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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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dark_moogle commented on Mega Man 9 Downloadable Content List:

x.SuperMario.x - The point is the devs are charging additional money for something that is supposed to be included as an ingame extra. Just because I suck at old school games and played through Megaman 2 on normal mode instead of hard doesn't mean that other people don't want a challenge.

Call me an extremist but it wont be long now before the good people who called out EA for trying to charge real world $$$ for guns in Battlefield Bad Company are drowned out by the Nintendrones who are cheering because they can pay $5 to play as Luigi in Super Mario Universe.



dark_moogle commented on Mega Man 9 Downloadable Content List: wait, they are making people pay more just to play harder difficulty levels!?

No Capcom, just no. Am I the only one here who is not being blinded by the fact that this is Megaman 9? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here



dark_moogle commented on Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint Going Up Against M...:

Wow, guys I know they may have made some f' ups with their first WiiWare game, but comments like that are NOT the way to encourage developers. Its a wonder why so many small time PC indie programmers are too scared to jump the shark and try a big retail/online console distribution release. Sure constructive criticism may be too logical for the gaming masses, but words like that do not help upcoming talent.

Seriously, what the hell!?!?



dark_moogle commented on Snakes On A Plane - Last Flight Comic Teaser:

Call me crazy, but I miss Luc Bernard and his philosophy on lower priced games. All these 1000+ point purchases aren't winning me over (especially with DLC that costs even more that rivals Oblivions horse armor in quality)



dark_moogle commented on EU VC Releases: DoReMi Fantasy and Ys Book I & II:

This has been a VERY good week for releases. Although something tells me we will only see 1 game in 2 weeks for our VC update (no actual proof, just a bad feeling in the back of my head that is completely unrelated to being hungover)



dark_moogle commented on Luc Bernard's Pitch For The Star Thief:

Disappointed that this awesome looking game wont see the light of day, but right now I'm still heartbroken about Imagination Is The Only Escape never being completed/released since that was one of my most anticipated games.



dark_moogle commented on Strong Bad's Homestar Ruiner Gets Release Date!:

I expected 1000 a game, and in total that means I am paying $75AUS for the entire series. You can tell I'll be smiling through my teeth when I'm buying these games on my Wii. If only prices were adjusted for how much we pay for our Wii Points (maybe rrp each game at 800 for PAL territories)



dark_moogle commented on Nintendo Responds To US Release Date Queries:

Give a bunch on monkeys a computer and they might produce something unusual, even unexpected. Ask them to build on it though and you might as well be talking to a brick wall.

1000 points for that description (and much like Whose Line, my points are meaningless)



dark_moogle commented on Ys Book I & II:

Can't wait for this to hit the PAL stores (which will prob be sometime after August) since we are in desperate need of some more old school RPGs. I already have the Phantasy Star games on the Mega Drive Collection so they are pointless releases to me, and Breath of Fire 2 can only hold a persons attention for so long.

Gooooo Ys!



dark_moogle commented on Reggie Says Storage Issue Isn't Only For Geeks...:

Still prefer the picture with the HDD taped onto the Wii over the 'please fix me' picture. Anyways, lets not hold our breath like Duke Nukem Forever fans here since we have no idea when (or honestly 'if') this will be addressed by the end of the year.



dark_moogle commented on EU VC Update - International Karate +:

Still pissed off that C64 stuff isn't available in Australia (Its Turbo Graphix ALL OVER AGAIN!!!) so now that I've spend over an hour putting all my VC games onto an SD card I'll prob just go download Lostwind to pass this week.



dark_moogle commented on Bomberman Looks Like A Blast:

Well now if I encounter ANY problems online when i play an 8 player match, Hudson will have no excuses and I will have every right to dig into them about it!



dark_moogle commented on Mega Man 9 - New Video, Online Leaderboards, N...:

Achievements and Trophies aside, if the XBLA and PSN versions are packed with more content (like remote play or level editors) I will happily ditch the WiiWare version in favour of the competition.

Of course then Capcom will go to bitch about how no one is buying their stripped down multiplayform game on the Nintendo platform and continue to gimp the systems fan base



dark_moogle commented on Mega Man 9 Will Cost 1000 Wii Points:

But last time I checked, there are newer games that are being built from the ground up that will cost less than 1000 Wii Points (points to Pop and Eternity's Child) while Capcom are recycling 8-bit stuff from 20 years ago. Sure there are new level layouts and music, but anyone who defends this price and calls it a bargain is just fooling themselves.

Then again, this is probably my number #2 most wanted WiiWare game, just behind Strongbad. Maybe if Nintendo gives me a viable storage solution for my Wii I will download MM9 as soon as its released (I've deleted all the accessory channels already and I dont want to delete save files/downloaded games)



dark_moogle commented on Final Fantasy: My Life as a King Downloadable ...:

So, now with all the existing DLC this game will cost a total of 3800 Wii points. Thats almost AU$60 (which for our US viewers playing at home is the price we pay for brand new DS games)

Maybe Square Enix should have just spent 2-3 years more on this game and released it at retail. I'd much rather one quick thrust into my heart- I mean, wallet instead of slowly dripping my funds away.



dark_moogle commented on Microsoft Befuddled by WiiWare:

To me it sounds like Satchell is trying to compare WiiWare and XNA to something like 'Hollywood budget movies' vs 'Youtube'

But hey, maybe I'm just crazy and missing the point



dark_moogle commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

  • shoots self in the foot *

Oh sorry, I'm just replicating the effects of NoE and their stupid comments. I'd laugh if Nintendo actually announced something later this year at E3 or TGS and someone asks Fischer about this comment later on.



dark_moogle commented on 100 WiiWare Games Currently In Development:

IGN: We recently had to delete half the games and Channels on our systems to make room for two WiiWare titles. Lack of storage space has become a huge problem. What're your thoughts on this issue? Will Nintendo address it soon?

Tom Prata: Consumers have the option of either deleting the game and downloading it again for no additional Wii Points, or transferring the game from Wii to external SD memory card.

Wow, completely went around the question with that one. If this were EA or Activision there is no way they would get away with this (see EA and Battlefield Bad Company)



dark_moogle commented on Playtest: The Shaft Virtual Console joystick:

Woo, love that this stick works with Gamecube games, since I'd rather play my disc copy of F Zero GX than download F Zero X. However, will Aussie see any of these arcade sticks in our stores (complete with over inflated Aus prices) or are we doomed to online purchasing?



dark_moogle commented on European WiiWare Lineup Revealed:

I'm quite happy with this lineup, while we are not getting the same content as the US at launch Nintendo have not completely ass raped us. I'm still ticked about how Australian Wii Points are worse less than the US points (especially since our dollar value is really strong these days) but I will be downloading a few of those games to review for other places. I guess I might have fun with them to, since they are games after all.

EDIT: And looks like that magic ass raping dildo has appeared with Nintendo correcting the list stating that not all of these games will be released on the 20th. We'd better get FF:CC, Dr Mario and Pop at least (since I wanted those games first)



dark_moogle commented on EU VC Releases - 2nd May - The Hanabi Festival...:


Hanabi Festival (which means something like Fire Flower Festival IIRC) is when Nintendo releases import titles on the Virtual Console for Americans and Europeans/Australians. Last year in Australia we had imports for 3 weeks, and I think it was the same in America as well (although in Aus, Mario Bros: Lost Levels was a limited time release)

If you want to see what has been made available in past Hanabi Festivals, look under the 'imports' section in the Wii Shopping Channel. Just note that import games cost an extra 100 Wii Points (200 in the case of Sin and Punishment because menus and text were translated into English)



dark_moogle commented on South Korea gets their own Virtual Console:

So Nintendo can give Korea a break, but are still screwing over Australians with VC Prices!!!!! Since I cannot focus my rage into a foul enough curse word I'm just going to slap the keyboard a few times now.
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I feel a little better now, but not much...



dark_moogle commented on Bionic Commando NOT coming to the Virtual Cons...:

It wouldn't be because Nintendo doesn't want to promote games on other platforms. After all, Nintendo is more than happy with Viva Pinata coming to the DS despite the 360 having 2 titles in the series.

Also, the censorship issues wouldn't be an issue because these days there are proper rating systems available for video games (while back then there was no real system until Mortal Kombat freaked out enough parents). And if we were getting a NES port, wouldn't all the questionable content been taken out back when it was originally made thanks to Nintendo's original level of censorship?



dark_moogle commented on Sega Fans Rejoice: Alex Kidd In Miracle World ...:

The funny thing is I wont be surprised seeing Nintendo price this game in Australia/Europe at 500 points, even though most gamers would have gotten this game free with their Master System II. You'd think at least we could get the 400 point American price, but nooooooo Nintendo <3 greedy money



dark_moogle commented on Top 10 RPGs We Want To Come To The Virtual Con...:

I know that Lufia 2 is the better game in almost every way, but every week I die a little inside when I see that Lufia and the Fortress of Doom has not been released. It was so awesome starting off with Maxim and his party all at their high level 70's just to kick the Sinistrals asses. Really made the game feel more interesting then just starting off with a level 1 nobody.

Anyways, MORE LOVE FOR LUFIA 1!!!!!!



dark_moogle commented on Tetris is Coming to WiiWare - Online Play Incl...:

I agree with ATRUEZELDAFAN, they need a miracle to pull me away from Tetirs DS. 4 player online with no friend codes, 6 single play modes (5 of which are fun, touch is too easy) and portability.

Unless this thing can cure cancer I don't see myself buying this anytime soon.



dark_moogle commented on DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure:

Odds are Nintendo will charge an extra 100 points for proper translations of imports, like they did with Sin and Punishment (which was pretty unfair since the game already had English voicework and all that was translated were the menus)

I really hope that doesn't become a habit of theirs, after all they are making more than enough profit on all their products these days



dark_moogle commented on US VC Releases - March 10th - DoReMi Fantasy:

Well, after a number of weeks of releasing 1 game a week (except 2 weeks ago when we got 2 games) we Australians MIGHT begin to forgive Nintendo if we get these games this Friday...

Then again, Nintendo doesn't care about it's Australian market



dark_moogle commented on EU VC Release - March 7th - Kirby 64:

I never said I don't want N64 games, I simply said people are being to forgiving of Nintendo for holding back on VC releases. I know there are heaps of N64 games I would want to play, and yes I already downloaded Paper Mario, Sin and Punishment AND Pokemon Snap (and own the other games already that I would want on carts) but it's still inexcusable to keep holding back.

I only brought up wanting more SNES era RPG's because thats one of the potential genres that I really want to invest in, and BoF2 has been lonely on my Wii without the likes of Lufia, Fire Emblem, Earthbound, Mario RPG and Final Fantasy (prob wont get those since they are just remade these days).



dark_moogle commented on EU VC Release - March 7th - Kirby 64:

I'm really growing tired of people who say 'it's okay to get 1 game a week if it's an N64 game'. The fact is Nintendo is just being lazy! Sure it's better than 1 NES game or something like that, but its still 1 game that can't really appeal to anyone outside of already established Kirby fans. I'm still waiting for my next SNES rpg fix, after all Breath of Fire II can only last you so long.



dark_moogle commented on Eternity’s Child Confirmed as WiiWare:

So wait, Microsofts 150MB limit wasnt enough for this game and they are bringing it to Wiiware on a system that only has 512MB internal memory with no external storage option (that it can be played off)

Or was it something else besides size limits?



dark_moogle commented on EU VC Releases - 1st February - Adventures of ...:

How come its every holiday period (xmas-january) that the VC seems to dry up? Last time I checked, thats when people WANT more games to play instead of 1 game which may not even appeal to them. I know I wasnt jumping over the moon for Harvest Moon SNES because I dont enjoy life sim style games. I'm actually missing the weeks where were a 2D beat em up, an on rails shooter and a sports game (usually from the Trubo Graphix or NES) in a weeks release.



dark_moogle commented on EU VC Releases - 25th January - Super Street F...:

With the addition of the Turbo Graphix, NEO GEO and Mega Drive along with every pre-gamecube Nintendo console why do Nintendo think they can get away with such small updates!? Anyways, is this game playable at all with a GC controller or should I just hold out til I buy a classic controller or even better and arcade stick?