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Mon 16th January, 2012

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Arckadius commented on Review: Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS):

Picked this up at the Xbone midnight launch, The Hot-Air Hi-jinx mode is definitely the way to go when playing with friends. I've enjoyed most of the mini-games so far. There's usually a couple in these games I don't like, but for this installment I haven't had that problem so far.



Arckadius commented on Vote: Pick Your Favourite NES Games:

10) Faxanadu
9) Trog
8) Super Mario Bros.2 (Doki Doki Panic)
7) Rad Racer
6) Super Mario Bros 3
5) Earthbound Zero (Mother 1)
4) Final Fantasy
3) Zelda II: the Adventures of Link
2) The Legend of Zelda
1) Final Fantasy III