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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Herandar commented on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People -...:

"Beating you in a race would almost be as much fun as beating you senseless."

I'm guessing the voiceboxes with pictures in them is an example of the point and click gameplay? This looks more like in game footage than a trailer, per se.



Herandar commented on GameLoft Brings More to WiiWare:

Yawn. What the Wii really needs is a port of Snake from the Ti-82 graphing calculators. There is already a crappy retail bowling game that is worse than Wii Sports out there.



Herandar commented on New name for Dr. Mario WiiWare:

@ Tony: Careful, man, you're showing your age. Wonder if there will be gap coverage to cover the donuthole...

Seriously though, I wonder if this game will do better with the nursing home crowd? They know all about the meds..



Herandar commented on New WiiWare Game: Gyrostarr:

Just found something interesting on Wikipedia under Tempest 2000. The game was designed for the Jaguar by Jeff Minter, but he did not handle the conversions: "The Sega Saturn version (programmed by High Voltage Software like the PlayStation version)..." That would go a long way to explain the similarity.



Herandar commented on OFLC Update: Three New Neo Geo Games Rated:

@ Damo: How does Burning Fight "in many ways it betters Capcom’s seminal scrolling fighter."? There is no commentary like this on the game's page.

The only Neo Geo games I want are Samurai Shodown.



Herandar commented on Wii to support BBC's iPlayer (UK only):

There are several varieties of battery packs for the Wiimote. I have and really like the Nyko version; you can get two batteries and a double charger for $35, and they work excellently. Wiimotes do turn off if you set them down for a few minutes.



Herandar commented on Sky Kid:

Well, the Red Baron didn't bomb the Statue of Liberty or fight off Alien UFOs, did he? This is a very fun game, unconcerned with the realities of war and aerial combat.



Herandar commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - April 2008:

The game I've wanted ever since the VC was announced... Sky Kid! It may not be everyone's favorite, but my brothers and I would play rather competitive co-op back in the mid-80s, and we still played a few levels on the original cart a few years ago. Instant download for me.



Herandar commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

Then as each week progressed, 3 more gamecube discs would be unlocked and become readable and playable. This would then be quickly reduced to 1 game a month, because the wii has a 5 year life span and we wouldn't want to run out of games would we? Does that sound smart?

@bacchus - No, that sounds like the XBOX360's backwards compatibility.



Herandar commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

@ Bonesaw: I take issue with your assertion that "the majority of fans are extremely disappointed at this point and have good reason to be. Nintendo knows it and has done nothing to accommodate the problem. That should tell you something too."

I think the majority of Wii owners are playing their Wiis and buying more Wii games. My local GameStop still never has any Wiis in stock, because they are all sold the morning that they are delivered. Nintendo does not know that most of their fans are disappointed.

Your average Wii owner doesn't even need to worry about space running out on the internal memory. Even Smash Bros. doesn't take up much more than 5% of the memory, though it does take up about 128 times as much space as say, Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess.



Herandar commented on WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade – Fight!:

From the article: "Microsoft recently halved the royalties paid for first-party Xbox Live Arcade from 70 per cent to 35 per cent on games that make under $4m in revenues (the rate rises closer to 50 per cent when the revenues go over that amount...)"

Um, that means Microsoft pockets 65% of the sale. No wonder the developers are pissed. Makes Nintendo's 50% look good, in fact.



Herandar commented on WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade – Fight!:

@ Starwolf:
One would think that Nintendo has learned it's lesson from losing the last generation's console war. And it would stand to reason that the developers that are now working on WiiWare games would already know Nintendo's price.

@ DJ Triforce:
Not buying a console because it isn't made by a certain company is a stupid reason. I'm a Nintendo fan, and have had every Nintendo console except for the VB and GBC, and the last non-Nintendo console that I bought was the Dreamcast. But that is due to financial reasons, mostly.



Herandar commented on MSX to Hit Japanese Virtual Console in May:

@manicfatty: Actually, I could see the counter-argument that releasing systems in regions that never received the original games might be successful.

Of course, it seems that most of these old games are not masterpieces of the craft, and are sold mainly due to nostalgia and rose colored memories. I don't think many casual American Wii owners care about MSX or C64.



Herandar commented on Defend Your Castle Dated - Screens Also Released:

Multiplayer is the only thing that might make this worth purchasing. I gave it a spin on the PC the other day, and the "unique" visual style does nothing to help the rather basic gameplay. It bothers me that they mispelled "helth" though.



Herandar commented on Everyone's Pokemon Ranch - WiiWare - New Details:

All the video I've seen looks really basic. If all you can do is "interact", store and take pictures of your Pokemon, then it's not worth it, (unless you've got an unhealthy obsession with the sprites). If, on the other hand, it allows you to access events or other stuff that you otherwise couldn't, then it might be worth it. Since Nintendo Events are super-rare on this side of the Pacific, this might be a good thing.



Herandar commented on World of Goo:

Really hoping that gameplay footage was sped up. That's a bit too twitchy for my tastes.



Herandar commented on LostWinds:

The one screen on gonintendo shows two separate contrails. Dual-wielding Wiimotes?? One can only hope.



Herandar commented on WiiWare focus - Interview with the director of...:

The other downside to downloadable games is there will be no market to buy a used game. Also no one to sell your game to once you are finished playing it. (I'm not the sort to sell my used games, my DC games are in the attic gaining dust...) I often wait a few months and buy games for significantly less than the new $50 price tag.

I'd assume GameStop/EB aren't to thrilled by the idea, though it makes perfect sense for the console publisher, since they will be the only source for the game, and wil be able to charge full price on every download.



Herandar commented on Virtual Console Passes 10m Downloads Milestone:

9 million Wiis, and 10 million VC games sold.

You can get a 1 TB HDD today for a couple hundred bucks. I don't see any reason Nintendo can't realease a smaller HDD for a reasonable price. Though based on the above numbers, I think the people that buy numerous VC games are a minority among all Wii owners.