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Mon 12th May 2008

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everydayJOE commented on Abstraction Games Interview - Potpourrii:

@ Supermario
Yeah nintendo is a comforting mother tht ends up making mistakes and gets into drugs and is worthless and turns homeless......
wait a minute i was thinking of sony!...... my bad!



everydayJOE commented on Retro Styled Castlevania Coming To WiiWare?:

I realy wouldn't want a retrovania, I never enjoyed the past castlevania's excluding 4. I felt they were to slow and not as pretty and action-packed as the newer rendentions. I would personally pay up to 100 smackaroos for an 8 - Bit Zelda or mario.



everydayJOE commented on ESRB Update: Sonic the Hedgehog on Master System:

I'll defenitly be getting this, i'm sure a lot with also. This is a sonic game that probably a lot of people hav'nt played. I't is 1 out of 3 sonic games i hav'nt played. Does anybody know if it has the down spin roll? i don't think it does.



everydayJOE commented on EU VC Releases - 20th June - Epic Fail:

Most of you guys acted like you didn't see this coming. You should be extremely thankful for NOE's move last week with 5 games. You don't always have to complain!!!
Oh well looking forward for SPOGS racing!



everydayJOE commented on N64 Controller Mod For Virtual Console:

This is Ausome!!! The N64 controller is my 3rd favorite controller, being xbox 360 #1, and NES #2. The price is a bit steep but i'll purchase it sometime in the near future. Can't wait to try Sin and Punishment on the original incarnation!



everydayJOE commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

I play games every so often and retro games intrigue me cause of they're history. That's why VC is great. It acts as a portal to the past. Just because I want to get the holy grails of these classic systems doesn't make me obsessed or a nerd. It just means I'd like to go and play the best of history's video games. And VC limits us to that portal Nintendo promised us from the release of VC. All we want is a new storage solution so we can continue to experience the best of the past. That's all we want!!! Don't give attention to him. That's all he wants! Just hope that we will get what we've payed for and deserve.



everydayJOE commented on US VC Release - 2nd June - Ninja Combat:

By far my most played game on my wii is OOT. But suprisingly my cheapest game for the better play time is punch-out!! It is so addicting and will give you hours of play over a long period of time. EVERYBODY SHOULD HAVE THIS GAME!!!