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No Battlefield 4 For Wii U Because DICE Wants To "Play It Safe"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Not ruling it out in the future, however

DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson has explained why the next entry in its best-selling Battlefield series won't be coming to the Wii U at launch.

Speaking at GDC after the reveal of Battlefield 4's launch trailer, Gustavsson told Videogamer:

I think overall for me as creative director, number one is to deliver a really great game and experience.

Sometimes, at least for us, it's focusing on what you do well and what you know well, and ensuring that you deliver something good than trying a bit too much, stretching yourself too thin and risking it.

I'd rather play it safe, deliver something really good and then look at the future and what could possibly be done than trying a bit too hard and [failing].

Battlefield 4 is due to hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC later this year.

You can view the launch trailer below. Would this be a title you'd like to see on your Wii U eventually?

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shingi_70 said:

I could see of this was a 720/</PS4 only game like thief. But this has a ps3/360 version meaning no excuse.



Yrreiht said:

Good enough for me. At least they are not saying "the engine won't run on Wii U"



hcfwesker said:

Personally, I could careless for added GamePad features (or whatever he's talking about), I'd be just as happy to play games even if they're identical to their ps3/360 counterparts, just add off TV play and you're set, developers!!!!! Not a fan of BattleField games, so this doesn't really bother me; just giving my take on the excuse of developers feeling they have to "add" something extra just because of the GamePad on Wiiu or the ever so popular, "WiiU can't run our game efficiently".



SilentHunter382 said:

Well I respect DICE's reason as to not releasing it to the WII U instead of creating a stupid excuses that could have ended up making them look like a fool afterwords (dead island)



Alienfish said:

That's okay with me. I thought PS4 was going to be only slightly better as far as graphics go than WiiU, but it turns out that isn't the case at all. I'll be happy (happier than with Wii) playing exclusives on the WiiU and everything else on the PS4.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Although I understand his reasons/excuses, this can't continue. If WiiU keeps missing these games it us gonna be in great trouble. Let's not forget that Battlefield 3 is one of the best selling games of the current generation with 16+ millions sold.



Kyoto said:

It's just EA that's behind this that told this man to say something else than "because EA hates Nintendo because of no origin".

EA :')



luminalace said:

Bullcrap..I bet you they don't play safe when it comes to the inevitable PS4 and 720 versions!



mingzu said:

Very bad news for Nintendo and the Wii U. I really think that game creators should be more open for new things. But i guest it's Battlefield we are talking about. The amount of 3rd party games for the Wii U is getting smaller and smaller.



MAB said:

I already have a game that looks like that... It's called BLOPS2 and it sits on the shelf covered in dust



TheAdza said:

While I wouldn't be buying it as I hate first person shooters, its a shame its not coming. There is no point porting it at a later date either. We already have enough old ports of games on the Wii U. It would be ever so nice to see a story about a huge 3rd party game that's coming to all platforms. The only ones that come to mind now are Assassins Creed 4 and Rayman. Possibly Watchdogs. All Ubisoft games.



Einherjar said:

So, what he says is, that they are not competend enough to adept to the WiiU hardware and therefor, not able to release a newly made game (not a port a an already existing game) for the system.
Criterion showed, that you CAN port games to the WiiU and even surpass the PS360 versions in terms of performance. So the early "hardware" excuse doesnt count anymore.
Heck, even Ninja Gaiden 3 - Razors Edge outdid the "standard version" on other consoles and it originated on the WiiU.
This is simply a statement of how lazy and unable the devs are today. For me, that statement translates to the following:
"only doing what we know, only doing what we already did, only doing what we have done before" The question is: Why is it so hard, to develop (NOT port) a game for a newer console, while devs like criterion can port an existing game and make it even better ? My guess would be, that they are just releasing the same games over and over with different maps and call it a "new" game since they are running on the usual consoles already and dont need any effort at all.



Peach64 said:

Everyone is twisting the comments again. This is one development team, trying to put out a game. He's saying they don't want to put it on too many platforms as by spreading their people over all those different versions, quality could suffer. It's nothing to do with the Wii U being too hard to figure out, or them being too lazy. They don't have the people to be putting it out on every console under the sun, and let's all be honest, if you're putting out a realistic war shooter and you had to cut one console, it would be Wii U.

I'm sure it will come eventually, but people should probably get used to this. The Wii U is lucky now that the 360 and PS3 are getting so many games. Once games start getting made with the PS4 and Nextbox as lead platform, they could easily be too technically advanced for Wii U, and then the chances of a port are a lot slimmer.



Spoony_Tech said:

Everyone says wait for the games wait for the games! What games?? It's like DarkCoolEdge said the Wii U needs these games and was suppose to get most if not all of these type of games. Once again Nintendo has to support its own system and unless we see them with about 4-6 by years end it could be in trouble. Wind Waker is a nice hold over but its not really a new game!



DePapier said:

@Peach64 Honestly, we already have proof that it is not that hard to port a game to the Wii U. What quality would suffer from it if it's just allowing for Off-TV play and Pro Controller support? And you're telling me EA doesn't have enough resources for that??

He doesn't want to bring his game to the Wii U and that's fine, for whatever reason it is. But some of us here who own a Wii U would have liked to play the game on our console, as it is totally feasible.



AbeVigoda said:

It's not worth porting the game over to sell an extra 20,000 copies when the PC, 360 and PS3 will sell 18 million.



DePapier said:

@Aviator If you've read the interview, you would have read that engine is scalable. Now are you telling the Wii U can't handle it?

Plus this is a game for which the PC version is by far superior to consoles: can't they do it like Criterion and port from the PC to the Wii U?



Peach64 said:

@DePapier You mentioned EA and their funds, but it's Dice developing this. Sure, EA could probably give them the money to hire new people to work on the Wii U version, but then you have a bunch of fresh hires, unfamiliar with the engine, working away on it. That's exactly the sort of thing that will lead to lessening of quality, which is what he's talking about. Once they get the 'big selling' console versions out of the way I'm sure they will take a look at porting it to the Wii U.



Exile20 said:

But they are releasing it on the PS4 and NextBox which I doubt they even have the finalized devkit, plus who says that they are going to sell gangbusters out the gate?
The Wii U will have more consoles out in the wild that the both system by the time BF4 is released. Ps4 and nextbox will not even be released yet.

Playing it safe my ass, this is a simple screw you to Nintendo.



DreamOn said:

Gotta sell sell sell that console! Until then Wii U is just an afterthought for some of these publishers.



AbeVigoda said:


It's a simple "we will make money selling it on PS3 and 360, and will be lucky to break even by porting it to the Wii-U" situation




can't blame em to be honest, But at the same time I'm sick of first person shooters anyway.

this just is another blow for the wii u though because I know a lot of these "hardcore" gamers hold this series in high regard.



Exile20 said:

@AbeVigoda They are releasing it on the NextBox and PS4 like I said which will not even be released yet and when they do get release they will not have even close the amount of console out than the Wii U.

I am not talking about the PS3 and 360.



moomoo said:

@Einherjar Devs are constantly put through crunch periods and barely have time to finish the games on the platforms they put them on.
Notice how it took Criterion another six months to put NFS:MW on Wii U from the other systems. That development time took quite a while and also cost money.

It's not a question of development talent. It's about how much time they have and how much money they can make. I understand more games the merrier when it comes to the Wii U, but would bringing Battlefield 4 really make enough money to make the endeavor worth it? I honestly don't know.



Exile20 said:

@moomoo So we are in a never ending circle here. The publishers want more consoles out but they aren't willing to put thier AAA game on it so people have a reason to buy the console.



Scollurio said:

Whatever the final decision on this will be, Im just sad that Battlefield goes doesn the COD way. Im so full and sick of modern day military shooters with a "got balls" attitude I cannot find any more words about it.

Re-make 1942 and Vietnam in todays modern engine.
Im sick of the cake everyone wants to have a slice off.



Mewtwo21 said:

Bet its EA who is pulling the strings and not letting this come to Wii U. oh well its just fps, there are plenty more out there



MegaWatts said:

Shame there's no Wii U version, although the multiplayer mode on current home systems is so limited anyway (24 players max). I imagine it'd probably be the same on Wii U.

It's very interesting how this could potentially be a joint current-gen/next-gen release. Seems to certainly be the plan moving forward - I wonder if it's something that will just occur at the beginning or if it becomes an ongoing trend for some time into the life of the new systems.



DePapier said:

@Peach64 I can understand that, OK. It's funny though that they seem not have though about those additional resources required for the Wii U port when they announced the game on Wii U back around E3 2012.



Exile20 said:

@AbeVigoda Plus after every Tom Dick and Harry buys it on thier xbox360 and Ps3, who is left to buy it again for $60 on thier PS4 and NextBox? They are trying to sell it to the same people twice and hoping they buy it again.

Atleast with the Wii U they will be far more consoles out that the other consoles(PS4 and NextBox) and there are some Wii U owner that only had a Wii last gen plus people love the Off Tv play. I am willing to bet a lot of people are willing to but it just for that reason.

The Ps4 and Nextbox will not have mature dev kits out like the Wii U so they have to put more time in and also get used to the new systems. Put Criterion on the Wii Uport, they have experience with the Wii U. They have to up port it with more flashy features etc which is more money and time for the new console also.



Magicshot said:

In business you don't make it big by playing it safe. I have all the systems and I probably will not buy Battlefield 4 even though I own all the rest because of this and Unless its an exclusive game I am going to only buy Wii U games from EA. I normally buy the games for all the systems but until EA changes their stand they will see less of my money and I am sure others are already doing the same.



3dbrains said:

Yet a small indi dev can risk it.
This is bullpoop of the highest order.
Dice are a lazy and uncommitted developer.

I would have bought this on wiiU.



AbeVigoda said:


Assuming the PS4 and 720 go on sale in November, it's quite likely within three months of their release there will be a combined 10+ million of those consoles out there, while the Wii-U will be lucky to sell 10 million in its first year.

So by the time this game releases, we are looking at an install base of around 200 million PS3's and 360's the game could be sold on, compared to 8-10 million Wii-U's, a console closer in power and capabilities to those systems than it is compared to the PS4 and 720. Also take into account that the PS and Xbox audiences are the ones that play and buy this game, while recent sales numbers have shown there isn't a huge demand for this style of game on the Wii-U.

By the way, if you have been keeping up with the latest developments, you would know that (at least) the PS4 and likely the 720 are based primary on PC hardware, meaning it should be no problem whatsoever porting a PC version to the new consoles. There will be no 'getting used to the hardware' issues, as the developers have been using the same tools for years already.



Obvious78 said:

Guys, BF4 is not dead, it will be on other consoles. For those who own anoher console (lik me) you can still play this game. For the rest: Sorry mate. Im still hoping they will bring it out for the Wii U



PS4WiiU said:

No one should blame DICE, they're trying to say it as indirect and vague as possible. This decision is not up to them, it's business call by EA.
Obviously the game will be out on PC/PS4/720/PS3/360, thats 5 platforms so DICE is pretty capable developer studio, adding WiiU to that would be no problem for them.
It's not good overall for Nintendo, no mayor 3rd party game should miss WiiU, Mario and Zelda fans wont carry a system alone, its just weird that WiiU is stuck between generations. So far Ubisoft is releasing games and its great, its two mayor tittles will drop in fall Watch Dogs and AC4 (both cross gen PS3/PS4) and Rayman Legends, but I wonder what the sales numbers will be. Blops2 sold ~1% of ps3/360 sales.



GiftedGimp said:

Sorry the reasoning is total BS! EA don't want to support the WiiU and want to do everything they can to give people reasons not to buy WiiU.
Reason, They have a Partnership with MS on nextbox, and they still havn't picked up thier toys over nintendo refusing them control of Nintendo Network via Origin.
Who remembers when EA boycotted the Original Xbox when MS told them they couldn't use thier own EA network on xbox live.

BF4 will sell the biggest on Ps3/Xbox360, but bringing it to Ps4/Nextbox will assuming either console sells decently (which apart from fanboys I think both will not fly like ppl think) the sales level on nextbox/ps4 would at best be around those achievable on WiiU.



Exile20 said:

@AbeVigoda For the second time I am not talking about the PS3 and Xbox 360, I am talking about the PS4 and Nextbox. Anyway, so you are comparing the Wii U to Nextbox + Ps4 combined? And if you expect they will sell 5 million plus in 3 months you are on crack or just crazy. The Wii U outsold the xbox 360 and ps3 in its first month. Come on man. The Ps4 or Nextbox also has no proper Backward compatitbility which is going to limit thier adoption rate since the game is being released on the xbox360 and Ps3 anyway 3 months in advance which is a lot of time in the video game world. You think people are going to not buy the game and wait 3 months for it on a console they have to pay maybe 500+ for?

Being close to PC internals does not mean that you code for PC and run it on the PS4 and NextBox. It doesnt work that way. There is a lot more to it. It is not Cell type of developing but easier doesnt mean that. I do not think you know how developing games works. Plus there are many acocunts that state that the Wii U is easy to develop for. Vigil and Team Ninja said it.



GiftedGimp said:

@Exile20 When ppl think about it carefully there are a lot of negatives to ps4/nextbox, which outweigh the positives.
Trouble is Ppl won't listen but will find out after they have paid thier money and owned the the ps4, nextbox a couple of months and the novelty factor has worn off.

In the long term, excluding fanboys, I can see game attach rate, aswell as console sales figures being for all 3 consoles being roughly the same, making EA and other non-supportive devs having to re-think thier stances on all 3 consoles.



Exile20 said:

@GiftedGimp I agree plus the PS3 and Xbox 360 were released a year between eachother so people had time to buy the Xbox360 and recoup money and let the xbox 360 wear off then buy the PS3. This time around both consoles seem to releasing extremely close to eachother. They are going head to head this time around and if they sell for 500+ then sales are going to be brutal since they will be competing with the 360 and ps3.

I also believe that unlike the transition between the ps2 and ps3 and xbox and xbox 360 publishes are going to be releasing games on the xbox360 and ps3 a lot longer which makes adoption rate even slower. The Ps3 and Xbox is still selling a a lot in the tail end of this generation.



Captain_Toad said:

@darkgamer001 yet... It's not coming to the WiiU yet. Gotta read the full tagline.

Battlefield not coming to the WiiU yet huh....

Battlefield 4 Super Ultimate Edition for the WiiU it shall be then!



AbeVigoda said:


Why are you constantly comparing the Wii-U to the PS4 and 720!? That's ridiculous. Hate to break it to you, but take away the gamepad, and the Wii-U is basically on par with the PS3/360. Comparing the Wii-U to the PS4/720 is like saying a Honda Civic is similar to a Ferrari. They have nothing in common. Stop trying to pretend they are on par, because they aren't. Maybe the Wii-U can show some sharper textures here and there, but it's not a powerhouse compared to the 7 year old systems.

EA can release the game on PS3/360 to 200 million potential customers and sell 15-20 million copies. That version of the game would be the one the Wii-U would potentially receive. Maybe by the time the game releases there are 7-8 million Wii-U's sold, meaning it would likely sell around 200-500K copies...not really worth the effort is it?

On the other hand, the PC version will sell several million copies, and when the new Sony and Xbox systems come out, that version of the game could be released on them as well since they have more in common with the PC version than the Wii-U

So if you still want to be crazy and compare the Wii-U to the PS4/720 and think they share similar demographics in terms of who buys what type of game, be my guest. Just look at the Black Ops 2 online community on Wii-U where there are like 2000-4000 people playing online at any given time, even though there are around 4 million Wii-U's out there. If there were 4 million PS4's out there with Black Ops 2 on it, you could bet your life there would be tens if not hundreds of thousands of people playing online. The decision to not bring the game to Wii-U is purely financial. It's not worth it for them to do so.



Banker-Style said:

I agree with what Dice are doing,they will sell millions of copies on the PS3/360,and Wii U version would probably only muster a few thousand.



TreonsRealm said:

I expect EA to largely bail on Nintendo this generation. With the exception of a few years on the Wii, EA's games have been selling less and less on Nintendo hardware since the N64. With the exception of Criterion games (I bought Need for Speed day one to support them), I could care less about EA and will not miss them. This isn't Sega and the Wii U isn't the Dreamcast, Nintendo does not need EA to do well. I dare you to come up with a single EA game that was a system seller for a Nintendo console. The Big N is unlike other companies (Sony, Microsoft & Sega when they still made systems) in that they are not dependent on 3rd parties to thrive. I'm sure that their new eShop policies are to bring in fresh talent and games and move away from traditional 3rd party publishers who increasingly complain about Nintendo each console.



Farmboy74 said:

I don't think we are going to see many EA titles at all on the Wii U. Just rewatched their presentation at E3 where they were full of praise for the Wii U. Lacklustre sales of the Wii U to date are not going to help and also this persistent rumour about EA wanting Origin as part of the eshop make up which Nintendo down right refused. It looks increasingly like that Need for Speed will be EA's last game on Wii U for a while. I for one will not miss the yearly sports updates and would have been interested in Battlefield 4.



GiftedGimp said:

Sorry but start properly researching you facts.
WiiU is currently getting Ps3/Xbox ports because they are easier to convert while devs get used to WiiU architecture.
It was always obvious Blops2 would not sell well on WiiU, Most ppl already owned it on other platforms and many would of paid for season passes making it a no-buy on WiiU for most.
WiiU is not basically a Ps3 in specs, substantially more, thanks to its GPGPU, Extra Ram, and although slower, more efficient newer cpu, and its super short piplines.
What all this means is yes its not as powerfull as ps4/Nextbox, but the end result you'll see on screen once devs have stopped porting ps3 games and get used to using the GPGPU to take the load of the CPU is not that far behind nextbox/ps4. Certainly no where near the levels of Wii & Ps3/360.

Also, games sales on WiiU are currently on par with PC game sales overall so game to unit attach rate isn't actually that bad at all.



Magicshot said:

In reply to a console seller statement about EA. The Legend of Zelda is a Console seller though! So I cant find a system seller unless Battlefield 4 went Wii U exclusive!



PS4WiiU said:

Take 2 (Borderlands, Bioshock Infinite); Konami (Revengeance); Square Enix (Tomb Raider, Hitman), so its more than just EA snubbing WiiU.
All three publishers have big games announced: GTA5, Ground Zeros, Thief, those games will show if they think WiiU as worthwhile.

It's a shame Lego City doesnt have basic multiplayer (racing, deathmatch) it would make more core gamers get WiiU for it. There is Bayonetta 2, but it will be a while before we play it.



shingi_70 said:

first off we don't know if the nextbox will have BC.

second isn't being close to PC mean just that at least in the case of xbox running DirectX. Even now the 360/Windows 8/Windows phone are getting crossports and the 360 doesn't even hare the same NT kernel.



AbeVigoda said:


So your stance is that the PS3/360 are similar, Wii-U is in the middle alone, while the PC/PS4/720 have more in common, correct?

So explain to me why EA/Dice should allocate time, money and resources to produce a third version of the game (one that looks nicer than current gen but is still far behind the PC and next-gen Sony and Xbox) to sell a few hundred thousand copies on the Wii-U when they will already sell tens of millions on the PS3/360 and PC (and likely the PS4/720)? I'm dying to hear your response. EA is in the business to make themselves money, they don't exist to help Nintendo sell consoles.

And how do you figure people who own Wii-U's are buying the same amount of games as those who own PC's?? Have you not heard of Steam?! I could go on there and spend $60 and buy 3 or 4 games as opposed to spending the same amount on a single Wii title. Most Wii-U owners likely have 2-4 games. You would be hard pressed to find a PC gamer who owns less games then that after a five month period of ownership.

And you tell me to 'research the facts'? HAHAHAHA.......



Kirk said:

Once again a totally nonsensical "reason" for a upcoming game not coming to Wii U.

This really is just dire straights but I did say it was going to happen once I found out more about the silly limitations with the Wii U and the many issue that resulted because of those various limitations and unfortunately my predictions are coming true.

Nintendo brought all this onto itself.

Unfortunately it's the Wii U owners are the ones who suffer the most because of this kind of stuff.



SethNintendo said:

@AbeVigoda 10 million sales in two months for PS4 and xbox... Don't make me laugh. You obviously need to study up on video game sales history. PS4 probably won't reach the mass consumer price point (~200-250) till at least two years after launch.



Hyperstar96 said:

@Kirk Would you prefer the alternative to all this (Wii U uses Origin)? EA is being stubborn; there's nothing else to it.



Kirk said:


All I want is for Wii U to get some proper third party support.

This situation is just bad and it totally reminds me of the Wii.

That's not good.



edhe said:

I'm sorry, but what the hell is he [Lars Gustavsson] trying to say?

EDIT: Oh, right. As Creative Director, he fears that a Wii U port would reduce the quality of the game due to having to divide up the teams into a Wii U port division.

I somehow doubt that is the true reason though - or rather, it's not the full explanation. That would be that they just don't think they'll get a return.

Somewhat related, I happened across the following article []. EA have had a history of losing money on Nintendo consoles, and perhaps, they are right to be a bit aprehensive about diving headfirst into supporting the Wii U with games like this.

As much of a shame it is...



GameLord08 said:

Makes perfect sense.

I wouldn't splurge resources on a Wii U version if I wasn't 100% sure I'd see a return on my investment, plus profit. Unfortunately, no developer in their right mind will make that bet - especially not with the console's current sales performance. C'est la business.



Amigaengine said:

Nintendo should just tell Western publishers (except Ubisoft) to just stuff it. Nothing but excuses or bad ports. Miyamoto should stop visiting ABC, Cnn and be visiting Square, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, Xseed, Sega, Platinum, Namco, Tecmo etc.

Had to see this coming though.



AbeVigoda said:


First of all I said three months, secondly, the Wii-U sold around 3 million units in its first three months of release and had zero hype behind it with most consumers not even knowing it existed. Take into consideration the upcoming PS4 and 720 releases have 100X the amount of hype and interest behind them than the new Nintendo system did. Naturally, one would be safe to assume they would individually sell just as many, if not more units, than the Wii-U managed to sell during the same period of release.

I won't be buying a PS4 or 720 at launch, but I know millions of other people will (you know, those same people who have zero interest in a 'next gen' Nintendo system that costs only $300) so it's not out of the realm of possibility that each system sells 4-5 million units during the same time frame the Wii-U sold 3 million.



SethNintendo said:

Okay but you did say November in your initial post (I was mainly referring to holiday season which ends pretty much late Dec/early Jan). It isn't impossible but the most I can see them moving in the first three months would be 4m for each. I suppose your prediction isn't that bad but I believe you are overestimating by about 2-3 million. Safe bet would be 6-8 million for both.



Exile20 said:

@AbeVigoda Dude are you just daft or are you just acting dumb? You can't be this dense.

This is my last post cause you are just dense like a brick.
What I am saying is that if they are not relasing it on Wii U for these reason then why are they releasing it on the PS4 and Nextbox which is going to be in a worst situation than the Wii U. Just think about that for a second. Plus It is a new console, it doesnt matter how powerful the PS4 and Nextbox is. It is a new generation and Wii U is part of it no matter how much denial you are in. Plus if we are taking away features of consoles, what ever we take the graphical powers of the PS4 and Nextbox? We have a PS3 and 360. So what is your point? Some people love the controller and off tv play is awesome if you tried it.

So my point is why are they releasing it in the PS4 and Nextbox when it will be in a worst situation than the Wii U when they launch?

Are you really going the BO2 route? This is desparate. Do you think if BO2 was released on the PS4 and Nextbox weeks late it will sell gangbuster on those consoles? You are in a crazy world. The PS3 and 360 has a huge install base, they will eat up the sucessors plus the Wii version of BO sold over a million and I am sure a million is worth it for any console game release especially with the horrible piracy on the Wii. That poop was out of hand.

Stop trying to be all elite and think for a second. I am asking for the upteenth time, why release it on PS4 and Nextbox with so much negatives compared to the Wii U?



Exile20 said:

@AbeVigoda The PS3 and 360 had just as much hype and what happened at launch? We don't even know of price of these consoles plus look at the Vita. Come on man.

Why do people forget horrible launches? No console launches and sells millions on day one.



Araknie said:

I hate modern FPS style, i actually liked the last Aliens game for being old style and collectible driven in the single player, so i'm ok with that.



THIZZLERS209 said:

Sucks I was really looking forward to be playing this instead black ops 2 because cod always get boring after a while.



SonataAndante said:

I don't play Battlefield so I'm not terribly interested, but it's a worrying trend here. Devs don't want to put their games on the Wii U because it has a small install base currently and it's a risk. Fair enough. Problem I see is, if everyone keeps going "We don't want to port it right now" then the Wii U is lacking in games, giving people that don't own one little reason to buy it. As such the install base stays low and would you look at that, devs still won't think the Wii U is worth the risk. Consoles don't magically sell by themselves, they need games.



AVahne said:

After having to suffer through having to launch BF3 through Origin and Battlelog USING A GODDAMNED FREAKING BROWSER, I'd rather play on console. Too bad for this news.



AbeVigoda said:


We don't know if the PS4 or 720 will sell worse than the Wii-U did in the first three months, but when you consider there is more hype and anticipation for the release of those systems then there was for the Wii-U, it's a safe bet to assume they will sell just as many if not more than the Nintendo did, am I correct? So why do you keep saying they will be in a 'worst situation' when they launch? Either they will be on par with the Wii-U's sales in its first months, or sell more.

Also read what I said above. The PS4/720 versions would have more in common with the PC version than the Wii-U version would. Therefore it would be much easier (ie. more profitable) for EA to port the PC version to PS4/720 than it would for them to a) release a straight port of the PS3/360 game to the Wii-U or b) take the time to create and release a third version of the game that straddles the line between the current gen consoles while still lagging behind the PC version.

It's really not that hard to understand. No one is talking about consoles 'selling millions on day one", we are taking about consoles selling millions over the course of a couple months, much like the Wii-U did. If you don't think the new Xbox and PS sales numbers will AT LEAST be identical to the Wii-U's at launch, you are sadly mistaken.



AVahne said:

I wonder what possesses people to have these delusions of the next-box and PS4 selling millions during launch window.
Hype DOES NOT translate into sales.
They'll sell well, but it'll take quite a lot of effort to sell millions. Remember, they'll have to compete with their predecessors for a short time along with Wii U. The market's also more crowded than it ever was before;more products to compete for our time and money.



AbeVigoda said:


Oh I don't know...maybe because I'm looking at this situation objectively and am not dumb enough to believe that the PS4 and 720 will sell significantly less than the Wii-U did at launch? And I'm sorry, but hype generates interest which generates anticipation which translates into sales. Are you taking the stance that a product with no hype or consumer interest behind it will usually sell well? I hope to god you don't own a business...



SpaceApe said:

Such a shame because now we are stuck with the Black Ops 2 hackfest. We need another multiplayer shooter badly on the Wii U.



Exile20 said:

@AbeVigoda Dude, the PS3 came after the PS2 and the PS2 was a monster and the PS3 didn't sell jack in the beginning. The PS3 was hyped a lot back then. Hype does not mean sales at all. The Xbox didn't sell as much either.

The Wii outsold the xbox 360 and PS3 at launch and the Wii U outsold them also.
The Wii U sold so much in the beginning cause the Wii's tail end sales were dead, so lots of people bought the Wii U. The problem I see is that the 360 and ps3 is still so popular, publishes are still going to be releasing games for them and thier successors are so similar also it is going to be hard to convince people to buy them. Yes there is hype for it but that doesn't mean anything. Gamers are fickle.

I am not saying they will be failures or anything but I do not believe what EA is saying for the reason why they are not releasing it for the Wii U.I am not even saying the Wii U will outsell the PS4 and Nextbox at launch either, what I am saying is that the Wii U will have a lot more consoles out in the wild than the other two consoles at launch.

EA is making it so obvious that have beef with Nintendo. I don't want to believe big companies like these can be so catty but damn EA.



GiftedGimp said:

Ppl are forgeting many EA games now not coming to WiiU WERE. EA using the install base for an excuse is total BS, if that was the case there would be no PS4/Nextbox version in the works.
EA were all for WiiU up untill Nintendo told them they couldn't control Nintendo Network via Origin, which since then EA have made a complete U-turn In all regards on WiiU.
With No used games or BC all but 'officially' confirmed on Nextbox its obvious why they have partnered with MS recently, and unless Sony allow the same restriction to be applied to 3rd party titles at least it wont be long before EA do a U-turn on Ps4... along with other 3rd party publishers like those already in the pocket of MS like Activision.

BF4 May end up on WiiU, but even if not, Once the nextbox/ps4 has been out a few months and the reality kicks in about what the actual differences between WiiU and the others are in terms of graphics, along with BC via cloud streaming on ps4 only and anyone who's used onlive knows you need a very strong connection with no bandwidth restrictions or caps, no BC on Nextbox, and the No used game market at launch on nextbox and the inevitable no used 3rd party games on Ps4 (it will happen at some point) non fanboys will stick with thier ps3/360,PC, or go to WiiU, Oyua (however its spelt) or steambox.

What this means is Ps4,Nextbox and WiiU will all have simular sales figures in games and hardware, forcing publishers to support all platforms.



Pachterkid said:

Umm, who cares? Not every PS3/360 game needs to come out on Wii U. If these are the types of games that you care about then you probably already have one of the other two HD consoles.



Chrono_Cross said:


The Wii U didn't sell at the beginning whatsoever. As of now, there's no demand for it. Plus, there's barely any third party support aside from Ubisoft. Which isn't enough to justify a purchase.

What happened in the past happened in the past. The past has no impact to the future success of any console on the market. I'm not sure why any of you are debating this, but it's a tad redundant.



SethNintendo said:

@Chrono_Cross Sure the Wii U sales dropped off after holiday season. I'd suggest you look at this link...

Europe was the only territory where it didn't perform well. Wii U sales in Japan and North America during launch were vastly greater than 360 and PS3. So while sales have went down drastically after launch the Wii U is still in good position and Nintendo can correct the sales slump before next holiday season (case in point: 3DS).

So your statement that the Wii U didn't sell well in the beginning (launch) is completely false.



SCAR said:

As far as PS4 goes, I'm not interested at all from what they've shown so far, but that's just me. We need to not forget the price point as well. PS4 will sell probably at $500 plus tax with no games or anything extra. Wii U came with a game and an actually cool controller in comparison. Microsoft hasn't even shown anything yet, but I'm betting it's going to be better than PS4 just based off my gut.
There is no denying that Wii U is a next gen console, and we will see improvements, so selling the Wii U short like many have done, and saying it's just a Xbox 360 or PS3 with a GamePad is completely ignoring the fact that Wii U can do much better.
No one seems to remember any console launch day. Pretty much every console has had a port at first because there's nothing else around to put on the console. Looking at past launches is relevant, because it's the same situation, just not in the same time frame. PS3 got Xbox 360 ports basically all gen except it's exclusives.

I honestly don't really care about this game anyway, and now I'm not even considering it.



Pachterkid said:

Pretty sure nobody bought a Wii U in hopes that Battlefield 4 would come out for it. Let's all get on with our lives, shall we?



Chrono_Cross said:


Either way, it's not selling well as of now and won't for some time. The launch of Wii U was only the launch and has no key benefits for Nintendo anymore. Actually, Nintendo had to decrease the goal of the sales target not too long ago to help its share holders.

That's not good. Plus, there's no reason to buy one until the Holiday season unlike its current last generation competition and with a lack on interest from third parties, nothing will change substantially for the next generation console. Looks like it'll be yes another Nintendo console where only Nintendo's games will be worth a look.



SethNintendo said:

Fine by me. There will be limited 3rd party support along with decent indie support. I buy Nintendo systems for Nintendo games. Third party games are just an afterthought for me. Nintendo was able to profit during the GC and GBA era so they should be able to start making profit soon with the Wii U and 3DS. Sony and Microsoft throw millions at the video game market but the only company that has been able to make consistent profit (till recently) is Nintendo.



Chrono_Cross said:

Nintendo will have to resort to handhelds-only if third parties are not supporting its consoles. Nintendo will only last so long after its audiences figure its same old franchises are starting to burn out rather quickly and with its new IPs selling below the horizon at every corner, it's only a matter of time.



Exile20 said:

Here we go:
I am using history as a good way to determine sales which everyone uses and you are using your crystal ball to say the Wii U is going to fail and the PS4 and Nextbox will sell gangbusters.

The Wii U did vastly better than the 360 and ps3. The Wii U is not dropping but raising slightly in Japan with no games in 4 months. People are buying the system with no games. They are just waiting for a great games to be released to buy it. Dragon Quest X and Game and Wario is to be released. Lets wait and see the numbers.

You said the Wii U will pick up in xmas and BF3 is releasing on October close to the holiday season so why not release BF4?

What exactly are you trying to say or are you just arguing for no reason?

You critisize Nintendo for using old IPs and the PS4 is releasing with Killzone and I am not sure when you left under your rock but MOST releases are sequels nowadays. BF4 is a sequel so what the hell is your point?

Nintendo released NSMBU so far wait atleast till a Zelda, 3d mario, smash, mario kart, etc until you cry that Nintendo franchises dont sell anymore. Plus NSMBU helped the Wii U out sell the 360 and ps3 at launch.

And last but not least my point is that the Wii U will have more consoles in the wild than the PS4 and Nextbox when BF4 is released so why release it on the PS4 and Nextbox and not Wii U?



Chrono_Cross said:

I'm not too sure if Wii U outsold the Xbox 360 but even so, look at the slump Sony's PlayStation3 was in and now it's a success. Launches don't determine the outcome of consoles nor do past launches. Now, where Sony was sitting in 2007, it had a lot of third party support on the way and a wealth of first party titles on the way as well including an over abundance of new IPs.

There's no denying that. The question is, is that can Nintendo do the same? I'm not too optimistic about it due to its history of lacking in that aspect.



Nintend0ro said:

Why bother with the gamepad? Add a bloody map to it like most games do and it'll do most of core gamers. I'm sick of poor excuses that devs are making not to bring games to Wii U. Iritating! Xbox 360 is getting this game but not Wii U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How on earth is this console going to ever sell good if donkeys aren't bothered to support it?



McGruber said:

There are two reasons this is a big deal and we should be worried:

1. Battlefield is one of the top selling games of the last ten years, so if not even that can conceivably make a profit on the WiiU, that doesn't bode well at all for...

2. Nintendo's efforts to make the WiiU a system for everyone, not just their fans. They spent a lot of time trying to sell the system as 1 that will no longer miss out on so many HD games. Hell, Battlefield was one of the games they showed in their hype reel.

Clearly so many developers have given up on WiiU because there is no evidence their games will make a dime. Nintendo has only been successful in selling the system to Nintendo fans so far (the advertising was atrocious btw). They aren't in a great place right now, and IMO they are going to have to put out amazing games (more frequently) to regain any traction at all. How the system and its new games perform this holiday will set the picture for the rest of its life imo. If Zelda or Mario HD doesn't sell systems, thats an even bigger problem. We'll see!



Nintend0ro said:

it's all about the game, not innovation. CODBO2 did not even have a map on gamepad and nobody cared.



Nintend0ro said:

None of Wii U games sold good so far, because system is only out for few moths and they could not possibly sell millions of copies... But there cant be big sales if every dev is skipping the system. Ps3 sales were a lot worse when that came out but with strong support it ended up selling very well...



darkgamer001 said:

@ mariobro4 - fair enough, but if the game will be months old by then, ppl who wanted the game might have already bought it on other systems.
Also, I call bs on the 720/PS4 selling 10 million + combined in the first few months, and the Wii U not achieving that target in a year. For one, the Wii U is already halfway there. And secondly - to predict that the PS4 and 720 will both have a highly successful launch this early, and in this economy? Doubt it.
Seems like EA/DICE can take risks when they want to. Double standards again



Zellybeanie said:

Translation: We're lazy, and not about to step outside our comfort zone because things that are different are scary. Hold me, please.

Which really is a shame coming from so many in an industry which boasts innovation and imagination.



LordessMeep said:

Well @Zellybeanie, I have to admit, I laughed.

First Person Shooters in general make me cringe. I dislike the genre mostly because a majority of the offerings are uninteresting and feel like a rehash of what has been done before. Battlefield 4 is no exception to the rule, however, I am slightly torn at all these major third parties skipping the Wii U. One the one hand, a majority of these titles happen to be sequels to another FPS, something that the Wii U can most definitely do without while on the other, these same FPSs could have sold the system. :/

To be honest, I'll be surprised if the PS4/NextBox manage to sell more than the Wii U, given a similar time-frame. Both consoles boast high graphical and processing power, so I can easily see them being retailed at $400+ sans games. I like to think there won't be a lot of people willing to shell out that kind of cash.



Zellybeanie said:

@LordessMeep It's just frustrating hearing so many developers use ridiculous excuses since the ol' standby "The system just isn't powerful enough" no longer holds water. The blatant prejudice against Nintendo has gotten incredibly old. I don't feel the company is particularly difficult to work with, especially with so many indie developers have mentioned that Nintendo was a delight to work with. If indie developers could take the risk, then it makes even less sense for much larger companies to use risk as an excuse.

Don't feel like investing in physical copies? Make the game an eShop exclusive to cut cost.



Melkaticox said:

Oh, so you want to play it safe? Then just add off-tv play, you fu-- moron. Is that too hard to do? Apparently not, because even Call of Duty added that function...
Seriously, what is WRONG with EA?



PokeTune said:

It`s not hard to see why this game isn`t coming to Wii Under powered. Nintendo fans simply don`t buy these games and only really buy Nintendo games. That`s why they buy the consoles in the first place.



Void said:

I like Battlefield better than CoD, but I never buy shooters anyways, so this won't bother me.



Zellybeanie said:

@PokeTune Seriously? People still think this way? That's really a shame.

'Nintendo fans' would easily buy these games if available. Just ask everyone who's playing Black Ops II on Wii U.



darkgamer001 said:

Oh wow, calling the Wii U underpowered. We'll give you an originality award this year. It was going to Sony, but you're going to get it instead. Happy?



ecco6t9 said:

With the way EA has been acting, this is not 2003 when EA could make or break a system.

It was their lack of business sense that let them drop to #2 and allowed Activision to become #1.



SCAR said:

If you seriously think the Wii U is under powered compared to PS3 and Xbox 360, you need to do some research.



Chrono_Cross said:


Yes, all twenty thousand of them. You still having trouble finding different lobbies? No need to lie about such a tiny community.

Absolutely worth the investment.



Ambassador_Kong said:

Oh noes, a pew pew shooter isn't coming to the WiiU. Doesn't matter to me, I already have the pew pew shooter of the week console for these types of games. I buy Nintendo so I can get games that aren't carbon copies of each others.



Zellybeanie said:

@Chrono_Cross What did I lie about?

Because Black Ops 2 didn't exactly sell like hot cakes being released on Wii U almost a week after being released on other consoles means no one should bother developing for the system?



Ambassador_Kong said:

Ugh, the whole industry is ripe for a crash. The publishers are avoiding the WiiU because they got fat and lazy from a half dozen good years with the Xbox and PS3. It's like they can't even remember that consoles don't sell 10 million at launch. Do they really think that the Nextbox and PS4 are going to be instant successes that will guarantee them 5 million sales at launch?

The WiiU launch was a typical launch - no better and no worse - unfortunately we live in an ADD society that needs success now, right now, and no later. The 3DS started off slow and look where it is now. The Vita started slow and look where it..... oh, wait... forget that I mentioned it.

Anyways, the publishers need to ground their expectations. You aren't going to sell 10 million copies on a system that has only 3 million in the wild. It just isn't going to happen. Worse, if you don't support a system when it is young, don't expect the consumers to pay any attention when things get better. EA gave Wii U owners Mass Effect 3 with no DLC support for the same price that they launched the Mass Effect Trilogy on the Xbox and PS3. Do they seriously need me to explain to them why Wii U owners didn't buy the game? Are they really that stupid?

My magic 8 ball says, "all signs point to yes."



Zellybeanie said:

@Chrono_Cross I don't know, and I never said anything to that effect. I simply said that people would easily buy the game on Wii U. A large community? No. But it doesn't make that "tiny community" any less worth the effort.

If Ubisoft assumed that same "tiny community" wasn't worth it, I wouldn't have been able to buy Assassin's Creed III. A series I've been curious about since its first chapter but never got to play until it came to Nintendo.



ThreadShadow said:

This is probably mostly due to Nintendo and EA falling out. Most likely EA being as vindictive as possible.

The lead over on gonintendo made a perfect observation. DICE gives out this poor excuse for Battlefield 4 skipping Wii U, and when Battlefield 5 comes out DICE will say "the Wii U can't handle it.".



CaPPa said:

I guess that I won't be buying Battlefield 4 now. It's my standpoint that if a multiplatform game doesn't have a Wii U version then I'll just skip it (unless it's a title I'm desperate for like DOA5 which I bought for PS3).

PS4/720 selling 10 million in 3 months? That's hilarious! Maybe they will be the best selling consoles of all time, but I doubt it. At the moment I have little interest in the PS4, as there are no games that make me feel that I must get one and the graphics aren't even that much of an improvement over PS3 (Killzone looked good but when they actually started playing it wasn't much different at all). I have even less interest in the next Xbox, probably due to the 360 being dead to me now (I don't even have it plugged in anymore). I think that it'll be the same as 360/PS3/Wii U, with big launch sales from the Microsoft/Sony die-hards and then not much else; as the average person is not going to rush out to spend $400 - $500 on a new console.



Wintendo said:

Don't care. Arma, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Sniper, Killzone, Medal of Honour... these are all the SAME thing. And my friends wonder why I criticize the games they play...



DarkNinja9 said:

see yet another game that could of boosted the wii u sales and made it more for hardcore games even if some of us didnt get the game .-.

im sure later they will say its for the new 720 and ps4



Chrono_Cross said:


The people who want BF4 are the people who already own a PC or last generation console. Taking these comments as an example, most of these users didn't even want the game to begin with which, as predictable as it is, isn't shocking and further proves that DiCE and EA made the best decision possible.

Ubisoft doesn't have mystical powers to see into the future so it had no other option but to gamble its few games at launch. Otherwise, no other third party is contributing to the Wii U and won't until it sells well.

(Prepare for low budget risks on Wii U, lol.)



Sir_Deadly said:

I hate it when people go back on what they say. What does he mean by play it safe? Also i am pretty sure that origin deal has something to do with this because they had already started the development on BF4 last year for Wii U. But tbh, Battlefield games are probably best on pc anyway.



MadAdam81 said:

No wonder they play it safe when bringing out a game that has very few differences to a hundred other similar games - "play it safe" must be some sort of mantra they live by or something.



Zellybeanie said:

@Chrono_Cross You actually made no sense in that last bit. So, Ubisoft couldn't see into the future, took a gamble and profited, but this is... bad?

This was... luck? This was... madness (since the next Assassin's Creed will also be on Wii U)?

No one else is willing to take the risk because they CAN see into the future, and they know that the 'bros' have already flocked to the upcoming PS4 and next Xbox and will pay whatever is asked just so they could get this game and other shooters?

Y'know, that's probably WHY I've always been into Nintendo's hardware and software. They go against the grain, they're not afraid to fail, they're not afraid to take chances instead of using lame excuses like, "We need to play it safe." And Nintendo isn't going anywhere any time soon.



Chrono_Cross said:

Since when did Ubisoft profit from Assassin's Creed III? Do you have a link to sales of how many copies were sold? I'm doubting your claims.

It's not Ubisoft's fault it's contributing to a momentarily lost cause. I'm not declaring that third parties will never release games on Wii U, all I'm saying is that no smart publisher with big budget games are going to release them on Nintendo's Wii U in the next year.

Yeah, I'm sure that's why, but nothing lasts forever and if Nintendo truly had that mindset (it doesn't), you could expect it closing its foreign doors in the next few years, lol.



Ambassador_Kong said:

Wow, you missed the money quote:
Patrick Bach: The biggest problem we have right now is we don't want to back down from what we see as our low spec machines. We right now don't have support for the Wii U in the Frostbite engine.

In other words, they think that the WiiU is a lower spec machine than the Xboxb 360 and a PS3.



Havkri said:

I do not believe this is true. during E3 2011 they said that there would be battlefield for WiiU. It is documented. Also we all know about EA and Nintendo's rocky relationship after the Origin/Miiverse disagreement. I believe this is just DICE covering up for EA's ridiculous and sadly very childish behavior.

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