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Sat 16th Mar 2013

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Idolo commented on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Dated f...:

I can't wait to pick this up in October!
My version of Wind Waker is faulty sadly. I remember playing it all the way to the end boss fight only for the game to crash during the end video
I will finally be able to play it all the way through without having to youtube the ending sequence!



Idolo commented on Rumour: Nintendo Is Shaping Up To Acquire Trou...:

Oh Nintendolife, please don't tease me like this XD
I like alot of what Atlus produces and would love to see Nintendo acquire them. Though if the rumor is true, I hope Nintendo let Atlus continue to make their own games and ideas.
3D Dot game heroes, Catherine, Persona etc. Sure throw them a Ninty IP every so often when they can/want, but let them be free enough to continue creating their unique brand of games.



Idolo commented on Prima Games Offering Collector's Treasure Ches...:

It's a nice set, though I have 4 of the guides already. I always preferred the Piggyback guides personally, Their Windwaker guide puts Prima's Twilight princess and Skyward Sword to shame in terms of content and size.



Idolo commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

While I don't import regularly I have done it in the past particularly for my PSP and DS. For me though I don't see this as a major problem what with so few games not getting western releases these days. Project Cross Zone just released on Friday, love it. Bravely Default is due end of the year in EU/UK and early next In the US, cant wait. My personal 2p on the issue I think it is to do with the E-Shop and growing focus of DLC.

If some one was to import a game from the US or JPN the EU DLC would be incompatible with the software. The PS3 has seen similar issues particularly with Fallout 3 where the DLC description states a certain batch number that its compatible with. While in the past its been fine to import games knowing they are complete, these days developers are constantly wanting you to spend more. As far as I know the 3DS can only access the eShop of its designated region (i.e EU 3DS cant access US eShop). I feel that by having the region locking in place It helps Nintendo better control the user experience so that compatibility is guaranteed for the consumers device.



Idolo commented on Aliens: Colonial Marines Cancelled on Wii U:

For the most part this is good news, but part of me is a little sad. While I'm sure the game was probably the same as the other versions, it would have been great if the WiiU version had turned out to be the game it was hyped to be... but hey ho, better games on the horizon.



Idolo commented on Nintendo UK and BFI Bringing Pioneering 3D Fil...:

I remember attending one of the 3DS experience events before the launch. At the time they were showing 3D Disney and Sky programs, I expected to see some form of video service hit the system... but I'm not sure if Nintendo still have any plans to bring anything to the e-Shop besides the video app.



Idolo commented on Intelligent Systems Isn't Done With Advance Wa...:

I'd pre-order a copy now if I could. Advance Wars was the first Tactics style game I ever played! Since then I've gone on to FF:Tactics, Tactics Ogre the recently released Devil Summoner and now I'm looking forward to my first foray into Fire Emblem at the end of April Like many of the other comments here I didn't enjoy Dark Conflict as much as the first 3 because of the tone.



Idolo commented on Out Today: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:

Yup, I'm picking up my Wii U copy this afternoon! Then when I get back will be purchasing it for my 3DS (will be my first digital retail game). Looking forward to losing the next 700 hours of my life to this game XD