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Tue 10th Jun 2008

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edux commented on Super Mario RPG Released in Japan Today:

@Andrew :LOL
SMRPG Is a really good game (not the best) I played it many years ago and i really want to do it again, the true is that if the game is released in VC (EU or US) sadly the waves of fans screaming for games (like rexy said) is not gonna end since there are many games waiting to be released (agree with rexy list), but... what we are gonna do.
btw. i want Demons Crest



edux commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

What was he thinking... i think i´m gonna give up with nintendo or at least is what they want for looong time nintendo users...first they relase a limited memory console then they´re wanting you to download many games, that is not possible i almost fill my WII memory with that nintendo channel, and then that guy from NoE says only ****ing nerds geeks need more memory, nintendo was aware of what he said really? it was like "i dont care nintendo fans" maybe that´s why there are many excellent games unreleased in VC because the dont want you to fill your WII.