Ace Mathician

Ace Mathician (DSiWare)


CIRCLE Entertainment
Goodbye Galaxy Games


Game Rating

User Ratings: 2

Our Review: 8/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Education, Puzzle
Release Date


  • US 12th Jul 2012, 200 points
  • EU 2nd Aug 2012, 200 points

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Ace Mathician Screenshot
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Ace Mathician Screenshot
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  • Review Ace Mathician (DSiWare)

    Smooth operators

    Ace Mathician, from Flipper developer Goodbye Galaxy Games, is a unique puzzle-platformer that succeeds in combining the magic of both marsupials and maths. The basic idea is to help a friendly koala named Ace reach the fruit at the end of each single-screen stage by rearranging platforms using algebraic equations. Make no mistake:...

About The Game

Ever wondered why you needed to learn math in school?

The answer is simple; to change the world! And that's exactly what you get to do in this game!

You play as a cute Koala named Ace who loves fruit! Unfortunately a few delicious pieces of fruit are just out of reach and you need to change the positions of the platforms to get to the fruit!

You can change the positions of the platform by entering a math formula.

There's no right or wrong answer, every formula the player can come up with will have an effect on the world! Suddenly math becomes as fun as drawing!

There are many possible ways to finish a level... be creative!

Later levels will feature enemies and traps keeping the game challenging. And while your at it, you can collect stars for a better score!