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Wed 15th Jun 2011

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bauckster commented on Wii U Epic Mickey 2 May Not Feature Off-TV Play:

I agree that this seems rushed. It boggles the mind why they wouldn't offer a single player the wiimote/nunchuk option on this game, which matches the paint/thinner mechanic so well...I think I'll end up getting this on my PS3 for the HD graphics, because it supports the Move controls. (unless I read that the Move support is really crappy in which case I will get it for my Wii).



bauckster commented on Feature: The Best Soundtracks on Wii:

Wow, what a great feature! I agree with lots on the official list, as well as some others have mentioned...

One soundrack that no one mentioned that is AWESOME is "Rabbids go Home." Played by a live gypsy band from Romania, it is really terrific. The game is decent, the music is phenomenal.

I gotta agree w. poster #45, Silent Hill Shattered Memories is a beast of a soundtrack -
it's a shame not more people played and experienced that game and it's music.

Totally agree that "Control" from Bit Trip Core is an awesome track! So is "Strange Comfort" from Bit Trip Flux

I also like the title music from wiiware games "LostWinds" and "And Yet it Moves"

Re: Zelda SS, I have to side with the folks saying the soundtrack wasn't that great. I was disappointed. I LOVED the goddess theme song, and the song while flying around the islands on your loftwing was pretty good...but... I found the soundtrack quite forgettable otherwise.



bauckster commented on Feature: The Odd One Out in Operation Rainfall:

A very interesting read - you guys did a great job on this feature! That said, it takes me a while to get through games. I'm still playing Skward Sword, believe it or not, and I think my other priority will likely be XC (though it's almost intimidating, it seems so big!). Out of curiousity, anyone know the general length of Pandora's Tower?



bauckster commented on Rumour: Wii U Components Cost $180, Will Retai...:

@The_Fox I agree about the concern of a 2nd controller being $100. On top of a likely $299-350 price range for the the console and one controller, that could end up being prohibitive for a lot of people.

I wonder how many people are like me - I got tired of waiting for next gen-graphics and 3rd party games, so I bought a 160 gb PS3 for $250 (less really since I made some money from selling old games).

So far, I'm really happy with my PS3. I'm keeping my Wii too, but I did downsize the Wii games I own.'s going to be a tough sell for me to buy a Wii U, having just bought another console... maybe eventually. I wonder how many are in a similar situation to me...



bauckster commented on Capcom: "No Plans for Resident Evil 6 Wii U At...:

@WolfRamHeart You said, "Well, considering that Capcom said recently that survival horror games don't sell anymore and that they plan to make Resident Evil 6 more of an action game so that they can get Call of Duty level of sales, I am not particularly interested in this game anyway."

I totally concur. This is my concern as well. I have o% interest in COD and if this is just a clone with a bit of scary veneer, it won't be enough in my opinion. I will wait for reviews before deciding if I want it for my PS3 (newly acquired!). It'll be a tough sell for me based on what I have seen and heard so far.



bauckster commented on Vampire's Crystals Co-Op Footage Emerges:

This it might be really fun and then get boring quickly. That's my concern with these kinds of games - the novelty wears off quickly. If it's 500 points, it might be worth a try. Not more than that unless the game is deeper than it appears to be.



bauckster commented on Disney Epic Mickey 2 is Built For Wii:

@Alienfish You could certainly say that, but keep in mind that many Wii owners are not typical gamers, and may not take the plunge to buy a Wii U. Gaming consoles are expensive, and not everyone can keep buying more and more. I think the game has a shot of doing well on Wii. I could be proven wrong, but I don't think it is really such a bad move to release it on Wii.

@NintyFan I agree that the story, music and presentation are all important. I hope that the plot of the second game isn't lame, considering the emphasis being placed on co-op play.



bauckster commented on Disney Epic Mickey 2 is Built For Wii:

Just found out: the game will feature: improved camera (no manual control, so let's hope it's improved!), full voice acting by every character, and permanence (meaning if you change the land with thinner or paint, it stays that way when you leave and come back, unlike the first game).

Here is a very cool video link w. Warren Spector talking about the game and quite a bit of game footage:



bauckster commented on Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two:

I like the idea of creating a unique soundtrack based on player choice. Hopefully it will be well-executed and not too shallow/gimmicky. I thought that the first game was a bit obtuse about "morality" at times, as it wasn't always clear that one choice was better or worse than another. Also, I hope the ending is potentially a LOT different based on your choices. I was a little disappointed with the "endings" in the first game.



bauckster commented on Disney Epic Mickey 2 is Built For Wii:

I'm VERY happy to hear that! I still haven't made up my mind about Wii U, and it is nice to extend the life of the Wii a little longer. I really hope it is a good game, and doesn't suffer from sequelitis (or correct some issues from the first and have a crappy storyline or something like that). The first game sold well on the Wii and hopefully this will too!



bauckster commented on Surprise! Disney Announces Epic Mickey 2 for Wii:

@Kage_88 Acually, I heard that the first game sold rather well on the Wii. Not Mario or Zelda well, but quite well. But, I'm sure they're primed to make a lot more by releasing it multiplatform. I don't hold that against them - it makes sense from a business standpoint. My big concern is that the focus will go towards the next gen. consoles, with sloppy conversion for the Wii version. I really hope that doesn't happen. I haven't made up my mind yet about if I will buy a Wii U, so...I'm sitting on the fence about buying this on Wii or waiting for the inevitable Wii U version. I guess I'll wait for the reviews to decide.



bauckster commented on A New Pandora's Tower Trailer Is Here:

@BulbarsaurusRex In my opinion, no. I don't care one little bit about having an American voice cast. In fact, I tend to prefer British dubs to American ones often. Even better in my opinion, is the option to watch in the original Japanese with subtitles. Anyone know if this is an option? I'm referring here to all 3 recent RPGs: TLS, Xenoblade, and Pandora's Tower. Are they all watchable in Japanese with subtitles? I hope so...



bauckster commented on Surprise! Disney Announces Epic Mickey 2 for Wii:

Well I'm one that really enjoyed the first game, despite some of it's flaws. Count me in!!!

I do hope that the whole "play style matters" bit is a little less shallow than in the first game, though I'm not really holding my breath. Also, I sincerely hope that there is less fetch-questing, and that the camera is better (obviously!). Also, I hope that the 2D levels make a reappearance and that there is an option to play them at any time once you beat the game!



bauckster commented on Sound-chip Enthusiast Explains Retro Sound Design:

Yes, the moon level music is AMAZING

I would like to take this moment to also request a list of favorite chiptunes from the 8-bit era (as well as retro modern 8-bit music). Could a feature story be done on this with opinions from NL staff? Maybe a top 50 or something? I'm constantly looking for good music from games that I haven't necessariily played.



bauckster commented on Two Tribes Announces Toki Tori 2 Wii U Plans:

I'm very happy to hear that! Sounds like Two Tribes has some wonderful ideas about how to maximize the WiiU's potential in a meaningful way (e.g. the level editor idea). I hope that many other quality developers also follow suit.



bauckster commented on New Trailer for The Last Story Introduces Char...:

@mariofanatic128 Wow, thanks for all the insights! It's definitely very helpful. I didn't realize that XBC is quite THAT big!!! I do really like exploration elements, but also think it could take me YEARS to finish XBC since it is so big, lol Sounds like you definitely get your money's worth, though. I'll ponder this a little while longer...



bauckster commented on New Trailer for The Last Story Introduces Char...:

Looks great! I actually think the graphics look fantastic, considering the Wii's rather limited horsepower. In some ways, I might prefer this game to XBC, but honestly I couldn't say for sure because I haven't played either one. NL, could you guys consider doing a comparison feature on these two RPGs (LS and XBC)? Just a thought. Hopefully it will eventually come to NA.



bauckster commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Hits North America on 6th...:

I'm on the fence about this, partly because it is hard for me to devote hours at a time to gaming these days; bite size gaming and occasional chunks of 1-2 hours is much easier than long periods. Question: Is it easy to save your game? That would make a difference for me in deciding whether to buy the game or not. Also, does the game get exciting right away? How hard is it to play for people that are slightly more casual RPG players?



bauckster commented on Newton Vs The Horde:

Thanks for sharing info about the game, Gstewart! It certainly looks quirky and intriguing - will there be a demo by any chance?



bauckster commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword Misses Wii's 2011 Top Five:

I'm in the "why is this so surprising?" camp. Seriously, it's not that big a deal, as others have mentioned. Nothing wrong with casual dance games - nothing wrong with exercising. Is SS great? Sure! Anyway, it still has time to do well. As far as I've heard, it's sold pretty well on the whole.



bauckster commented on Review: The Kore Gang (Wii):

On second thought, the graphics look pretty dated. This review does seem a little harsh compared to some others I read though. Maybe more of a 5 or 6? (or not, since I haven't actually played it)



bauckster commented on Your Favourite WiiWare Demos Are Now Back:

@20 That's interesting. Truly a misconception on Nintendo's part. I'm MUCH more likely to buy a game if I have a demo to try out first. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

I'm glad that they're finally doing this, but it may be too little too late. As for myself, I've already downloaded almost all of these. Except Pokemon Rumble, which I guess I'll try.

It wouldn't hurt if Nintendo had a sale on WiiWare one of these days. When you consider how dirt cheap quality games are on Steam during their many sales....



bauckster commented on Gaijin Games Explains Why RUNNER2 Won't Reach Wii:

Come on people, show the love for Alex Neuse and Gajiin. Their very small team put out 6 QUALITY 8-bit games on the Wii. That's quite a lot, thank you very much. Nothing wrong with going HD for a new installment, in my opinion.