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Wed 2nd May 2012

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sebman30 commented on Cloudberry Kingdom Goes Hardcore In This New T...:

i backed it on kickstarter and played the beta and ive got to say, i was quite impressed.its actually a lot of fun even though i cant get to level 80 (damn u level 56-75)......i can never get up to it ......i just....cant D:



sebman30 commented on Katsuya Eguchi: Wii U Design Philosophy is For...:

@ren i looked up a comparison picture and the pro controller has the same amount of buttons (except for turn off button) so i cant see them having many problems at all. and everyone on this site should know by now, nintendo always come through, well eventually......3ds.....



sebman30 commented on Square Enix: Nintendo Works With a 'Different ...:

@erv - very true, i got scared more in minecraft than i did with fear 3 even though the graphics in minecraft are simple, the gameplay just has this whole other layer of depth which envelopes you into its fun and charming gameplay but also when something attacks you, you freak out and scream like a bitch



sebman30 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th June 2012 (Europe):

wwill be downloading marvel pinball, but i wish it could just be a $7.50 add on to zen so i wouldnt have 2 icons and once again dissapointed because just like last week, i have already have them all......



sebman30 commented on Feature: The Future of GameCube on Wii U:

i know this sounds stupid but i had this dream that satoru iwata announced that the codes on the back of n64 games unlocked them on the wii U so you wouldnt have to buy them again and donkey kong 64 was allowed with dream ever.............i wish that was true



sebman30 commented on Preview: Wii U Hands-On:

birthday end of november, lucky because all the new consoles were released around then so i always got given or had enough money to get them so this year i hope its no diferent fingers crossed (even though im not in my teens but anyway) EXCITED!!!



sebman30 commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

i wouldnt care if the wii u's graphics were slightly better or on par with current gen consoles because i always know me and my mates will have a more fun and a more lively experience playing co-op mario and super smash bros game than the bitching and complaining of cod zombies and now i will finish with a slogan nintendo should use

Nintendo - Creates Memories



sebman30 commented on Ubisoft Manager Says Wii U Only Supports One G...:

am i the only one whos noticed with this game that most of the time the person with the tablet does nothing but move surroundings and imagine having 2 that would just be terrible but yes i would like 2 or even 4 tablets (too expensive for my taste) and would be great but if not nintendo still could change things like the problem with the second 3ds circle pad loss (but not like that at all because thats completely different in every way and nintendo could fix the controller problem easily an just have later games function with it).

Sorry i go nowhere when i rant.........gotta stop doing that.



sebman30 commented on Pledge to Cloudberry Kingdom, Get It Free on W...:

got the $60 dollar one (was meant to get $50 but got wrong one)with two copies of special edition hells yeah!.

also i really like kickstarter i think its pretty awesome. i dont see why someone hasnt used it to their advantage such as the Megaman Legends 3 Campaign seeing as they have over 100,000 fans supporting it there is no way it could go wrong or try buy a old ip from a company (conkers bad fur day or banjo kazooie anyone?) that is pretty much dead...ahem...every good game rare made.