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United Kingdom

Sat 28th Apr 2012

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benandarchie commented on Wii U Pre-Orders Selling Out in the U.S.:

I'm going to wait. I don't like getting a console at launch as it makes you buy not very good games. I'll wait maybe a year or two until really good games are out. Especially my favourite game series of all time, smash bros.



benandarchie commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will Cost £39.99 to D...:

I pre-ordered it at GAME for £29.99 like 2 months ago, which I thought was a fair price. £39.99 is like the price at a GAME store! I went in the other day and kid icarus says: "Now only £34.99" and before it was £39.99, I thought digital downloads will force retailers to drive their prices down but obviously not. Glad I'm getting a physical copy.