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Aliens: Colonial Marines Cancelled on Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Game is actually over this time, man

Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U has had a strange history. It started as a hyped game, with Randy Pitchford of Gearbox waxing lyrical about the Wii U and its GamePad, declaring that the system would enjoy the best of the multi-platform versions. Then it arrived on other consoles and was roundly panned as a poor mis-representation of the game that was expected in the preceding months. Rumours swirled around who actually developed the game — Gearbox reportedly outsourced a lot of work — and publisher SEGA went quiet about the fate of the Wii U version, which drifted on with no release date.

Earlier today more rumours began to swirl that SEGA had canned the Wii U version, and the company has now provided the following statement to IGN confirming the news:

SEGA can confirm that the Wii U sku of Aliens: Colonial Marines is no longer in development.

Rather blunt and to the point, confirming what's been long suspected. Considering the negativity around the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions this is no surprise, and our suspicion is that rather than subject the underwhelming final product to more attention with an eventual Wii U release, SEGA has decided to let this one die.

We doubt this is much of a loss, but what do you think of this news? Let us know in the comments below.


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rjejr said:

I think I see a new talking point - What's worse, a delayed game or a canceled game? In this instance I think we're mostly glad it's canceled.

Oh, and you might want to change this part

Release Date:
To Be Announced (USA)
To Be Announced (UK/EU)



Svengoolie said:

Good. Now can we please forget this garbage game ever existed? Gearbox is crap. Randy Pitchford is a hack.



CountEkkiM said:

SURPISE!!! im wasnt going to buu that game but, WAKE UP ALL!!!! wiiu get NOTHING but cancelled wvery 3rd party games.. i though wiiu will be great for its games but NO!! nowday games dont fit wiiu and when ps4 and nextbox comes wiiu dont support unreal engine4!! hate to say that but wiiu is a big flop..



Meuz said:

It's a shame to not see the game released on the console. They could have put in more development time to sort it out and maybe release it at the end of the year. I would have supported it, if it turned out to be an improved version.



Jack_Package said:

I wish they hadn't made a mess of this. I was looking forward to it, but I let go a while back now. Cancellation is irrelevant, really



Shanksta said:

Bummer. At least this crap didn't touch the WiiU. Now SEGA must destroy GEARBOX for the betrayal they have committed with this trash.



Peach64 said:

Makes you wonder why they cancelled it. Given that they released it on other platforms despite it being garbage, I doubt they cancelled it because it was a bad game. It had the Aliens name, it would have sold decent numbers regardless. The masses don't read reviews.



Ryno said:

Dang, I was really hoping for the option to put the Gamepad to my stomach and
have an alien pop out.



bofis said:

Quality over Quantity people...this is a good thing, the WiiU needs GOOD games, not poop like this anyway



GiftedGimp said:

Unless they invested heavily on re-making the game and re-marketing a new, improved version it was never going to sell on WiiU, apart from the odd person willing to take a chance.
Its nothing to do with WiiU system sales, fact is a lot of money would of been already invested making the WiiU version and guarantee that had the other versions been actually any good, or at least not recieved so much negativity It would of been released on WiiU.
Its just a case of not throwing more money down the pan.



PanurgeJr said:


If you want to troll, don't make yourself a liar as well and say you hate to say something you obviously enjoy. Something feeling forced to confront a truth would write slowly enough to spell. Or would know how to spell in the first place.



ivanmata said:

Well good!, I watched reviews for this game and it's just a mess, SEGA made the right move.



Shiryu said:

Good riddance to bad garbage, I still can't believe how low gearbox went down with this. Keep your "Borderlands", you won't ever see my money again.



marck13 said:

Wait.. " longer in development." could of course also mean that it is finally finished and will be released at any time. ..I mean you know, I don't wanna go all "Sheldon Cooper" on you, but if that's all that is written there.. ^^



Giygas_95 said:

@mch That thought came to my mind as well.

From all our reactions it looks like Sega was better off canceling this.



McGruber said:

I actually wanted this to come to WiiU so I could play it. Just because it fell far from expectations doesn't mean it couldn't be at least a little fun for an Aliens fan. Woul I have spent more than $30 for it though? No, but still lol



PinkSpider said:

Can't stand idiotic comments like ''a Dead console'' after only being around for about 5 months.



MAN1AC said:

Stevie Wonder saw this coming. I'd just like to know why it was cancelled.



evanescent_hero said:

@CountEkkiM If you bought the Wii U expecting third-party support, you're a moron. Plain and simple. The Wii U has yet to flop; once the big games start coming out, it'll sell like crazy.



Bulbousaur said:

So you're not going to buy anymore of their games because they made a bad one? Then I guess you can't buy any game from any developer ever again...



GraveLordXD said:

@Bulby not only did they make a trash game but also completely lied to us and also Sega. I agree with Shiryu and wont ever support gearbox again, I simply don't trust the *****
And lets not forget what they did with duke nukem because that was a turd also and as much as I loved borderlands I can do with out it there's just to many other great games to choose from



marck13 said:

Just wanted to check that company out a lil' and found this:
"Do you enjoy playing games? Do you want to be part of the development process and help improve our games by providing feedback? The Focus Testing Program at Gearbox Software is your opportunity to voice your opinion to our development team!"

..what do we think of that ^^



millarrp said:

Probably not a huge loss, one less game I need to pay attention to...although, if it was so better then the other consoles like they were promoting it to be, it would have been interesting to see how much better..



gavn64 said:

Randy pitchford should stay away from nintendo systems for ever after this debacle. He just bullsh#*ted his way around fans, while putting all sega's cash into borderland's 2



jayblue said:

the games not crap ive played it to the end and there will be a follow up,just not on wii u wasnt as bad as made out, look better than half the crap shooters that is put out and if you liked alien films you would have loved this.



Giygas_95 said:

@jayblue Dunno, with how bad this one did, are you sure there's going to be a follow up (not sarcasm)? I feel they've tarnished their reputation so badly on this one that they'd be embarrassed to do another one.



BakaKnight said:

On a positive side Sega at least did right with the DS giving the job of make the Alien game to WayForward.
That was an awesome game ^O^

Which means that technically the best Alien's game version Sega published is on a Nintendo console anyway



jayblue said:

its at the end dont want to give spoilers away for people who havent played it i played on my 360 so im not sure how it plays on ps3.



Romeo said:

now we can all move on and forget about this 0815 wayne-game



Idolo said:

For the most part this is good news, but part of me is a little sad. While I'm sure the game was probably the same as the other versions, it would have been great if the WiiU version had turned out to be the game it was hyped to be... but hey ho, better games on the horizon.



HawkeyeWii said:

Gotta say back when this game was originally announced, this was one of the main reasons I wanted a Wii U. Then it turned out this game sucked major.. you know what



GraveLordXD said:

@Le_Gazman a dead console? The console is still in its infancy you I or anyone for that matter have no idea what this system will eventually grow into



snax007 said:

Not surprised about the cancelation, called it yesterday

And thank god that no software-hungry Wii U owners will waste money on this turd of a game.



CountEkkiM said:

i love my wiiu but it just piss me off alot of cancelling or not coming to wiiu news.. i was so angry when i wrote my first comment..



gohanrage said:

This Game Was real Bad apparently. Nothing like the Video Footage people were all excited about. I think its good its cancelled



Yoshi3DS said:

what a terrible day its been for me, was really looking forward to this cos the films are great



TingLz said:

We'll see who's laughing if the PS4 gets the same support (which signs are pointing to now)



rjejr said:

@Ryno - That's the funniest thing I've read all day. Maybe they can port it to the 3DS and make it happen.



EpicGamer said:

Could someone please tell me why this game was so bad? I haven't really payed attention to this game since the E3 trailer soooo.....



brucelebnd said:

ohh well it was a terrible game. Sonic Allstar Racing was great launch title, I hope sega ports Sonic Generations to the Wii U



undomiel said:

That's too bad, I was really looking forward to having a motion tracker in hand.



Lopezdm said:

It’s not a huge surprise considering the sales numbers on the other consoles. It seems once again the Nintendo nation was dealt the bait and switch. I think that it’s unfair how dishonest that game developers and publisher are being with gamers. The video that was shown at the game show was nothing like the finished product. The video was better then the gold release of the game. That’s really just crazy considering the short amount of time that went into making the video footage compared to the rest of the game. If they would have continued the same kind of effort it would have been a better game. It’s just sad that there is no support for the Wii U at the moment. As the PS4 and Next Box come out the amount of money that it will take to develop games will be much higher then it is now. The costs of a game will increase as well. The Wii U will have the same development cost of the current gen and sell at the 59.99 while the PS4 and next box will range at 69.99 and 79.99 per game. I will not be supporting those consoles because I am not made of money.



Dpullam said:

I completely expected this since Sega wasn't willing to talk about the Wii U version at all. I guess they feel that this game shouldn't be given very much publicity since it has been panned by quite a few game review websites.



Captain_Toad said:

@EpicGamerGirl Gearbox says that they are going to treat the game and movie license with respect, Aliens: CM, was apparently given to another studio to work on; that studio probably did not treat this with respect and it is NOTHING like the E3 build. Dumb Ai from the Aliens and Humans (from your team and the enemies.), graphics that isn't up to par (some of which are N64 quality), Glitches, Weak story (which could be probably canon), too easy game, and passable multiplayer.
Im a bit disappointed on how the actual game turned out and even more so since any chance of redemption of the fixed WiiU version is canned.



Urbanhispanic said:

It was for the best. Why have the Wii U get a game that was thrashed with negative reviews and even more negative opinions from the people who played it on the 360/PS3?

Now, Nintendo can focus on the GOOD games.



misswliu81 said:

now sega should make up for it by releasing either jet set radio, virtua fighter 5 final showdown, phantasy star zero, vanquish, skies of arcadia or valkyria chronicles as its replacement game on the wii U.



OptometristLime said:

If people really don't care about this game it makes me wonder: why be so ecstatic at its demise?
There is literally no upside to this news, it means:

  • One less game on Wii U
  • Literally zero sales (almost every game has an audience, however small)
  • (speculation) Rather than this being an act of mercy on SEGA's part it could represent a withdrawal from Wii U development
    See @misswliu81 (post 94)

What it doesn't mean:

  • A high quality third-party game will be announced to take its place.


GraveLordXD said:

@Optimist_Prime less shovel ware this time around thanks
This game is a joke and a complete slap in the face to long time aliens fans like myself, we were promised one thing and handed another



WaxxyOne said:

Given how terrible this game is on other platforms, I couldn't care less about it not showing up on Wii U. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for the cancellation was Nintendo not letting them put the worthless piece of trash on their console until they fixed some of the game-breaking bugs evident in the released versions.



evanescent_hero said:

@CountEkkiM It's hardly Nintendo's fault that third parties are ditching them left and right. They historically don't get along together, and I never expected any different this time around. Now it'd be nice if we saw some multiplats on the U, but I'm not holding my breath. I buy Nintendo consoles for Zelda, Smash Bros., Mario, and any innovative experiences developers can cook up. The Wii U looks to have a decent indie future ahead of it as well, and I'm glad about that, but seeing most mainstream titles is unlikely.

Sorry I called you a moron though.



sdcazares1980 said:

After receiving poor reviews for the other consoles, can you really blame Sega? This is one delay (albeit permanently) that I actually welcome.



Sir_Deadly said:

And this is news? I already predicted this after the bad reviews it got for other consoles!



Sparkticle said:

@evanescent_hero Well, Nintendo's main goal this generation is to make strong bonds with 3rd parties. I believe that they will succeed. I bet you we WILL see a lot of multiplats and exclusives from third parties after the sales arise.



banacheck said:

The Wii U will have the same development cost of the current gen and sell at the 59.99 while the PS4 and next box will range at 69.99 and 79.99 per game. I will not be supporting those consoles because I am not made of money.

The PS4 games will be the same price as they are on the PS3, Sony's already comfirmed this.



banacheck said:

Peach64 said:
Makes you wonder why they cancelled it.

Gearbox ripped off SEGA to fund Boardlands2 if rumours are true thats the basic story, the developer was saying Gearbox was embezzling money to pay for Boardlands2 development. So if true why hasn't SEGA took Gearbox to court yet? Gearbox denied all rumours.



Swiket said:

Shout out to every game journalist whose Aliens article headline isn't some variation of "Game over, man". Keep fighting the good fight.




The haters are gonna be out in force over this one.

This is nothing to do with the Wii U, this is about an unfinished mess of a product that was an embarrassment to a major company.

They know the game was poor, the public now know the game is poor, so sega have just done what seems to make sense to them.

What they should have done to rectify the situation is give the Wii U version a complete overhaul to deliver on a promise that was made to alien fans.

Even if it took another year or so, they had a chance to do the right thing, and they didn't.

I'm sad it's been cancelled, as I was really looking forward to it.



Trikeboy said:

Who cares about this game? Wii U owners should be happy that this stinker isn't going to grace the console. Would you have preferred shelf space would be taken up by this game?



hcfwesker said:

Now we just need Fox studios to withdraw this game from actually being a part of Aliens canon to the story. Still couldn't believe they made that official



LlawlietVemo said:

Who cares this game sucks anyway, also the Wii U isn't dead its very much alive just wait till even more games come out it will rape, wait till Star Fox, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, F-Zero, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Smash bros, Bayonetta 2 along with 3rd party games really hit.



AceTrainerBean said:

Wii u is far from dead I haven't stopped playing mine since I got monster hunter and lego city! It has some really good titles on it and coming out! Plus how is it dead just because it didn't get a rubbish game! Wii u sales are increasing btw



TheHeroOfLegend said:

@CountEkkiM Wii U can actually support Unreal Engine 4 and just overall stop trolling. I had enough of these people saying "The Wii U will fail, ..last console.." etc.



TromaDogg said:

The cancellation of Aliens: CM is no loss as the game was awful on other formats..,even had the Wii U version been an improvement, it still likely wouldn't have been much better, Once we're all playing games like Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3 & Wonderful 101, nobody will remember rubbish like this anymore.



BetweenTheTrees said:

about time. i might have bought it but might have not. just glad to know it's not coming and i can stop wondering.



BetweenTheTrees said:

The Wii U will pick up once more games come out, like Mario and Zelda. plus Nintendo has a pretty vast ocean of money, they will be fine. Nintendo will live on.



Tasuki said:

Not surprising if it didnt do well on PS3 and the 360, it probably wouldn't have done well on the Wii U.



C-195 said:

Such a shame.

You know, they could have saved it by changing some things according to useful reviews on it.

Could have......



ThreadShadow said:

It's a shame. I'm sure with a little work and the patch the PC version received the Wii U version could have been the best version.



SwissChris said:

5 years of development wasted...I wish cancer upon Gearbox and I will never buy one of their games again.



Kayexxo said:

this game was the only reason i wanted a Wii U!!!! i mean apart from its awsomeness. come on SEGA and Gearbox, the only reason it was not as good on the other consoles was because it wasnt made for them! it would have been praised like a GOD if it had of come out. Honestly, this game was beautiful and i am weeping over its loss!!! SEGA and Gearbox you are idiots. you will feel the rath of the titans. ARRRRRRR!!!!!!



Kayexxo said:

this game was the only reason i wanted a Wii U!!!! i mean apart from its awsomeness. come on SEGA and Gearbox, the only reason it was not as good on the other consoles was because it wasnt made for them! it would have been praised like a GOD if it had of come out. Honestly, this game was beautiful and i am weeping over its loss!!! SEGA and Gearbox you are idiots. you will feel the rath of the titans. ARRRRRRR!!!!!!

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