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Fri 9th May 2008

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Jukka commented on EU VC Releases - 30th May - Samurai Shodown:

amazing week, I have been waiting for Puzzle league, always wanted to try it, even though i'm not a real Pokemon fan.

and samaurai showdown, tried it once, think it was for SNES, and loved it, i'm getting it.



Jukka commented on Soccer:

i can't think of a word in english, that discribes how much i hate this parody of a football game. but here's a Danish word to discribe it: LORT



Jukka commented on US VC Releases - 5th May - Pokemon Puzzle League:

never tried Puzzle league, I have nintendo puzzle collection for gamecube with panel de pon, but since my freeloader dosen't work anymore i must download this when it hits Europe.

hopefully very soon.