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Guess What? Michael Pachter Isn't a Fan of The Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Doesn't think third parties will succeed on Nintendo's new console

Wedbush Securities Digital media and electronics analyst Michael Pachter seems to have an odd relationship with Nintendo. He's forever casting doubt on the company's chances, taking any chance he can to stick the boot in and predict naught but doom and gloom for Mario and company.

However, speaking exclusively to [a]listdaily, Patcher gave one of his most damning portents yet, and laid his cards on the table regarding Nintendo's new machine:

I’m not a fan of the console. Essentially I look at the GamePad and the television, the two screens, and I see a DS that’s disaggregated. It’s very similar to playing a DS game. The difference is, with the DS your line of sight is on both screens. It’s easy to toggle back and forth. With the GamePad on the Wii U you have to look back and forth, and that’s not natural.

I understand the console is going to be way more powerful than the DS. It’s entirely possible you’ll get great experiences that are console-like but take advantage of the touch screen. But I think most developers look at the GamePad as either a gimmick or very DS like, and they don’t want to incorporate the touchscreen features because the games aren’t any better for them.

Nintendo will pioneer, they’ll do a far better job than anybody of exploiting the console and the control scheme, and I think others will learn from them. I’m afraid we’re going to have a repeat of the Wii cycle from the publishers’ perspective and the developers’ perspective, where very few people will support it. Then if it’s successful they’ll come in, and they’ll fail. When they fail, they’ll go away again. The reason I think they’ll fail is, I can’t think of a third-party publisher that did well on the DS. I mean, Scribblenauts, so there are a handful games and you can count them. Nobody did very well on the DS, and I don’t think anybody’s going to do very well on the Wii U.

Do you agree with Pachter's analysis? As always, have your say below.


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I really wish he would just keep his mouth shut. I dislike the way he makes these statements as though they are facts, and hope people realize when reading these comments that what he says is based on nothing other than guesswork, and are his own opinion.



Emily_Rogers said:

I think it will be indie developers on the Wii U's eShop who will really benefit from the console. These are developers who don't care about power, and they'll innovate with the controller. I think you'll see more great stuff like Nano Assault Neo and Trine 2 on the eShop as time goes on.

Also, with Sony promising support for PS3 until 2015, Wii U ports won't shrivel up as fast as Pachter thinks.



Void said:

Oh silly mister Pachter, don't you know that opposite day was 5 Months ago?
Now tell us what you know is really going to happen.



R-L-A-George said:

I don't agree with him, though there is the Mighty Switch Force port to WiiU. The thing is, he missed the entire fact that you can play the games on the gamepad alone.
Though a few HD DS ports would be awesome. Just dawned on me, HD Kingdom Heart Collections would be a heck of a lot more exclusive on WiiU. Since the actual DS games are compatible.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

This Pachter guy is really starting to piss me off, all he says is bad stuff against Nintendo and clearly he isn't a fanboy, but look at his office when he's shooting those videos, he clearly has a ton of DS games stacked behind him at all times, why does he complain? because he's trying to create discussion and hate on nintendo, for money obviously. Lets face it, Pachter is in love with nintendo, he is just embarassed to be associated with them.



Lalivero said:

I'd rather it be be more 'DS like' than just a regular control scheme, although it obviously is a different control scheme.

I'd understand in the sense that it'd make multi console titles much easier to handle and possibly development in general but developers could really make some mind blowing titles if they did go the extra step and make use of the 'gimmicks' available' rather than constantly wanting the same exact control scheme we've had forever.

He has a slight point when it comes to who will be utilizing the console's abilities more(Nintendo will most likely be using them more than third parties because of it being more effort) but he should be encouraging them to do something different to keep things more interesting. The thing is though, third parties don't have to use it fully(a reason we have the pro controller) but it would be nice if they did try to 'shake things up'.

The thing I don't agree with though is about it being the thing that will keep back the console, one of the reasons being what I just mentioned and another being that the controller is getting a nice bit of praise by a lot of developers so far.

Either way, I can't wait for Wii U!



meltendo said:

I agree with him...Developers will shy away from the gimmick. Look at the Kinnect & Move. A game should not use a feature simply because it's there--it should be part of the gaming experience. A lot of the first gen games on the Vita seemed forced to use the touch controls. Nintendo understands this and you can see it in the Super Mario game. The pad is used brilliantly to let a player add platforms, etc.



FritzFrapp said:

Stop giving this guy's 'analysis' a platform and using it as filler on slow news days. He's clueless and a BSer. The plain fact that he claims he can't think of a third-party publisher that did well on DS says everything you need to know about him.



Gamesake said:

I'd say touch screens have been around long enough for all of us to agree they're not a gimmick. Patcher has a point that looking back and forth from the GamePad to the big screen doesn't feel natural, that's why it's so important for third party ports to have minimal use of the touch screen. Mass Effect, Darksiders, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, and Black Ops are all doing just that. Other games like ZombiU are intentionally using the GamePad to distract you from the big screen--disconnection is their whole idea.

I really don't see the GamePad being a star feature for single player games. Asymmetrical gameplay is what it's all about. Playing on the GamePad while someone else uses the big screen. That's good stuff.



LittleFuryThing said:

I understand the console is going to be way more powerful than the DS.
I would certainly hope so. >_>
Don't know why, but that part humoured me.



R-L-A-George said:

Gamesake wrote:

I'd say touch screens have been around long enough for all of us to agree they're not a gimmick. Patcher has a point that looking back and forth from the GamePad to the big screen doesn't feel natural, that's why it's so important for third party ports to have minimal use of the touch screen. Mass Effect, Darksiders, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, and Black Ops are all doing just that. Other games like ZombiU are intentionally using the GamePad to distract you from the big screen--disconnection is their whole idea.
I really don't see the GamePad being a star feature for single player games. Asymmetrical gameplay is what it's all about. Playing on the GamePad while someone else uses the big screen. That's good stuff.

Well, it actually took me a while for DS to feel "natural". I am not surprised that it took a while for other more classic gamers, too. I mean, DS had two screens, touch screen and classical controls, some game used them ALL in game play.



fchinaski said:

OK, Patcher-bashing aside, I am a little afraid that the game pad will be cumbersome and that it will take away some of the simplicity of merely sitting in your sofa and playing a game. I don't know if want to be multitasking/worring about two screens at the same time all the time when they are not aligned as in the DS. In this sense, I can see where he's coming from.



jkgatling said:

I assume he's paid by sony or MS to complain about nintendo, or he's just stupid and doesn't know the industry



fchinaski said:

@childofacid Sorry, but your comment makes no sense. What exactly is Microsoft and Sony doing "the same" as Nintendo? Do you mean the PS3/Vita crossplay? Because that's nowhere near the Wii U in terms of experience or proposition.



Chunky_Droid said:

While he does make some good points, he also makes some bad ones.

I thought Capcom, Square Enix, Taito, 5th Cell and EA did rather well on the DS.



Wildfire said:

@fchinaski The comment from childofacid makes total sense, since sony is the one who keeps boasting about how their vitaps3 combo can do the same as the Wii U. And Microsoft with their smart glass or something. We all know that's not true but whatever...I don't even care anymore about what Pachter has to say.



childofacid said:

Exactly wildfire. Fyi I'm a game designer. I think I know what I'm talking about most the time.



BenAV said:

Normally when this guy predicts something, the result is the complete opposite... so this can only be a good thing.



luminalace said:

Pachter is passing off his opinions with stuff that is well known!

3rd parties struggle on Nintendo consoles but this has nothing to do with the Wii Remote, the Gamepad or dual screens of the DS. In fact, Just Dance is Ubisoft's most successful franchise of all thanks to the Wii and it's uniqueness. If Nintendo just had a normal controller last gen, there would have been no Just Dance or even if it would have been made, it wouldn't have become the sales phenomenon that it is!

Nintendo make very good games and people buy Nintendo systems usually to be able to play their games. This is why 3rd parties are more likely to do better on competing consoles especially where they don't have to go up against Nintendo's own games!!!

Am I right or wrong people?



fchinaski said:

@Wildfire This might be true, and Sony and MS did copy the Wiimote, for instance, but I don't see the Vita/PS3 crossplay as merely an attempt to try to do the same thing as Nintendo. Move was an attempt to copy the Wiimote, but I don't see how a feature announced before the Wii U is out can be simply an attempt to do the same thing, but anyway.

@childofacid Okay, I see your point now, and sorry if I sounded rude, but I still don't think Sony and MS are too worried right now in copying the Wii U.



Kirk said:

Well to be fair, it's not Nintendo's fault that most developers can't even figure out some good ways to use the new innovative control and interface solutions that Nintendo has given them. Surely that's the job of the developers and if they get it right then they will have success and if they don't then they won't. Can't blame Nintendo because most developers have a complete lack of imagination.



Kyloctopus said:

Developers don't want to develop with a touch screen? That's just like Pachter, he thinks he has the right to speak for everyone. Its not like the touch features are demanded by Nintendo.



Sun said:

Do you know what? I won't read this. I am tired of websites giving credit to a person who is so bad at his job. It's their fault this man still exists on the media.



MAB said:

It's times like this that I wish Pikachu can just punch a man in the back of the head



Araknie said:

"It’s easy to toggle back and forth. With the GamePad on the Wii U you have to look back and forth, and that’s not natural."

You have to move the eyes...not natural at all.
He's sold out i tell ya.



MAB said:

Pikachu shreds out a massive J-rock solo before breaking the guitar over Pachters face



Drewroxsox said:

Has Patcher ever made a good prediction for nintendo? He always makes a snobby comment that's never based on facts, so I tend to disregard what ever he says.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

Seriously? Not natural? Innovation is never "natural", he's just an old man who hates change, he's stuck up in his ways, and I spit in his general direction.



ajcismo said:

That appears to be a nice sunburst Fender Strat in the background. Maybe there's a nice Les Paul laying around that Pikachu can use. The Les Paul's are much heavier and have sharper edges.



drumsandperc92 said: you all know what a long con is?
when a con artist cons a person for a long time - like, say, meets and marries a woman to divorce her and take all her money? as opposed to a quick con like, "hey buy this expensive jewelery for 80% off" when its just fake junk and you are being overpriced....
well, I think Patcher is just a troll.
Pulling what I'll call a long troll on the doom of Nintendo.
Therefore, carry on, Nintendo fans. Carry on.



BXXL said:

How can that guy keep his job? He's been wrong so many times in the past, i mean, in any firm out there, such an incompetence would see him fired in less than a year, and nobody would want any of his "expertise" anymore... except of course, Sony or Microsoft...



Burning_Spear said:

Yeah, the guy can come off sounding like a tool, but there is some history for third-party developers failing to make good use of the technology that Nintendo provides. I'm also skeptical that the GamePad will be used creatively in non-Nintendo-published games.



fchinaski said:

@Burning_Spear That's the point, if you can get past the hatred towards Patcher just because he's Patcher, in this case what he says is not entirely pointless.



Dodger said:

While I don't know how many third party developers will use the touch screen for anything new, saying no third party developers did well on the DS is silly. I like how he says it and then goes to list his own examples.

This is probably the most correct thing he has said in a while though. Nintendo has two systems with a touch screen, a gyroscope and a camera right now. I'm not quite sure how Nintendo is going to use that well, much less third parties. I'm not saying they can't, but I'm not sure.

Of course, this doesn't matter if Nintendo doesn't start advertising. All of the normal media coverage I've seen has been negative and confusing and Nintendo hasn't gotten out information to anyone other then gamers.



koops330 said:

Whenever I hear this guy talk he's always talking sh!t on nintendo doesn't he have something better to do then be a troll.

P.S. Im pretty sure Capcom, Square Enix, Atlus and a few other all did pretty well on the DS



bezerker99 said:

Pachter made some sense here when describing why facebook stock shares were slumpin'.

However, I think for some reason he hates Nintendo and thus never has anything good to say about the company. Wii U provides him another opportunity to flap his jaws.



nindocrash said:

@RetroGBHippie92 said: This Pachter guy is really starting to piss me off, all he says is bad stuff against Nintendo and clearly he isn't a fanboy, but look at his office when he's shooting those videos, he clearly has a ton of DS games stacked behind him at all times, why does he complain? because he's trying to create discussion and hate on nintendo, for money obviously. Lets face it, Pachter is in love with nintendo, he is just embarassed to be associated with them.

I agree to your opinion, that makes a strong point.
in fact there are fans* here on NL ("@donjumpmad".) Who stand out, to get those kind of reactions in a similar way to what pachter is getting.



Auracle said:

Huh. From what I've heard, third parties are lining up to work on Wii U (Ubisoft, Broken Rules, Nicalis, etc.). It sounds like lots of people want to support it, Mr. Pachter.



fortius54 said:

I don't know about you guys, but the motion control was something that wasn't real natural to me out of the box. I'd say that did pretty well. Everyone talks about the Wii's disappointments in the last year, but they have to understand exactly how amazing it did. The install base dwarfs the Playstation and the XBOX. I would think that this joker would know and understand that considering he is supposed to be an analyst.

The fact of the matter is that every time he says something derogatory about Nintendo, it gets press. He is a glory hog, and he likes to see his name. As long as we keep reading and writing what he reports, he will keep using the same methods. He walks around pounding his chest that he was right about the decline of the Wii. Well, guess what? There is a little something in economics called the law of diminishing returns. Basically, it was impossible to sustain the growth that the Wii had because it had saturated the market.

We have an old saying here in Arkansas, "A blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then," and that is this guy. I wouldn't worry about him too much.



XCWarrior said:

Pachter is the internet guy who invented trolling. Why you guys keep posting his stuff is a disgrace. I know you do it for page visits, but have some integrity and stop posting his lies. He's the closest thing video games have to political talk.



C7_ said:

I hate to sound like a jerk here but how is this news?
He's clearly not a fan of Nintendo in general as most his predictions say Nintendo has no chance is today's marker (always proven wrong)

And any developer can succeed as long as they put great games on the console instead of spamming absolute trash like they did on the Wii and put some real effort into advertising. He's just doing his stupid doomsday predictions again.



SteveW said:

3rd parties don't even have to use the controller with the screen. I couldn't care less if they do or not. I will most likely be using the Wii remotes and Nunchuck for playing a lot of games, nothing beats pointing and shooting with the Wii remote, I wouldn't want to go back to moving the crosshairs with a joystick.



Rect_Pola said:

Wow, straight up called it a DS. Extra Credits straight up said that it's a fundamental mistake to think that way. He sorta does too, but more as an acknowledgment that's what developers are going to do. Of course, that's not the only wrong way to look at things. There's the "gimmick" thing.

In short, it's a gimmick if you use it like a gimmick. I threw the "how are they going to use it well" question out the window with ZombiU. If that does well and is actually good, Wii U will have a headstart in developers getting the right idea (AND this one didn't even come from Nintendo).

Then there's the general dismissal to develop for it. Moviebob's "Eulogii" episode went up and down on potential grievances that may have made some of the Wii's predicted shortcomings self-fulfilling. That said the stand-off attitude bit them real hard during the Wii's explosion and the studios were playing catch up (or cash in) during the period they could have already figured the machine out and focused on refining experiences. Like Bob, I sort of mourn where a more day 1 proactive industry could have taken the Wii.

As for the man himself, I don't know what his "record" is (and don't care enough to find out) but I've come to suspect his career must have a crazy amount of performance immunity. The only downside is people like him have sway on the stock side of the industry, so he probably has an unfair amount of self-fulfilling prophecy on his side too.



SpaceKappa said:

My favorite things to do when one of these articles runs is go through the comments and see how many people call him "Patcher."



mshope10 said:

when he starts having correct predictions then maybe I will care what he has to say!



Rapadash6 said:

The problem with Pachter is that he sees things as very black and white. "Oh, a touch screen huh? Well, that's just a consolized DS then." The truth of the matter is that the touch screen is meant to innovate how people play multiplayer games with each other and not a way of emulating the DS. It also makes accessing the system less intrusive by eliminating the need for an external screen, which may sound pointless but I feel this will actually be one of the systems biggest draws. No, Pach-man, this is not a big DS; it's a new Nintendo console that retains everything gamers want, while adding new features in the process. Why don't you go predict the sky falling else where now.



Lunapplebloom said:

Don't forget it's other features Pachter, such as it's motion control, playing things exclusively on the controller screen with it's built in speakers, and it's panorama type viewing system.

But in all honesty, what he says could happen, but he's been wrong so many times that he can't be trusted.




Oh thank GOD I actually thought the world was about to end few weeks ago when he was praising Nintendo for getting Beonetta 2 as an exclusive. Glad to see everything is back to normal now

On a serious note I just use Pacher's word as inspiration! Thanks to Pacher I'm getting Beonetta 2 Day One and plenty of other 3rd partys that have shown their full support for WiiU like Aliens Colonel Marines.

In life you gotta turn negative stupidity like this in to positives.



Hokori said:

... Don't care anymore... He is just a critic and like another critic I won't take him seriously ever



GameLord08 said:

Will you all lay off Nintendo Life for posting certain articles? As much as you all may hate to admit it, Michael Pachter is a prominent figure in the industry as an analys, and as pompous and uninformed as he may sound on these Nintendo issues, he is still concerned with the gaming industry and whenever he issues a statement about Nintendo and their endeavours, it is still news, period. This site deals with news concerning absolutely anything Nintendo, even if it deals with swooned-over teen celebs or analysts who may appear to have a stick up their hiney, so if it has the word "Wii U", "Nintendo", "3DS", "Iwata" or even "koopa", it's the duty of the editors here to post it, however irrelevant it may seem. End of story, no negotiation.



Ryno said:

This is the dude that said he is going to buy a Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2 though.



armoredghor said:

yeah, cause all developers were hating the DS and were failing. DS stands both for dual screen and developer's system



Knux said:

I was agreeing with everything that Patcher said up until ''I can’t think of a third-party publisher that did well on the DS''. Then I was like WTF?



thanos316 said:

the ds has many many wonderful games on it. first and third party. how the hell do i keep getting sucked into reading his crappy comments. i can't believe he gets paid, and im sure he gets paid very well for his analysis. and im sure imma see this same article on other websites. smh... this guy is a total noob..



Geonjaha said:

I really dont see why a news article should be made everytime Pachter says something.



Void said:

@Knux, yeah, thats sort of how it was for me, except I wasn't really reading it, then I saw him say that and skipped reading the rest because I knew it would get stupider from there.



Morpheel said:

@Geonjaha: I'm not seeing any news article of Patcher saying anything non-Nintendo related, so I don't think new news articles get made everytime Patcher says something.

Also, this thread reeks of Gyshal Greens.



FonistofCruxis said:

I can see what he means about having to concentrate on the two screens as the TV and Gamepad aren't close together like the two screens on the DS and 3DS but some developers are already showing that this can work well with some of the games that have been announced. Also, no third party developers were successful on DS? Yet another example of how incompetent he is at his job.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

Pachter would be embarrassed to be associated with Nintendo from an industry perspective, I mean not many gamers particularly want to be seen with any Nintendo product, it's like some secret shame, that's why we get little pricks asking for a stupid "Nintendo phone" because they're too embarrassed to be seen with one in public.
I've watched patter for quite some time, if it's one thing about him, it's that he's never right, all he makes is predictons because he's an analyst, but clearly analysts are BS because he is BS, true story.....The more you know (^*^)



Geonjaha said:

@Morphtroid - There are plenty of analysts out there who make statements about Nintendo. Why should Pachter be continually quoted? He's not exactly famous, he isnt especially amazing at his job, and he doesnt focus solely on Nintendo.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Pachter talks like he knows what he's talking about, but he doesn't have a damn clue. The statement of the Wii U being a "disaggregated DS" is totally off; they both offer different play experiences. For example, whereas the 3DS may have a gyroscope and whatnot, it can't be moved around and utilized in the same way a Wii U Gamepad can be used. Another good example is the ability to have a friend play on the TV using a Wii U Controller Pro or Wiimote while you play on the Gamepad using its screen for co-op play.

Doesn't Pachter ever get tired of being wrong?



turtlelink said:

He said he wasn't a fan of the system and that he doesn't think 3rd parties will do well on it but he also said Nintendo will most likely make the best work for the Wii U which I'm sure you all can agree on. I don't see where all the "Pachter hates Nintendo!" stuff comes up with this article.



Chunky_Droid said:


Ubisoft did well on the DS too, add that to my initial list up the top of the comments section



cheetahman91 said:

Pachter made some good points until he spouted out this nonsense.

"The reason I think they’ll fail is, I can’t think of a third-party publisher that did well on the DS. I mean, Scribblenauts, so there are a handful games and you can count them. Nobody did very well on the DS..."

Guess me and Pachter must be thinking of completely different consoles.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Pachter, Pachter, Pachter. You say no one did well on the DS? I can't even fathom how you uttered such a thing. I mean you do know what a DS is right? If there is anything he deserves to be punished for, it's the utterance if that statement. I wonder why NL covers this guy. If anything everything he says the exact opposite comes true.



TornadoX7 said:

Well..well.well...actually i find this kinda funny becuz majority of his statements were wrong and completely MADE UP...i guess u can get a good grade for effort...i guess



DaveGX said:

I actually have a hard time believing the problem here when playing a game on the 3DS vs the Wii U because I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I've really never come across a single (3)DS title where I'm looking at both screens at the same time to play the game. No offense here, but unless maybe there's a weird cross-eye thing going on here, i really don't see what difference this makes vs the Wii U. 2nd, I don't know the exact success of 3rd part6y games that've done well/failed when it comes to Nintendo in general, but eevr since GameCube all I've ever been able to satisify was mostly Nintendo's own titles, including DS and 3DS, so I can kinda see where he's coming from here, leading to #3. A good majority of people gaming on XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 have without a shadow of a doubt argued they simply prefer to use a gamepad and not doing the whole motion thing. For me where the DS is concerned, I can't honestly say I've found anything too serious where the stylus isn't awkward, especally with being a leftyy, except Nintendodgs (+ Cats). Lastly, on Microsoft and Sony copying Nintendo via tablets? Let's not forget Microsoft was the 1st to even utlize tablets in the 1st place, via stylus pens, though with what little we had at the time, and then Apple began stealing the show the show with touchscreen tablets. I suppose in Sony's scenario crossplay could somewhat be copying, but the Vita was released 1st; if anything Nintendo is copying this function. Meanwhile Microsoft's aim with SmartGlass is to expand gameplay experiences with campanion-like apps to the games, so as to offer exterior notification/Hud type things, for instance. The only difference ismultiple mobile devices are expected to support this, so i really can't say they're copying Nintendo much, either.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@DaveGX No one cares about the Vita dude, just because it was the first to utilize the crossPlay function, doesn't mean developers are necessarily gonna support it. Damn man, you need to chill out, why so serious? I think Nintendo is going to be successful despite your raging. Besides what's your point, I can't pinpoint what exactly you want out of these comments of yours. If it's the fact all companies are copying each other, then yes but it's not like nobody's noticed, so stop pointing out the obvious.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I find it ironic when he says that the DS didn't have a lot of a great games, yet in the background there is a Pikachu and a Professor Layton hat plush.



DarkNinja9 said:

@jkgatling lol i was thinking the exact same thing

i rather have his random annoying news then any beiber new any day -.- but anyway the only thing im worried is how comfortable the gamepad will be when playing for more then 3 hrs and such we dont want the repeat of hand cramps like the 3ds =/

also the first thing i noticed in his pic is the pikachu behind him xD



erv said:

@Tony3DS and that is why you can't really take it seriously - he just pulls statements out of his ass instead of data and logical analysis. Somebody fire this guy...?



SirSmugleaf said:

@GameLord08 Well he may be a professional, but he did say that the 3DS would sell at launch with the expensive price point, and we all know how that turned out!



JettiBlue said:

Seriously, WHY are Pachter related news still posted here on this site? It gives him importance and credibility, which he clearly has neither of.



TheAdza said:

No one made any money on DS? That has to be the most stupid comment I've ever seen Pachter make. Third parties thrived on the DS. What a loser to say something like that which is total BS.



Auracle said:

Why does NL post this clown? Because that's just it: it's funny (and a little enraging). And, as previous users have already said, NL writes about ALL things Nintendo. Lighten up.



SpaceApe said:

Patcher is pro Microsoft all the time, this isn't shocking news. The Wii U gamepad was probably too complex for him to understand.



Windy said:

I bet that guy doesn't even play Videogames. So how can you be a fan of anything? Does anyone know if he plays? He looks way to serious to play videogames. He looks more like a guy who would tell a Videogame player it's a big waste of time. Plus with that Pikachu there in the background and that Guitar for Guitar heroes I bet he is more of a Poser

For me I won't be buying a Wii-U as I just don't trust Nintendo anymore in the TV Console Market. I had some fun with the wii. But also watched other systems get great game after great game while I had to Frustratingly wait for a great wii title. Reggie Promised 2 years ago a robust online gaming experience. Well it's years later now and still no Robust online service other than Mariokart. I guess that counts. I may eventually get one but im going to sit back and watch for a while and see where the system goes. in other words im Holding out my cash the way Nintendo holds out on titles. I will play my 3DS and who knows how much longer that will go on. Nintendo is really starting to falter in the handheld market as well. But I love the 3D technology and hope it does well. Code of princess and Cave Story are pretty neat. The software line-up is lacking a bit for 3DS. I was heart broken when I found out Monster Hunter will have no online play for 3DS. I will say this if Dragon Quest X online comes to North America I can't get to the Gamestop fast enough to get me a Wii-U and the game



BulbasaurusRex said:

Well, he does have a point that it will be awkward to switch views between the two screens, but it's only a minor issue concerning just one of the many cool aspects of the Wii U.

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