you pass, pollenize and get you seeds of new flowers, very clever and fun.



TheAdza said:

I think that they will hit a million sales in no time of these games. They are pretty great. I thought at first that the garden one would be the one I least play but its the one I spend the most time with. And it's fairly cheap on the play coins.



realar said:

I LOVE the update for Streetpass Mii Plaza!! Find Mii is much easier to shovel through due to filters for Old Allies, the new games are fun and last a lot longer than the former, you get actual rewards (hats) for getting accomplishment tickets, and we have now a BUTTLOAD of hats we need to collect now. Not to mention 4 more puzzles to complete! Whoo!! Mii Force Assemble!!



Kirk said:

Just watched the video for Mii Force...

Looks like a lot of fun!

If the rest of the games are this good then that's pretty neat.



ReshiramZekrom said:

It also seems that the load times for Game Notes, Friend List, Notifications, and Internet Browser are faster!



Aqueous said:

I've put 10 play coins in each. Mii Force and Monster Manor are fun right away. Flower Town is interesting but I'm not far yet, though the mii's said some funny things. Warrior's Way had a fun first round, I'm curious to see if it will really be so slow and 10 play coins on it became 150 units when I expected 140, so not too bad.



HeatBombastic said:

CALLED IT! It was totes delayed because they were coming up with clever names for it. Europe, You jelly of our non-generic names?



ultraraichu said:

I been resisting the temptation to open my mii plaza since the update because I want to get my streetpass mii count to 10 (currently 8). I like having a full party for "Find Mii II".

Definitely getting all four when I finally play it. Been saving my E-Cash since the European release.



FernandoMachado said:

whats the 4th icon on the first row for?
i got the four extra games and they fill the panel nicely but the 4th icon on the first row remains empty???



Windy said:

If the Relay Spots work for me I will Get these. But not until I see how the wifi spots work. I would rather my Friendlist was involved with these games than streetpass but oh well gotta make connecting with people confusing and complicated **Throws up arms** I hope my work is a relay spot it is an AT&T hotspot. I also Ran an ad in las vegas craiglist for a libary streetpass meet the last wednesday of july. Lets see how that works. I do like the new look of the Games Plaza. Good Job on that



Arianabtd said:

I was kinda sceptical at first, but after that helpful bunny told me about the games I totally want them now.

I'll just have to find $15 somewhere x3.
I hardly get any street passes, but I get loads of play coins since I take my 3ds with me everywhere so I think I'll have fun anyway.



NintendoROCK3T said:

What!? I JUST used a 20 dollar eShop Card a few days ago! -_- I swear I've got the worst bad luck in the world...



geozeldadude said:

cool. i still have to finish collecting some hats from the original games, but will def. be picking these up.



LittleIrves said:

Considering how much time and fun I've gotten out of the pre-installed Plaza, I'm happy to plunk down 15 bones for a new suite of games. Living and working in Boston gets me at least a few StreetPasses a day. Just hope they make the relay's optional since I like knowing I actually "pass" another 3DS out there in the wild...



Windy said:

@OldMan-Tech Would ya like to play Mariokart tonight? I made a group called Blue Rogues I will shoot you the Number. I can start Around 6pm or 7pm



SirQuincealot said:

so do any of these games use the people in your plaza from games like mario kart? or do they only use tags?



Stuffgamer1 said:

Heh...already updated last night. Spent a good hour in the tutorials for the four games.

@SirQuincealot: I believe Warrior's Way uses those guys, as the army you amass is comprised of EVERYBODY in your StreetPass partner's Plaza. At least, I'm pretty sure I've never passed 370 unique people.



Raptor78 said:

The best game of them all is the least obvious.... the Gardening game. The only reason I got it was because I wanted the other three and it was the same to buy the full package. Once you get past the boring initial stages of the game it becomes a massive Gardening / RPG experience. I do the change date trick on my 3DS to rack up tons of coins a day to spend on this game. The one I play the least is Mii Force which is good but doesnt really evolve as much as the other games...

In order of preference (after playing them is...)
StreetPass Garden
StreetPass Mansion
StreetPass Battle
StreetPass Squad.

...also its worth playing the games to unlock the full Costumes instead of just the hats for your mii. Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Yoshi... etc. I cant wait to see it they have a Metroid Outfit.



Scary_Old_Lady said:

American games have wierd names.
*Find Mii < StreetPass Quest
*Mii Squad < StreetPass Squad
*Flower Town < StreetPass Garden
*Warrior's Way < StreetPass Battle
*Monster Manor < StreetPass Mansion

Told you they have wierd game names.



SirQuincealot said:

@Stuffgamer1 someone with this game (and also mario kart), should go and play mario kart online and see if there army grows

the people at NintendoLife should have the capabilities, someone should check that out



KAHN said:

i wont be caught dead spending perfectly good eshop points on MiiPlaza. EVER.



BlackStar9000 said:

@undead_terror dont shake it while its open, and plenty of places can fix your hinges for you for a low price, though I would recommend using a video guide on youtube and do it yourself.



Raptor78 said:

@FernandoMachado the blank 4th square is so you know if there is anybody at your plaza entrance, if there is an arrow will appear so you can go greet them while your in the plaza already.



TheAdza said:

Question about Tokens, I haven't had a new selection to buy for over a week or more. I have 7 tokens to spend but I can't get them. Anyone know how long it takes to get some more hat choices?



TheAdza said:

I now have 8 tokens and can't spend them. My son has now had two new lots of 4 hats to choose from. I wants my hats darn it!



DrGerm said:

BTW: I bought this package, then did a system transfer the next day, and my purchase DID transfer with no problem



ROB98374 said:

I don't know if it was reported elsewhere, but I noticed the 99 tag limit has been increased. I have four 3DS's and I noticed it said "101 tags" instead of the "99 tags" that I have been seeing for the past couple years.



Captain_Gonru said:

@ROB98374 You beat me by twenty minutes.
Also, for those of you who are shaking your 3DS for coins; just put it in your pocket while you go about your day. 1000 steps (100 steps per coin with a 10 coin daily limit) is really not that many in a day. I've often complained that the daily limit should be raised because I average 10,000 steps or so a day. And no, I'm not taking it jogging or anything.



Windy said:

@pikasaiyan98 I started a group on Mariokart if you want to play I will be hosting on Sundays at 6pm pacific time here is the group Number 18-6444-7158-4176



Kitsune_Rei said:

Bought it as soon as I could. Some of the games are a little weaker than others, but it was no question for me to get the bundle. They're all fun in their own way and its fantastic to have some new hats and stuff for the Mii plaza.



ramstrong said:

Garden may be fun for you, but it takes too long to play for me. You have to walk here, there, and a lot of time is spent waiting for the character to go between places. As I am time limited, I'll have to pass this one.

Mansion seems nice enough. It's a nice touch with the game pieces revealing the area. I do worry about being stuck at too high a level dead end and have to go lower to survive.

Battle is currently my favorite. Cheap easy fun as it should be.

Squad looks very polished. As I have yet to have more than 1 Streetpass, I cannot comment on multiple weapon set up, but I like what I see so far.



ramstrong said:

What do you mean by "tags"? Do you mean Streetpass tags? I thought you can only get 10 max. Has previous updates increased that limit to 99 tags?



BrittGOAL14 said:

I downloaded it when it was released and was fairly excited. Just need to babysit the boys for a day so I can buy a new eShop card!



ROB98374 said:

I was talking about the number of tags per mii over a lifetime. Before, it used to max out at 99 tags even if you tagged that same mii 500 times. Now they have increased that that limit. I'm not sure what the new limit is yet, but I am up to 103 on one of my mii's now.



LunarJade said:

I got all four when it came out over here. Liking most of them. The garden one is a bit slow but I'm enjoying it. And I had over 2000 people in my plaza so Warrior's Way was given a pretty nice start for me.

I used to really only get streetpasses when I went to conventions, but I've found since Animal Crossing came out for the 3DS I can get streetpasses pretty consistently every couple of days.
Because I still do go to conventions I would actually like it if they lifted the 10 streetpass at one time limit. It was hard to keep up with them before just to play through puzzle swap and Find Mii. With new games it's going to be much harder to keep up on at events.

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