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United Kingdom

Sat 3rd May 2008

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TomMc commented on Review: SPOGS Racing:

Worse game on Wii-ware! Are you sure? Saying it's worse than My Pokemon Ranch & Critters round up! Wii-ware titles just seem to be getting worse! O:



TomMc commented on Super Mario RPG Released in Japan Today:

Im hoping for a hanbi festival with decent games to download! The last hanbi festival was rubbish not one good title! Hopefully this will be a rpg hanbi festival! I want to see Super Mario rpg, Earthbound, Crono Trigger! And more brilliant rpg i have forgotten to name! (:



TomMc commented on Microsoft Befuddled by WiiWare:

Wii-ware has already given us some of the best games to download already and Wii-ware has just started while microsoft think that releasing some rubbish is gonna beat wii-ware no way! You can't compete with Final Fantasy CC my life as a king!



TomMc commented on Otakugate – The Saga Continues:

All i can say is it's to late now! There no point apologising now! Just fire him Nintendo get someone better who understands what we want! (:



TomMc commented on EU WiiWare Releases 13th June: Spare Some Chan...:

This is just annoying me because america and japan get wii-ware games 1 a week! And we get them every 15 days! And because we are wating longer Nintendo should give us some decent wii-ware titles not 1 rubbish puzzle game! Europe get treated like crap and Japan and America get treated like gods! It's just unfair to think that Nintendo cares more about America then Europe! We should all get treated the same! No game delays no unfair vc and wii-ware releases! >



TomMc commented on Big Blue Bubble Interview - Home Sweet Home:

If this was online i would of got it! Without online gameplay it's a boring house bulding game which you can't share with ur friends! Unless they come over to your house and you take turns building! Give us some decent fun 'Online' Wii-ware titles like Bomberman Wii-ware! 8-player online Awesome! (;



TomMc commented on Review: My Pokémon Ranch:

I was gonna get this when it came out in the Uk now im not because your right! They could of added so many things to make this game better! I'll probably wait till the next DLC comes out for my life as a king! (;



TomMc commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

This is stupid i play my wii not very much but when i do have time to play i love downloading and playing vc and wii-ware games! Just shows they need to fire him and bring someone in who understands what we want! );



TomMc commented on USA WiiWare Update: My Pokemon Ranch:

Remember uk wii-ware games come out every 15days so it will be next friday or maybe 2 fridays after that! Noooo Nintendo why are we getting a rubbish wii-ware game when pokemon ranch was supposed to be a starter wii-ware title for europe! );



TomMc commented on Nintendo Working On USB Devices – HDD Possible?:

Id pay for a storage device as long as it's not to exspensive also it can hold all of my Game save files and photos and vc and wii-ware games! Yessss £25-£35 price id like to see! I would pay £50-£60 for a 120 gigabyte harddrive



TomMc commented on The Making Of The World Of Goo:

Hopefully he doesn't rush the game! XD! No but seriouly i hope it's longer than Lost Winds which i enjoyed the first 2 days i played it but after i complted it i never played it again!



TomMc commented on D2C Games Interview: SPOGS Racing:

The only thing that i don't like is what if you bought a brand new part for your wheel only to have it nicked by the computer! Hopefully u will be able to turn off stealing!



TomMc commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a...:

Its not long to nintendo releases wii-ware in europe and because my sisters got me two wii points card for my birthday day i now have 5100 points yay i got 10000 wii points for christmas! some left over and some spent saving it all up for wii-ware!



TomMc commented on Breath of Fire II:

This is by far the best RPG out now! Until of course nintendo starts to put final fantasy games on vc if they are that is.