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Feature: The Best Soundtracks on Wii

Posted by Javier Santana Panero

Wii music

Often overlooked in favour of graphics, music can elevate gaming from the memorable to the unforgettable.

Since 2006 the Wii has provided players with some truly incredible music, from humble chip tunes to fully orchestrated epics. Here’s a selection of the most gratifying experiences to delight your ears, all thanks to the humble Wii.

Forget Dolby Pro Logic’s full range playback channels, sweeping orchestrations and the obligatory J-pop vocals over the credits – one of the most sublime aural experiences on the Wii comes via the pulsating chiptunes of BIT.TRIP COMPLETE. This retro mini-game compilation inherently employs melody and rhythm as part of its gameplay, much in the style of legendary cult game Rez, to mesmerizing results. The games range from simple ‘musical Pong’ affairs (BEAT) to full obstacle racing journeys (RUNNER) and are brought together by the consistent space-opera synths and robo-beats of its soundtrack, courtesy of music studio Petrified Productions and its shameless love for the 8 bits. The team's skill at squeezing pure emotions out of humble beeps brings game music full circle for a 30-year celebration of an industry confident enough to pay homage to its roots while sitting on the cutting edge of modern glory.

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Top Track: Catharsis, featured in BIT.TRIP FLUX's most memorable stage, revisits and remixes Space Odyssey, 2001 and Elite in seven glorious minutes.

In hindsight, the soundtrack to Mario’s space adventure is something of an obvious choice, showered with awards and heaps of praise as it has been. However, anyone able to remember a time before minds were forever blown away by the Good Egg Galaxy theme would agree that a Mario game would have been an unlikely choice for a distinction in the sound department. Not that Koji Kondo’s relentlessly upbeat compositions and stone cold classics were disposable ditties, but never before had the music in the series fitted so perfectly with the epic challenge of a title in the way Super Mario Galaxy’s lush string arrangements lifted an already divine game into stratospheric orbits. Nintendo resisted the transition to symphonic orchestration for far too long, but they sure made Mario jump with his two feet when the time finally came.

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Top Track: If Bowser’s Battle Theme, with its stirring brass section and Ave Satani yearnings, does not make your hair stand on end, you are dead inside.

The soundtrack to Masahiro Sakurai’s magnum opus is not only an essential listen because of its top drawer selection of Nintendo’s finest tunes but also for the oodles of talent of the musicians involved in the project. Over 36 renowned game composers were enlisted with the task of infusing new life into Nintendo’s three decades of aural legacy: from Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame or Motoi Sakuraba (Shining Force, Golden Sun) to J-RPG music maestros like Grandia composer Noriyuki Iwadare, Brawl’s credits read like a Who’s Who of the Japanese musical elite on the mixing decks. Admittedly, not all tracks fit the manic dynamics of Brawl (fighting over the Animal Crossing theme feels just wrong), but the encyclopaedic attention to detail in this collection of classics is overwhelming. If you have ever hummed along to a Nintendo song, it’s probably in here wearing its most alluring outfit.

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Top Track: Trust Sonic to nearly steal the show at Nintendo’s family picnic with a balls-to-the-wall rock remix of Angel Island from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Role-playing games, with their penchant for wondrous exploration and high melodrama, rely heavily on their soundtracks to rouse strong feelings and keep emotions high during their often marathon journeys. A quick walkthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles will easily notch over 60 hours, so it is crucial that its compositions remain of the strongest calibre to avoid ear fatigue after the battle theme kicks in for the umpteenth time. Fortunately, Monolith Soft employed a plethora of star composers (Yoko Shimomura, Manami Kiyota, music studio ACE+ and even Yasunori Mitsuda contributing to the credits song) to create a brilliant hotchpotch of genres and instrumentation that effortlessly blends the symphonic drama of Final Fantasy, the classicism of Dragon Quest and the folksy overtones of granddaddy Xenogears. Add a touch of electronica and a dollop of Falcom-inspired J-rock for some of the more intense boss battles et voilà, the ultimate J-RPG soundtrack of the generation is born.

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Top Track: Stepping onto the wild pastures of the Bionis’ leg for the first time while the grandiose Gaur Plain theme unfolds is one of the most memorable moments in the history of RPGs.

If other soundtracks in this list get brownie points for their eclecticism, then Treasure’s resident composer Norio Hanzawa deserves a mention for his one-track-mind approach to music writing. The throbbing beats permanently underscoring swarms of laser sound effects and dirty guitar licks in Sin & Punishment 2 fit the relentless onscreen action to a tee. The game’s bold declaration of intent is laid out right from the title screen track, with marching thumps stomping all over the out-of-this-world synths, pre-empting the intergalactic mental trip Treasure is about to take the player on for the next few hours. Star Successor only lets go of the accelerator in the ending credits, with a beautiful if slightly predictable ballad, but everything in between is full-fat, unaltered pump up music.

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Top Track: In a game brimming with intense compositions, the over-the-top techno crescendo of the boss battle against shaman Ariana Shami is a textbook study in sound excesses.

The sweeter-than-cotton-candy soundtrack to Kirby’s plushiest adventure is a work in two halves: Good-Feel’s main composer, Tomoya Tomita, was assigned the job of creating the perfect soundscape for a gentle, child-friendly game (think sweet marimbas and pianola riffs) before Nintendo stepped in with a few of the pink ball classic tunes of its own. It’s a credit to both Tomita and the HAL Laboratory musicians that Kirby’s Epic Yarn strikes a balance between paying homage to the series' peppy, verging-on-schizophrenic sound and the soft, cosy jazz codas of the yarn world. Most of the understated sound design in Epic Yarn pulls at your heartstrings in a subtle, almost imperceptible way – little touches like the cowbells in the snow world or the summery ukuleles in the beach levels sit perfectly with the dreamcatcher nature of the game. There’s no room for cynicism in Kirby’s universe and Epic Yarn’s organic arrangements (every instrument is played live rather than digitised) bear this charmingly honest stamp with pride.

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Top Track: Nothing spells out ‘death by fizzy drink at piano bar’ better than the bubbly Dusk Dunes theme - 100% pink power.

There was a time when the subject of video game music in a non-gaming environment would elicit quizzical looks and condescending mentions of “bleeps” and “noises”. Although the attitude has shifted through the years thanks to the proliferation of live concerts and talent crossover from the film industry, the lingering perception of games soundtracks as uncool still endures. Enter MadWorld, courtesy of Japanese studio Platinum Games, a team of gonzo programmers with their fingers so tightly on the pulse of Western pop culture they manage to effortlessly level up game music to rival the edgiest of urban records. Naoto Tanaka, Platinum Games’ resident composer, created the stripped backtracks of the songs and sent them off to urban indie radio station Joint One for a selection of underground artists to add their 'flava'. Against all odds, the result is a successful hybrid that remains genuine to both the gaming medium and the hip hop genre: loud, bratty and slightly offensive, MadWorld’s soundtrack leaves behind nerd stigmas, wheezes past the current pop landscape and defiantly squares up to the music subcultures of the underground.

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Top track: Sick YG’s furiously swaggering all over Ain’t That Funny’s sitar samplers is not something you hear often on a Nintendo console.

Sound off about your favourite Wii tracks in the comments section below.

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User Comments (106)



Smitherenez said:

As a bass player I approve SSBB's remix of Angel Island! Gotta love the slap bass being played there



SpaceKappa said:

My favorite track from Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is the menu song. It's rare for menu music to get my blood pumping like that does.



Stix_Remix said:

I agree with the above posters. Not sure how Skyward Sword's orchestral soundtrack was excluded.



hylianhalcyon said:

Awesome feature, even though zelda didn't make it.
Also, I'd probably put Prime Trilogy in there.



Smitherenez said:

I think that the Skyward Sword soundtrack is not that great at all. I can't even remember one tune, while I hum songs from these games quite often.



Kyloctopus said:

2 other games with wonderful soundtracks are Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Epic Mickey. I also liked Sonic Colors



warvad said:

Okay honestly I give this list a 2/10. Allow me to correct this failure with my own list.

Off the top of my head:
Rhythm Tengoku Wii
Pokemon Rumble
No More Heroes (good job guys you beat me to it)
Wario Land Shake It
Nights: Journey of Dreams

Seriously, if you're a fan of music, especially quirky Nintendo music, check these out.

P.S. Great call on Colors, Kyloctopus.



NintyMan said:

Brawl's soundtrack is pure ear candy, no doubt about that. It has so many good remixes, even if some of them sound out-of-place during the heat of a battle. Both of the Super Mario Galaxy games are wonderful too.

I still think Kirby's Epic Yarn has some of my favorite snow level music of all time. It sounds so Christmasy and happy!

I just want to add that Wario Land: Shake It's soundtrack is awesome as well. It has so many different music styles and instruments that there's a ton of variety, and every track has its own feel. The game was made by the same team behind Kirby's Epic Yarn. Good Feel knows how to make a soundtrack.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land is another ear-pleaser. The whole soundtrack sounds like a homage to every past Kirby platformer, especially Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64. It also has my favorite final boss themes in the whole series. If those two tracks don't make your heart pump and neck hairs stick on end, you don't have nerves.

Epic Mickey has a whimsical soundtrack that sounds even better when you're a Disney fan. I'm sure the next game will be the same way or maybe even better.



darien said:

Because Skyward Sword's soundtrack is a huge disappointment when compared to past Zelda soundtracks like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, etc. Compare Lanayru Desert's theme to Gerudo Valley, Ikana Canyon, or Dragon Roost Island for example. Being orchestrated doesn't help if the tracks themselves are that dull.



Blink said:

Oh, Bit.Trip, love those games and music. Especially Blackout City, the title music for Runner; I could listen to it forever, I love Anamanaguchi.




I'm very happy to see MADWORLD made the list save the best for last if you ask me this game is worth picking up just for the soundtrack! The track they was playing on the 1st Halloween themed level and the one at the Final Boss just AUTOMATICALLY put this game on the list!! YOU CAN NOT have a the best of Wii's music without MADWORLD and I'm extreamly pround that NintendoLife realized that!! Two big thumbs up from me guys

I have to admit I am surprised Skyward Sword didn't make the list as I theroly enjoyed the music in that game as well but then again that game has been overly praised to death IMO. I might get a little hate for saying that but I don't care.



Odnetnin said:

Since this list isn't alphabetical, then BIT.TRIP being first should tell you something.



theblackdragon said:

oh man, we are about to throw down up in this comment thread — no way any other track in Xenoblade is better than Satorl Marsh at night. it's slow, haunting, and as gorgeous as the Marsh itself. i could listen to it alllllll day~
also i think i spent far too much time on the Bionis' Leg killing stuff so i'm kinda bored with that track lol

also, Catharsis is indeed an amazing track (ffs how the hell can you choose only one track out of the entire Bit.Trip series, it's not possible) but there's something about Control (from CORE) that gets me every time I play it. there's a kind of subtle joy in it that is only really equaled by some of the RUNNER tracks IMO, but it has to be experienced while playing it — i purchased the soundtrack, and it's just not the same if I don't have that wiimote in my hand for some reason

and Super Mario Galaxy — Gusty Garden Galaxy, hands-down. i remember the first time i fired up that stage, i just sat there and listened for a while as it repeated itself a few times. with that and the actual flying you do in that stage... just flippin' amazing. that whole soundtrack was mindblowing IMO... so good~



NintyMan said:

@Eureka: Yes, it does, and Life in the Mines Returns is my #1 favorite of the bunch. I can listen to that track for hours.



Taya said:

Both Rune Factory games had some great music.

The Wind Shrine music from Tides of Destiny is especially nice.



The_Fox said:

I take it we're disqualifying the Guitar Hero and Rock Band titles? Otherwise those win by default.



WaveGhoul said:

What is Sin & Punishment doing up there? And where in gods glorious name is *MEGA MAN 9 *!? lol that should be on everybodies list.

Super Paper Mario
Mega Man 9
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Wario Land Shake it!
Castlevania ReBirth

all get my vote. NiGhts, Skyward Sword and Galaxy 2 seem to have brilliant soundtracks as well.



James said:

We cannot possibly list all the Wii games with great soundtracks so we just picked a few, and tried not to give too many obvious ones. Great track choices here though, some real stunners.



ChosenOne25 said:

Xenoblade Hands down man, when the title screen appears you just want to listen to the main theme until it finishes its that good



RevolverLink said:

Even though I consider it a PS2 game first-and-foremost, I'm surprised no one in the comments has mentioned Okami yet. That soundtrack is beautiful, and fits the game like a glove.

For actual Wii games, I thought Muramasa, Wario Land: Shake It! and especially Galaxy 2 had excellent soundtracks. And Cing did a fantastic job with all of the public domain music in Little King's Story as well.




Thank you, RevolverLink. It's nice to see someone else mention Okami. Seriously other games on the Wii have good soundtracks too. No love for Monster Hunter Tri? Anyone?



ajcismo said:

Who does a quick run through on Xenoblade? And why would you short change yourself by doing so?
I can understand shying away from the obvious with Galaxy being on the list. But... No Zelda soundtracks? Granted, most of the bits from past games are re-done Zelda-in Zelda-out, but its still one of the few game series where the sound has to be on no matter what console its on.



Nin-freak said:

Nintendo should seriously make an online video game music store, where you can download music tunes to your console. And maybe even on an online account so you can add it to your PC!



Emaan said:

Nice list, except Skyward Sword not being included isn't acceptable. It has by far, one of the best Nintendo soundtracks in recent years. Rhythm Heaven Fever deserves a spot as well, I loved everything about its energetic and catchy songs! Lastly, Kirby wise, Return to Dreamland defintely has better music than Epic Yarn, just saying.



Ichiban said:

I agree with Kirby's Epic Yarn & Madworld, both awesome soundtracks. I like the Sonic Colours soundtrack too, very catchy!
Skyward Sword didnt make the cut because, aside from the theme of the goddess, the soundtrack was quite dull.



NintyMan said:

It's laughable that out of all of Brawl's music, Angel Island was picked. Not that it's a bad track at all, but there's more deserving tracks to single out, such as this awesome rock remix of Gourmet Race.

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JohnDoe123 said:

I wish there was a way to legally get Nintendo soundtracks easily online, but they don't put them on itunes or anything. Its really a shame.



bauckster said:

Wow, what a great feature! I agree with lots on the official list, as well as some others have mentioned...

One soundrack that no one mentioned that is AWESOME is "Rabbids go Home." Played by a live gypsy band from Romania, it is really terrific. The game is decent, the music is phenomenal.

I gotta agree w. poster #45, Silent Hill Shattered Memories is a beast of a soundtrack -
it's a shame not more people played and experienced that game and it's music.

Totally agree that "Control" from Bit Trip Core is an awesome track! So is "Strange Comfort" from Bit Trip Flux

I also like the title music from wiiware games "LostWinds" and "And Yet it Moves"

Re: Zelda SS, I have to side with the folks saying the soundtrack wasn't that great. I was disappointed. I LOVED the goddess theme song, and the song while flying around the islands on your loftwing was pretty good...but... I found the soundtrack quite forgettable otherwise.



Aqueous said:

Skyward Sword had wonderful pieces, I wonder why none are in. Also Metroid Prime 3 had some wonderful tracks



lanabanana said:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 sound tracks were AWESOME (i never owned the first one sorry :/ )



Super-Mario-Fan said:

I hope they make a Wii Music U but with more stuff and more music. They should do something like let you play Wii music with any song of your choice,not just have a list of some songs but I have no idea how they could do that......



Popyman said:

No More Heroes series is all I can think of. The entire soundtrack is almost exclusively remixes of the same tune yet it never gets old and remains memorable. If that isn't a work of musical genius I don't know what is.



Gamer83 said:

For me the best soundtracks, not just on Wii but of the entire console generation, are the Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 OSTs. Fantastic music in each game.



CrimsonLoftwing said:

I'm surprised that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword isn't on this list. However, I absolutely love Super Mario Galaxy's and Xenoblade Chronicles' soundtracks a lot.



FonistofCruxis said:

I agree with Super Mario galaxy, that and its sequel have excellent soundtracks. SSBB and Xenoblade chronicles have amazing soundtracks too but there are better songs in SSBB than the Brawl version of Angel island. I personally would've chosen the Brawl version of Bramble blast, Nintyfan's choice of Gourmet race is a great choice too. As for XBC, I would have chosen Unfinished battle. The soundtracks that I think deserved to be on this list but weren't are:

Super Paper Mario
Wario land: The shake dimension
No more heroes
No more heroes 2: Desperate struggle - The only lyrical VGM I like more than Philistine (from this game) is Ao-iconoclast from Blazblue: calamity trigger.



WaxxyOne said:

Yeah, one of the few things I really loved about the new Zelda was its soundtrack. Surprised it didn't get a mention here.



arrmixer said:

I already see the zeldans getting angry... lol ... but I agree with them.. no zelda?

I'll take galaxy, xenoblade and sin and punishment .... just hearing the sound track of sin and punishment wants me to play that game all over again...

I can't wait to play these games again on the wii u gamepad especially sin and punishment... getting that gameboy feeling all over again!!

Don't need the TV anymore Boy!!!!!



NImH said:

Skyward Sword was a really refreshing change for the Zelda series... No more MIDI-Based songs!
I know it isn't technically "new" soundtrack music, but the most effecting soundtrack for me was in Little King's Story. That game was epically awesome, due in large part to the music.



Drawdler said:

Anyone who even slightly likes rather than love Bowser's Final Battle is dead to me.



Garo said:

Some soundtracks I think also deserve to be mentioned:

  • Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins of the Moon (Top track: To All People)
  • Mushroom Men: Spore Wars (TT: You're the Mushroom Man Now DAWG)
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (TT: Electromagic)
  • Punch-Out!! (TT: Main Theme)
  • Sonic Colours (TT: Final Boss Phase 2)


GamecubeMan said:

I love music and never overlook it especially in video games. New Super Mario Bros. Wii has alot of Retro throwbacks to Super Mario Bros as well.



Rekiotsu said:

My favorite soundtrack of all time is Xenoblade Chronicles OST and The Last Story has one of the best soundtracks on Wii too.



Expa0 said:

Super Smash Bros Brawl
SMG 1 & 2
Super Paper Mario

I enjoyed these soundtracs though none would make it in my all time favourites. My Wii stopped working before I got to play Xenoblade though, so can't really judge its soundtrack.



kurtasbestos said:

I'm not adding anything to the conversation by commenting, seeing as how a post like this is all but guaranteed to open the flood gates of people demanding that their personal picks be recognized. But... this is the internet, and no one pays attention to those sorts of things. That being said, the Art Style series has some of the best game music I've heard in a long time, mostly because a lot of it doesn't sound like game music, but it also doesn't sound like any sort of pop music. I live in Japan, but I HATE J-pop. A big part of that is that, besides it all sounding incredibly over-produced by people who know more about money than music, there's an AMAZING underground / independent / expirimental / avant-garde / non-mainstream / whatever-you-want-to-call-it music scene in Japan that's entirely and tragically unknown to the average Japanese person. The Art Style series (especially Rotozoa, though Rotohex and light trax also deserve to be mentioned) has music that rivals some of the best non-mainstream music to come out of Japan. If only that jerk who spent far too much of his free time making a complete recording of the soundtracks to those games would finish up the last few and share them with other fans of the series. Oh wait, that jerk was me. Sorry about that. But man, getting to listen to the Art Style soundtracks whenever I want was totally worth wasting a few months of my life.



Superconsole said:

Gaur Plains is an amazingly powerful track in Xenoblade, but I agree that No More Heroes & No More Heroes 2 have awesome soundtracks too. Philistine and Pleather for Breakfast are my favourites



jspanero said:

Thanks for the kind comments. To be fair, the article could have been twice as long as there are other very worthy soundtracks on the Wii (many of which you've already mentioned) but I tried to include a balanced selection of different styles so there was something for everyone - music can be a very personal experience!



MAB said:

SH:SM Michelles version of Willy Nelsons 'Always on my mind' was great I wanted to hear the whole track, I was like 'Wow! you CAN polish a turd'



onlyaman said:

Glad to see BIT.TRIP lead off this article. Catharsis is great, but my pick would be Epiphany. Man, I have listened to the FLUX soundtrack so many times...



RetrogamerFan said:

Agree with NimH37, on Little King's Story. Although it doesn't use music, which is newly composed for the game, the arrangements used fit with the game so well and really enhance the story telling and setting of the areas/levels.



Lew3107 said:

Melty Monster Galaxy, Mechanical Rhythm, Unfinished Battle, Invitation to Madness, Land of the Livid Dead, Ike's Theme, Mario Strikers Pause Menu, S&P2 start menu, Art Style: Light Trax's Computer, there's too many good songs!



Bobhobob said:

Sonic Colors and Bit Trip Complete are my two favorite Wii soundtracks, easily.
I have Reach For the Stars, Speak With Your Heart, and Tropical Resort Act 1 (all from Sonic Colors) on my iPod. Still need to get Bit Trip music, though Runner's Soundtrack was excellent.



FiveDigitLP said:

Brilliant idea! Now we need to start an Operation Musicfall to get them to do it...

Man, I read through all of the comments and only found one person who mentioned Fragile Dreams. What is wrong with all of you people? You guys must go out and try this game just for the sake of listening to the moving and emotional soundtrack. Since Fragile Dreams was kind of a JRPG, I think the description above for Xenoblade could apply to it as well...except its music was even better than Xeno.

You have to let me know when you get that Art Style music done. I just started playing Pictobits and love the music on it. If any of other games have music like it, then I'll definitely have to check it out.



TKOWL said:

How does one leave out Rhythm Heaven Fever, a game built AROUND its awesome music?
I is disappoint.



Kid_A said:

Skyward Sword is a grave omission. GRAVE, I SAY!
Also, although NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is a pretty polarizing game, it has, undoubtedly, one of the best soundtracks of this generation. Seriously. You can pick it up for like $3 at Gamestop and it is 100% worth it for the soundtrack alone.
Other great Wii soundtracks:
Sonic Colors
Rayman Legends
Super Mario Galaxy 2
World of Goo
Super Paper Mario
Metroid Other M (great study in atmospheric sound design)
Epic Mickey



Mattiator said:

Yeah, can't believe I forgot about Fragile Dreams. Beautiful soundtrack there. The Last Story also has a fantastic score.



Henmii said:

The Angel island remix, really?! I would have chosen some totally different tracks! For example the Link's awakening remix or the Mario land remix! Much better!!



Yadoking said:

Hm. I like Opoona's soundtrack a lot. My friend really likes Elebits' music, too.



Kaeobais said:

Dude, Ain't That Funny is awesome. Love that song.

And to everyone mentioning the lack of Zelda, in my opinion, Skyward Sword had next to zero memorable music.



iPruch said:

Xenoblade Chronicles has, in my opinion, the best OST ever made for a videogame. I LOVE it. It's not the typical RPG OST with one or two master pieces and just good ones for the rest. Instead, almost every single track is near to perfection.



NintendoLand said:


Brawl has the best music but the Sonic remixes were the most ANNOYING and unimaginative.

Sad article we have here.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Back for another rare post.

Ain't That Funny was one of my least favorite songs on the MadWorld soundtrack. I say that because that game had a great soundtrack, especially everything by Ox, or You Don't Know Me by Bandy Leggz.

Both No More Heroes games were great. And now that I say it, those of you who have played the first are thinking of "HEAVENLY STAR". "We Are Finally Cowboys" and its [Golden Brown Remix] were great and had awesome titles. Agreed with Superconsole on "Pleather for Breakfast", though "Philistine" kind of gets old. Both Madworld and No More Heroes are filled with great workout music, too.

Sonic Colors of course was great. Planet Wisp, Aquarium Park, the boss themes, I could go on, but outstanding music is nothing new in a sonic game.

Muramasa, of course, was fantastic. From action sounds like the theme for Ippon-Datara/Sayo, to relaxing stuff like the Road to Heaven.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom dropped the character themes when it came to the US, but still had some fun stage themes. And then there was the surprisingly apt game theme, "Fly Across the Border". I just wish we got the hilarious lyriced version of the training stage.

Kurtas was right, the Art Style games were great and relaxing.

I could go on, but I mentioned the first that came to mind already.



Koos said:

Very good choices especially MadWorld and Kirby Epic Yarn. I would choose Soul from MW as one of the best. I would choose Fluffy Puff Galaxy from SMG2 as the best.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I had the madworld soundtrack from around when I got the game, but I specifically held off on listening to Soul until after I'd finished it and heard it during the credits. I'm glad I did, it made it more special to me.

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