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Fri 12th Jul 2013

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DrGerm commented on New 3DS Update Brings StreetPass Relay Functio...:

@JaxonH - I don't think you're completely accurate; just had to send in my daughter's 3DS XL which I just got a few weeks ago (upgraded from 3DS); will cost $130 to fix "IF" they think it was due to physical damage (how they can tell with no obvious damage, I don't know), but I'm only going that route because it's cheaper than losing the $200 of games I have on the system (brought over from a 3DS system transfer)... I Sure would have liked to have taken the system back to the store, replaced it for free and then just log into some sort of Nintendo account....



DrGerm commented on Disney Infinity:

Will the Wii-U gamepad get special use in this game? I'm guessing "no" since this is multi-platform.