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Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The Wii

Posted by Darren Calvert

In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Laurent Fischer, managing director of marketing at Nintendo Europe had the nerve to call Nintendo fans wishing for more storage space to download VC and WiiWare games “geeks and otaku”!

Here is a section of the interview directly from this month’s Edge:

First Nintendo will not be concentrating any significant marketing spend on the service - journalists attending Nintendo's preview event were told that it was their job to spread the word about WiiWare titles via reviews and other coverage.

... when asked a pertinent question about the limited Wii system memory was raised, Laurent Fischer, managing director of marketing at NoE, easily slipped into talking about how "geeks and otaku" were the only people who want this issue addressed. - Edge Magazine 190

Now call us stupid, but surely Nintendo should be pleased that there are Wii owners out there downloading so many games that they’re running out of space? Clearly the company is entering a new, golden era of hatred and resentment towards its customers.

You know the drill - the comments section is below. Let the bitch-fest begin!

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dark_moogle said:

  • shoots self in the foot *

Oh sorry, I'm just replicating the effects of NoE and their stupid comments. I'd laugh if Nintendo actually announced something later this year at E3 or TGS and someone asks Fischer about this comment later on.



TomMc said:

This is stupid i play my wii not very much but when i do have time to play i love downloading and playing vc and wii-ware games! Just shows they need to fire him and bring someone in who understands what we want! );



Roo said:


I need more space to download games dammit! I haven't downloaded a thing since February!!



LOZa said:

its not just wii ware and VC tho - game developers wont release any downloadable content untill the wii has more memory so there screwing over everything by saying that....

I say grab your pitch fork and march on nintendo land !



i8cookie said:

i had to look up the term "otaku", unless you are Japanese, you have to be pretty geeky yourself to use a term like that



XCWarrior said:

LOZa is so correct. I want DLC for some games as well as more space for VC/WW games. I mean we have to be so selected on what we choose, because I am not about to delete something to red/l it later. That's more work and a horrible idea. I don't sell my games to re buy them later, just give us a hard drive already!



Demonic_St33V said:

It's funny.... A rep from NOA said a few months ago that "we're looking into various solutions", then this from NOE.

I'd laugh myself to death if they come up with an expanded storage solution and NOE refused to release it in Europe out of spite.



Kevin said:

Thankfully e3 is around the corner. Hopefully all of this bitchin can stop then.



Jukka said:

don't even know what Otaku means, but it dosen't sound positive.

how can they insult their fans like that, after all the money we have spent?



MVP said:

I hate the custom of putting tags to the people, I don´t know if I am a geek, but I want a HD for the Wii so am I?, stupid comments of this guy don´t you think?



slangman said:

Otaku: a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests. (e.g. VC, Nintendo)

Maybe Nintendo of Europe should be thankful that there are people demanding a hard drive add on as this shows a very large amount of £££ and €€€ from tons of VC titles downloaded and even more with WiiWare. But no as normal NOE have to act clever by trying to deny that only a handful of Wii owners want a hard drive.



Bass_X0 said:

Maybe its just me but wouldn't people with an obsessive interest in giving Nintendo their money be a good thing to Nintendo?



TomMc said:

If they fired Laurent Fischer the world of Nintendo would be better for us gamers! I think it's about time Laurent retired and let someone who understand what we want take over! (;



Shiryu said:

Nice thing to say if youre a Marketing Director. Well this Geek/Otaku is boycotting Wiiware and Wii VC until you sort this out. Guess they didnt plan on a person owning 60 games and not habing nearly enought place to store save games and channels, let alone VC and Wiiware titles... shame on you, mister Fishcer.



Kevin said:

You don't know what an otaku is? Didn't you play Metal Gear Solid? (Otacon)



will1 said:

Nintendo just leads us to believe that something great is coming and the hype is what sells for Nintendo. they don't even have to try to put effort into but a few games and the rest is all marketing that we fall for hook line an sinker. Smart company in a sense they are making huge profits with little effort. Bad business to basically bash the fans of the company in a interview.



Bluezealand said:

Well, I guess he's right. Only geeks and otaku would pay that much for having games that they have to re-download all the time.
Thanks NoE for the enlightenment, now I have nothing to pay, though I can play all Retro-games on my Wii, even if they're never coming on the VC.



coire said:

Rabble, rabble, rabble, Rabble, rabble, rabble, Rabble, rabble, rabble, Rabble, rabble, rabble, Rabble, rabble, rabble, Rabble, rabble, rabble, Rabble, rabble, rabble, Rabble, rabble, rabble....

Well, you heard the jerk. Nintendo CLEARLY doesn't want our money. Nope, seeing as how download space is something keeping us from downloading all the VC games we want (or can afford) and profits could be made on a hard drive. But sucks to be us! Brawl delayed 6 months for stupid reasons, reduction of the amount of games coming to the VC weekly and an incredibly slow rate of WiiWare games; Nintendo has made their European stance clear: too bad I'm not allowed to say it here.



Superman64 said:

I guess the next time I have some disposable will be going to XBox Live Arcade instead of the VC or WiiWare.



Quimby said:

@Coire - shenanigans.
Well, as I have been ranting about recently, if Nintendo doesn't pick up their customer service by December, Fischer will get his wish.
(I'm going to get an Xbox and keep my wii for the VC games I already own. I already gifted away the last of my residual VC points so I wouldn't have to be disappointed every Friday.)
Also to recap my post on this news post on the Wiiware site, Fischer is a douche.



Rapadash6 said:

Nintendo of Europe always seems to say the dumbest things. I remember them saying Nintendo will never release a redesigned DS and, in a manor of days, the DS Lite was announced. I really don't believe that these comments represent the company as a whole but just this persons own opinions. The reason Nintendo is stand offish about extra storage is fear of piracy, plain and simple. Stop blaming the company and start directing your anger at all the software pirates out there. It's thier fault we don't have what we want.



Ian_Daemon said:

@Jon "Laurent Fischer needs to quit his job, now!"

I would like a formal apology from Laurent Fischer and a reduction in his salary...but that's just me.



coire said:


ONM (the UK 'Nintendo Power' of sorts) 'officially' said that no 'Kirby projects were in the works or planned'. Less than a month later, the Wii Kirby installment was announced. NOE are just clueless.

You heard the man, get you brooms people, he called shenanigans!



Link79 said:

I don't understand why the lack of a harddrive to store your games would be such an Issue for some people that they would completely stop buying the games. What's so hard about saving the games your tired of to an SD card or deleting them from your Wii to make more space? You can always re download them if you feel like playing them later. What are you gonna do when you have too many save files for Wii games? Stop buying them too?



Laxiom said:

Five WiiWare games, nintendo channel, and Internet channel, just about filled my 512.

and that assjack is calling me a geek!?
someone should woop his ass then roll a D20 on his face!



diablos79 said:

slaps forehead in disbelief i cant believe a staff member of nintendo has implied that they dont care about their installed user base/lifelong fans and the company only really cares about casual/niave customers who they can make a quick profit out of. nope never would have believed that in a million years. (sarcasm FTW!!)



Will said:

Yeah, what a loser. But really, isnt there someway we can walk around this? Why cant we use a regular USB hardrive to store games(with a little messing/hack)? Surly we are nerdy enough to find a way around this. ill probly get seriously LOL'ed but I dont really pretend to know too much about these things, I just want to see the problem solved.



edux said:

What was he thinking... i think i´m gonna give up with nintendo or at least is what they want for looong time nintendo users...first they relase a limited memory console then they´re wanting you to download many games, that is not possible i almost fill my WII memory with that nintendo channel, and then that guy from NoE says only ****ing nerds geeks need more memory, nintendo was aware of what he said really? it was like "i dont care nintendo fans" maybe that´s why there are many excellent games unreleased in VC because the dont want you to fill your WII.



Mike1 said:

I hope that loser's comments have no bearing on America. Anyway, that guy shouldn't quit his job; he should be FIRED!

This guy is basically telling all of the customers of Europe that Nintendo doesn't want your money. Think about it. Europe and America want more storage space for downloading VC and WiiWare games and this moron says that we are all geeks because we don't want to use Nintendo's stupid SD card method.

I have 487 blocks left. I thought that I would be out of space by this summer but Nintendo's fantastic marketing strategy of giving both America and Europe nothing but garbage this year so far has actually solved that problem. I used to be excited for VC Monday's but now I could care less. I downloaded 4 games in 2006, 14 in 2007, but 2008 has been a different story. I have only downloaded Kirby 64 and Dr. Mario in 2008 so far. Stop with the garbage releases and start giving us the games you know everyone wants already. And giving Europe no games last Friday is a joke.

Judging by this article guys, I don't think we are going to be getting a storage update. Nintendo is always behind the times. The N64 didn't use CD's, the Gamecube wasn't online (except for PSO), and the Wii has no storage. Nintendo set the Wii at $250, but most Wii owners would pay $300 or more if it had better storage. The only people that wouldn't pay more would be the soccer moms, but we don't need those casual gamers.

Thanks Nintendo. Between your bad storage and garbage VC releases this year, it's no wonder that so many people are mad at you right now. You wanna show us the gamers you still care about us, then fire Laurent Fischer!



Rexy said:

I still think they aren't handling us as bad as PS3 and XBox360 gamers though. Besides, Link79 said it right: get an SD card and transfer data you aren't using to it. I have one and although I don't even have enough data to fit the entire internal memory yet, it's done me some good for sure.



Tim said:

You posted this article on your sister site. Now I'm confused and don't know which side to start an argument on.



Wiireview123 said:

lol ColorblindMonk!! but yea someone need's to fire him badly because he's a dick! mabye he's the reason of other bad stuff in nintendo's history. like no mega man 2 in n.a yet. or tetris not coming out for another year.



Rexy said:

But he's European and has nothing to do with you apparently. Besides, he made a wise decision in giving us PAL gamers Mega Man 2 - direct it towards Nintendo of America, not NOE.



Link79 said:

Thanks Rexy. At least somebody agrees with me. I save games to my SD cards all the time and It doesn't bother me. It only takes a few minutes and surely there are some VC games that you may not feel like playing for a while so just clear up your flash memory and the problem is solved. No need to stop buying the games. Just make some room.



Superman64 said:

@Rapadash6: No, it IS Nintendo's fault. You really think it matters to software pirates they can rip off VC games on their Wii...when they can easily just find the roms on the internet and play them on emulators on their PCs? This is just Nintendo being cheapskates to maximize their profits, and because they realize that casual gamers are clueless or indifferent to having more storage.

@Link79: Having a hard drive wouldn't simply create better way to store your VC and WiiWare titles. Nintendo could actually start providing downloadable demos for their disc based retail games and even have downloadable content for other games (That is something that the Wii version of Rock Band desperately needs). Basically...Nintendo could actually start to match the XBox 360 and PS3 in terms of expanding the gaming experience.



Golgo said:

Geeks AND Otaku?!
What an idiot...everyone knows Otaku is Japanese for Geek! Ha ha!
...or have I missed the point?



Jockolantern said:

Pretty sure I'm the only one who really doesn't have any problem with swapping stuff back and forth between my Wii hard drive and SD card. Seriously, it doesn't take THAT long. Besides, I can have dozens of NES/SNES/Genesis/TG-16/N64 games on my Wii hard drive at the same time; plenty to keep me busy for a good, long time. And I can always swap the one(s) I'm done with for a few others every once in a while. It works out perfectly for me. Having page after page after page after page after page of game on my Wii menu would just get dizzying.

Seriously... the only bitching I'm hearing is coming from people who just want to be able to have a hundred games on their Wii because they're too damn lazy to take a whopping twenty seconds out of their day to transfer it over from their SD card.

Yeesh. Stop griping about having to fit a few dozen less games on your main menu and get back to ENJOYING the games, folks.



Adamant said:

"Geeks AND Otaku?!
What an idiot...everyone knows Otaku is Japanese for Geek! Ha ha!
...or have I missed the point?"

Otaku is harsher, more of an insult, and generally refers more to society-shunning loners who spend their days with their games/TV/comics/etc.

But yeah, there's no real need to say "otaku and geeks" in this instance - they're pretty interchangable here.



Rapadash6 said:


Have you ever tried pulling FROM the SD card? I know transferring files TO it takes a while but actually copying back to the Wii Menu doesn't take long at all. I'd say 20 seconds or less, depending on the file size. I don't recall ever having to wait any longer than that for a file to be transfered over from the card.



AlexSays said:

no i haven't tried.
i have all my games backed up on my SD card though, and it took like 10 minutes to copy Ocarina of Time.
the main issue though is it just being an inconvenience, and its not like Nintendo doesn't have the time or money to help us out.



SuperMichael64 said:

Thats it! I'm threw giving my hard money to Nintendo! Naw, who am I kidding, as long as they keep making fantastic games, systems, and other products, they can poke fun at this fanboy all they want!



The_Indigo_Effect said:

Call me crazy, but wasn't the VC supposed to make life easier? Instead of buying every system and every game you were supposed to be able to download them on your Wii. However, it has become an even greater inconvenience to have to erase or redownload VC games on your Wii. It's actually less trouble to just to own the old systems, and buy some games that you like. I personally think that the collective complaints of the VC community are justified. The only games I purchase on the VC anymore are import titles or rare games.



Satans_Therapist said:

RE: link 79. I wont be able to play super smash bros brawl when it comes out as i only have 5-10 blocks left for save files and SSBB takes up over 120 blocks. It wouldnt make enough of a difference if i transfered all my game saves over to my sd card as most of my saves are around 1-2 blocks. Eledess takes up over 120 for its save file and that file cannot be copied to an sd card. It is far to much trouble moving all my corrosponding save files around and trying to keep track of them as well as moving around vc and wiiware games.

Now the only way i can make enough room for the SSBB save file is to delete the internet and nintendo channel save files which then means i cannot use the new nintendo channel as you have to have a save file for it.

I would also like to add the wii fit and mariokart channels but cant as i will have to move loads of games to my sd card and not everyone wants to keep doing this. The virtual console for me meant being able to pick up and play my favourite retro titles with ease and convinience.

If some people are happy moving stuff around or deleting it then fine, let them do that but give other people who are sick of doing this an option.

I know nintendo are not exactly desperate for my money these days but the point is they could have even more of my money if they sorted this out.

Now that its effecting my games saves shows what a ridiculous situation this is. I now cant use the features that nintendo have included in their own games and i have to choose between the nintendo channel (and its very large required save file) or SSBB and thats a choice i shouldnt have to make just because nintendo didnt put the time and thought into the storage system



Objection said:

I really never thought I would but now that my Wii is full from 4 Wiiware 2 VC, and the free channels and Brawl, etc. I have decided to join the Boycott until a storage fix is RELEASED. That's right, Nintendo, if you want my money, you're gonna have to GD earn it! What a concept! And don't think I won't. I boycotted Square Enix for 2 years because I didn't like their new games (up until MLAAK)



NiF said:

Absolutely ridiculous. They will have to give us something for E3.

Re-downloading is extremely inconvenient for me due to my quite impractical setup. I have to rearrange several wires to get my Wii online with the LAN adapter - and so I only bother to do that when I want to actually download something. Having to do that regularly is not ideal. And as someone pointed out, you will soon be able to use up all the space with just add-on channels for retail games (such as Wii Fit, Mario Kart, etc.) - or with just a few WiiWare or N64 games.



koresh1959 said:

What I want to know is how popular the VC is among casual gamers. Nintendo really broadened its target market with the Wii which is why their profits are high despite its library of games not being that good, especially for more dedicated gamers (yeah, there are some exceptional titles, but on the whole it is undeniably lacking). I can't imagine this family demographic loading up the Wii Shop channel and downloading retro games. I can only imagine the people doing that are more hardened gamers who have an affinity in one way or another to retro gaming. This ties in with the fact that "only geeks" have storage problems--because perhaps a large portion of the Wii's market isn't using the VC service, or at that, probably downloading only a game or two?



SmaMan said:

I have a feeling that he will be fired soon. You said he was a marketing director, right? Well what kind of marketing is it to diss the people who in my opinion are giving Nintendo the most money? In short, he's not doing his job, and he will be fired or he may do the fun politician thing and resign.



Rapadash6 said:


I'd be very interested in hearing what kind of response you get back, if any. Could you post it, if you recieve one?



Drake said:

If you don't know what otaku means you haven't played No More Heroes or any Metal Gear Solid, shame on you



Starwolf_UK said:

LTRFTW. This article really P***ed me off so i have just sent this e-mail to NOE.
If it was or whatever it is you have not sent it to Nintendo. You've sent it to codestorm who are the crappy company Nintendo UK use for all the customer service and Wii repairs (half the time they forget to re-transfer your download tickets and as for saves...forget that). Who tend not to reply even when it is a serious issue and not a troll letter. If they do reply it'll be weeks due to having such a big backlog (seriously they are short staffed and they have high turnover so basically they are all n00bs). is your best bet for a customer services actually run by Nintendo. But you have to write in German else they direct you to codestorm (heck half the time they do anyway or maybe its my bad German which means they can't understand what i'm saying ). They tend to take about a week to reply.

Employee e-mail adresses are easy enough to figure out but my guess is they have it set to junk everything not whitelisted and I guess they don't check there. The leaves ordinary post as your option for getting in touch with the real Nintendo.

So if you want to sent your rant put it in an envelope and send it away.

If you sent it to Nintendo America. A reply is very likely (though it might be a auto-reply*) but it'll be a case of "sorry for your concerns. we have no influence on what our subsidaries say or do. you can copy games to your sd card to download refrigeratior I can't be bothered writing the gerneric NOA response tot he storage problem..."

*-Which usually doesn't answer the question.



Zeroagean said:

Nintendo 64 did not have CD because originally they were but Playstation was copying them on almost everything so they had decided to hold back on the CD thing



deadly_by_design said:

Translation: We make ridiculous amounts of money and you are not important. (see: consumer minority)

Hopefully NOA isn't as dumb about this, as the Wii has been receiving complaints about its lackluster capacity since the Virtual Console release.



AlexSays said:

@ you're absolutely right.
with millions of casual gamers, who needs us geeks?
eventually, we might have to switch to Sony or Microsoft because they seem to care a lot more about their hardcore fans.



Master_K said:

I should lock him in a tiny metal box and tell him he's a geek for wanting more space.



Matrix101 said:

Hi geek friends.
At least this moron implicitly recognised that this is an issue.
I have 800pts left on my account, since months, that will be sent for SMK, when available...
I simply don't buy anymore VC points, and won't until I can have a efficient and permanent storage solution. Period.
Nintendo has the list of all VC downloaded games by Wii, I'm sure they can see the effect of memory full on the sales. For me it's very clear, memory full and no more download, while I was more or less doing an average of 2 VC downloads by month.
Just STOP buying until we have a solution. Full stop. Really.



konkerdoodle said:

This is a dark day for Nintendo fans...not to be dramatic or anything. I don't really care about the storage problem myself--I always figured they'd sort it out eventually--but this comment is just downright rude. I'm pretty surprised actually. Too bad I'm not terribly wealthy, so the Wii is my best choice for a system as it stands. Plus, I really like it. A lot. I wish Nintendo would sort out its problems. (not likely with all of the cash they have flowing in)



Tweek said:

What did we ever do to you, Nintendo? Only spend hundreds of bucks on your games. Now, I'm not European or anything, but that comment was just plain rude and ill-spoken. I hope that Nintendo of America doesn't think like that.



ColorblindMonk said:

Ok, I don't wish to have anything to happen to this guy. I just think he's very closed minded. He doesn't see this as a problem mainly because he is content with theses... "options", as they call it. Even if it's not their problem, they should do what they can to please the consumer, as the majority people who are complaining about the lack of space are the ones buying the most products from Nintendo.

Doors number 1 and 2 involve moving them to an SD card and redownloading. When are we going to get door number 3?

Just wanna say. I notice in every interview with Nintendo executives when the question regarding space, they, every time, avoid it by telling us these, er, "options" of copying them to an SD card or to erase them and download later. When they gonna give us a honest answer? Why can't they say "We're not" so it can motivate more people to do what they will not?



Rexy said:

"eventually, we might have to switch to Sony or Microsoft because they seem to care a lot more about their hardcore fans."

As someone who had Sony consoles before, it's not the case. Sony's hardware support is even worse, and my PS2 machine is getting way past it now - weird to say that since most Nintendo hardware last for years. Plus, may I also say that the current PSP and PS3 game selections suck?

Microsoft are under a very similar boat too. I wouldn't buy a game if that red ring of death is going to completely damage it. And their game selection is even WORSE than Sony's too; the fact that Halo 3 (or "Gaylo" as I would prefer to call it) is the big hit for the system pretty much says why graphic whores are more attracted to the system than real serious gamers.



Kirk said:

He's right though. It mostly is the more "hardcore" users or "geeks" who are having the problems with the amount of storage space. Most "casual" users probably only have a couple of boxed games and a couple of Channels and that's about it.

I want more storage space too but I can see where he is coming from.



uncle_smuck said:

What the hell is this guy going on about? serriously.

"Most of the people are happy with what they have. Of course, we could increase our technology and add a hard drive, but then what we lose is simplicity and accessibility, which is one of the important things for us. We want our consoles to be easy to access and not cause headaches."

Most "Hardcore" (god i hate that word) gamers would have no problem putting a hard drive add-on to their wii's. People that are into the VC, wii ware or dare i say it downloadable content want a storage answer. Why not, if nintendo is winning the console wars, make a storage facillity available? The happy go lucky wii sports and wii fit family owners aren't maybe that intrested in the VC good for them. But there are lots of gamers who want this made available. Why not try to keep everyone happy? The wii is printing money for nintendo would a hard drive add on not make a proffit? They must be rolling in money just now!? I aint no maketing buisness type person but i don't think they would inccur a loss on a storage facillity. I know what's coming next from this guy.

"If our geeky gamers are having trouble storing their precious virtual console content why not buy another wii. Go on fill my pokets!! you scumbags! I need to feed my baby seal clubbing habbit with the cash i make from you geeky tarts" *

*purely unfounded nonsense (as not to inccur a lawsuit)



samman said:

God im with the other bloke. no more money in the wii in december. To be fair it has a decent PC engine emulator and i keep it for that although i prob wont get to play dracula x. Actually this reminds me of how bad sega europe were with the saturn.

Im going to set up my saturn and play xmen vs streetfighter. funnily it displays really good on my hd monitor. even better then the wii haha.



Starwolf_UK said:

Nintendo 64 did not have CD because originally they were but Playstation was copying them on almost everything so they had decided to hold back on the CD thing
Eh? Nintendo worked with Philips and Sony with regards to CD based systems. Once they saw the Mega CD fail Nintendo though "this isn't the future" not "SEGA is producing games on about 50 systems at once". They cut ties with Philips but Philips ended up with rights to Nintendo characters (and even asked if Nintendo wanted to develop the CDi games...Nintendo declined) But Sony saw the whole Philips thing as a betrayal (not that Sony were nice, Sonys "deal" they would be responsible for all the CD based stuff leaving Nintenod for cartridges*) and decided to use their work on the SNES CD expansion to their own ends.

*-This kind of threatened Nintendo. If CD took off they wouldn't reap the benefits plus they would be a 3rd party to Sony if they wanted to make CD games.

This guy is just down right stupid. The hardcore gamers are the ones who spend money on Nintendos products and games..
But the casulas buy Nintendos hardware in the droves. The hardware is Nintendos secret profit weapon.

Hardware has crap margins for retailers but Nintendo themselves make a fair profit in selling the hardware to retailers (retail selling price compared to production costs that is)



Bass_X0 said:

Its probably more a "We can't do it but we can't admit we can't do it so we're saying people don't want it" thing.



koresh1959 said:

While he didn't phrase it so eloquently, it is true that the more dedicated gamers will be the ones filling up their Wii's storage. BUT I want to know how much of the market share these kind of gamers make up of Nintendo's demographic. There's obviously the principle that because we're the one's buying more games, we should be the one's who are supported. Nintendo thinks they've nailed the "casual" audience so can afford to screw its dedicated fanbase.



Outrunner said:

In the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine they said that Mr Iwata has confirmed that they're working on a storage solution. So my advice is to just ignore this git. He probably wont be in a job much longer anyway.



Knux said:

Really? Finally! I bet it is a USB flash device and not a hard drive though.



KhaoShar said:

1.) As I understand, otaku are die-hard fans of the japanese media, mostly manga and anime, right? So, just how in the world can anybody working for a japanese company make it sound as if this was a bad thing?!?

2.) Of course we are geeks, why else would we be d/l-ing retro games to our Wiis?! Someone tell this guy who his customers are, please >

3.) I tried to d/l "Dr.Mario & Germbuster" a few days ago, of course my Wii said "insufficient memory". So I checked- and couldn't believe my eyes: after getting Last Ninja and World Games (yes, this was a while ago allready) I had 1 (in words: one) (!!!) block of free memory left!

So, gamers don't need a storage solution? I'd die laugthing if it wasn't so sad!


P.S.: The person depicted above in not a geek, he's a stereo-typical nerd. Beeing geeky by now is part of society like checking your e-mail every hour or using PDAs, you don't need to wear pointy ears and a green cap to be a dedicated video-gamer <O_O>



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

KhaoShar: "Of course we are geeks, why else would we be d/l-ing retro games to our Wiis?! Someone tell this guy who his customers are, please."

Exactly. Why should geeks be offended at being called geeks? That's even geekier.



Gameguardian said:

I can hardly believe what I'm hearing! How can anyone even say such things about longtime and new fans of Nintendo!? It is surely an outrage for all gamers to hear such words from a game company and Nintendo has hit an alltime low with that statement.

Nothing justifies this at all! The limited Wii system memory is not an issue whether or not we are geeks or not, it is simply a question about our interest in games. And if that's not all, the memory capacity really is a problem (just compare to the 360's and PS 3's storage capacity).

No, I'm totally disappointed that anyone from one of the largest and most distinguished game companies in the world has the nerve to make such a statement. They should really discharge Laurent Fischer without further notice for stooping so low.




Gameguardian said:

And after reading some of the posts above (Outrunner's post), I also hope that Nintendo really are working on some storage solution. Thanks for easing that worry Outrunner, let's just hope that it becomes a reality

Not so sad anymore



Smileoscar said:

Gets Duke Nukem voice
Time to kick butt and download VC games and I'm all out of space.



2hip2beskware said:

Oh come on! The guy is completely off his rocker (yay for foreign slang!).




juhok said:

It seems like Nintendo's strategy this year is to be a complete jerk towards US/European customers. The horrid delays (EU Brawl...), firmware updates for blocking Freeloader, complaints regarding online play etc... And now this?

Sony kinda tried the same thing by being a complete douche in the late 2006/early 2007, and it seems like Nintendo is slowly going the same way, for some reason. I mean, I'd love to go through the constant hassle of making space for other games by either deleting them or transferring them to an SD card which takes around five freaking minutes! Then, if I want to play a game I deleted earlier, I'm just going to have to either download it or copy it from the SD card, both of which take infuriatingly long.

Right now I mostly have VC titles but as soon as I start putting Wiiware games on my Wii, some stuff has to be deleted. Wake up, Nintendo! It isn't 1998 anymore. 512 mb will get filled up pretty quickly. Besides, what about the USB ports? Excluding the few times I've plugged my usb keyboard in for browsing, I've never used them for anything. Geez...



Driveshaft said:

Well, I'm a geek and I don't want a Wii hard drive. Therefore, I refuse to accept this hypothesis.

Good day.



Waxxy said:

"firmware updates for blocking Freeloader"

Damn them for trying to protect their systems against piracy! Damn them I say!



N64_Gamer said:

What an unnecessary comment! Let's boycot Nintendo until he gets fired. Or maybe not...



Madmanonfire said:

At first, I thought the nerd in the picture was Laurent Fischer. I would've laughed at him. Oh well. Darn him and let's hope for a storage solution, eh?



alxtlvra said:

Nintendo is making a great effort to scare off of Wii core gamers

1. Bad and few VC releases.
2. Refusing some classic third party franchises.
3. No announcing for new Wii Ware and VC (in order to save cash for it)

... And the great ending ... WE GOT INSULTED



Alato said:

Brawl, Nintendo Channel, MK Channel, Wii Fit Channel, Internet Channel, Wiiware, VC... This is only marketed to geeks, now?

Idiot. NOE does suck in comparison to NOA. Luckily, I live in Canada.

Is he meaning to tell us half of the XBox owners are geeks, too? They have storage.



Alato said:

Brawl, Nintendo Channel, MK Channel, Wii Fit Channel, Internet Channel, Wiiware, VC... This is only marketed to geeks, now?

Idiot. NOE does suck in comparison to NOA. Luckily, I live in Canada.

Is he meaning to tell us half of the XBox owners are geeks, too? They have storage.



eagidni said:

boy, they'd better get releasing some damn fine games for virtual console as a proper apology for that statement!

also, a hard drive. heh.



aut0matic said:

laurent? ha, i thought it was a woman until posters referred to him as a "he..."

only morons and douchebags are named "laurent."



Bensei said:

@Waxxy: Freeloader is not piracy, the Freeloader is a disc you put inside your Wii to play Games from japan or Europe on your Wii and block foreign updates (to block your Wii from having three different news channels). You can do nothing else with it.

They just want to block it because it would fake their customer sales and the money flow. If every European imported Brawl the sales of NoE for Brawl would be 0, although 2 Million Europeans own Brawl from NoA.

It's not illegal to buy games from other countries



strenny said:

it has been said so often already, a small system update and the usb ports or the sd slot could be ready to use for storage + direct play. So what is the reason for not going for that - no free staff to conduct the programming necessary, because other projects earn them more money?? The bride side is, re-downloading software saves a lot of plastic, tri-wing screws and other resources that would be used for a hard drive. So being casual from NoE's point of view is being ecologically correct



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

@ Driveshaft: Awesome post, but he didn't say that all geeks want a hard drive. He said that most hard drive wanters are geeks. So your logic is off. You can't be that geeky!



quakster said:

The best part of this is that the six already released WiiWare games alone use the whole damn memory.

Even if you only buy one game a month, you'll run out of space in six.



HappyBob said:

I had no idea six virtual console games (at the very casual rate of one every 2-3 months) and a couple of WiiWare games qualified me as a geek.

I totally am, but that's only coincidental.

Remember, folks: it's a throwaway line from one regional representative, not Nintendo's official statement. Let's have a healthy chuckle at the ill-informed comment and move on.



Ness012345 said:

Oh Nintendo, how you are going the way of the dodo these days... Ah well, at least Microsoft still loves me. You and Sony can go sit in a corner for time out until you understand that the consumer is the thing that keeps you afloat. Go on, shoo, in the corner, both of you!



SmaMan said:

The only problem I see in running from SD cards is that some of them might not be fast enough to run certain games (especially N64s) but I've seen people pirate NDS roms and run them on their DS with an SD card so it should work with most.



Outrunner said:

Apparently Nintendo have advertised for testers to look for bugs in USB technologies too. Hmm...



Mixer152 said:

If wanted more space to download games makes me a geek then I couldnt care less.
Just solve the damn problem!



Yossarian said:

Having to redownload c64 games would make the experience more authentic to waiting for the stupid c64 tape player to load. I can only imagine this would be the case, as Australia (or the US?)has not yet got the c64 for VC.
These days I find reading these posts more entertaining than downloading the rubbish that has been appearing on VC of late.



Luigison said:

I think there is something at work here that I don't think anyone else has noticed. Obviously, if you delete games to download new ones you no longer see the deleted games in your channels. So, it's a case of out of sight, out of mind. Not seeing what was deleted may actually encourage people buy more games. If I could see the seventy or so games I've downloaded in my channels I might be less inclined to download something new. Does that make sense?



SmaMan said:

I just got a great idea! Let's all go to the Everybody Votes Channel and submit this question:
Do you wish there was a way to store more channels on the Wii?
Yes or No
(or something to that effect)
If they pick this Nintendo will get to see exactly how many "geeks/otaku" they really have. And heck, even if they don't, they'll be sure to notice this huge stream of Wii Space related questions and know that!



stinssd said:

NoE's comments are right on: Perhaps we shouldn't be asking for more space for VC games. Perhaps we should simply toss our Nintendo systems out the door.

NoE seems to forget that its customers are Nintendo consumers, not Nintendo acolytes.



Ian_Daemon said:

On Laurent's "apology", Lancehead on Kotaku wrote: "He claims he didn't use those terminology in an offensive context and 'regrets' the misunderstanding. Sooo, where's the apology?"

He said nothing.



SmaMan said:

Hmm you got a point that I look at it again it seems like he's just regretting he said that...a regrettal if you will.

Maybe he's meaning to apologize for anyone he may have offended with that comments, or he's just scared of David Jaffe and wants to calm him down before he has him for breakfast just like the Volvic Volcano.



alexanderpas said:

I soon haven't got enough space to store all my (over 100) savegames + systemupdates (photo channel etc.) + free channels (nintendo channel etc.) + game channels (mario kart channel etc.)

when brawl releases here in europe, i'm unable to play (and buy) any wiiware and VC without losing functionality...

I don't mind deleting and copying channels... but my savegames are holy




Nintendude1 said:

You woul think you would be able to fill up all the channels before you need more space. I havent finished filling up 2 and I have only about 100blocks left



JODIsBack said:

rexy, good lord i hope that comment you made about the 360 is a joke

if the 360 gets red rings, it doesn't damage jack. all you have to do is send it to microsoft and wait for about 3 weeks for it to come back, and on top of that, you won't be getting red rings for about another 8 months

also, the 360's hit game isn't halo... nobody plays that game anymore, i have about 30 people on my friends list, only 1 or 2 of them play halo... everyone plays gta iv, rock band, guitar hero 3 and other games a HELL of a lot more than halo, so that clearly means there are a hell of a lot more serious gamers than you think there is

and the 360 is much better than the ps3



AlexSays said:

@ JODIsBlack- ignore Rexy,
thats the same person that compared Super Mario RPG to Superman 64.



nate said:

I say we should all throw some money together and hire an assassin as to permanently remove Mr. Fischer



One_Crushing_Blow said:

@JodIsBack: Do you really want to keep on sending something back, though? Your argument of "you won't be getting red rings for about another 8 months" doesn't make me want to get a 360. Makes me realize that XBOX has a lot to fix. No system is perfect, sure, but that didn't really help your cause.

All of this is ridiculous. Nintendo should be concerned about the entire gaming population that buys their products, not just a select few. So with the whole storage space, yes, not everyone mass buys VC games, but for the group that does, they can't just ignore that because those people are the ones who bring in the largest influx of money, unless you're just buying Wii games non-stop at 50 bucks a pop. Even still. I honestly believe this isn't the overall feeling of Nintendo. At least I hope so. I've only downloaded 2 games so far (Harvest Moon and DKC2) but once I get a job again, and USA actually starts getting good games, I know there'll be more to come.



JODIsBack said:

it's an issue, but it's a long time till it happens again, and besides, if it does get it, you have your wii to play



adrock said:

How hard would it be for Nintendo to have a downloadable software update for the Wii that would allow storage (and instant access) of Virtual Console and WiiWare games to a SD card? Just treat the card like an internal hard drive. It'd make a lot of people happy and seems like it'd be pretty easy for them to do too.



Bensei said:

Why not adding the other Otakugate at VC:R as well? At least the newest one (the U-Turn)



Larry said:

Oh my god... Mr. Fischer:

Downloading games ist the future, you have no costs for packaging and shipping. And in case that you are selling games from the 16bit age... you haven't even costs for developing. But - refusing a storage solution to the customers and calling them geeks and otakus is just stupid.

I wish you all the best in your new job, whatever job this will be. Hello NoE, where should I send my application?



Slionr said:

I agree Mixer152. I dont have any more space and I woulde reeaaaly love it, if nintendo could fix the problem soon!!!!!!!



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

What an idiot. Why is he even working at Nintendo? obviously he's lost and meant to apply for Burgerking, but he took a wrong turn and ran into Nintendo.

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