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Sun 29th Jul 2012

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Emily_Rogers commented on Guess What? Michael Pachter Isn't a Fan of The...:

I think it will be indie developers on the Wii U's eShop who will really benefit from the console. These are developers who don't care about power, and they'll innovate with the controller. I think you'll see more great stuff like Nano Assault Neo and Trine 2 on the eShop as time goes on.

Also, with Sony promising support for PS3 until 2015, Wii U ports won't shrivel up as fast as Pachter thinks.



Emily_Rogers commented on Turok Developer Wants To See N64 Versions On V...:

I learned a lot about Nintendo 64 development after doing this interview with Ryan Tracy. They made such amazing games with the limitations they had (cartridge space). Amazing how music and sound effects took up majority of the space on a cartridge.



Emily_Rogers commented on Talking Point: 3DS eShop Deserves Big Franchises:

The one thing I love about the eShop is it allows Nintendo to experiment with new IP's and franchises like Dillon and Pushmo.

But I do see the article's point. Nintendo franchises would get more people logging into the eShop.



Emily_Rogers commented on Mysterious Trademark Appears for The Last Ranger:

@theblackdragon All of your points are valid. I wasn't singling out NintendoLife, so I do apologize if it comes off that way. I saw the headline and just assumed old news was being posted as new. I should have read the actual article and not just the headline. Please accept my apology.

It'll be interesting to see what The Last Ranger is all about.