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Sat 13th Feb 2010

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matgr commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS):

why they taking so long to announced digital download come on. now we in August the game comes in 2 weeks they should announced 2 few days ago we still have no word from thems. will nintendo club of USA EU & australia do same thing as japan plese answer me thanks.



matgr commented on Reaction: Age Ratings and Video Games:

i watching my brother played the game it's 18+ i was 4 years now i 20 years old can't wait 21st birthday . 4 months left on dec 9 21 years old come on guys i was under age when i played 18+ games & movies whos cares how old are u. it didn't brainwash on me when i was a kid.



matgr commented on 3DS XL Comparision Gallery:

will recharges comes with the box in Australia? in UK dose not have recharges. is Australia going have recharges same as USA? because comes same month NA August 19. Australia comes out August 23rd.



matgr commented on There'll Be a New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow:

please show the gameplay animal crossing 3DS. at E3 was very disappointed because didn't show animal crossing 3DS monster hunter' fire emblem awakening. hate it when nintendo say this holiday season give us release date. not care holiday season



matgr commented on Europe, Your Next Nintendo Direct Show is Tomo...:

Are you looking forward to new info, trailers and other news about the latest Nintendo games - as well as titles coming up on the horizon - for Nintendo 3DS and Wii? Tune in this Saturday night April 21st at 9pm (AEST) for the latest live Nintendo Direct presentation.

Nintendo Direct will bring you all the latest Nintendo info in a live broadcast. The live broadcast will contain European details but head to after the broadcast for the latest Australian and New Zealand news.

Here are all the facts you need to ensure you don't miss out:

You'll be able to watch the presentation on our European Nintendo Direct website.

Click here to visit the Nintendo Direct website...
Afterwards, we'll upload all the trailers shown during the presentation to our European Nintendo Direct website - including some extended versions of the digests presented.

Later you'll also be able to watch the videos on Nintendo eShop.

We hope you look forward to finding out more about the latest Nintendo updates & game news. Enjoy the show!



matgr commented on Nintendo Reveals Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer:

going preorder wiiU full HD 1080p much more powerfull then ps3 xbox 360 also going preorder ps4 as well graphics new zelda for wiiu will much better then ps3 xbox 360. super mario HD graphics will so much wee what do u think of wee hu??



matgr commented on Nintendo Reveals Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer:

skyward looking good i watched on youtube i saw wind fish ideas past 25 years ar in that game mm let think original zelda items boss zelda 2 advanced link awaken zelda wind fish four swords ocarina of time double claw TP wind waker other more older zelda game to me seems wee to put all together by mixing old zelda to new zelda. same thing they did super mario 3D Land mix super mario bros 3 super mario N64 super galaxy 1 & 2 modern gamers ar runout ideas.



matgr commented on Sonic Playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2?:

why would nintendo make sonic on super mario Galaxy 2 he sucks on 3D i love sonic on 2D when i was a kid it's more fun on 2D then 3D
i hop sonic 4 will not make mistake i want 2D nononnononon 3D