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Male, 24, Norway

Mostly fan of Nintendo, but never shy to play other systems as well ofc^^ Studying history for the time being, to become a teacher. Fav-system: Playstation and Snes Fav-genre: Adventure and RPG. Fav-games: Zelda Alttp, Chrono Trigger and Tales of Symphonia. Fav-franchise: Castlevania

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Slionr commented on Star Sky:

Just bought it and........ I dont really know what to make of it.
I do admire the creators ambitions about small choices effecting the outcome and it is quite cheap. But at the same time, it is way to small to really give an impact... for me, it rather questions the term "game" more than any story-driven/atmospheric game has ever done to me.
Id say 5/10. You bearly get what you pay for, but honestly, I would pay for more, to get more.



Slionr commented on You'd Better Get a Bigger Micro-SDHC Card for ...:

I would love to download it, but my 32GB SD-card is full..............
why couldnt it support 64GB? (Btw, I have tried to format it to FAT 32 a.s.o, but there are certain data that wont be transfered and I dont know why......)



Slionr commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

As one who isn't a huge fan of the AC-series, will Watch Dog appeal to me?

I am really fan of stealth-games, but always found AC-series to be..... not really good at it. I dont hate them, I had fun and think they are well-crafted games, but always felt like I should have waited for a price-drop.

The first games had a broken combat that made stealth kinda... useless, when I was literally one-man army (counterattack), while 3 and 4 had better combat, but focused less on stealth.



Slionr commented on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes:

After Lego City: Undercover (which have become my favorite Lego-game, right after Star Wars, the complete saga) I am really excited to see how this one will turn out^^ heard great stuff about it already, so :3



Slionr commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (3DS):

For my part, it was pretty alright!^^
The controls are a bit floaty (the platforming) and I hate the use of gyro-controls in special-stages (almost on par with sonic heroes special-stages) and one wisp-power. Seems like they knew that in the special-stages where a pain, since I was able to clear them with only a couple of failures thanks to decent time. And the cut-scenes are so blurry and pixelated -.-

BUT the level-designs are different and unique, giving it a sonic 1 feel, in the regard it had platforming-stages with exploration ( a bit more than the original though), and some fast-speed lvls (with inspiration of Mario Galaxy)^^ Sonic is still fast and charming, with nice worlds and a ranking-system that still shows you gotta go fast, but do explore to get the highest ranking. Fun power-ups (except one who demands gyro-controlls) and the elemental-shield is really lovely to see again. I would lie if I said there where some lvls I didnt enjoy, but still.... that felt so minor since there where in my eyes just 2 lvls I really didnt enjoy.

I would give a 7. Its a good recommendation for sonic-fans and those who are new to the series as a start.

Its a bumpy ride. But still fast and fun^^



Slionr commented on Photo Dojo:

I actually found out about this game after I was recommended this title on the E-shop. And boy, is it awsm!^^



Slionr commented on First Epic Mickey 3DS Screen Shows Scrooge McDuck:

I was not a huge fan of Epic mickey, but I did realy enjoy it, and was happy I bought it and beat it^^ It was realy a unique game, with different outcomes from quests, collectibles and so on^^
I am however a HUGE fan of both illusion-games. I picked both of them up for a month ago, and loved them, even though they where realy easy games^^
Im not sure if I am gonna pick up the wii-version (at least at first) but to see this screenshot....... Made me think back to thoose games and Ducktales (because I saw Scrooge...... yeah, I am love nostalgy X) ).

And for some wierd reason: yeah KH as well @zeldadude



Slionr commented on Nintendo Download: 8th March 2012 (Europe):

Awesome! cannot wait to download Megaman X and maybe Samurai Shodown 4 ^^ But..... seems like I cannot download the Demo for DOA....... is it really because I live in Norway? -.- quote from Wikipedia: "Due to Swedish controversy, Dead or Alive: Dimensions is not being sold in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The concerns were raised when an internet forum user commented that three underage characters in the game could be viewed from angles that could be considered lascivious."



Slionr commented on Centipede: Infestation:

When I saw Wayforward helped making this game, I really got excited^^
Is the Wii-version and 3DS-version the same game? And whats different between them? =)

Hope this will come to Europe one day



Slionr commented on Review: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands ...:

i would have given it a 8. its realy good with much replay value, and the callenges are fun =) yeah, the combat is not as good as in f.eks rival swords, but its not bad or broken^^
but one question.... do we in europe (or in my case, norway) get the original PoP for the snes? i have not gotten it even though i got all of the potions, beat the game and its not even listed up anywhere as an unlockable....... =(



Slionr commented on The Lost Vikings:

I have it on the GBA and i looove this game^^
hope its secuel as well will come to the VC^^
is there any difference between the genesis and the SNES version of this game (besides the music and graphicks?) =)



Slionr commented on Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn:

Never got that into the 3D-Fire emblem games....
Its of course not bad, but compared to those on the GBA, Its a bit of a disapointment for me....



Slionr commented on Red Steel 2 Blunted After Poor UK Chart Debut:

Such a shame....
Why cant more gamers see the good side of wii? VC, good 3party games, new way of gameplay......... Maybe Wii will become like the NES: Many awesome games where uknown/forgotten for that system as well.



Slionr commented on Batman Returns:

crossing fingers (and toes) for this and Batman for NES to come to the VC ^^



Slionr commented on Mega Man 9:

I gotta say, every level in megaman 9 was not any hard, except for wilys castle. This level is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy hard.... I dislike the checkpoint-system in some areas and it is one loooong level (whith no save-spots) and on top of that: the last boss is ......a monster :S
I love this game... but it might be the hardest megaman game I have ever played. I think Ninja Gaiden is easier X)
Oh well... Its not broken hard. Just hard.......and even though i complain, I would not have it any other way...... (well.... maybe a better checkpoint-system or similar (A) )



Slionr commented on Resident Evil 2:

you see, Code veronica had a better plot and som better controls because of a camera that kinda "moved" with you and FPS-view eith some weapons. and you could dual wield, but it unfortuantly felt empty many places, wich made it in some areas a tiiiiny bit dul. RE2 had more a horror factor, that kept me always on the toe plus. + it had ot quite balances between puzzle elements and action-parts^.^



Slionr commented on Resident Evil 2:

This is one of my favorite horror games ever. But I wonder why they did not give this one the same upgrade as the first one.... oh well. hope it will come on VC soon^.^



Slionr commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

Well, it is suprising that madworld did not sell to good......
though, i do understand when it comes to HotD:Overkill and DS: Extraction. Both of them are rail-shooters and while they are still pretty good, they dont last long (HotD did not even last an houre the firstime i played it.... with the directorscut, it was a bit longer, but not much), the rail-shooting genres are not the most popular out there and there is not to much freedom you have in the game (ofc). But I still wonder why Madworld did not get to much attention.... maybe they should begin to advertise more (here in Norway, I have ONLY seen commercials for Wii fit-plus and M&S at the olympic winter-games, when it comes to games for Wii) Shame..... :/



Slionr commented on Review: Sonic Unleashed (Wii):

Personaly, i think the game is worth about a 7. Mostly because of the running-stages, wich i play again and again. Of course the wherehog-stages are not realy fun, but it is at least not broken and i like the music (except the battle-music). and i gotta say: I just love that there is NO shooting-stages like in the 360/ps3 version.^^



Slionr commented on We Pray - Coming To A Console Near You?:

.... you gotta be kiddin me :S
as a chrisitan, I feel offended.... realy, this puts us in a bad light for the public, it creats wrong idea of our religious culture......
What a horrible way to advertise a religion and making money out of this....