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Fri 23rd October, 2009

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geozeldadude commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

i tried this out yesterday and i have to say so that so far i'm not too offended by this game. you could clearly get sucked into it and be somewhat exploited by it, but if you treat it as a nintendogs type game where you're really only playing in 15 minutes bursts frequently then it seems you can still make regular progress. i'll have to see how that first impression holds up the more i play it, though.



geozeldadude commented on Review: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U):

> Wispy Willows, the poor tree whom Kirby has felled so many
> times at this point that he could build a log cabin from its multiple
> remains and still have enough wood left over to last through winter.

it's actually whispy woods. but this line still made me lol.



geozeldadude commented on A New Rhythm Heaven Game On Nintendo 3DS Is Mu...:

i'm a big fan of the series anyway, so i'll be getting it regardless, but since the GBA release was never released outside of japan this is still def. a worthwhile purchase for others, despite the repeats, if they localize it.



geozeldadude commented on Stand-Alone Kirby Fighters And DeDeDe's Drum D...:

i'm in two minds about this. on the one hand it feels like the people who own triple deluxe should get this as DLC for free, but on the other hand it feels like those two modes in triple deluxe were just demos for these games, devaluing triple deluxe as a whole. will have to know more about it to decide how i actually feel.



geozeldadude commented on Pac-Land and Pac-Man Collection Chomp Onto Nor...:

Pac-Man Collection is fun esp. for the puzzle game, but the screen is very cramped for the other 3 games (you can only see a small part of the total board at a time). for those games you'd be better off getting one of the console collections, like one of the namco museum collections for wii, imo.



geozeldadude commented on Review: Pushmo World (Wii U eShop):

it doesn't seem like they added enough to make me jump on this right away. i'll get it eventually, but still have some puzzles in pushmo and crashmo that i never got around to.



geozeldadude commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

nice article. this is interesting b/c this is what nintendo has been predicting all along: that the hardware specs (i.e. graphics) war was going to reach a limit at some point, and that if video games are going to continue to be compelling there has to be something else to draw people in.



geozeldadude commented on StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Brings New Paid Do...:

i'm pretty excited about this. i live in a fairly big city in the US so i get streetpasses fairly regularly, and i've enjoyed the previous modes. i think charging for what are essentially new games is fair, although the price sounds a bit high based on the descriptions. but it's possible the games themselves are deep enough to make it worthwhile, and the combo price is more acceptable.