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Tue 20th May 2008

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quakster commented on Review: Adventure Island: The Beginning (WiiWare):

The game isn't that easy, unless you're comparing it to the older ones. I have to admit, the unlockables do make the game a lot easier, but they're there for you to get if you can't proceed or want to try making high scores. (Quack on the leaderboard.)



quakster commented on Nintendo Download: Adventure Island, Crystal D...:

Adventure Island owns so much that I started it all over from the beginning again.

Well, okay, I restarted it because I misspelled my name in one of the minigames and apparently you can't change your name after you've chosen it so it was bugging me and I had to delete my save but who cares, the game is fun.



quakster commented on Game Center CX Looks at the Virtual Console:

Arino owns and I say we should just skip the whole "video games as art"-debate and admit that the act of playing them is art, regardless of whether the games themselves have any artistic merit or not.



quakster commented on Nintendo Download: Bubble Bobble Plus! & More ...:

It's Bubble Bobble. You're supposed to get as far as you can on a single playthrough. Thanks to having played other versions of the game, I breezed through it in no time.

Now, to do the same with a limited number of credits...



quakster commented on Nintendo Download: Bubble Bobble Plus! & More ...:

The levels in Bubble Bobble Plus go like this:

100 Arcade levels (with Super versions) 1-2 Players
100 Arrange levels (with Super versions) 1-4 Players
100 Expert Levels (50 per pack, 200 points a pop) 1-4 Players

There are four difficulties to choose from and you can play the game normally (unlimited continues), or play Ranking (limited number of continues).



quakster commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64):

Whoever hates this game because of the time limit is a complete tool, slowing down the time stretches the time limit to 2-3 hours, and the only thing you lose by resetting the time is, like the review mentioned, stacked items.



quakster commented on USA VC Update: Super Punch-Out!!:

It's not really a confirmation of anything, considering that whoever wrote the press release has absolutely nothing to do with the people who made the game.



quakster commented on Review: Star Force (Arcade):

If I'd have to take a guess why it's called Starforce instead of Megaforce, I'd say that they probably dumped a Starforce machine into a rom, instead of a Megaforce one.



quakster commented on North American WiiWare Top 10:

LostWInds is okay but it plays EXACTLY like Okami, whereas TV Show King is as stupid as a game about knowing things can be.

Now, which one would you get if you want to play a fun game with friends?