It's time, once again, for the Nintendo Life team to share their weekend gaming plans with you in their own lovely, lovely words. You may have noticed that this entry has been slightly delayed, as yesterday our esteemed editor James Newton completed his last day by sharing his favourite Nintendo Life moments; he now jets off to Frankfurt to show Nintendo of Europe how online content is done. Adiós, amigo.

Still, Nintendo Life goes on under the new stewardship of Damien McFerran, and like good troopers we'll bid James a fond farewell and get back to the business of playing games; there's no better distraction. Without further ado, here's what our beautiful people will be playing this week.

Tom Whitehead

Sparkle Snapshots 3D — Review duties are sometimes fun, and on other occasions they loom ominously over the weekend. I suspect I'll spend much of my time with this app taking pictures of the dog, and she'll undoubtedly wonder why I'm pointing a funny-looking black gizmo at her. If it's true that the photos in this '3D' title display in 2D, my flabber will be gasted.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy — Our man Joe Walker wouldn't stop telling me that this game was magic and joy compressed onto a 3DS game cart, so I simply had to pick it up. What I've played so far has certainly been charming and fun, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

Metroid Prime Trilogy — It's been about a year since this disc graced my Wii, which is about 364 days too long: I'll decide which one to play depending on my mood at the time.

Mike Mason

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise — This finally came out in Europe last week and is made of pure joy. Probably my favourite game so far this year.

Dyad - I'll be playing this psychedelic PlayStation Network title for review on our sister site, Push Square.

Xenoblade Chronicles - No, I've still not finished it.

Jon Wahlgren

Having recently found a box of games in storage from a previous move, I've decided to make this the Summer of GameCube here at Casa de Panda. I'm kicking things off with Ultimate Spider-Man — after playing through the somewhat disappointing The Amazing Spider-Man, I really got an itch for some city-based webslinging and Ultimate Spider-Man is just the light-hearted swingabout I'm looking for this weekend.

Desiree Turner

I'm going to be juggling Tales of the Abyss, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, and Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure, but to be honest I'll likely be playing the latter more than the others! Been looking forward to Rhythm Thief ever since I played the demo.

Philip J Reed

I'll be playing The Sword of Hope II, and hoping I don't get too confused by its "fight some monsters" storyline without having played the first game. I'm also going to be devoting a lot of time to beating Shadow Man in Mega Man 3 without taking damage. It...hasn't gone very well so far.

Christopher Ingram

Even though I've already finished the review for Push Square, I'll definitely still be playing
Rainbow Moon (PSN) this weekend, as well as continuing my quest for world domination in
Pokémon Conquest. When my brain finally gives in to the demands of endless hours of strategic thinking, I plan to sink even deeper into the emotionally gripping world of Katawa Shoujo (PC). It's shaping up to be a great gaming weekend already!

Marcel van Duyn

La Mulana — Perhaps unsurprisingly, the PC port of the WiiWare version has actually managed to beat the release of the WiiWare version to the punch! I was lucky enough to get a beta copy from the developers, which I already cleared over the past few days, but it's so good I'm going to do an immediate second playthrough.

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise — I've been playing it a lot since its European release, aiming to get as many perfect plays as possible. Right now I've got thirty of the fifty stages perfected. I dread going for a perfect on the 10th remix!

Joe Walker

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy — Did my review adequately convey how amazing this game is? If not, let me reiterate: this game is PHENOMENAL. Your 3DS will thank you for slapping this bad boy into its cartridge slot. The best 3DS game yet, hands down, if you ask me.

Pokémon White Version — Still training to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Xbox 360) and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS3) — After spending most of last weekend watching the competition at EVO I'm inspired to pick these fighters back up in a fruitless attempt to improve. If you want to throw down in either game, I'm "SpaceKappa" on both online services.

Katy Ellis

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance — This weekend I will be testing out my keyblades and dropping and diving in and out of different Disney worlds with Sora and Riku. I might possibly even review the game too.

Lollipop Chainsaw — I will also be slashing my way through hordes of foul-mouthed zombies, fully equipped with a chainsaw, cheerleading pom-poms and my boyfriend's talking head.

Gaz Plant

Super Mario World — As my favourite game ever, I always said eventually I'd go back and 100% it. This week is that week. I'm currently up to 67 exits and exploring the Special World for the first time — so close yet so very very far...

Professor Layton and the Lost Future — Ah Layton, you can be so cruel. While I can blitz through most of the puzzles in Layton with ease, every now and again I get stumped, and I'm sure this weekend will be no different. One day I'll catch-up to the current release, but first it's back to the future to save London!

Morgan Sleeper

This weekend I'm hoping to pick up a copy of Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure, which I've really been looking forward to! Besides busting moves across Paris, I'll be spending some time with Ace Mathician & Candle Route for their reviews, and trying to three-star the Diamond missions in Pilotwings Resort — WuHu!

Jamie O'Neill

I repurchased a nice boxed copy of Super Famicom Super Tennis some time ago; I have nostalgia for it from the early SNES days, so I will bust out a few ace serves this weekend even though Wimbledon has now finished. In preparation for The Dark Knight Rises on 20th July, I also intend to complete Batman: Arkham City. I am almost at the end, but my copy of that game has been sleeping upside down like an idle bat since the start of the year.

That's our weekend sorted, but what games will you be playing?